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Leo 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

In the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest’s mother is quoted as saying, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’ll get.’ In 2007, romance and love will be pretty much like that for you. But relax, because whichever chocolate you pick will be sweet indeed.

Throughout this 12 months, issues about love are probably more important for Leo than for any other star sign. Jupiter, Mars and Pluto all inhabit the area of love affairs for you, which means an extraordinary focus on this area. You’ll have love and romance on your mind for most of the year. You have some old issues to deal with, but even so, the forecast is quite a good one.

First, you’re in a better position this year to remove things that have obstructed the free flow of your love and passion. This is because of the transforming effect of Pluto. Throw out any dead wood and invite the universe to bring you what you really deserve.

Jupiter is lucky — your chance for love is greater this year than it’s been in the last few years. In the past, you may have hit a few brick walls in what looked like promising relationships. This year you can expect something far better to develop with the new people you meet.

The early part of the year is very exciting, very focused on social activities. It will bring lots of new people into your world.

The new Moon near Neptune on 19 January is a perfect planetary combination for turning dreams into reality. You’ll be pleased to know that your dreams are not so far-fetched after all — they could come true without much effort on your part. Perhaps friends are looking out for your happiness at the start of the year.

There’s a strong focus on marriage during March, July and December — this relates as much to friends and relatives who are getting married or engaged as it does to you. But anything to do with marriage will trigger your nurturing instincts, particularly if you’re a female feline; you’ll definitely start to feel clucky around these times.

Venus, the planet of love, is primarily concerned with your emotional and social needs, and your love life. One of the key concepts for you in this transformative year is the idea that what you give in a relationship determines how much you get back. Your spiritual love lessons this year will be something to do with this too — have a good look at how well you perform as a partner, lover or spouse.

Once you focus on this, your partner will live up to these standards and reciprocate your high level of energy and dedication.

Throughout January and February there’s a strong likelihood of meeting new people at work — there are new friendships and possibly even love affairs in store here. Go for it, but bear in mind the consequences of workplace romances. All this could have an impact on your other inter-office or professional relationships.

In March there is something especially alluring about you, and new relationships could spring up out of nowhere, dazzle you, and be over just as quickly as they started. This is the effect of the planet Uranus — always abrupt and unpredictable.  



However, this is an exciting cycle and this part of the year will be anything but dull. Sexuality is also spotlighted throughout March as Venus transits the area that deals with the hidden and more intimate details of love.

Throughout April and May, be really careful how you deal with the remarks of loved ones, particularly if finances are concerned. You are in danger of reacting too strongly. Don’t take on the victim role when something mean is said or someone blames you unjustly.

If you can control your emotions at this critical time, you’ll probably be able to build up your major relationship. Stay away from misunderstandings that could lead to a loss of affection, and instead create lasting emotional victories.

During May you will find yourself a little distracted by pressing duties at work. There’s likely to be extra tension — be careful not to let this affect your relationship.

A chance for travel or perhaps a weekend away will have to be put on hold because of these work demands. It needn’t ruin your love life, though. Just postpone it — it’s much better to be free of work responsibilities when you take a break.

During June, July and August you will be full of energy again as Venus activates your Sun sign and makes you especially attractive. You’ll probably spend more time than usual grooming and beautifying yourself for social engagements. Several wonderful planetary influences throughout July keep increasing your appeal and magnetism.

There’s a chance for new relationships and you might get to take that postponed holiday.

Sometime all around September, October and November, the focus of your affection will be turned towards family members. Your domestic world will take precedence over everything else.

There’s a reconnection with past lovers in September. An old flame may ring you, or you might have the urge to contact them. Even if this relationship was not up to par, this is a chance for you to reconcile or get closure. Often we sweep our feelings under the carpet, only to find that later on, something triggers those feelings again — then we realise that they have to be resolved.

Monetary matters will resurface in October; if you’ve sorted these issues out in the earlier part of the year, your communication will more than likely run smoothly.

There are wonderful opportunities for travel in November — Venus and Jupiter strongly suggest luck in distant places or while you are in transit. Meeting strangers who become friends or even lovers is very possible during these last couple of months of the year.

The last part of 2007 is a good time to get out your microscope and look at the parts of your relationship that don’t seem to be working. Get on the job and talk about what you feel is and isn’t working.

If you begin these sorts of discussions, you have to be prepared to cop a few criticisms on the chin. You’ll hear things about yourself you don’t particularly like hearing, but it’s all part of the process of growing, and of improving your love life.

Some Leos will be experiencing the opposite of the beginning of relationships — closure, separation, even divorce. It seems a contradiction to say this, but Jupiter’s influence on your affairs is favourable if you’re awaiting a settlement, or just a clean break from someone you’ve outgrown. Separations and divorces go smoothly at this time.

As Venus moves to your domestic sphere in December, you’ll want some quiet time with your lover in a peaceful environment away from the crowds. Unfortunately, Christmas is never like that, is it? You will have to handle plenty of other people throughout this month.

Try to go with the flow at the end of the year — Venus will bring the year to a satisfying close if you’re open to the possibilities on offer socially. You should have good company, new acquaintances and the support of friends and lovers at the conclusion of 2007.

All in all, you can expect a successful year, romantically speaking.

Profession and Finances

It’s not been an easy year or so for most Leos, as Saturn has continued its relentless march through your Sun sign. Lots of responsibility coupled with a heavy workload might have made 2006 a bit hard and unrewarding.

This year also starts with a hard-hitting vibration from this planet on your career sector. What this means is that you could feel your efforts are not being rewarded. Your dreams seem a little further away than you had hoped. You’ll need to put in a concerted effort to get to a deeper understanding of the purpose of work.

In January the career planet Venus occupies the part of the zodiac that relates to your working environment. This is the focus for you, at least for the first week or two of the year. With the heavy hand of Saturn pointing its finger at you, you will feel like throwing in the towel. But instead, you need to find a way to love your work, dedicate yourself to it, continue to improve at it and set your work the agenda for the year. Sloppy work and shortcuts will only make things worse down the track.

Financial matters are on the front burner throughout February — keep an eye on any banking or insurance matters that have lapsed. Don’t take the first thing on offer. You’ll regret it.

March and April are legally oriented, or at least focused on ironing out paperwork … of which there could be mountains. This is where getting organised earlier will save you. Break down your extra workloads into digestible mouthfuls — it’s the only way.

Friends will come to the rescue during the second week of April when you ask for their help. They’ll come up with a quick exit strategy. You may do some travelling after the first week of April; this will give you some much-needed relief.

You’ll have wonderful planetary aspects throughout May. They favour great profitability, especially in the second week of the month. The combined influence of

Mercury and the Sun in the upper part of your horoscope is an added bonus.  



During June and July, Venus drops some good fortune on you, which will help you get new deals, new contracts, and perhaps even that job you’ve been dreaming of. Stake your claim! Go to those job interviews and make those appointments now, when your energy is peaking. People will be likely to give you the nod, and you will move closer to your long-term financial and professional ambitions.

Each year the Sun transits your sector of secrets and introspection around July. This year the coinciding new Moon is an even stronger hint that a mid-year break is called for. The close association of Venus and Saturn could make you feel you need to sit down quietly and have a think about what direction your work and financial strategies are heading in.

If you’ve turned down an offer to move on to greener pastures, you could be starting to regret not having taken the gamble. But regret, guilt and shame are a waste of time, so just collect your energies and focus on the best course of action from here on. A few days alone is the best way to tackle these issues.

From August, the Sun and the new Moon invigorate you, and you’ll get back to being on top of your work again. You’ll be feeling competitive — you can achieve a lot during this period.

September, October and November are good months for money. If you run your own business or work as a salesperson, it’s a lucky time for you. Also, long-overdue bonuses will all turn up at once, giving you not just a little, but considerable extra money to play with.

You have plenty of chances to speculate throughout the whole year, but December is especially lucky for you. Jupiter has some good things in store for you — the stockmarket in particular will be an area worth investigating. You might want to take a course or join a study group so that you can figure out how to invest that extra cash, or interest you’re earning. This arena is going to pay handsomely.

Real estate could attract your attention, too, especially in the last two months of the year, when the Sun and Mercury travel through your domestic sphere.

Opportunities here may be more abundant than usual. Around this time you will have to start balancing your domestic circumstances against your possible financial returns, and trying to work out what those returns will be.

All these aspects of your financial life could reach fever pitch in the last part of November and early December, when Jupiter and Pluto come into a powerful union. Saturn will also be working hard to get you to focus on these matters, whether you like it or not.

Karma and Luck

Your lucky planets are the Sun, Mars and Jupiter, and what better position could there be for Jupiter in 2007 than your speculative and romantic arena.

As far as love and romance are concerned, this is likely to be one of your luckiest years. Finding both your luck planets in this part of the zodiac as the year commences is a double whammy — it means especially good luck for 2007.

Part of this is finding yourself in the company of people who really want to help you. Doors of opportunity can miraculously open simply because of your great sense of timing. Being in the right place at the right time seems to be one of the gifts that these planets send you this year.  



Anything to do with love, romance, theatre, drama, music or other creative activities is likely to bring you great opportunities in love. This good luck will in turn boost your creative energies, and you’ll want to share your feelings and ideas with other people. For some Leos, these ideas, especially if they are connected to work, will lead to very profitable results.

Money and creativity are linked very closely in the coming 12 months. It’s time to explore this connection, which is part of your personality, even if you’ve been a little embarrassed about what the world might think — put that feeling aside and bring your ideas to the table.

You are likely to have this incredibly upbeat energy for the whole of the year. Even in the troughs — and there will be challenges this year — you’ll be protected, and you’ll stay pretty much undaunted.