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Leo 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance Social and Domestic

A very important phase has commenced for you Leo and that is because of the entry of Saturn into your Sun sign during the latter part of 2005. Saturn’s important transit at this stage of your life significantly impacts upon your relationships and, in particular, your more long term connections including de facto partnerships and the marriage itself. Between January and August you feel less confident and doubtful about your most important relationships and those you love can be seen by you now in a very different light. You may wonder about the durability of relationships and whether or not the ideals you have set up for yourself can in fact be attained with the people you have chosen, thus far. If you are yet to commit to a relationship, the movement of Saturn indicates a more thorough evaluation of the people you meet now and this will necessitate a deeper more serious reflection of whether their values are in consonance with yours.

The year commences with Venus joining Neptune in the sector of relationships. Both Saturn and Venus in retrogression accentuates your concern to such an extent that your own standards and ideals may seem to be falling apart before you. You may even doubt love itself during the first leg of 2006. You must simply understand that for relationships to grow sometimes certain aspects of them must dissolve for you to let go of what’s holding you and the other person back. This is the most significant meaning of the Saturn/Neptune connection.

For some Leos, this influence may make them extremely self-critical. If things haven’t been going exactly to plan in your romantic department, don’t blame yourself. You know, it does take two to tango and if you analyse just where your relationships are at this point in time, you’ll see that it’s usually both parties who are either contributing to or undermining the relationship. If you see aspects of your own nature that have not made your partner feel comfortable, you need to do what you can to consider their perspective on matters. Step in the other person’s shoes from time to time.




There is a strongly spiritual connection surrounding Neptune and perhaps the people you’re meeting at this point in your life do have some deeper karmic lessons to teach you e.g. you may want that person to fulfil your emotional or physical needs in a specific way that you feel they should. Yet, their way of expressing love may to them be the only way in which they can express themselves. Parallel train lines! It’s not that the other person doesn’t love you – it’s more that they don’t love you in the way you want to be loved. Try appreciating the offerings of your partner in the light of who they are as people, rather than expecting them to be something else. In other words, try to release your judgements and you’ll experience a far more fulfilling relationship throughout 2006.

This will be one in which you’ll be carefully examining some of your past habits in relationships and trying to figure out ways in which to overcome the challenges that confront you. If these patterns have caused you some inhibition in the way you are dealing with friends and lovers alike, you may possibly need to look back into your past and consider your childhood and the relationships you encountered in your family with parents and other important authority figures. You may experience a certain amount of pain throughout this process as confronting these earlier memories can be difficult. By doing so however, you will start to see how these patterns are replaying and having an impact on your current relationships. In gaining an insight into your past events you’re better equipped to create a far more loving and satisfactory future for yourself.

During the periods of February and also in June you may be forced to confront some of these painful processes and if you happen to be open and receptive enough to what you experience, then this will create a wonderful new set of conditions from which your relationships can operate. You are far more interested in delving deeply into the character and the meaning of relationships rather than simply “having fun”. Because of this you may meet friends in completely unusual circumstances, through unexpected avenues and possibly even through spiritual and philosophical circumstances.

Mercury with Pluto also signal your detective like attitude and you’ll be scrutinising your friends far more severely to make sure that they come up to the standards that you set for yourself. Notwithstanding these somewhat serious overtones to your relationships, Mercury does offer you a more intellectual year. You need a challenge, not just idle chit chat and you could find yourself enrolling in study groups or other activities that require a strong intellectual or problem-solving skill. Playing bridge, crosswords, chess or even entering a drama group in which you can express your feelings in a theatrical manner are all on the cards for you.

If you’re unattached, the difficult planetary aspects to your marital and friendship sector indicate that you are not likely to quickly jump into any long or strongly committed relationship. It seems that you are primarily concerned with clearing up your own attitudes, to recreating a new value system socially and to lifting your own ball game. You would like to take friendships to a much deeper level before making any firm commitment.

Your sexuality will be strongly influenced by the planet Uranus, which is now and continues to remain in your sexual and shared resources area. This too is a very significant energy and reflects your need to take your emotions and communication to new heights. Your most intimate and sexual relationships will be explored fully in 2006. You’ll be experimenting and trying to find what makes you happy in your partnerships. This may unsettle those in whom you have developed an understanding and visa versa. You could shock them with your new and highly adventurous nature and must be cautious not to scare them off.

For those that are newly emerging as potential long term partners, you must also be mindful of the fear and doubt that everyone has when first meeting another person. You should slowly introduce your ideas, philosophies and progressive sexual preferences in a way that allows them to feel comfortable. Due to this planet’s position you will explore and discover many things about your own nature and will see that the sexual interactions between human beings are a reflection of much deeper and more spiritual connections. This will be a year of revelations for most Leos where friendship and love play a primary role.

Due to the magnificent energies of Jupiter in your domestic sphere, generally for the most part of 2006 an expansion and general satisfaction will be your lot in this department of life. Amidst some of the more challenging periods of the year, Uranus again will punctuate and more than compensate with pleasant surprises as the year progresses. Your overall family relationships improve due to Jupiter’s benign presence. Though you’ve met some of the social and relationship challenges head on, it’s nice to know that having a secure and solid home base can make these other tensions seem less pronounced. The year is also characterised by some brilliant developments in your home life as far as investments in property are concerned which contribute to a more harmonious environment for you and all your family members.

Profession and Finances

2006 will be one of the more memorable years for your career and financial motivations. The presence of Mars in your career sector, the most prominent area of your horoscope at the commencement of 2006, is a testimony to the great personal effort you will apply in achieving your goals in the coming twelve months. There is a competitive tone to this energy and you must be careful that you don’t allow your over enthusiasm to create conflicts with others who may have different opinions and aspirations to you. Mars symbolises a fighting spirit, one’s determination and physical prowess. With the powerful influence of Jupiter this energy can reach almost dizzy heights but is also a warning to curb your ego and be modest when asking those in authority to assist you on your path. Your temper, demands and a need to control the things at all costs is a dangerous cocktail that could backfire on you.

Mars also receives some tough constraints from Neptune and Saturn. Given the intense, pushy and determined nature of Mars, these other planets may stifle you and make you feel ineffectual just at the time you can least afford to have others oppose you and neutralise all your good efforts. In some cases this undermining may cause some Leo born natives to strike out on their own. Freedom versus responsibility will no doubt become a recurring theme throughout the year and your tensions will be suffused with the idea of breaking free of those constraints which others, or even you yourself, have placed upon you over the previous year or two. Try to cultivate patience, tranquillity and a keen listening ear as intemperance, irritability and impulsiveness are the negative traits of Mars who will characterise this cycle.




A clear hint at your professional focus is seen by your ruler the Sun, located in Capricorn, in your work and services sector during the beginning of the year. You have a clear commitment to doing good work and to providing a service second to none with this solar placement. Yet again Saturn impinges upon you and marks this period as one when where though your work is first rate, others may still find something lacking. This will further frustrate you and unless you are able to sufficiently release your angst, this could boomerang and have negative repercussions on your physical wellbeing and even the quality of your future work. An exchange of houses between the Sun and Saturn is notable for you. This is called mutual exchange and simply means the ruling planet that dominates your health, vitality and prowess has exchanged houses with the planet ruling your work and services. Throughout 2006 these two very important areas of your life are inextricably linked and will both be interdependent on each other. You must pay special attention to this throughout each and every month of 2006 even though it may not be referred to in each of your month by month readings. This is an important undercurrent and has much to say about how you will feel generally about life overall in the coming twelve months.

The Sun gains power during February, April and especially around your birthday. At these times the glowing quality of your ruler will be reflected in your own personal sense of achievement and popularity. The period after May is especially significant for important gains and recognition for your good work. Enhanced professional opportunities and even increased income are likely to be experienced by you. Mercury doubly rules your finances – the second sector of personal income and the eleventh sector of profitability. Due to Mercury’s placement in the fifth house of speculation, its rulership of these two key finance sectors of your horoscope are positive omens for your profitability in these areas.

As a Leo you may feel “lucky” and could even take on a serious new hobby in studying the stock market, foreign currencies and other future commodities that might give you a return of a speculative nature. Because Mercury and Pluto conjoin it is imperative for you to research deeply the impact and consequences of pursuing this approach to money making. It appears you can’t escape the tough and conventional hand of Saturn who may from other areas of your life e.g. family, friends and even close work associates, threaten some control or cast some doubts on your ability be as profitable as you believe you can be.

Balance all opinions against your own good judgement and then do what your heart tells you to do. Because the influence of Jupiter and Mars, two friendly planets for Leo, also jointly influence your career sector throughout 2006, the general reading for you is a positive one and notwithstanding these minor obstacles, you are still likely to feel as though 2006 is a very successful year for you.

Karma and Luck

Mars again dominates your karmic luck factor this year as well. Visiting your career sector at the outset of 2006 reiterates your professional reading and reveals that this arena of your life i.e. your work, will more than likely a great source of luck throughout the coming year. As the Sun favourably influences Mars, your own self effort and positive input will yield many lucky opportunities. You will clearly see and seize upon any idea or situation which you perceive as benefiting you.

The strength of your karmic planet Mars is seen to occur in the opening month of the year, and then again in June when it transits your Sun sign and also throughout August to September when your personal luck and financial opportunities will be markedly strong. The period of October and November, when the majority of your planets dip into the lower portion of your horoscope bring you a more introverted cycle, and one in which your spiritual energies are far more activated. You’ll be less concerned with the impact you’re making on the outer world during this period so much as connecting with your inner self and getting into the underlying power which is creating your good fortune.




By far the most important spiritual lessons you will experience throughout 2006 are due to the slow and steady hand of Saturn in your Sun sign. Projecting a sense that life, relationships and indeed most of what you do is hard, will only make your life harder. Certainly, this is a testing period for you in which you’ll be challenged to prove to the Universe that you’ve learned the lessons of your life and are capable of rising above any hardship placed in your way. The full aspect of Neptune spiritualises these events to offer you the opportunity to perceive them as stepping stones to bigger and better things. If you choose so Leo!

The Saturn/Neptune opposition is a classic position of victim hood and unfortunately for less evolved natives this can take the shape of feeling helpless and out of control. This is not likely for Leo usually, due to the powerful sunny vibrations of your Sun sign. Hopefully you will see this coming period and the spiritual and karmic challenges as ideal backdrops for you to prove your strength, your inner commitment and ability to make your life successful and fulfilling.

One way of enhancing your karmic opportunities is through the creative process of self-expression. It’s quite fortunate that Mercury and Pluto posit your fifth sector of enjoyment, creativity and play. This could be your exit strategy if things appear to get too tough for you throughout 2006.

You must express your inner freedom and your fun through creative pursuits as this will be an ideal way in which you can diffuse the more severe energies of Saturn and Neptune. Remember, focussed creativity is itself a spiritual expression in which the higher dimensions of your human nature can come through and shine for the world to see. Make sure that you give some time to this fun and creative dimension of your life in 2006. This will be the perfect balance for some of the more challenging aspects of this karmic cycle.