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Cancer 2016 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

With Jupiter moving through your 3rd house of communications this should certainly be a year where better relationships, both personally and professionally can be expected. Overall, a greater confidence will be achieved in your life so that any form of negotiation will also be improved. With this 3rd house of your horoscope ruling your mind, expect huge changes in the way you think which means a more broadminded attitude should develop. With the North Node also transiting in close proximity to Jupiter you have a desire to think differently and this could be an innovative year as a result. Don’t be afraid to try new things and step outside your normal comfort zone as far as ideas and radical concepts are concerned.

Saturn continues to challenge you in your zone of work. There could be more responsibilities on the horizon but if you tackle these head on you’ll make great progress in your profession as well. This same sector has a bearing on your health so you need to monitor this aspect of your experience as you may be so preoccupied with work that you forget to take care of your physical well-being. And with Venus also transiting this area in the early part of the year there could be some emotional barriers with one or other co-workers. You need to work through this more for the sake of keeping peace which will in turn afford you the space and emotional satisfaction to produce work of a much higher quality. Much of this can come to a head between the 15th and 23rd of March when Jupiter trines Pluto and squares Saturn.

Relationships could be intense this year and on April 18 when Pluto moves retrograde in your 7th house of marital activities be careful not to let power tripping dominate the emotional landscape. You need to look at all sorts of opposition and challenges romantically as a means of growing spiritually. But if yours or your partner’s ego gets in the road this will simply turn into a slinging match rather than a circumstance to be used as a tool for any real personal growth.

Uranus in your 10th house of profession is only halfway through its cycle and completing its business in this area of your life as it’s a relatively slow-moving planet and delivers its abrupt and unexpected results. Try to have a plan this year because the peaks and troughs of your professional activities could make it hard for you to get any consistency going. And on July 30 when Uranus goes retrograde these results could become even more intense for you. Employers may come and go and the nature of your work could also be subject to change without notice.

The lunar eclipse in your 8th house of shared finances on August 18 indicates a need to dig deeper into the true causes of your financial circumstances. For the most part we tend to look at external situations as the cause of the rise and fall of finances yet this area of your horoscope has much to say about your emotional attitudes and the way you deal with others commercially. It could be that this eclipse will bring into focus some of these inner elements that are having a bigger impact on your life than you would otherwise imagine. In short this celestial event speaks to you of the fact that the outer world is to a large extent a reflection of your inner self.

Shortly after this lunar eclipse the solar eclipse in your 3rd house accentuates the earlier advice given about the way you think, however this zone of your horoscope reflects strongly on your journeys, neighbours and even younger siblings so these people and issues surrounding them may be spotlighted during and after this period. The eclipse can sometimes cause health problems related to these people in your life so it’s also a good time to reconnect with those you’ve conspicuously forgotten about, for whatever reason.

In September several important aspects, not the least of which is the transit of Jupiter to your 4th house of domestic affairs takes place. This is a once in 12 years event and signals the commencement of a one-year focus on these areas of your life. Your mother is also covered by this sector and therefore spending your time and energy improving your relationships on the home front will be something you naturally gravitate towards. With Mars transiting the last few degrees of the sign as the year commences, there could indeed be some problems or disputes which arise, unfortunately. Jupiter is able to smooth over these issues. It’s also lucky in that you may be able to acquire new properties or even vehicles under its beneficial influence.

Your spiritual ideals will come under some challenges leading up to mid-September. With Saturn squaring Neptune and also a lunar eclipse taking place on the 10th and 17th respectively, the changes you are demanding of yourself intellectually may be at odds with some of your belief systems and this will have to be addressed during these transits. Travel plans may also be subject to delays or problems. If you have to travel for your work this could also become a headache for you as Saturn squares Neptune from your 6th house of work.

A revisionary period of your relationships from 18 April is complete when Pluto goes direct in your marital sector on September 27. Some important transformation will have taken place and important decisions may also need to be made in this closing part of the year. Try to avoid power plays and any sort of emotional blackmail because Jupiter squares Pluto on 25 November and will point to some rather unsavoury emotional outbursts or manipulation. And vice versa-be careful of others who would use emotions to manipulate you for their own ends.

Some general advice for most of the year, but depending on your specific birth date in Cancer, is that Jupiter will be squaring your Sun sign throughout much of the next year so you must be on guard not to extend yourself beyond your capacity. Remember Clint Eastwood in the movie Dirty Harry saying “a man’s got to know his limitations”? This applies to you perfectly throughout the latter part of 2016. Measure your decisions, your words and more importantly your actions. Put together a schedule which gives you a perfect balance between your professional and personal life.

You’re able to structure things much better in the last month of the year with Saturn trining Uranus on the 25th. Leading up to this date you may actually find balance between the conventional requirements of your business and your need to be progressive and innovative in the way you think and act. Moreover, with Jupiter opposing Uranus on the 27th as long as you can find balance, your ideas will meet with approval and will set the stage for even bigger and better things in the coming years.

Romance, Social and Domestic

Passionate Mars kicks the year off with its transit into your 5th house of love and romance on 4 January. You’ll be actively seeking partners who will not only mentally and emotionally stimulate you but will also physically meet your needs. There could also be some competitive element to this aspect so you need make sure that your choice of partners is not based purely on your primal instincts. However, Venus and its conjunction to Saturn on the 9th could put a damper on all of this. This may also extend to your friendships which could turn cold. Fortunately on the 24th Venus moves to your 7th house, well away from Saturn , bringing with it renewed hope, love and enjoyment in your relationships. This is also an excellent time for greater commitment in your relationships.

Venus is fast moving in early 2016 and activates your 8th house of sexuality and shared resources on February 17. On March 15 it forms a square to Mars so you need to be careful of mixing business and pleasure throughout this interval. Mars is your key professional planet but also rules your love affairs and this aspect is one of impulse and sadly, poor taste. Study carefully the people you engage with and if you want to enjoy sexual dalliances make sure you are well protected.

Leading up to 27 March you could likely revisit some of the detachment of the earlier Venus and Saturn conjunction when it comes to the square of Saturn yet again. This could be even more challenging and if issues in your love life haven’t been resolved this could be a difficult one for you to get through. Thank your lucky stars that the transits of Venus are generally speedy in nature and by April 19 when Venus transfers to the trine of the same planet, Saturn, some resolution can be expected.

Venus moves through your 10th house throughout April indicating a nice overlap between professional and social activities but its transit into your 11th house on April 30 is much more comfortable for you socially and gives you the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy their company. You will cement your relationships with friends during this cycle as well but after May 24 the 12th house transit of Venus could indicate a low key period for you socially speaking. It is also in opposition to Mars on the 25th when at the same time, on the 27th Mars moves to your 5th house of love affairs. You may be in two minds about your relationships and friendships , probably preferring to spend more time by yourself.

When Venus transits your 1st house on June 18 expect a whole new lease of life socially and in terms of the way you present yourself to the world around you. You have a desire to change your wardrobe, your hairstyle and even sculpt your body into something of the ideal you’ve had in mind for some time. In any case you’ll be very attractive to the opposite sex. Mars continues its run in the 5th house and this is also a time therefore when you can meet new people and look forward to a torrid love affair if you’re single. For those of you already committed this may be an opportunity for you to rekindle your waning love life.

The transit of Venus to your 3rd house on August 6 accentuates the already slow Jupiter transit of the same area highlighting your lucky communications at this time of the year. You’re generous and also expansive in your thinking and want to make an impression on others. If you’re trying to create some sort of agreement or come to terms with the foundations of your relationship this is one of the best times of the year to do so. Travels of a social or romantic nature may also be on the cards.

Sexual issues will surface during and after the lunar eclipse of August 18 which occurs in your 8th house. This is quite transformative but with the simultaneous transit of Mars and Saturn in your 6th house you will also be feeling frustration in other areas of your life and this could knock the edge off the passion you would otherwise feel.

On August 30 when Venus moves to your 4th house relationships with family members will take precedence and you’ll also be more concerned about finding some sort of level of peace and happiness within yourself rather than relying on others for that. You don’t want to use people as a crutch.

One of the better periods of the year occurs after September 24 when Venus moves to your 5th house of romance, love affairs, children and creativity. You could feel good about your relationships now but try not to let the transit of Mars into your 7th house on the 27 disrupt your equilibrium. You’ll be seeking harmony but others may be prodding you, wanting you to dance to their tune. Let them know that that’s not going to work. Kick them to the curb!

Dealing with the health of a loved one after 18 October may also take precedence over other affairs of your life. Venus transits to the 6th house and once again moves into the conjunction of Saturn which occurred earlier in the year. Try to make time available for those you love and although this may be a bit of a sacrifice you’ll be glad you made the effort.

Mars moving to your 9th house of travels on 19 December is excellent for any sort of travels and adventure. Make sure you have someone of like mind to share the experience with.

Profession and Finances

In 2016 you’re keenly interested in developing relationships with others and these connections could have somewhat of a speculative flavour to them as Mars transits the 5th house of your horoscope after 4 January. This expansive drive which will be a signature personality trait during this cycle is seen by the retrograde movement of Jupiter on the 8th as well. And due to the close proximity of the North Node to Jupiter you may be interested in unusual sorts of business activities. These goings-on are accentuated with the transit of the Sun in trine to Jupiter on the 14th and then moving to the 8th house on the 21st – all signifying shared resources and centered on questions about how you can effectively work with others for a common goal financially.

You have a lot of physical drive and energy as evidenced by Mars trining your Sun sign throughout February but be careful around the 7th when the Sun squares Mars indicating the possibility of injury or over-strain. Impulse in your investments is also advised against.

Mars transits your 6th house of work activities on March 6 and you may be at odds with your co-workers as a result of this. This is further underpinned by the solar eclipse on March 9 just prior to the Sun moving to your 10th house of professional esteem. Yes, you could do well at this time but will have to sacrifice friendships in order to do this. Is it worth it? Think carefully before you rush head long into a new position at the expense of others.

Expect better profits, and these will be through good connections made is when the Sun transits your 11th house on April 20. Throughout its transit in this sector it will form a wonderful aspect to Jupiter indicating favourable opportunities for your business, cash flow, bonuses and other gifts and possibly even unexpected clients. The Sun’s transit through your 12th house however on the 21st and then the opposition to Mars the following day is a warning to hold onto your cash and not be extravagant. This may also signify secret enemies lurking in the shadows and you mustn’t trust everyone you come in touch with.

You are dynamic when the Sun transits your Sun sign on June 21. Your health will be restored and if you’ve been feeling somewhat under the weather and incapable of performing your duties, your well-being will be notable. You can also create new partnerships under this aspect. This continues with an excellent trine aspect to Mars on July 17 so throughout this period you are generally feeling good and have the drive and stamina to achieve a great deal.

Beating your competitors is very important in business and on August 3 Mars moves to your 6th house, so coupled with the transit of the Sun in your 3rd house of communications, you can win a position or contract hands down. If you’re looking for a new job this is the time when you will make a superb impression.

As mentioned in the previous segments of your reading, Jupiter’s transit to your 4th house on September 9 is a very important one as well and has a lot to do with real estate, inner peace and happiness and generally good fortune as it aspects your career sector as well. Any business associated with buying or selling real estate will be fortunate for you during this period. The Sun also transits this sector on 23rd September with Mars moving to your 7th house on the 27th. These are all strong interactive transits hinting at good business and partnership opportunities. One point of caution however is that you shouldn’t be too hard-nosed with Mars in the 7th which on October 6 forms a right angle to Jupiter. This is a challenging aspect. Don’t overstep the bounds of good taste. Remember to contain yourself and know when to call it quits.

This competitive streak continues through October and particularly with the Sun transiting into your 5th house on the 23rd indicates your speculative nature and competitive urges are at a peak. Try to get good advice however before throwing away your hard earned money. A somewhat downward trend with Mars moving to your 8th house on 9 November simultaneously with Sun moving into your 6th house on November 22 hints at the fact that you may lose money which is why the advice is being given to tread cautiously where investments are concerned.

Better opportunities occur under the transit of Mars trine Jupiter leading up to 2 December with Mars then transiting your 9th house on the 19th. The final part of the year may have something to do with litigation or some problems associated with travels for the purpose of business. Bureaucratic red tape may also rear its ugly head. Check and recheck your plans and your itinerary very carefully. Christmas should be focused to some extent on money with the Sun moving to your 7th house on December 21.

Karma and Luck

Educating yourself is very important in 2016 not just for the facts and information you can gain but because the process will give you an insight into how to better expand your spiritual self as well. You have a keen insight into other people as Jupiter aspects the 7th house and with Pluto transiting this area you’re most interested in connecting with those who can act as a catalyst in transforming you further.

Neptune continues its transit of your 9th house, one of the most spiritual sectors in your horoscope. You have lofty ideals now but your understanding of the day-to-day requirements of your life must be kept at the uppermost of your mind if you’re to make your spiritual activities meaningful. This 9th house also has a lot to say about your past life karma and with the karmic South Node transiting this area along with Neptune, you are likely to start reaping the fruits of your past actions in a big way throughout the next 12 months.

Saturn is also another karmic planet and slowly acts upon your workplace activities in 2016. Paying attention to the detail of your work, focusing on perfecting your art or skill is also a way wherein you can reap better karma in future. And with Mars transiting your 5th house of spiritual initiation throughout June and July, and then entering your 6th house to join Saturn, your challenges in this area will be notable but you can at least learn some big lessons through these transits.

Significant transformations can take place throughout October as well when Mars transits through your 8th house. This may not be easy as many of your subconscious emotions and past hurts will be brought to the surface. Dealing with them quickly and efficiently prior to Mars moving into the 9th house in December 19 will help pave the way for deeper understanding and a greater satisfaction in life generally.