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Libra 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance Social and Domestic

This coming year of 2006 commences with your ruling planet Venus conjoining Neptune in your area of love and romance. This is a perfect omen for all matters connected to relationships, especially affairs of the heart. There’s a sense of confidence and this will inspire you in all of your relationships particularly those of a more intimate nature. You’ll be sharing your feelings and experiencing an abundant sense of creative self expression with partners during this cycle. Venus also brings you much entertainment and pleasurable activities which involve music and other cultural pastimes, bringing you much joy.

Neptune, the most idealistic of planets takes your love life to new found heights, making you extremely idealistic about love and what you expect from your relationships in the coming few years. You could be fantasizing about your soul mate and if the person you are with currently does not precisely fit the bill there is every possibility that you will be secretly considering what alternatives are available to making your dreams come true. Your imagination is very strong and also centered very much on the issue of love. You could find yourself daydreaming or creatively visualizing the ideal partner – what they will look like and what their other personality attributes could be. You start to believe that what the project in terms of your personal desires is what the universe will now bring you.

The spirit of your life also engages you in a sense of creative play with your partner. You may decide to join different artistic activities together in which you can revitalize your love and develop a deeper sense of unified purpose and direction in life as a couple. If you’re currently unattached this combination of planets will find you actively seeking friends through these different creative activities. You may take up drama, theater or other musical interests in the hope that alike minded person could just be waiting in that sphere for you.




In your interactions with those you love you must be careful not to overreact and become a drama queen if things don’t go your way. You may begin to see things which are not there and your imagination may get to the better of you. Try to be realistic about what you expect in any relationship now and you can look forward to the months of March and April being particularly significant in fulfilling any of your dreams relating to your love life.

An important caution with the combination of Venus and Neptune is that in your naiveté you could find yourself attracted to others who are simply a projection of your ideals and are not really being seen by you for what they truly are. Take your rose colored glasses off, particularly during the above months and look deeply into the character of those you may be fascinated by. You may become involved with someone simply for the sake of trying something different and not because you truly feel connected in any way.

Deception and other forms of trickery are likely when these combinations are prevalent in your horoscope. You need to exercise utmost discrimination when making important life choices such as this. You may also need to carefully re-assess your own ethics and morals and the way you are treating others in relationships. Though you may feel as though your treatment of them is fair, their perception of your attitudes will be completely different. Step into the other person’s shoes for a while if you have any doubts.

In matters of your friendship Saturn will have an important bearing on your life this year. As Saturn is older in nature you may feel compelled to strike up associations that those senior in age. You will somehow be fascinated by the wisdom and the way in which you can learn a lot about your own life through these types of people in 2006. The ruler of your friendships, the Sun, in your fourth sector of family shows that you’re keen to also develop these relationships in a more cloistered environment where you can deal with people on a one to one basis rather than strain yourself with the distractions of a club or party atmosphere.

Some people you who previously felt close to you might become difficult to connect with and that intimacy you experienced with them may no longer be there. Perhaps this is about developing friendships with fewer people but in a deeper, more meaningful way rather than playing the field and having a greater number of superficial associations. In some ways this may become a strain as you struggle to determine which of your friends are worthwhile and which have now served their purpose and must be discarded. You may feel guilt over this process but know that at a certain point in your life new friends must be made and that the quality rather than the quantity is the key factor.

During the cycles of the Sun in February, April, August, and again in October you will feel a peak of your romantic and social appetites. Many of these questions will be uppermost in your mind during these months and their solution will strongly contribute to the overall outcome of your emotional life in the coming twelve months. For those looking to tie the knot the month of May is also likely to be surprisingly romantic and one which could make these dreams of Venus and Neptune actually come true!

Profession & Finance

Your work throughout the coming year will be anything but boring or humdrum as Uranus dominates the affairs of your professional life. Unexpected changes and other unforseen circumstances may throw your whole schedule out the window. You can expect radical if not almost revolutionary shifts away from your normal procedures and could even find yourself doing work that is way out of the customary expertise. This has a lot to do with how you feel about the work you have been doing over the past few years and will now want to try something different which will broaden and challenge your mind.

You may have to deal with the erratic behavior of either employers or others you work with, and this could be awfully distracting when trying to do your own work at the level you aspire to. Librans are always concerned with a harmonious environment and if, throughout this year your work is subjected to the stress and strain of inconsiderate people, you will clearly begin to deliberate alternatives.

For many Librans new work direction are foreseen and promise a most exciting period if you are open to the possibilities that are presented. Many of these changes will be precipitated by the above stressful conditions mentioned. Finding a happy balance and mental equilibrium when placed under pressure will be a primary concern even from the outset of 2006. The favourable aspect of Jupiter ensures that your tolerance will have a moderately good result for you on a financial level but may still not fulfill your creative aspirations vocationally.




If you do choose to cut free you’ll be on the lookout for a new position which gives you ample mobility and freedom of expression. You’ll also need to set your own timetable especially if the current, laborious routine has started to impact upon your health. The position of Uranus in your sixth house of work and health indicates a very direct link between your wellbeing and your personal sense of fulfillment in professional matters. Any vocational frustration you have been experiencing will definitely be causing you some physical tiredness which is a precursor to more serious issues. Fortunately you will be intuitive to your body signals and this is the reason for your change of heart.

Uranus is a technical planet and your interest in deepening your knowledge of the specific field of work you have chosen will fascinate you. You may decide to extend your knowledge base and enter into some studies associated with the broadening of your base skills. You’ll come to a realization that knowledge is indeed power. You will be challenged however as Uranus is in an unfavorable aspect to your Sun sign. What this means is that you may lack a certain amount of self-confidence and also the self discipline to actively move forward in the initial part of the year. Your choices will depend on a careful balance between how much stress you can withstand and how courageous you are prepared to be.

Uranus provides you with rapid reflexes and intuitive responses to the problems you may encounter in your day to day working life. This can save time but may also leave others somewhat perplexed as to how you are coming up with your solutions. This could incite some envy from those around you but you should overlook this as your employers will be quite pleased with the work that you do. Pay special attention to these matters around March when the Sun travels through your work sector. Again, June and July will be notable months in which you can shine as number one in your professional arena.

Try to remain confident this year and don’t let your imagined sense of excessive responsibility cripple you. Your heavy workload may be more of a superimposed thing rather than anyone else demanding their pound of flesh. You need the factor adequate time for some solitude and meditative self analysis to give you the added inner strength to also enjoy your work. Try to maintain a harmonious balance between your physical, emotional and mental states.

Your financial life will be extremely focused as Jupiter passes through your monetary sector virtually throughout the whole of 2006. The expansive and lucky vibrations of this planet usually bring additional income and in large quantities at that. By the same token you may begin to have a false sense of security by not adequately managing your money and indiscriminately sharing of giving it away. Part of your financial lesson this year is to carefully assess what is absolutely necessary and what is simply a show of status. There will no doubt be certain things which you desire and will be able to afford due to this uplift in financial luck. Put away just a little for a rainy day so you don’t get caught out with those unexpected bills down the track. By saving steadily you’ll be using the power of Jupiter in a sensible way. Very strong improvements in finances are likely to occur between August and October. Don’t let this additional income go to your head.

A part of your career changes discussed earlier may also have strong connections to the position of Jupiter and your financial planning capacity. Job offers and alternative ways of making money will come your way. As these opportunities continue to present themselves you may be confronted with the dilemma of whether to try to improve the current circumstances or to simply walk away and begin something totally new. Irrespective of whether you stay or leave, you will be forced to make the appropriate changes both in the outer world and in your character and the manner in which you perceive the world. This will be most pronounced in your work and the way you deal with those people in your immediate professional environment and day to day interactions with clients, agents and associates of the business you’re in.

Whichever way you decide to go Libra, the key factor will be to bring value to your professional activities. Your most lucky planet, in fact is Saturn who is currently traveling through your profit sector. Though you have tremendous opportunities for financial gain, this planet will make sure that your sense of responsibility underpins any of your fiscal decisions. Thank God for Saturn!

Karma and Luck

Saturn is by far one of your luckiest planets and during its movement in your profit sector throughout the 2006 promises you superior results especially in respect of your income but also in terms of your friendships and other close relationships. Saturn traverses this sector well into next year and teaches you some noteworthy lessons about value. Learning to use money wisely and to share your good fortune with others will be a significant message at this point in your life.

Older people may shower you with benefits both spiritually and materially and this may come as a surprise to you. Venus is also a very lucky planet as it is your ruler. You can expect exceptional results when it moves through the angular and triangular positions of your horoscope in the second half of April. May, July and August also are favourably influenced by Venus. Your luck factor is also extremely strong during October when Venus passes through your Sun sign.

Mercury also has something to say about your luck. In the period of February, May, July, August and November Mercury will uplift you and give you particularly good fortune.Your financial planet Mars is also tied in with your luck this year but is located in a difficult portion of your horoscope and further advises question in your speculation and sharing of resources. When Mars enters into the higher portion of your horoscope in February and March, you can expect a steady climb in all areas of your life.




Your karmic influences have a large part to play in what you’re destined to achieve and this has little to do with your own efforts. This is primarily concerned with what good deeds, thoughts and words you’ve used in the past and how they will come back to you just now. This is like a boomerang effect. The North Node in your seventh is a very important Karmic planet that also casts a shadow on your relationships.

fter June this influence passes and whatever Karmic issues have been hanging around in your marriage or long-term partnerships is likely to clear up. You will feel far more confident about the direction you and your partner taking and if still looking for that special person in your life the passing of this influence removes many of the obstacles you feel caused you bad luck in that area of your life.

Finally, the process of meditation and deeper spiritual reflection will be absolutely necessary to develop your personal energies and direct them to those areas which need improvement. The enhancement of your personal aura and the projection of your spiritual charm are by far the most useful tools in attracting luck, fortune and a favourable destiny. That spiritual component of your life is strongly stirred while Mars is traveling in the area of your spiritual sector throughout February and March. You may be inspired to learn some new philosophy and could begin a course of meditation and this could be where older friends come into play. A mentor or elder may introduce you to some new techniques for studying your mind and giving you a deeper insight into your nature. At this stage of your life you are more than likely ready to delve into the unknown. As Neptune and Venus also combine at the outset of 2006, you will naturally feel far more psychic and in tune than you ever have.

2006 will certainly be a special time, one in which you can spread your wings and fly Libra. If you have the courage of your convictions and are prepared to do what you love then this will set the trend for a whole new chapter in your life and one in which your work and your relationships can fulfill you completely. Your spiritual life seems set to take a positive turn and will be a valuable component of your life from here on in.