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Cancer 2017 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

2017 is a particularly important year for you Cancer, particularly the last quarter when Jupiter transiting your fifth house on October 10 with Saturn moving to your significant house of relationships on December 20. Leading up to that time you need to prepare yourself for the very big changes that are likely to occur. This doesn’t mean that the earlier part of the year won’t be quite as important, quite the contrary, you need to be on your toes and ready for the remarkable shifts that will take place.

There are tests in the early part of the year with Jupiter making a square aspect to your Sun sign leading up to March 13 and this brings with it some challenges to your self-knowledge, self-discipline and also self-restraint. The lesson for you in this part of the year is containment. Bringing together all your energies, gathering your strengths and clearly understanding your best resources, is an excellent idea as the year begins. You mustn’t get caught up in any sort of illusory pie in the sky so keep everything practical.

You’re interested in travelling and higher learning is Mars transit your ninth house of higher education and travel in the early part of the year, up until January 28. You have strong connections with foreigners, planning journeys and also connecting with new ideas including spiritual concept which you will find fascinating. For those of you wanting to study this is an excellent time to do so is Mars give you the vim and vigor necessary to succeed.

Work is not so easy in the earlier part of the year with Saturn in the difficult aspect of the Sun showing that changes may not go the way you expect and patience will be necessary. You will have to put in a lot more effort than usual to achieve the same results but through this process, you will learn a lot more as well. Developing new systems and approaches to your work require you to let go of your old habits and this will also necessitate shouldering of heavy responsibilities.

During February, you will feel the effects of Mars which can be rather aggressive as it moves into the right angle to your Sun sign. You are likely to blow your stack with people much more easily than normal, and this is because you have a high degree of physical energy but may be abstracted by others in achieving your objectives. You need to choose your friends more carefully and perhaps this is the time when existing partnerships of acquaintances may end abruptly due to differences of opinion.

March brings with it some very unusual experiences with Uranus in a difficult aspect to your Sun sign. Changes may occur in your daily routine and this will make it extraordinarily difficult for you to keep your eye on the ball and to keep moving on. If you’re under stress then this aspect will intensify the situation and create an incredible need for independence within you. Some of you may decide to make big changes, acquire a new look new look, move house or simply get away from it all. But you must think things through as you will be impulsive during this cycle.

As a follow-through from February, Mars moves to your 12th house of secrets and also hidden enemies and this is a time when you need to be on guard against those who would try to bring you down, gossip about you and generally send you bad vibes. This is the time of the year when you may need to retreat, find a quiet place to re-evaluate yourself and your relationship with others. This may even cause you to rethink your work and direction in life generally. The upside of this particular transit is that you may be extremely charitable and conscious of helping those in need. Hospitals come under the rulership of this 12th house see also need to be careful with exercise, driving and other physical activities through which you can overstrain yourself.

One of the significant aspects mentioned above is the transit of Jupiter to your favourable fifth house which relates to your self-expression, creativity, children and also romance. If you’ve been looking for a soulmate, this could be the ideal time to look forward to a meeting of the minds, a crossing of paths with someone whom you consider worthy of your love. This is also very entertaining cycle and one in which you will take an interest in music, creative activities and maybe even sport because your competitive instincts will also arise during this Jupiterian cycle.

Investments also come under the jurisdiction of the fifth house with Jupiter transiting this area you are likely to take some big gambles which is why you need to think carefully before you invest money in schemes or businesses that you haven’t adequately researched. If you investigate carefully enough and avail yourself of good advice from your financial supporters and accountants et cetera, you can actually make quite a bit of money if you are patient and do your homework.

The transit of Saturn to your seventh house of relationships and marriage is one of the more significant aspects and only occurs once every 29 to 30 years. If you’re currently in a relationship you can expect the last part of 2017 to usher in a whole new range of experiences which will teach you the out of balance not just in your most significant relationships but also generally from others. Issues of trust may come into the picture and these are where your lessons may be the greatest but also may be the most painful. If you’ve previously had difficulties with issues of trust and loyalty, fidelity and so on and so forth, these issues may now be under the microscope and because Saturn is a slow-moving planet, you can’t expect the solution to these problems to be an overnight exercise. Yet again Saturn teaches you the lessons of patience.

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Romance, Social and Domestic

With Venus passing through your eighth house of sexual activity and shared resources as 2017 kicks off, you may find yourself particularly amorous and interested in spending money on those you love. That Venus quickly moves from this sensuous and intimate sector of your horoscope to your ninth house on January 3 which gives you a sense of adventure and a need to travel and share your experiences with a friend or lover.

This ninth house is also a sector relating to education and this is a time when you might opt to learn something that really gives you a great deal of pleasure. You should investigate what’s on offer. Sometimes this even has to do with establishing friendships or relationships with people at a distance for example through the Internet online.

On March 10th Mars moves to your 11th house of friendships and lifelong aspirations. It’s likely you will meet new people and because you have the drive to take the initiative to do so, you may meet many people indeed. You’re also interested in group activities and may even be marked out as someone who can take the lead and through your example show others how something can be done properly. Mars in the 11th house however is notorious for creating friction and therefore you need to be careful to choose those who can balance your drive for power at this time. Be careful to pick people who have integrity as their theme as it’s likely you may inadvertently put a foot wrong.

Before you can find the perfect partner you need to make sure that you develop the right sort of relationship with yourself. This means improving yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. During the minor aspect which is a positive one around May 24, the Sun and Mars will be in good relationship indicating self-improvement programs such as sports and yoga will be useful to you. As well as helping you physically they can clear away a lot of the tension that you may be experiencing at this time.

With Mars transiting your first house or Sun sign on June 4 if you’re particularly positive and confident about yourself and what you’re doing. This will impress others immensely and is another cycle when if you are looking to connect with people you can do so. Once again Mars can make you go to extremes and you need to be careful when exchanging opinions that you don’t steamroll others with yours. Remaining calm and quietly assertive if you must push your views, as this will be the secret to maintaining peace with others.

An excellent transit also occurring in the middle of the year on June 6 is that of Venus to your 11th house of friendships. This is one of the more congenial aspects making you very happy in the company of friends, giving you the opportunity to also connect with new acquaintances. Whatever team activities you engage in now should be marked by a sense of peace and well-being and feelings will be mutually positive. The additional sextile aspect of Venus to the Sun on June 27 is another testimony that this part of the year should be extremely satisfying socially speaking.



On 5 July Venus transits to your 12th house indicating a chance meeting with an old flame. If you don’t actually make that connection with a lover from your past you’ll at least be thinking of past relationships, where you may have gone wrong and how you can improve on relationships in future.

It’s all about communication in August and is Venus transits through your Sun sign on July 31, with the Sun transiting your third house of discussions after the 22nd, you will be able to resolve any differences and come to an understanding with those that are significant in your life. It’s also an important time to reconcile with your siblings, roommates or neighbors or anyone for that matter whom you have an ongoing relationship with. Most importantly of course, it is vital to the longevity of any relationship to be able to communicate freely so that you can build on a solid foundation of understanding.

October and November are also months which can be memorable for love and friendship is the Sun moves to the fifth house on October 23 with Venus moving to the same position on November 7. This is the house of lover affairs and it’s during these sorts of simultaneous transits that new love may appear on the horizon. You are likely to be enamored by someone during this period so don’t be surprised if you feel your heart missing a beat or two if someone of the opposite sex ( or of the same sex if that’s your preference ) crosses your path. This is truly a feel-good period of the year. These aspects are accentuated by the wonderful Venus try and aspect to your Sun sign on November 25.

Don’t expect too much from your love life during December, at least not until Christmas when Venus entered your seventh house of marriage because on the 20th, with Saturn starting its 2 ½ year cycle more responsibilities in your relationship department may come your way. If you’ve been able to develop your communication style with your lover or spouse throughout the early part of the year, this should be a building period for you, not without its challenges, but certainly one which will help you forge along a fruitful future with the one you love.


Profession and Finances

Mars makes its way to your 10th house on 28 January indicating a whole new cycle in your professional life. You are likely to outdo your peers but you mustn’t come across to egotistical or competitive as they will take this in the wrong way. By all means give it your best shot but remain humble at the same time. You mustn’t be blinded by ambition during this cycle because as the old saying goes “pride precedeth a fall”. Nevertheless the beginning of the year tells us that you will be geared up for success throughout 2017.

When Mars moves your 11th house of profits you can start to see some of the results of your hard work. This occurs after March 10 and also shows that you have a chance to fulfil some of your ambitions particularly if you’ve been looking for a leadership role or some new type of promotion. The house rarely fails to fulfil a person’s desires. This is also highlighted by the transit of the Sun to your 10th house of professional achievements. This gives you the chance to exert your authority and also to impress those who are already in authority and have the power to make things happen for you.

The Sun moving through your third house of communications is excellent for securing contracts and come into agreements commercially. This is a busy, busy time possibly involving, siblings, roommates, neighbors, and co-workers. Allocate time to enhance your networking skills as well. Know what daily details must be dropped to successfully handle others. An effective mode of transportation keeps you in the flow.

Real estate matters may come to the fore when the Sun transits your fourth house on September 22. Investment in property, looking at ways to increase your income through housing, rentals and so forth is high on your agenda and also with Jupiter transiting your fifth house of speculation on October 10 and then the Sun transiting the same place on October 23, it’s likely your attention will be very much focused on these sorts of things.

Incidentally, the other planet which has a lot of connectivity to real estate is Mars, and it also transits your fourth house of property October 22. There may be some differences of opinion with family members if you have to run your ideas pass them. Make sure your plan is airtight and you have the endorsement of your accountant or other financial advisors to substantiate your plan.

On the 22nd the Sun will pass through your house of health, employment and daily routine. With Mars squaring your Sun sign around the same time leading up to November 27, it’s imperative that you look at your work practices, your diet and exercise routine to see that everything is in harmony. You are likely to be pushing yourself too hard and if any physical ailments arise at this time it’s more than likely associated with burning the candle at both ends.


Karma and Luck

The North and South node a shadowy points in the heavens which represent that point which is cut by the ascending and descending lunar movement. These points are very much associated with karma-both your past and future. In your horoscope especially during the first part of the year, the nodes transit your third and ninth house areas which relate to communication, education and to a large extent spiritual awareness.

The South node, or your past karma is transiting your ninth house and shows that there are many lessons coming to you from your past but these can’t be learned unless you are open to experience what they are telling you on the deepest personal level. If you find yourself in a mode of denial, how is it possible for you to grow. Because Mars is associated with the South node as 2017 commences, you may be angry about your past and unable to let go some of the feelings you had towards people in previous circumstances. Carrying these unhealthy emotions around is only going to hold you back throughout the coming months and into the future generally.

On May 12 these nodes move their position-the second and eighth house is respectively and so many of your lessons will relate to what you value

Money will float to the top of your list but you must understand that the manner in which you earn money will be more important than the actual money you earn. Your spiritual lesson and to a large extent the luck that comes to you during this next year has a lot to do with the attitude you bring to the work that you perform. If you love what you’re doing, the money will naturally flow but so too will a greater level of spiritual awareness arise.

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