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Libra 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

Where in the past you may have been pretty amorous and easy-going, in 2007 you’ll be taking a whole new approach to relationships. You’ll want people in your life who are dependable, and who give you stability. At the start of the year in particular, this will be a huge factor, especially when you’re meeting new people.

Venus, the planet of love — and your ruling planet — is in a strong position in your horoscope when the year commences, which is very important for your success in love. It is in the serious and sober sign of Capricorn. This means that you will be taking commitment far more seriously than you ever have before. There could be some very exciting developments in your romantic life.

You usually like to show your affection, even in public, but this may not be the case in the first part of 2007. It seems as if you are changing your attitude — and you will want your partner to also express a more serious attitude to love.

You have a strong attraction to tradition this year, even to people of senior years. For some Libran women this could mean friendships with more practical, more conventional types of people. Your social life will also draw you to well-to-do people, perhaps even wealthy people. You’ll be attracted to people with power, status and authority.

Neptune, the planet of idealism, continues to occupy the part of the zodiac that influences your love life. This planet is notorious for causing people to wear rose-coloured glasses when what they really need is a good down-to-earth reality check. It’s lucky that your natural urge is to do exactly that — to make your relationships more practical and secure.

In this sense, Neptune’s influence means that you can step outside your usual approach and try things — and people — you would have avoided in the past. There is also a spiritual tinge to your affairs this year: you will not want to associate with people who are greedy, selfish and insensitive.

Your romances could also see you connecting with very creative people. You will be looking for pastimes that include a touch of the dramatic, maybe even a bit of glamour, this year. You can expect heaps of fun times, especially in February and March, when several planets spotlight this part of your life.

When these planets start to shake and move your world, you’ll find that the dating scene becomes pretty hot — there will be plenty of offers on the table. If you’re in a committed relationship or married, this should definitely spice things up for you.

Your charm is at a peak from around May, and this again has everything to do with Venus moving in the upper part of the heavens and bringing you good fortune — not just on the romantic or social front, but in any situation you find yourself in.

Because there are distinct connections between your love life and your work in 2007, you will connect with someone who appreciates your need to perform at your best and gives you the space to do so.  



This is also a very good time to work with your partner and towards a common goal. This will bring you both a great deal of satisfaction. Your financial commitments to each other will be strongly focused from June through to August, as Mars, your finance planet, brings these matters into focus for you and your loved ones.

There’s a powerful link between friends, acquaintances, other people you normally hang out with and your home life. Perhaps you’ll invite more input from your friends or family into your personal affairs and try to involve them in some of your decisions. You might decide to start a social group at home.

Inviting people with special skills to join in and educate you and your family might also be part of your social landscape this year. It could be a yoga or meditation group or even a discussion forum where you share ideas with friends. This will be a great source of support and will help increase your emotional security and your self-confidence.

Some of your most cherished dreams can come true this year through the combining of these various important parts of your life.

Between July and September, Venus passes through your sector of friendships, and there will be some unusual activity. You may have very powerful insights during this period. You may also learn about the darker, hidden sides of the people you love. This can be an unsettling experience if you don’t manage to stay non-judgmental.

This period will teach you many things. You may even realise that you need to step away from a long-cherished relationship which has outgrown its usefulness for both sides.

It’s only natural for Librans to want to express their feelings, and this year a lot hangs on how well you do that. Your personal value system will be tested in the area of love and romance, particularly in the last part of the year.

You can’t walk the tightrope any longer by having a personal philosophy about free speech but still living in a situation where you’re not allowed to express your values. You’ll need to be pretty ruthless about what stays and what goes in your life now.

During the year you’ll want to retrace your emotional steps a bit and figure out how your decisions have affected your life and your relationships. You’ll want to get to the bottom of why your relationships haven’t been working as well as you’d like.

This will be easier and more focused if you are already in a long-term relationship and just want to improve it. Perhaps you’ve been extravagantly romantic? Your fantasies may be completely out of whack with the truth or with what your partner expects from the relationship. You’ll both need to talk about your feelings honestly and realistically.

November looks like a solitary sort of cycle: this is the time when many of the lessons you’ve been learning will need to be digested and fully understood. This period will see more investment in the process of self-understanding and self-improvement — your aim is to generally be happier.

You can take time out from your responsibilities during these last few months of the year, and if you’ve learned the lessons quickly, you will want to share that with someone in a quiet hideaway where you can celebrate your renewed love.

The important thing in 2007 is to not let this more committed approach to love make you lose your sense of humour. Life really is far too important to be taken seriously, or so the saying goes.

Try using a little flamboyance and some of your Libran flair to ease any tensions you feel during this important transition. Add some spark and colour to your communications, especially in the last two months of the year, when Mercury and Venus activate your Sun sign of Libra. You can make some exceptional headway through humour, light-hearted conversation and social interaction.

Part of your lesson in love will centre around helping someone with a personal problem — perhaps a drug or alcohol problem, or just not quite being able to get their life together. Try to keep a little distance here; if you don’t, your contact with them might tip you over the edge emotionally and you’ll end up more involved than you should be.

Pay special attention in August, when this scenario is likely to intensify. Luckily, by now you’re becoming more anchored and down to earth in the way you deal with your friends and lovers, and will be more than capable of handling all this without losing your mind or your heart.

All in all, 2007 is a turning point for most Librans. It’s a year when you learn to balance your dreams of love with the more practical requirements of long-term relationships. This means that even if there are problems — which there are in any relationship — you will have the ability and the confidence to smooth things over and create a win/win result for yourself and those you love.

Profession and Finances

You’ll need to get a little more thick-skinned about work and finances in 2007. Because your communication style is changing dramatically this year, you could want to jackhammer your way through in work matters. If you give up the light banter that is so often part of dealing with people in a work-related environment, you could alienate people and miss valuable opportunities.

The presence of Uranus in your work sphere creates both pleasant and not so pleasant changes in your routine. Disruptions and unexpected alterations to your responsibilities and day-to-day duties will leave you feeling as if you don’t have enough control.

You could start feeling restless and dissatisfied if you don’t get your self-discipline, and some optimism, up and running. Work closely with your colleagues — pool your resources, distribute the workload and share the responsibilities — and try not to let these reactions interfere with what should otherwise be a very positive year for your work.

If you’re having difficulty with someone at work and find that they make you anxious or annoyed, close co-operation may not go well, especially in March, when the Sun triggers these difficult influences.

A lot of your energy could be sidetracked into making emotional adjustments to compensate for that person’s bad behaviour. Just make sure you keep a cool head — don’t let disagreements distract you from what you really want. Harsh words and frayed tempers will only make matters worse. Your Libran diplomacy and skill in calming warring factions will be much needed during these edgy weeks.

It may be that this is not a problem between you and someone else; it could be between third parties, and you are the mediator.

All of this occurs against a background of really great communication, which results in relationships that are vastly improved. Your day-to-day business affairs should go from strength to strength, and you will move towards to your financial and professional objectives far more quickly.

In April, when Mars comes into contact with Neptune, you might find yourself hit with a bout or two of ‘get rich quick’ madness. You may be tempted to throw money at a financial idea that hasn’t been carefully examined. Try to get some really good advice at this time so that you don’t lose your hard-earned money.  



You feel practical, and focused on money, this year. This is because your ruling planet is in Capricorn as the year commences. Solid, dependable, traditional forms of investment will be more attractive to you (for most of the year!), and you will attract exactly the kind of support you need from employers and family members during May and July.

In May, shared resources come into the spotlight, as will discussions about how you save and spend money. You’ll need to be sensitive to the needs of everyone around you in your conversations about these things this month.

Part of this extra communication is also tied in with your desire to improve your intellectual skills. Starting a new course of study is indicated this year, and June seems to be one month when you’ll have an almost irresistible urge to do this. Get your books and paperwork out for that mid-year enrolment.

The same urge is likely in December as well, so you’ll have to figure out whether your work schedule will allow you to add one extra activity mid-year, or whether you’ll have to wait till 2008 to fulfil the desire to broaden your mental horizons.

Whatever restrictions you’ve felt during this cycle will be more than relieved when Saturn, the taskmaster, exits your sector of profits in September — this will increase your ability to earn more. Things will feel increasingly positive from here on.

In September and October Venus connects you with the sort of people who can help you gain the financial advantage you desire.

You’ll be very ingenious this year in the way you approach your work. You’ll also show greater independence. But be careful with this: a fiercely independent attitude can cause upsets in the work environment.

You’ll start to feel ready to take the bull by the horns and pursue something less constrictive, something where you can develop your talents and show the world what you’re really capable of. In December, when Mars enters your career sector, you will finally have all the pieces of your career puzzle. Have a good look at them — perhaps it is time to step up to the mark and move forward, perhaps into an independent line of work.

As long as you can curb your restlessness, things will go your way this year — it should be a year of achievement, ingenuity, and exciting new opportunities to earn and save much more money.

Karma and Luck

This is an exceptionally lucky year for you, Libra. In particular, your physical wellbeing will be very high. You’ll feel as if you’re riding a wave. Stay level-headed, though: you know that everything works in cycles.

As a result of an increase in life force, you’ll feel energised, and motivated to work harder. This will in turn attract better opportunities into your life. The focus does seem to be on your work. Your increased drive to succeed and create new opportunities for yourself will also inspire the people you work with — they will want to share in your good fortune.

Your work skills will improve and you will suddenly have the ability to see things from a completely different perspective. This will earn you some high praise, if not awards — people will see that you are going the extra mile and producing fine work.  



Mercury, a very lucky planet for you, brings you good fortune in your family affairs this year. Many problems, especially in connection with certain members of your family, will be worked out and resolved to your satisfaction. You’ll feel a load being lifted off your shoulders.

You will also finally realise that what has bothered you has not really been such a big problem; it’s a molehill, not a mountain. This frees up tremendous amounts of energy, which you can redirect into doing something for your future security: purchasing land, a house and other larger investment items, perhaps.

This is an extremely lucky year for you where matters of love are concerned as well. Some new opportunities after March could see your heart missing a beat or two. You may want to consider a long-term commitment with someone you’re friends with or have known for a while.

Your planets ensure a happy journey for you throughout 2007 — it seems karma and Lady Luck will smile upon you.