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Gemini 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance Social & Domestic

Your romance planet is Venus and commences the year in retrogression in your eighth house of sexual encounters and self-transformation. There are ample opportunities for you this year to overcome any feelings of inadequacy you have been feeling in your relationships. This is pronounced as the year commences but may ease up during February when you opt to back off from any impending confrontations with those you love. This may be possible for just a while however as Venus moves to the opposition of Saturn throughout the early part of March for most of the month this will be a testing time for you – one in which you’ll either sink or swim romantically. The months of April and May indicate a better time romantically when more favourable aspects shine on Venus and give you the chance to put any of those abrasive issues to bed. Venus also gives a wonderful social streak to your nature and your affairs around June when it enters your sector of friendships.

Mars, your friendship planet, however causes some difficulties at this time and is seen to be in conflict with your romance planet. There may be disagreements over financial matters as the new Moon; Mars and Saturn are found to affect your monetary sector at this time. October appears to be one of the more passionate months in which the raw and vital energy of your physical and sexual nature will come to the fore. This is due to the proximity of Venus and Mars and in your fifth romantic sector at that. Many Geminis who are single will find this period of 2006 very interesting indeed with ample opportunity to meet new people and explore that side of their nature. If in a relationship and otherwise committed, this could prove to be another testing period as your existing partners may not fulfil you in matters of intimacy.




Venus enters the marriage sector in the latter part of November and remains there throughout December hinting at opportunities for those interested in marriage to tie the knot at that time. The other fortunate aspect is from Jupiter, your marriage planet, who also with the Sun, Mars, Pluto and Mercury all combine in the very last month of 2006 to pave the way for some very exciting, if not challenging, long term relationship cycles. There are periods where you can be somewhat extreme in your relationships. Your communications can also be unwarranted and you must curb your impulses. This is a year in which you have a chance to look at the deepest levels of meaning in your relationships. Remember that no one has to be right or wrong. You can both gain knowledge of the meaning of love and romance.

Quick thinking and fast paced Mercury is your ruling planet but also rules your domestic sphere and during 2006 the angular position of Mercury augers well generally for the affairs of your home. March however does see the retrogressive Mercury doing interesting things and this can affect your plans with family and relatives at this time. Decisions will not be easy and you may need to wait until the following month of April or even May till things are resolved. Mercury usually does the retrogressive movement three times a year and in July as well as October expects more of the same in matters of family, residence or even business associated with real estate.

You’ll need to keep your wits about you when making important decisions and as is customary with most astrologers, they will usually advise you to take additional precautions if making purchases, signing documents or coming to critical agreements with others. September and October are also very important months in which much activity around your home and family will predominate. This could be simply the demands of those people upon you or even the reconnection or family reunion with people you haven’t seen for many years. September in particular will be a month in which you investigate and may be even make some important long term decisions about real estate, property and investment as Mars your profit planet strongly influences the sign of Virgo, an earthy sign, in your residential sector.

Fundamental changes occur now and your need to break free from embedded patterns of your life become strong. You’ll seek thrills and change rather than routine living. Relationships and patterns that have fallen into a cosy niche are not enough for you now. Even if you are not aware of the need to make changes, they will occur anyway. A chief relationship may break up, form, or experience far-reaching changes. You may change jobs or become part of a different circle of friends and acquaintances. This is certainly a time to experiment with anything new, but be careful about what you throw out because you can easily be gripped by the feeling of necessity in the moment, and later lament your choice.

Profession and Finances

During 2006 your professional planet Uranus, and Neptune exchange zodiac signs in a most extraordinary display of spiritual and innovative power for you Gemini. How you handle these energies will determine not only the outcome for 2006, but for the next 5 or 6 years at least. For many Geminis this is a critical turning point for them and if you’re able to receive the inspirational vibrations of Neptune as well as the dramatic and evolutionary promptings of Uranus just now, you’ll be able to do something quite new and invigorating on your professional path to success. The year actually begins with a new moon very near Uranus and Neptune and this further activates your desire for something novel, something different and unique. If you’ve been travelling along the same path in your work then 2006 will be a time for you to shake off your lethargy and finally make that break with your past.

As 2006 unfolds you’ll be able to move yourself towards a larger view of your life. You’ll seek new and broader horizons via travelling, studying, or reading about other cultures and by seeking out people who have a thoroughly novel approach to life. You’ll be working on ways to imbibe these elements into your own life and relationships to give yourself a personal ‘renovation’ this year. This is surely a time to remove and discard worn out patterns of behaviour and to try new things and meet different people. This is likely to mark a time when your life direction and your significant goals and ambitions take on a new course and even professional matters take a different path.




Uranus visiting your career sector tells you that unexpected results and benefits right from the word go will be a feature of your working environment throughout the whole of the year yet the new Moon in the early part, with the Sun also coming into contact with Uranus in March will further accelerate these dramatic turning points for you. Neptune, which inspires you to do the unbelievable and to break free of your limiting material views of life, is still under the control of Saturn for some time yet. Though you will be bubbling over with ideas, it may still be some time (probably August) until you can adequately formalise these ideas and make them a practical reality.

In January when the year kicks off, the Sun the Moon and also Venus activate the area of shared resources and the full Moon mid-month strongly focuses your attention on money that may be owed to you and perhaps loose ends that weren’t tied up in the previous year. It would be a good idea to tidy these loose ends, especially with your creative impulses as strong as they are, so that you can move forward confidently without too much financial baggage, so to speak. Though you may have some initial frustration in the first couple of months the fine aspect of lucky Jupiter from your sixth working sector to your tenth professional sector, will more than adequately compensate for any of the frustrations you may feel professionally in 2006. You’ll be ready and rearing to go and Mars also from the early part of January fully activates your luck by giving Jupiter a boost.

When the Sun enters Pisces and then again Aries in February, March and April, a huge wave of energy will wash over you and have you working hard at that time. Again the months of July and then November are particularly strong as far as your work and profession are concerned. November is particularly auspicious as the combined influence of Sun and Jupiter bring you some welcome change in the environment that you work in. Your friendly planet Venus transits your tenth house of career throughout the months of April and May and this could be a period of great popularity for you when you may have the opportunity to rest on your laurels rather than having to do as much work as you would ordinarily need to.

Fortunate conditions support your career this year. Whatever obstacles and challenges arising will fade away and your work for the most part progresses smoothly. This is a time of steady growth and progress, combined with an enjoyable and harmonious atmosphere. You feel good about yourself and the direction of your life. Unusual or highly unforeseen events don’t necessarily occur but the gradual change in tone and quality of your life brings about a much better situation for you. You may feel so comfortable however during this cycle that you do little to take full advantage of the opportunities that are available to you. Don’t simply sit back and watch this influence pass you by!

Karma & Luck

For the larger part of the year the lucky planet Jupiter is positive in your work sector and ensures many excellent opportunities for you throughout 2006. It is only at the very last part of the year in December when your truly magnificent luck is transferred to your relationships and even marital partners, if you are indeed a married Gemini. This year is about creating opportunities and profiting from the work and service that you perform. Understanding those you work with in your professional arena will also enhance your luck quotient throughout this year.

Forging new relationships or even improving the current ones will be harder than you think as Saturn is posited in your third sector of communication and is in a challenging aspect to both Mars and Jupiter at the commencement of the year. You may have the vision but not the capacity initially to give the attention necessary to sorting out personal differences with co-workers for example. The karma planet, the north node, edges its way through your friendship sector until July. Thereafter it will spend the rest of 2006 in your working and professional sector.




This is indeed most lucky and indicates that some accolade will be achieved through the research or diligent work you conduct in your chosen profession. If you’re a Gemini who has found it hard to find your niche in life and to act accordingly, then this is the commencement of a new eighteen year cycle in your professional sector that could well mean you discover your true life path at this time. Your luck will indeed centre on meaningful work and aligning your ego with your actions and professional aptitude. If you can do this and do it with confidence then 2006 will be a year to remember as far as your professional achievements are concerned.

You must trust your instincts where it comes to the people offering you advice this year Gemini. You may put certain people on a pedestal and in moments when your judgement needs absolute clarity to make the decisions that are crucial in 2006. You could become disillusioned when you realise that the people you have admired are only human after all. It could be time to move on and re-align yourself with new friends, mentors and other advisors at this stage of your life.

There will also be an important accent is on your own individual or private needs at this time. Hopefully you are associated with people who are trying to understand your situation and what you hope yo achieve this year. You need plenty of support, especially form family members and peers. This is a marked period of spiritual growth and at times others may not fully comprehend where you are exactly. It’s up to you to help them understand. People evolve at different and varying stages and degrees. You may find that even your closest allies are not moving ahead mentally or spiritually as fast as you would like. You must seriously consider the possibility that you’ve outgrown them this year!