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Leo 2017 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

In 2017 you are continuing your journey to understand yourself more clearly with Saturn maintaining its transiting position in your fifth house of creativity, self-expression and romance and love affairs. Saturn is inhibitive influence over the past year or so has made it difficult for you to feel yourself, and so many ways you’ve been out of character in trying to deal with this test of inner strength. This cycle seems to be preventing you from flowing as easily as you usually do not only creatively but in terms of your relationships.

This fifth house also has reference to children so for those of you who are parents this may also be a testing period especially if your kids are now hitting their teenage years. Even more tests are on the horizon so it appears. Saturn doesn’t transit out of this fifth house until December 20 so it appears that 2017 will continue to present your lessons in all of the above areas.

February is an important month and sets the trend for the whole of the year given a lunar and solar eclipse taking place on the 11th and 27th of the month respectively. The lunar eclipse takes place in your Sun sign and this is significant in that it is pointing the way to reshaping your personality and thereby your destiny. Who you are, where you came from and what it is you hope to achieve in life will all be under the microscope under this eclipse. The Moon for those of you born under Leo rules your 12th house of hidden issues, past experiences, privation but also charitable acts, expenses and believe it or not, spiritual enlightenment.

By fully accepting the challenge of this eclipse, you can grow in stature spiritually and come to understand many aspects of your personality and life which are rooted in your past experiences. Some of those experiences may not necessarily be happy once, but as I always say, the intelligent gardener uses his bull shit as fertilizer to grow fragrant smelling flowers.

The solar eclipse on February 27 takes place in the sign of Pisces, which is also deep and mysterious house of the zodiac representing self-transformation. Because the Sun is your ruler, it also stands to reason that there will be a flow on effect from the lunar eclipse and this may be even more powerful in helping radically transform your views on life, your relationships in particular and in some ways your sexuality and intimacy. The eighth house is very much connected with the way you interact energetically with the one you love, for example your spouse or romantic partner. As well as the sexual and intimacy connotations of this sector, shared resources and money may also be part of the equation. Learning how to share equitably will be part of the lesson of this transit.

Uranus is transiting your ninth house of higher learning, travels, and spiritual aspirations and indicates a long-standing need to break free of limitations philosophically and perhaps even culturally. In the last week of February and into early March, and in particular leading up to 3 March, Jupiter will make in opposition aspect creating abrupt changes in your life and routine.

You can be challenged by others or may yourself challenge them in terms of their belief systems. In any case this is a time when you are trying to break free but you need to rely on the transit of Saturn which is containing you, causing you to rethink your values as well and the trine aspect between these two planets can hopefully help you find some balance between those conservative leanings within you and the more progressive elements that you are trying to express.

Jupiter, one of your friendly planets also maintains its position for the time being in your third house of communications, studies, journeys and neighbors. This is an expensive influence and is one of the keys to solving the problems of Saturn. Whereas Saturn is inhibitive, Jupiter is expensive and shows where you may be able to find solutions to those things which are cramping your style.

This third house also represents your siblings but unfortunately, the expensive planet here shows that they are likely to experience a good luck, unexpected opportunities and also improve relationships with you. Anything you choose to do with them is likely to be successful during this cycle. Indubitable transit through your third house until October 10 and also indicates success in your studies, travels, and relationships with neighbors etc

Another pair of eclipses of the Moon and Sun takes place on August 8 and 22nd respectively and during the period of Leo which again highlights the significance of the eclipses throughout 2017 for those of you born under the sign of the Lion. These eclipses occur across Aquarius and Leo and hence strongly strong forces converging on your marriage and intimate relationships. If earlier in the year under the earlier eclipses you had made that connection with your inner self, adjusting to the appropriate changes necessary for your karmic and spiritual development, your relationships at this time almost certainly improve and deepen in ways you may not have previously imagined.

Your professional life will also be important this year as the ruler of your 10th house of career, Venus is positive in the last few degrees of the seventh house of Aquarius. The success of your work throughout 2017 rests on your ability to reach out and work effectively with the team, in partnership. By acknowledging others, delegating tasks to those who are capable, you not only free yourself up with more time, but you learn the earlier lesson mentioned that compassion and generosity in sharing and giving will help you grow in stature spiritually.

On a financial note, care must be taken with the way you spend money throughout 2017 as Mercury the ruler of your second house of income finds itself transiting your sixth house of debt and liabilities as the year commences. It will be easy for you to spend money before you have it and with the North node, ruler of destiny and karma transiting this second place of income, it may cast a shadow on your finances causing you to believe you have more than you actually do. The opposition aspect of so transiting Neptune in your eighth house is also a cause for concern in that you may not be clearly identifying the appropriate ways of securing your future security through the frugal management of money and personal resources.

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Romance, Social and Domestic

Venus is transiting your seventh house of significant relationships up until January 3 and sets the tone for 2017. This is a period of compromise, good feelings and generally affectionate times with the one you love. You will be attractive to others during this cycle and if you are not currently in a relationship it’s an excellent time to enjoy the company of others.

In February Venus moves to your sexual eighth house bringing with it more interest in physical intimacy and creative expression in the bedroom. Expect loads of pillow talk and late nights frolicking with your loved one between the sheets. You can certainly improve your love life at this time and take your relationship to greater depths.

Journeys are on the cards and during the transit of Venus in your ninth house after February 3, you may need a change of pace and scenery so this is the time to get out and about and travel to exotic rendezvous with your loved one. This is when you can make your romantic ideals a reality.

April is a motivating time especially leading up to the 15th bringing with it better health, greater vitality and cordial agreements. This period takes you through into may end up until the 23rd when Venus trines the Sun your sentimentality will run high and you generally feel attractive along with wanting to express any artistic skill, particularly with friends and lovers. You can also expect your popularity to reach a peak as your self-esteem will be extraordinarily high.

July is one of the better months for your social activities with Venus moving to your 11th house of friendships on the 5th. Set aside time for friends especially those you known for a while to deepen the bonds of affection. This is also an excellent time to continue improving your love life by spending more time with your significant other. You can expect your affection and time spent on your partner to be reciprocated.

Venus transits your first your 12th house on 31 July and remains there up until August 26. Usually very generous at this time but at the same time want your own space and would prefer to do with your relationships in a more private manner. This is a low-key period where your social activities may not be your biggest priority. You may also express your love unconditionally to others including those who are downtrodden or less fortunate than yourself.



One of the better periods of the year occurs when Venus transit your first house on August 25 remaining there until September 20. Again, this is a particularly social position making a very agreeable as well as creating an exceptionally good first impression on others. Apart from the fortunate benefits socially and romantically, you may find this of also attracting wealth and professional opportunities during this cycle. As Venus rules your 10th house of career you may even find yourself romantically linked to someone at your work or through your business activities.

With Venus in conjunction with the Sun between September 8 and September 10 you’ll definitely want more fun and entertainment throughout this interval. These few days should be extremely pleasant as well as creative and this is a time to pat yourself on the back and remember that the most important relationship is the relationship with yourself so splurge a little on yourself if you must.

It appears that your romantic opportunities and 27 continued to lend of the year with Venus transiting your fifth house of romance on November 30 and remaining there until December 25, Christmas Day! You need to give yourself a break and take time to improve your relationships or even create new ones. This is a very self-expressive time where you find it easy to share your feelings, even your deepest ones, with others. On a more superficial level you will be interested in looking great as well is feeling great. Purchasing a new outfit, receiving gifts from relatives or even taking a massage and going to spa to improve your skin and complexion are all on the cards at this time.



Profession and Finances

Fortunately, with Mercury moving out of your sixth house of debt on January 4, you can look forward to replacing this worry in your life with more favourable activities and a positive mental direction. The transit of Venus through your eighth house also points to the fact that you will be clearing up a lot of loose ends especially with those resources that are shared with others, for example,  your spouse, business partner or other people with whom you usually interact with on a commercial basis. It’s good idea to get your taxation issues well out of the way.

Mercury moves stationary on 8 January so this paves the way for a clearer picture of your finances all the way through till February 3. You’ll be doing a reconnaissance mission on your finances in the earlier part of the year and after this will be rather speculative coming wanting to make money fast rather than through laborious means. Use the power of your communication after the February 7 when Mars was through your seventh house of business partnerships for the 25th.

You might want to wait till Venus moves to the ninth house before your luck financially, generally changes. This happens on April 3. These changes will also spill over into your personal style so that perhaps whatever better luck you experience, could be directly attributable to a change in state of your mind. You want to explore the commercial possibilities that are linked to travel and study as well. Venus is the dominant ruler of your professional activities as it rules the 10th house of your horoscope.

This exploratory position of Venus in your ninth house paves the way for an extraordinary professional interval from June 6 up until July 5 as this planet moves to its domicile that is the sign of Venus over which it presides. You have ample opportunity to prove your worth to superiors, managers et cetera and in some ways your presence and magnetic appeal will be something you have no control over. This gets stronger up to 24 June when Venus trines Pluto which is transiting your sixth house. You can easily control others and this presents you with opportunities to prove your abilities as a leader, a commander-in-chief so to speak. But you may also have your opponents is shown by the square of Venus to your Sun sign. Be careful not to take things and people for granted and don’t assume that because a person is smiling they are necessarily agreeing with you.

The results of these two good transits are followed by an even better transit of Venus in your 11th house on July 5. This could, for many of you be the culmination of a great deal of work, (and by the looks of it considerable fun as well), leading to financial gains will as this zone of your horoscope is well known for its capacity to fulfil your objectives, ambitions and even dreams. You’ll also be able to enjoy this transit on a social level being one which will tie in your friendships and work. You may be celebrating some achievements during this period of the year.

Work will be low-key when Venus moves to your 12th house on August 1 this gives you time to deliberate on your professional direction. The trine aspect to Neptune on August 12 is a testimony of imaginative thinking and an out-of-the-box mentality when it comes to your work and where you are going with it. You may need rest at this time and that shown by the square aspect of Venus to Jupiter. Better times are ahead for your work after August 26 with Venus moving to your Sun sign.

Around October 14 when Venus moves to your third house new contracts can be negotiated. This coincides with the transit of Jupiter to your fourth house of property matters. For some of you the connections are obvious and this could be an opportunity to invest money in real estate, property or even vehicles and machinery as the fourth house rules fixed assets.

You may need to reappraise many things leading up to Christmas and in December you may again feel the need for rest as some matters in your work schedule don’t go to plan. The Venus transiting your sixth house at the end of the year and then making a conjunction to Saturn, it’s likely professional matters will be bogged down. Saturn also makes a significant transitory shift to your sixth house of work on December 20, right before Christmas. You may have work matters on your mind at the close of the year.


Karma and Luck

Mars and Jupiter are your primary spiritual planets and with such a close conjunction of Mars and Neptune, the significant of spirituality, in your eighth house of deep personal transformation, is no doubt that 2017 will be a year of self-realisation, psychological paradigms shifts. Also, with Jupiter transiting your third house, the tough aspect to Pluto will give you the mental stamina to seek out the truth of yourself and discriminate between what philosophy is of use and which should be discarded at this time of your life. These are significant developments as elimination of what is unnecessary clears the way for those aha moments or as some people call it, realisation.

Significant times of the year when Mars makes spiritual moves include 28 January, when Mars moves to its own sign of Aries in the ninth house, April 21, during its transit through your 11th house of fulfilment but more importantly into the 12th house on June 5 with deep meditative practices, yoga and other self-therapy and healing activities will accelerate your spiritual growth. There is a stronger need to help others through compassionate and charitable works.

Your greatest luck comes from Jupiter which is transiting your third house indicating an expansion of your mind, your interests and broader understanding of human nature and the best ways to communicate as the third house indicates these things. Of course improving your skills and learning new things can only help you broaden your horizons on every level including that spiritual dimension. Educational courses may be of interest to some of you and short trips and researching of your local or family history may also give you some important spiritual breakthroughs. Through all of these activities you unlock the doors that obstruct you from gaining access to situations which magically appear as luck but which are more part of the process of reaching out and taking a proactive approach in life.

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