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Gemini 2017 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

It’s another year Gemini, 2017 so welcome! Mars, Neptune, and Ketu or the South node, dominate your horoscope as the year commences, being in the upper part of your horoscope, the 10th house. Mars is a dynamic planet and being in the company of idealistic Neptune means that this year you have big plans to make your dreams concrete in every way possible. As Mars rules your 11th house and 6th house, you will be strongly focused on fulfilling your dreams in a professional arena which will ultimately bolster your self-confidence and chances for success.

Money will be particularly important and has been for some time Pluto transiting your eighth house and at the start of the year with the Sun and Mercury also combining with this intense and transformative planet. It indicates your connection to business dealings, other people’s money, banking, savings and you will be doing your best to improve this area of your life even if it means making radical changes. The stationary, retrograde and direct movements of Pluto on and around 20 April and again on September 29 would be focal points for this particular subject.

With Uranus continuing its transit in your 11th house of friendships and social connections, along with an opposition aspect from Jupiter, it indicates you maybe into some surprises with friends and new acquaintances. You could expand your horizons through new meetings but could also be in danger of spreading yourself then, taking on too many obligations socially and promising more than you can deliver. You must definitely have a planner or diary through which you can manage your affairs throughout 2017 or risk running yourself ragged through not having enough time to devote to those whom you consider worthy of your friendship.

Saturn, is known as the planet which puts you through the wringer and tests you to see just how developed you have become a throughout 2017 it also continues its transit through your seventh house of relationships in Sagittarius. You have been learning some pretty significant lessons over the past two years and hopefully now throughout the coming year you will be able to put those lessons into practice and improve your love life and more importantly your marriage if you happen to be in a long term committed relationship.

With Saturn transiting your 7th house, it makes some impressive aspects in the next year and one, in particular, is to Uranus around May 19 and this indicates a desire to step outside your normal protocols when dealing with problems and relationship. This may surprise others, not least of all, your significant partner. You can approach emotional life with a unique approach, trying different things to elicit the best response. It may be a hit and miss affair because if you’ve been accustomed to doing things due to habit, breaking free of those methods may on the one hand not be easy to step away from but also others may not know exactly how to deal with you.

As a result of Saturn trining the North node or karmic point around October 9 and a coinciding with a repeat of the Saturn-Uranus transit earlier in the year  you will most certainly be looking at using different methodologies and borrowing perhaps ideas from different cultures to spice up your love life and also gain insight into other people. You will see your relationships from a completely different perspective.

Jupiter transits to your 6th house after October 10. This will be a very important new cycle showing a combination of many lessons learned throughout the previous year. Moving to your 6th house of work, health, debts and enemies, your focus will dramatically shift from matters of the heart, creativity, and children to a greater attention to these issues. If you are a parent, the movement of Jupiter through your fifth house of children, creativity, and romance will captivating retention up until this time but then you will realise that you do need to give yourself some greater care and, if some reason your health hasn’t been tip top, will be looking to improve that for sure.

You need to be watchful of your work practices is Jupiter can make you excessive in many ways which ultimately lead to deterioration in health. This also has to do with your dietary considerations. You’ve been eating on the run, not sleeping enough, neglecting your body signals and putting money before health and relationships, that will change in the last three months of 2017.

Your educational and spiritual ideals will be in strong focus this year as well due to the position of Venus and Moon in your ninth house receiving the aspect of Jupiter from the 5th sector. Travelling, education, philosophy and anything related to the higher mind and expansion of your inner self-comes under the jurisdiction of these transits for this reason 2017 should be a memorable period for making great strides in your self-awareness and self-development. You may be interested in taking a long journey and there may be some spiritual connection with that if it happens.

Greater financial commitments are shown by the transiting Saturn to your 8th house of shared resources that occurs late in the year, on 20 December. Some of you may actually feel the effects of this transit prior to this date because your mind will be considering how you can be more fiscally prudent, responsible and savvy in your business dealings. The 8th house has to do with the money that is shared with other people, such as borrowings, investment by others or by yourself and some astrologers are of the opinion that Saturn has to do with property to some extent is it rules the earth sign of Capricorn. It is also a triangular house the 4th house which has to do with real estate.

The eighth house is also significant in that it relates to death and rebirth. While this is sometimes taken very generally indicate physical, there is another more important component which has to do with the regeneration of oneself, letting go of habits and circumstances which have held you back and like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes, the start of a new life and self-understanding. All of these things are possible in 2017 and especially towards the end of the year when Saturn, one of the most important karmic planets, brings to a close another chapter which brings you more closely in touch with yourself and with what is you are destined to do.

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Romance, Social and Domestic

Venus and Mercury have jurisdiction over your romantic life and marriage as well. Looking at the transit of both these planets will give you an insight into what may happen in your emotional and romantic life throughout 2017. Venus moves the career sector on January 3 bringing with it opportunities of love professional activities but on the 7th, the opposition to the North node and the fourth house of family affairs indicates divided loyalties especially leading up to the 13th when it makes conjunction to Neptune, idealistic but also at times confusing. You need to identify clearly what it is you want from your relationships in the coming 12 months. A tough square aspect to Saturn on the 28th makes you cool and aloof or vice versa with your partner.

As a result of the difficult communications you might experience in the last week or so of January, the movement of Venus to your 11th house friendship and social activities, could be a means of escape when you can’t quite find the solution to the problems you experience in your most personal relationships. Venus is a social planet so you will therefore meet many new people and acquaintances and if you are lucky enough may even find someone who you may begin dating. This is a period of love for you, however because Venus goes retrograde on March 4, and then back into the difficult Saturn aspect, you will find that using these social interludes as a means of distraction, or as a solution, will be short lived. You will ultimately have to confront the problem again after 21 April at which point you may finally find some solution to your romantic woes.

You must be on guard not to overemphasize or ingratiate yourself in any relationship throughout May and June as the opposition aspect of Venus to Jupiter on May 20 and then the square aspect to Pluto on May 26 could cause you to be a little obsessive about your love. When expectations run to high the risk is that disappointment will also follow so you must be particularly careful to be realistic and ask yourself where any relationship is likely to end up. Don’t be too trusting of others as you may end up regretting impulsive moves romantically.



On June 6 Venus moves to the 12th house of secrets and past experiences. You may want to keep your personal affairs secretive or you may also be reminiscing over why things haven’t worked out in your past relationships and this is a good thing as long as you keep your mind positive and promise yourself that you will use those past experiences as a means of improving yourself and any future relationships you come in touch with. The 12th house is a spiritual house it also indicates that you are able to grow emotionally and spiritually through an understanding of your past errors. Some of you may also find yourself in complicated relationships that you’d prefer to keep out of the usual domestic or social arena of friends. This may not be easy but only you can decide how you will handle something of this nature and of course that brings into question such things as cultural and moral expectations.

What Venus moves to your Sun sign on July 5 and this makes you much more attractive to members of the opposite sex. You will feel good about yourself and may even want to make some fashion or cosmetic changes to yourself. Maintain a balanced view on this, however, understanding always the true beauty is within and not without. Your intelligence can also be a source of attraction to the opposite sex as Mercury enters your third house of communications making for interesting banter, unusual connections and the possibility of love with both of these combinations functioning simultaneously.

September 30 Mercury moves to your 5th house of love affairs, creativity and self-expression. During this period you can connect with your loved one and enjoy hobbies and attainment together. That makes you both amorous and desirous of pleasing each other. It also causes you to be a little more adventurous in your sexual advances.

Better communications generally can be expected when Venus transit your 3rd house on August 26, the 5th house on October 14 and most importantly your 7th house on December 1. These positions augment your opportunity to connect in a better way with those you are currently in relationship with, or if you’re looking for that perfect partner, to make the right connection as these segments of your horoscope are very favourable for love, relationship and marriage. Greater peace of mind can also be acquired when on September 20 Venus moves to your 4th house family affairs and inner tranquility. You should use all of these dates and times around these dates to improve your relationship and confidently move forward in new ones.

On December 16 Mercury transits to the conjunction of Venus in your 7th house marriage giving your relationships a boost which is based upon compromised and agreeable discussions. You can expect greater clarity and appreciation of your partner in these closing days of the year.


Profession and Finances

Neptune and Jupiter rule your professional life. Moon is the ruler of your income and profits are to be deduced from Mars which rules your 11th house. The sixth house of workplace activities, debts and co-workers is indicated by Mars as well so this planet is particularly important in deciding what will happen over the next year or so. The Sun is considered the overall ruler of your professional achievements.

As mentioned in the opening statements, Neptune is very powerful transiting 10th house so your dreams are prominent and you are visually engaged in trying to create new path to yourself career wise. Neptune also speaks a great deal about the intention of work and what you feel you can contribute not just to your immediate family but to the world at large. What must have some deeper, spiritual significance to truly give you satisfaction and it is these questions which may be intertwined in your moves define greater satisfaction in your work throughout the coming months.

As Neptune is a very slow-moving planet, looking at Jupiter, your co-ruler of work and profession will give you a clear understanding of what’s happening workwise. On February 6 Jupiter moves into its retrograde motion in your 5th house of creativity and speculation. You may put your investment plans on hold as you review your motivations and also your financial capacity to afford such moves. On June 10 planet goes forward again at the several months in between you will be planning, and re-planning your schedules and objectives financially but more importantly speculatively.

There are difficult aspects throughout March when Jupiter forms and opposition to Uranus on the 3rd and then a square aspect to Pluto on the 31st. These aspects indicate that what matters may be out of your hands and especially with Uranus being in your 11th house of friends and acquaintances, it may be other people who are pulling the strings much your disappointment and frustration. Patients will be your keyword during this period. Because of the retrograde movement of Jupiter, you’ll have to endure these difficult challenges again around August 5 and September 28.

Significant transit takes place on October 10 when Jupiter transited your sixth house of workplace activities, debts and enemies. This position in the horoscope is not considered a good one so you need to effectively plan and refine that plan as Jupiter will spend at least one year in this position. Expending money, not managing your finances or planning for your future security are some of the effects of Jupiter in this position. You may also find yourself at odds with your co-workers over philosophical work differences. Rather than looking for the faults and others, you may need to agree to disagree and understand that you have to work with people it’s better to find common ground.

Better aspects to Jupiter occurred on December 3 when the favourable aspect of Neptune gives you a shot at something big. Your mind is expensive and if you have original, forward-thinking ideas, you may even be planning something of an independent nature professionally. This could be the beginning of the business concept but of course you need to bear in mind square aspect of the North node on December 25 which could again cause you to be at odds with others or out of step with what the general consensus is at work but more importantly what the market actually wants. For this reason it is imperative you research and don’t be afraid to seek professional advice to help you make the right choices at this time.


Karma and Luck

Uranus and suddenly you’re planets of spirituality, ruling a month house which predominantly details your past karma. With your 5th house being ruled by Venus, this planet also has significance particularly with your future karma.

Throughout the past few years with you is moving through your 11th house of friendships but also in opposition aspect to Jupiter, you may have been placing too much emphasis on your friends and social activities and wasting valuable time as a result. For that reason 2017 may find you in a position where you are purposely culling back your associations and try to maintain just a close core of friends whom you trust. By eliminating time wasters, psychic vampires and those who are really only interested in what you can give them, you’re free up your time and space for much better things in your life.

One of the biggest challenges in your life over the past couple of years has been the transit of Saturn in your 7000 marriage and significant relationships. This planet is inhibitive, can cause you to feel alone and misunderstood and therefore this is probably one of the biggest areas we have had to adjust yourself. As mentioned in the earlier part of your reading, Saturn makes its transition of this sector of your horoscope only in the latter part of the year, 20 December to be precise. Prior to this however, on October 9, Saturn makes a wonderful aspect to the North node in your third house indicating a very important turning point in your life. The North node is considered one of the most important components of your future karma and shows where you may be obstructed yet at the same time what it is you desire more than anything else in life.

You may come to some sudden realisation at this point and that could take the form of understanding what things are necessary and what things are not. You need to eliminate what is unnecessary and that sometimes comes in the form of walking away from relationships. The above transit of Saturn in the 7th house is often associated with departures, changes and even death of relationships. You mustn’t fight this because it is in the natural order for things to change, and once you start accepting that you can roll with the punches and make the appropriate changes in your life that are going to improve things for all concerned.

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