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Gemini 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

Get ready for an amazing journey in 2007 — the planets will give you some extraordinary highlights, particularly in your romantic associations. Strong planets such as Jupiter, Mars and Pluto combine in your relationship sphere to give you extra confidence and charisma. You’ll be focusing much of your interest on this part of your life, and you are likely to break through some of your limitations.

During this 12 months, Jupiter will stay in the same area. This means you can expect a lot of good luck in your love life. You will have a great time with your friends, both old and new, and they will give you the chance to learn a lot about yourself and how to improve and capitalise on these important connections.

You may act excessively generously towards some of your new friends, or be over-optimistic about these friendships. Be careful here, because what may at first seem like a great idea will turn out not to be — you may overestimating.

The strong presence of your friendship planet, Mars, in the area of partnerships means that this part of your life will take pride of place in your life this year. Your larger-than-life gestures and positive, upbeat energy will inspire people around you. This leads to chances to take some of your friendships to a new level — you could form business partnerships or social alliances you previously would not have considered.

However, you may need to gird your loins and get ready for some intense romantic conflicts as well. Some of your diehard traditionalist friends won’t want to get on your bandwagon with you. It could be a long-term lover, or a spouse or friends. They just can’t seem to get excited by what you’re all about in 2007.

From as early as February this friendship planet will move into the very powerful sexual and shared resources area. This indicates an explosive upsurge of energy. You must be careful to keep hold of the reins of your enthusiasm around this time — you could be in trouble if it overpowers your judgment. The solution is to listen to others and take their desires and feelings into account.

In February, Venus connects with the planet Uranus. You may suddenly be attracted to people who work with you or are clients of a business you are associated with. This may be short-lived —take the rose-coloured glasses off so you can see what is real and what is not.  



Your passion cyclone will last for most of February, but in March it will be downgraded, and you will shift into a calmer and more philosophical period. You will feel much clearer about how to deal with the people who are important to you, and you’ll be more careful about not pushing them or being insensitive towards them.

Your agenda after March will probably include some travel; this will be part of your social activity and your sphere of influence.

Education is also something of a focus in this first part of the year, and it too will involve people you usually only socialise with. There will be a turning point: you will share some of your knowledge and then take up an educational course with some of your peers. It could also be a great chance to get closer to your long-term partner by signing up for something educational as a couple.

After the middle of March your long-term relationship will be under a more sobering influence. Both of you will redirect your energies to your material and practical goals. It may not be exciting, but it will give you some peace of mind.

In the latter part of March and April you will have to go the extra mile for people you love. Legal or health issues are the issue here, and you’ll have to give up some of your time to help out.

It’s very likely that one of your friends is totally responsible for digging the problem pit they’ve fallen into, but so what? You can’t turn a blind eye. This is one of those times when you have to bite you judgment tongue. Just help. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances leading to the problem were.

Romance is strongly highlighted in the first six months of 2007, but this doesn’t mean you won’t have opportunities later as well. During April you will want to put your emotional life on the back burner for a while and give your active Gemini mind a rest. Not a bad idea, because there are intense events ahead in April and May that will drag your attention to work matters.

In late April and early May further unusual meetings could make you reconsider your whole approach to relationships. You might explore foreign cultures, philosophies and even other marital customs and traditions — things that till now you would have considered a little bizarre. All of this will help you get a handle on your own needs in 2007. In June, when the Sun returns to its birthplace, you will shine brightly and become very popular, as is usual for you around this time of the year. You will also be ready to focus on your relationships again, with lots of energy and attention to detail.

Many of the planetary aspects in June are very lucky for you. Just watch out for the last few days, when Venus will put you at odds with your work group. Some people will want you to change your attitudes, and you probably should.

In July, as a result having to compromise and adapt to new circumstances at work, you will feel quite pressured. But don’t worry — the second and third weeks of July promise some sweeping new insights into your own motivations. This will resurrect a few old friendships and resolve some of your long-term issues about love.

There are important planetary influences on you at this time. They can be transformative, and have a huge influence on you and on a significant individual in your life — primarily in the area of emotional development. These influences are usually a catalyst for growth in marriage and close relationships.

During August and September the position of Venus and a new Moon in your sphere of family and domestic activity is nothing but good news for you. Your social activities will begin to revolve around your home and your close family. Relatives you haven’t seen for some time will come back into your life.

You can combine these family affairs with other social activities. Wining and dining at home will be an attractive proposition.

Venus enters into some eccentric motion — it might be a good time to reconnect with relatives you haven’t had a good bond with. Keep an open mind now, if only for the benefit of the whole family.

Your one-on-one relationships spark up during September, when Mars and Jupiter fully influence your marital sector. You will feel very amorous, and if you don’t get the right answers from your loved one you will probably retaliate. Try not to go over the top!

On the other hand, this is a good time for a wedding proposal, an engagement or eternity ring and a commitment to a long-term relationship.

With the new Moon and the Sun influencing your realm of love affairs in October, get ready for a whole new set of relationships and friendships. You’ll have trouble concentrating on anything other than romance! There will be quite a few outings and introductions, and you’ll feel self-confident and attractive — and attracted to some of the people you meet.

In November Jupiter edges closer to its rendezvous with the deep, dark, mysterious Pluto. Venus also poses some ominous warnings with its long stay in your domestic sphere.

This is a month to consolidate the gains you’ve made in your relationships. Try to make sure your negative energies don’t white-ant what you’ve built into perfectly workable relationships.

There are undercurrents of jealousy and rivalry from friends. Someone will bait you — try not to bite back in ways you’ll regret later. The problem is that you haven’t investigated something thoroughly. Trust your own instincts when you meet people; don’t take someone else’s word for it.

The year finishes with a strong combination of planets in your public relations area — this promises a good ending. As the old adage goes, ‘All’s well that ends well.’

Profession and Finances

Your ruling planet of finance is the quick-moving and volatile Moon. So it’s interesting to follow the new and full Moon activity throughout 2007 to see which are likely to be your more positive months. Mars, which is also your friendship planet, has a lot to say about your profits. Jupiter and Neptune powerfully influence your work activities.

As mentioned earlier, Mars dominates your affairs from the start of 2007 with its powerful presence in the public relations area of the zodiac. Its connection with Jupiter, one of your professional planets, means good fortune in any area related to your professional life this year.

You have a lot of confidence this year, and you won’t let the responsibilities of your career weigh you down.

Also, your sense of timing will be impeccable. You’ll be in the right place at the right time, and the people you meet will be able to help you achieve some of the goals you’ve set yourself — and much more quickly than you had anticipated.

If you can resist the temptation to do too many things at once (which is a very typical Gemini trait) you’ll achieve lots this year.

Promotions and other opportunities will be in the air in February, while Venus is in your professional sphere. Females in positions of authority will be friendly to you. They will use their pen power to sign off on decisions that would otherwise have been obstructed.

The influence of Uranus and other karmic planets can mean unexpected — and tempting — offers of work. Opposition companies and even rivals who had previously seen you as a threat will begin to realise what added value you could bring to their cause.

Uranus continues its passage and influence on your professional affairs generally throughout the whole of 2007. It will be a year when you look for work and work situations that are completely different. Technology will knock on your door, and this time you will open it. Computers, palm pilots, wireless technology … all these will become more important in your work and in your money managing.

Speaking of finances, March brings you something good. Perhaps a raise, perhaps friends, siblings and other relatives throwing money your way. Whether or not you expect it, the amount will surprise you.  



The new Moon of 17 April will be a trigger for fatter pay cheques or new opportunities to come your way.

There will be changes in your workplace throughout May and June. Don’t do the knee-jerk reaction thing. Your Mars and Jupiter combo will mean you overestimate your abilities. When push comes to shove, you may not be quite as capable as you think. Have a good look at any offers that come your way before you dive in.

In May, the full Moon and new Moon activate your debt and expense patterns, and you are under the influence of the Sun and Mercury in June — this means you are going to spend way more than you earn. Be super careful about managing your money in these months.

These chickens come home to roost in July, when your bills and credit card debts start to pile up. Finance planet Mars seems to be following the pattern of Mercury and the Sun in June. You’ll have to tighten your belt another notch to get your finances back on track.

All through August you’ll be under a blizzard of paperwork — it will occupy your mind and your time. This paperwork includes contracts or other work-related information, and it will affect how the rest of the year pans out. The legal implications of these things may look scary, but your attention and diligence will ensure a result in your favour.

You may also feel hassled by tax issues in the last part of August and through September. Find the right sort of tax agent, accountant or financial adviser — this will guarantee that you save money.

A financial oversight on your part might cause you a greater loss than you had anticipated. This is also not a time for extravagant gestures.

You may receive significant commercial partnership offers throughout September. These may relate to real estate and investments associated with land or rentals.

Antiques, and other valuable assets you like to buy, will be a useful alternative form of investment. The people you meet at this time can advise you about how to invest wisely.

One of the better months of the year is October — there is a full Moon in your profit sector. Some long-awaited bonuses or salary increases might finally surface. What a welcome surprise it is when that additional cash comes in — just when you need it!

Have a good think about a work transfer or relocation now: it will give your finances a boost. Don’t operate on the basis of your first impressions; delve a little more deeply.

November is an extremely busy time for you at work. Many planets are beaming down their energies on this part of your life. You may need to do some work at home, away from people and telephones. You’ll get a lot more done there.

Keep an eye on your health during this month, as the Sun passes through your health and hygiene arena. Are you overworking? Are you letting your good eating habits slide? Are you ignoring your low energy levels? Although your success at work this year is a done deal, it won’t be so much no fun if you feel lacklustre.

If you can manage your health intelligently you will enjoy all the good things that are heading your way in the closing stages of 2007.

You need to continue to show yourself to the world in the best possible light, even in December — which means nothing half-hearted, and no scattering your energies far and wide. Follow through, follow through, follow through. Focusing your attention on one thing at a time will pay handsome dividends.

Play your cards right throughout the year and you will indeed have your cake and eat it too — financially and professionally speaking.

Karma and Luck

Your most fortunate planets are Saturn and Uranus, and during 2007 they will trigger your work and communications areas in a most unusual way. Work is the arena in which most of these influences will be felt, so you can expect some great luck in this part of your life.

The best way for you to bring yourself good fortune this year will be by really concentrating on your work and on sharing your talents. When you stay focused on one thing, your employers and co-workers will instinctively feel that you can handle more responsibility. A promotion of some sort, or an increase in income, is very likely.  



The naturally lucky planet of Jupiter offers you opportunities galore in your love life. You have been patiently waiting for a soulmate to come your way, and this year, with the benefits of this planet, you could meet someone who will help fulfil your dreams.

If you are already attached, your partner will be extremely lucky this year — you can share in their good fortune simply by being near them.

Venus is a secondary planet in the scheme of luck for you. This year it is in your area of sexuality — hardly an area you would connect with luck! But lucky you will be. You will begin to experience far more fulfillment in your most intimate relationships. Your inner happiness and peace of mind will grow, and you will recognise these as forms of wealth.

This is a fantastic year for balancing your inner and outer life. You will have a sense of completeness in your relationships, and some intuitive flashes and insights into your own purpose and future destiny.