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Gemini 2016 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

Relationships and family life take on a new complexion throughout 2016 and you will try to solve many of the previous issues that have been hanging around. In particular, the two important transits affecting these areas of your life are Jupiter in the 4th house and Saturn in the 7th house. The 4th house deals with your family and domestic circumstances while the 7th house focuses your attention on marriage and other important relationships including business partnerships. With Jupiter in this area along with your karmic North Node you’ll be desperately trying to expand your understanding of family interactions including past history, genealogy and other factors that went into making you who you are.

Saturn’s influence is however diametrically opposed to Jupiter and along with the conjunction of Venus in the early part of the year indicates a cooling off of your affections and the need to be alone for a while to gain a deeper understanding and clarity of what it is you want. The reverse may also be true with your partner pulling back and not showing you the affection you’d probably like. Incidentally, Jupiter rules your marital sector so both of these above transits seem to point significantly to relationships being a very key component of your challenges in the coming 12 months. And on 8 January Jupiter moves into its retrograde motion indicating a need to retrospectively figure out what may have gone wrong in your attempts to fix things.

Throughout March this same planet Jupiter squares your natal Sun, but depending on your exact birth date, this may happen earlier or later. Being excessive, striving to do more than you are capable of doing and not knowing your limits will be the cause of problems in your life generally but more specifically relate to these relationship issues being pointed out.

A solar eclipse on March 9 in your professional sector will trigger some of the confusion that will be felt in your work activities and this is due to the ongoing and slow transit of Neptune and karmic South Node. This will force you to clear away any misperception you may have about what it is you truly want in life as far as your career is concerned. Clearly seeing the way forward is possible at this time but only if you remove illusions.

Making your work practical and more importantly keeping it in line with what you truly desire and love will be a big help in solving this problem. On March 23 and eclipse in your zone of creativity will punctuate this issue of creativity and love being necessary to fulfil your professional and life ambitions.

On March 25 Saturn is retrograde and on April 18 Pluto does the same. This transit has strong sexual connotations and no doubt you’ll experience a level of insight into your relationships through this single most important element of your life. The transformative process could accelerate at this time. This gives you the opportunity to move your relationships forward but you may need to sacrifice something in order for this process to be of true benefit to you.

Mars in your 5th house as the year commences highlights your competitive urges and the fact that this rules your 11th house of social activities and friends could point to the fact that you may be pushing your friends away through these competitive urges. You can turn this around by working with and not against your allies. You may misinterpret their intentions but asking questions can help alleviate doubts or concerns. In fact you can experience a heightened sense of camaraderie rather than opposition if you look more carefully at your own part in these problems and operate as a team player.

Much of the tension in your life comes to a head in the month of May when Jupiter moves direct and enters into a square aspect with Saturn. Hereafter you may find your attentions shifting to career and social affairs. Life generally will also improve especially in June when Jupiter moves to the trine aspect of Pluto. This imbues you with a greater capacity to make things right and if you’ve had some dream especially regarding property or home this is the time you can make those dreams a reality.

Unusual friends pop-up and circumstances you find yourself in during August will be unusual but possibly even life changing. This is due to the retrograde action of Uranus in your 11th house of social activities. And during the same month the lunar eclipse taking place in your 9th house of long-distance journeys, philosophy and cultural exchanges could herald the beginning of a new love affair with a person, different country or culture. Educational pursuits will also be high on your agenda and if you’ve been thinking of broadening your intellectual horizons you might opt for some sort of new study course to fulfil this need.

An important transit of Jupiter takes place in September with it moving into your 5th house of creativity, children and speculation. This is one of the better positions of Jupiter and indicates an upswing in your affairs generally. You will note greater optimism, a deepening love for your children if you have any, and a confidence that needs to be checked especially if you’re looking at investing in something or beginning a new business. Don’t let this optimism turn into cockiness. Maintain your equilibrium, as a level head is necessary even if great opportunities present themselves now. This cycle will continue for around a year so there’s no rush to jump in boots and all at the first offer coming your way.

You are again focused on your family life with the solar eclipse in your 4th house on September 1. Spending time with your loved ones and building bridges is important during this cycle. Talking about how you feel and removing the confusion that may have occurred between family members will be essential especially leading up to the 10th when Saturn makes an important square to Neptune. Some of these concerns centre on your work ethic and whether or not you’ve been dedicating enough time to your personal needs, namely family members and the responsibilities you have on this front. By communicating with those who have qualms about this will indeed resolve the issue and create a much better domestic circumstance for all concerned. These domestic pressures can also be linked to the September 17 lunar eclipse which occurs in your career zone.

Financial issues need to be undertaken with finesse towards the end of November with the Jupiter Square Pluto aspect pointing to your banking and financial activities. Once again you needn’t push yourself too hard as Jupiter will give you the opportunity to fulfil your dreams in due course but if you demand too much of yourself or others especially in respect of loans, investments and so forth you may be in for a shock if you haven’t done your homework. Talk to your bank manager at this time or any investment advisors will help you put together a workable and practical plan.

Additional work responsibilities are highlighted by the Saturn opposition aspect to your Sun sign of Gemini throughout December but you’re confident you can deal with this as Jupiter trines the Sun on the 15th giving you a protective influence leading up to Christmas. This aspect also highlights your generosity and luck. Believe it or not, you may be the recipient of some special gift this year. This will be unexpected as Saturn trines Uranus on the 25th, Christmas Day and Jupiter moves to the opposition of Uranus which also moves direct on the 29th. Friendships, lifelong goals and aspirations spotlight the fact that you can achieve what you put your mind to. Friends will also be supportive of disclosing stage of 2016.

Romance, Social and Domestic

Although Venus offers you some excellent romantic prospects in the early part of the year by transiting your 7th house you also have to contend with a cool and aloof Saturn also transiting the same area of your horoscope. This shows you may have an increased need for love and affection but may not receive the reciprocal warmth you expect particularly in January. By the 28th however Venus transit into your 8th house and this could be a turning point for affairs of the heart.

Love, romance and travel overlap with fast moving Venus transiting into your 9th house on February 17. Any long distance relationships will prosper now and if you’ve been dating someone online or looking for a soulmate digitally this may also prove to be fruitful. Any journeys you take now will be satisfactory and very socially orientated.

New alliances will be formed when Mars moves into your 7th house of marriage on March 6. If you aren’t yet hitched, this could be a cycle when you become more serious about marriage and long term commitments. Mars brings energy but also potential confrontations if your plans are not synchronised with your significant other.

Both a solar eclipse on March 9 and the transit of Venus into your 10th house of career on March 12 signify an excellent blend of professional and romantic opportunities. Expect several functions which will bring you the desired potential partner. Using these social graces to your advantage brings financial and professional luck. Don’t get carried away however because on the 28th Venus starts to create problems by square aspect to your Sun sign indicating others may feel you lack taste in some way.

Your social status increases after April 6 with Venus moving to your 11th house and then to the 12th house on April 30. Pleasure, friends and even some brief but meaningful journey for the purpose of love can stimulate and also create some fond memories at this time. You may also want to spend a lot of money on the person you love by lavishing expensive gifts on them.

When Venus transits your Sun sign on June 9 you’ll be particularly attractive to the opposite sex and your warmth and generosity can also be felt by your family when Venus transits your 2nd house on the 18th. On the 30th June Mars moves into its direct motion after having been retrograde since April 17 and makes it way toward your marital sector. Whatever problems or disputes you been having should start to smooth out after this.

You’re more interested in communication and how you can use the power of words to improve your luck in love and romance and this is particularly the case after July 12 with Venus moving to your 3rd house of communications, contracts and short journeys. This sector of the horoscope also relates to your superficial thinking and “everyday mind”. Someone may be in your mind and this crush could have you thinking about them over and over. Take care that this doesn’t distract you from your responsibilities and other important tasks at hand.

Home life can be beautiful after August 6 with Venus moving to your 4th house of family and domestic issues. The lunar eclipse in your 9th house on the 18th however could signal some health problem for your father or older male member of the family. But love and romance are on the rise again after the 30th with Venus moving to your 5th house of love affairs. Your mind is once more filled with romantic ideals.

On September 9 with Jupiter transiting to your 5th house of romance and love affairs as well a completely new cycle of romance commences. You can expect the next 12 months to be filled with heartfelt emotions. Your creativity will also be peaking during this significant cycle. Issues related to children, childbirth, christenings etc may also be part of your schedule.

All in all, your romance transits are excellent particularly towards the end of the year with Venus transiting your 7th house of marriage, love and the general public. You can renew your vows or meet someone new at this time and for the most part you’ll be attractive to people generally. This transit takes place after October 18 with Venus moving to the 8th house of sexuality on November 12 indicating hot and spicy times for you during this interval.

Profession and Finances

You must work a little harder especially if you deal with the general public this year as Saturn constricts your activities in the public relations department. In January Venus however comes to the rescue by also transiting this sector so a conservative attitude in business will help you to overcome any shortcomings.

Mercury transits your 2nd house on January 2 and this gives speedy turnover of profits with additional cash at your disposal. If you have to make any deals do so before it goes retrograde on the 6th as at that time it also makes a square aspect to Mars indicating disagreements or misunderstandings over money.

Mars trines Neptune on 18 January and this is a signal for you to go for your dreams. You will achieve a great deal now so don’t be afraid to try something magical or fantastic. The Sun transits your 2nd house on the 21st so the first part of the year seems geared to making money – and more money!

Communication, advertising and any sort of marketing initiative is excellent after February 7 with Mercury trining Jupiter. Mercury, also in direct motion picks up the pace after February 14 and then by March 5 and is your 3rd house of contracts which can solidify any negotiations you have in mind. Be careful however of extra expenses when Mars transits your 12th house on March 6. Around the 8th the Sun in opposition to Jupiter is also a tell-tale sign of heavy expenditure if not waste. You have some formidable and positive aspects leading up to the 25th and 26th with Mercury trining Mars and the Sun also doing the same on those days respectively. These are fortunate aspect to Mars indicating your expenses can be dovetailed into a more productive investment that can eventually return you some cash.

Property matters are uppermost in your mind with your 4th house being activated towards the end of March. The Sun transits this position on the 20th as does Mercury on the 22nd. The transiting Sun trining transiting Mercury on the 24th is an excellent business omen. You should put your best foot forward if you’re trying to secure a deal especially with regards to real estate and other fixed assets.

Speculation seems to be on your agenda in April with Mercury transiting your 5th house and being in favourable aspect to your Sun sign as well as to Jupiter. Excellent prospects can be expected between the 4th and 15th of April in this respect. But Mars moving to retrogression on the 17th indicates a possible slowdown in company profits if you’re an independent business owner.

Health matters could be a problem when the Sun transits your 6th house on May 21 and so you must take care to balance your lifestyle and not overwork. Issues surrounding your workplace and co-workers could also reach a peak. These problems could intensify into June with Sun squaring Neptune and Jupiter on the 2nd and 4th respectively. Mercury also squares Neptune in the same area on the 21st therefore all sorts of issues will be plaguing you in your workplace.

Better aspects from the Sun and Mercury to Neptune take place in July and negotiations could give you a slam dunk on or about the 14th after Mercury trines Mars in your zone of profits and enters your 8th house of shared resources. Look after your taxes and other financial obligations during this interval.

The lunar eclipse in your 2nd house on August 18 has much to say about your capacity to earn money and this will be a time when your emotional and creative energies are released to do so. Mercury goes retrograde on 30 August so hold off any negotiations until it goes direct on September 22. At this time the Sun transits your 10th house bringing with it some excellent opportunities professionally. A new job or at least a position within the company you currently work in could be on the cards. These benefits translate financially when the Sun transits your 11th house after October 23. You could be concerned by some difficult interactions which take place leading up to this point because the hard aspects of Mercury to your Sun sign and Mars around the 13th and 14th may make you feel a little negative about the prospects. Keep the faith.

Mars transits your 2nd house on November 9 with Mercury moving into your 12th house on the 13th – indicating a great opportunity for income but the unfortunate thing is that your bills and expenses may outstrip what you’re earning. Balance both these areas of your life carefully.

Finally, in December Mars and Jupiter trining each other on the 2nd designate some big new plans for you towards the close of the year and into 2017. Keep these plans earthbound and don’t expect too much from yourself nor too soon. Small steps are the way to success. You can be forceful in your contracts leading up to Christmas with Mars moving into your 3rd house of negotiations. Give a little and take a little. Make sure the closing weeks of 2016 are based on a win-win philosophy.

Karma and Luck

Many of the karmic challenges you’ll confront in 2016 have to do with your most intimate relationships due to the slow transit of Saturn in your marital sector. The North Node, your future karma point also slowly transits your domestic sphere so these areas are key to finding happiness and using these challenges to increase spiritual awareness and personal self-development.

Speaking of self-development, the solar eclipse on 9 March is a powerful one in your 10th house in the vicinity of Neptune indicating changes in your ego – a new way of looking at yourself and applying that to your work and to your life generally. You’ll need this inner courage to deal with the hard aspects of Jupiter and Saturn in your domestic sphere and that comes to a head around March 23 with a full square between these two planets. The lunar eclipse on March 23 in your 5th house is also important as this can relate to your spiritual initiation and creative opportunities.

Pluto the transformative planet also continues its slow and sometimes tedious journey through your 8th house of radical self-transformation. Your emotional life could be subject to some intense ups and downs but with the proper directed awareness you can use this as fuel for incredible spiritual upliftment.

With Jupiter transiting your 5th house on September 9 you’ll see the commencement of a whole new 12 year spiritual cycle. If you’re involved in any sort of exotic philosophies or religious traditions this could be the time when you take initiation into the deeper mysteries of that belief system. For others this is simply a stepping up of the creative process which allows you to experience your true spiritual self through some of the activities that give you the greatest pleasure.