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Capricorn 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

Big changes are likely for you during 2007, and this will be very clear in the way you approach your relationships. You’re going to take the giant step of confronting those elements of your personality that you know have undermined your past relationships; you may have been too scared to address them before, but this is the year to do it.

Being a Capricorn, you’re systematic and hardworking, and you always achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. So this will be a great year, because you’ll be able to can set emotional and relationship goals as realistic targets.

The continuing movement of Pluto through your zone of secrets and hidden past conditioning will bring up a lot of stuff that has prevented you from finding satisfaction in your relationships. In the early part of the year you will be looking at how you can unearth and examine these character flaws that are obstructing you—and then eliminate them permanently.

In January your charm will attract a tremendous amount of attention, but your psychological archaeological dig will be going on. You won’t be prepared to let others into this hidden side of your ‘work’, so you will use your charisma to help you stay elusive.

You’ll start using a bit more original thinking and different ways of observing other people. This will let you to see things in other people’s characters that you would have missed in the past.

In other words, when you meet new people in 2007 you’ll be better at quickly assessing whether or not a relationship with them will be viable. This will save you a lot of time and energy; you won’t have to get involved with them and then find they’re not at all compatible with you.

The new Moon on 19 January begins a fresh cycle in love for you, with your usual conservative and restrained style switching to a more demonstrative approach: you will be happy to show your feelings.

You could find yourself in a new relationship around this time; if you’re in a committed partnership, this is a good time to renew your vows. This will spark up your feelings for each other and add a whole new dimension to your relationship.

If you’ve been feeling a little dreary, you’ll be looking for ways to improve your appearance, and you’ll find them. Soon you will have that special star quality, and you’ll be getting compliments and a lot of extra attention from your family, and your friends … and strangers.

Your long-term relationships will continue to be overshadowed by the presence of Saturn in the area of your horoscope that relates to sharing money with others.

You’ll be taking more responsibility for joint finances and any other shared resources.

The presence of Mars in your horoscope during February is also going to make things a bit rocky in discussions with others. You are likely to be combative, or a little too forceful at an inappropriate time. If you have to clobber someone over the head to make them see reason, try to pick the time that will get you the best possible response. And make sure the outcome will be a better relationship, not tough times for you.  



You will have financial burdens in February (and into March), and you’ll need to deal with them in a very rational way. It will be all too easy for you to take out your frustrations on the one you love. The reverse could also happen. Your partner could blame you for their own shortcomings or unload their financial frustrations on you.

Most of March should be a slightly more restful and satisfactory period, though, as Venus transits your domestic sphere. You might have some really fun times in your home environment. If you’re just getting to know someone new, this is the arena in which you will gain a greater understanding of their true personality.

Family life, and in particular your relationship with your mother, should be strong and your communication with relatives will be improved. April is an excellent month for your romantic and creative interests, because of the presence of Venus in Taurus. If you deprive yourself of the opportunity to meet people or investigate a new love, you’ll be kicking yourself by May. This is not a time to let opportunities pass you by: some of them will be genuine.

The reason you are in danger of not taking other people’s interest in you seriously around this time is that your self-esteem will be running close to empty. Try to outvote it. Keep reminding yourself that you are worthy of love, and you are attractive and approachable. Let your imagination and your creative impulses loose to visualise the relationship you most desire.

Towards the end of April, keep an eye on that imagination and make sure it doesn’t run away with you and start creating things that aren’t real. As long as you keep yourself grounded and stay one step ahead, you’ll be able to avoid involving yourself in relationships that will disappoint you.

The health of a loved one might be a cause for concern in May, so be ready to pick up on their signals if you suspect something is wrong.

You’ll want to spend time partying to the max, but your partner may not have the same high level of energy that you do. Do some compromising if they don’t want to go along with your plans.

June is a wonderful time for deepening your bonds of love, and possibly even tying the knot of commitment. If this is not something you feel you’re ready to do, it’s likely you’ll be invited to share in someone else’s joy. Weddings, engagements, christenings and other joyful celebrations will bring you great happiness.

If you’re unattached, however, these events might have the opposite effect. Try to put aside your worry that time is running out and you aren’t yet married. Just share the joy. Venus will bring you her blessings in time.

Venus moves through your sexual zone in July, then to the zone of travel in August, and back into the area of sexuality in September. These three months are important in terms of retracing your steps and going over old ground, relationship-wise.

If you’ve been inhibited physically in some way, you could break some new ground in these months—the early part of July, when Venus and Saturn are in conjunction, could be the best time. If you’re prepared to let go of your old ways and go with the flow, you’ll discover new techniques that will bring you to a closer intimacy with the one you love.

August is also a good time for working out some of these issues. And perhaps you’ll be on holiday in a remote or exotic place! Thrash out some of your differences. This will move the relationship to a more relaxed place and let you enjoy each other’s company in a most intimate way throughout the last few months of the year. Throughout October you will find yourself confounded by a new person who enters your life. There’s something electric, magnetic, and totally youthful about this whole experience. You’ll find yourself behaving completely abnormally: you will act impulsively and throw all cares to the wind.

The gains you’ve made in self-understanding in the previous months could be put to the test by this person, who will challenge everything you believe about love and romance.

It’s a time of immense growth for you, but only if you are prepared to try things that are way past your usual comfort levels. This is where you may finally discover that part of your nature you’d suspected was there but was waiting to break free.

Your social and working life seem to be the key focus for you throughout November and December. Work and travel are also linked to your romantic involvements. In November an unexpected journey or holiday with friends will open doors to other romantic pursuits. The influence of Uranus on Venus is particularly strong: it cautions you to check your progressive adventures through the filter of your conservative and cautious judgment.

You can expect great love and luck in the last month of the year, when Venus activates the most powerful sector of your horoscope. The hard work you’ve put into becoming a better person, being more giving in your relationships, is now bringing you positive results.

Admirers in your work environment will act as allies now: they will bring you luck work-wise and, more importantly, will help you solidify your position with a newcomer on the scene.

In the later part of December you’ll want to share your great social successes with anyone and everyone. The presence of Mars in this last month of 2007 also indicates that you’re willing to take a few gambles in your love life. Why not? If you’re not attached, what have you got to lose?

Good luck in your romantic pursuits, Capricorn: 2007 looks like being a hot year for you!

Profession and Finances

During the coming 12 months you’ll identify very strongly with the work you’ve chosen to do. This is not just a year of practical Capricornian diligence and attention to the material side of life; it’s also strongly focused on how you can share your creative gifts through your professional activities.

This year you can finally relax a little and enjoy your work without too many pressures. For some Capricorns, new positions that have brought greater responsibility needed a lot of improvement in skill sets. If this is you, you will now be more at home in your new role, so you can really start to enjoy your career life.

During January and February, you will put your powerful imagination to work seeking out ways to earn extra money and save it. You won’t want to spend money, but you do want to relax your usual frugal approach. What you need is a nice balance that will give you increased savings and good times as well.

The full Moon in February relates to the finances of others. Your career planet, Venus, will be activating contracts and paperwork: it’s time for you to finalise and formalise some arrangements that you’ve previously taken for granted.

These issues will occur suddenly around the middle of the month, when you’ll be forced to ‘autograph’ some paperwork that you’re not altogether happy with. Hold your ground and don’t be intimidated into signing your life away.

You could get some lucky breaks in your work during March, but you may not feel confident enough to pounce on these opportunities when they turn up. You’re probably right to say no. You’ll already have a lot on your plate, and though your organisational skills are strong, there’s no way you’ll meet your deadlines if you take on extra responsibilities.

In this cycle your ego will feel pampered … until you find that the rewards are outweighed by the extra workload.

Be prepared to take your work home throughout March and April. There are two bad effects here. First, your social life will have to take a back seat to these additional responsibilities. And second, you’ll have to talk yourself out of being a workaholic.  



You will get a lot more done in a people-free environment, but be careful about where you draw the line between your personal obligations and your work obligations.

In May and June you will find yourself in conflict with the people who are calling the shots. You’ll have strong ideas about your work but will have non success at all trying to convince others about them. Perhaps it’s your forceful communication style that is the source of the problem. Listen very carefully if you want to pick up all the vital clues as to why people are against you.

Sometime in June and July you could enter into a business partnership. You will be able to attract money and other resources for your plans. Building on a hobby or part-time skill will become a viable business for you. What you have to offer will bring a commercial benefit to others.

In July you’ll find yourself ready to cut a deal or make a significant move, but then things will suddenly change. Though the new Moon of the 14th is a good omen, you’re better off delaying all this until August, when things are more likely to go ahead as per your plans.

Be careful to manage your health and wellbeing well throughout the second half of August and all of September, when Mars moves through your work and services zone. You’ll be all fired up, wanting to achieve a tremendous amount; this is exactly the kind of situation where you are likely to overdo it. Keep a balance between your work commitments and your leisure activities.

If you’ve managed your communications and negotiations well throughout July and August, you’ll sidestep considerable rivalry in September. Mars’ position indicates a certain amount of competitiveness, which will be hard to deal with. It’s important to stay clear-headed and in control of your feelings. Personal accusations can easily distract you from completing your tasks: don’t let a known enemy throw you off balance.

Saturn will change your attitude to money—making you less concerned about it —from the latter part of September through till December.

You’ll have excellent opportunities for success at work in October, with the new Moon. It’s a good month to stake your claim for a coveted position. You’ll feel successful, and totally confident about achieving your ambitions. The result is a bigger pay packet, and therefore surplus cash, as Venus also brings its positive and lucky vibrations to your finance sphere.

Celebrations are in order in November: congratulate yourself on a job well done. Several of your friends will be going through similar cycles, so you can share your successes. Your heavy load of responsibilities will also be lightened somewhat.

The last two months of the year are a time for you to settle into the groove you’ve created for yourself. Sit back, relax, and let the process of life carry you for a while. You’ve worked hard, so enjoy the success that you’ve earned.

Karma and Luck

Jupiter casts a lucky glance on you throughout 2007, but in a rather unusual way. You’ll have plenty of your usual drive, ambition, and get up and go, but this year much of your luck has to do with staying behind the scenes and working out a strategy that is not going to railroad others and make them feel everything’s all about you.

You need to gain consensus and support from people around you if Lady Luck is to lift you fully in 2007.

Happiness is the wealth that you’ll be seeking in this 12 months. Jupiter has a strong inclination to make you look inward and understand what motivates you.

This will help you sort out your personal limitations so you can really enjoy your life.  



A lot of your luck will have to do with your personal appearance this year. Grooming, and different hairstyles and fashions will be a key factor in attracting

the best fortune possible. The old saying, ‘Clothes make the man,’ is very true in 2007 for Capricorns. Don’t underestimate the impact of your fashion statements.

Mercury is an important planet for your general fortunes. It is with the Sun in the first month of the year. You’ll be lucky in sexual matters. If you’ve felt deprived in some way, things could change for the better. This relates to your ability to attract people you feel are worthy of your love.

Your romantic life could move to a new level, and matters of intimacy and sexuality will also be lucky for many Capricorns during this phase.

May is one of your luckiest months, with both the Sun and Mercury transiting your karma and luck sector. What you do in this month will have important ramifications for every aspect of your life in the future.

Use your power wisely this year and you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your actions in years to come.