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Libra 2016 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

You’ve been in a gathering stage, a period of self-reflection and revision for some time now, however life picks up after January 4th with the entry of Mars and to your zone of finances. This transit gives you immense energy to refocus your attention on work matters with the purpose of increasing your net worth. And with Jupiter moving retrograde on the 8th you’ll feel a powerful urge to your knowledge and work skills as this planet rules your work location and communications. On the 14th with the transiting Sun trining Jupiter you have some first rate planetary aspects indicating good fortune during the coming 12 months.

Pluto continues to square your Sun sign and depending on the date you’re born will determine just how intense this transformative planet is on your domestic life and personal relationships at home. Sometime around the middle of February the emotional intensity of some of these relationships could get the better of you particularly with the Sun transiting your 6th house on the 19th and then on the 29th moving into conjunction with Neptune. And speaking of Neptune in your 6th house, you should clear up any health matters that have been bothering you over the previous months. Often health related issues can be clearly related to emotional or spiritual components of your life. Attend to this now.

In March Mars moves to your 3rd house of travels, communications and siblings. Being a brash and argumentative planet does not auger well for you and your relationships particularly around the 6th. At the same time Sun squares Saturn bringing with it some responsibilities you’d probably rather not have to deal with – but deal with them you must. Some of these issues still carry over into your workplace as shown by the solar eclipse in your 6th house on the 9th. Fortunately Jupiter trining Pluto on the 17th indicates a good use of your power or authority and bringing things under control but if you’re not prepared to exhibit the courage to speak your mind and live by your principles, things could spiral out of control. This is a year when you must exert yourself over others who are making your life difficult.

Striking a balance during the next 12 months will be all important and the square from Jupiter to Saturn on March 23 is a case in point. On that same date lunar eclipse in your Sun sign shows just how much energy you’re investing into looking at ways you can change yourself, adapting to relationships and to be the best you can. But you mustn’t let emotion get the better of you.

The transiting Sun to your 8th house on 20 April continues throughout May and on the 3rd, the 7th and 21st excellent aspect are formed to Jupiter, Pluto and through its movement in your 9th house. More opportunities present themselves and some of you may actually opt to travel or even take on a new course of study. For the rare few, this could be study abroad if not simply travelling to expand your mental horizons. However, take care on the 22nd and the dates leading up to this when the Sun opposes transiting Mars indicating misadventures or problems associated with travel plans.

Taking on other people’s responsibilities may seem like a good idea in August especially around the 2nd when the Sun trines Saturn but are you actually aware of what you’re taking on? Mars with your 3rd house on the 3rd and move to the conjunction of transiting Saturn on the 24th with a right angle square aspect to transiting Neptune on the 26th. These are dubious aspects and indicate frustrations and a sense of regret over some of the decisions you’ll make which is why you should take extreme caution when offering help or taking on the responsibilities of others that you haven’t carefully thought through.

September is a busy time with many aspects being formed with some of them continuing the pattern of August. Notably the Sun squaring Saturn from your 12th house on the heels of a solar eclipse in your 12th house indicates a possible spiritual crisis. Health issues may also be on the cards but not just your own but perhaps others whom you have to look after and which may erode some of the valuable time that you have little of. Balancing your diary as well as your cheque-book will be imperative during these transits. These health issues are highlighted by the lunar eclipse in your 6th house and also the devitalizing Saturn square Neptune transit on September 10. On the 14th the Sun squaring Mars is also not particularly helpful and with the 6th house and 12th house strongly implicated may show health issues that could flare up and possible surgery for yourself or a loved one. The one big saving grace in all of this is the transit of Jupiter to your Sun sign for the first time in 12 years.

Jupiter’s transit of your Sun sign brings with it a protective influence and also a forecast for good luck and the reaping of positive karma during the next 12 months-something that hasn’t happened for the last 12 years. But be careful. Doing things in a big way is always notable but we see the transit of Mars and the 4th house on 27 September and then the square to Jupiter on October 6 and this could be a problem. You may want to run ahead of yourself and bite off more than you can chew; chewing wildly to complete the task you’ve set yourself. Once again you need a plan and you need to perhaps take baby steps before fully committing to a course of action. Investigation is necessary at this point in time.

There could be problem on the home front and this is largely a result of the slow-moving, long-term transit of Pluto in your 4th house. Yet when Mars moves into the conjunction of this planet leading up to 19 October there can be some severe ramifications if you’re not able to control your emotions or you’re dealing with others who are also unable to exercise restraint. Things may be said, and actions may be taken that will not be able to be taken back. Self-control is the key to any solution domestically. This is further exacerbated by the square of Mars to Uranus on the 29th. Accidents, injury and dangerous activities must absolutely be avoided but taking time, planning effectively and also not putting yourself in environments which you know may flare up and put you and others at risk.

Dreams can become a reality when the Sun trines Neptune on 1 November and Mars on the 9th moves into your 5th house of creativity, sports, entertainment and romance. All of these things will take precedence in your life and this should be a feel-good time when your imagination should be given free rein to produce some great work, meet new people and even take on a fresh relationship.

As the year winds down, Mars, your marital planet produces some excellent transits to your Sun sign and to Jupiter signifying new opportunities in your relationships or if an existing relationship has been a thorn in your side, a time when you can mend this and move forward confidently. The Sun moving to your 3rd house and is a lovely trine aspect to Uranus on the 12th indicating some unexpected travels or news that may bring a smile to your face.

Each year the Sun moves to your 4th house of family on the 21st reflecting your desire to be with those you love but any sort of emotional issues should be taken off the table particularly in the few days leading up to Christmas as Pluto is still in a hard aspect to your Sun sign. With Saturn trining Uranus on the 25th and Jupiter opposing Uranus on the 27th you can try something different to distract everyone from any sort of emotional confrontations. A progressive attitude will be just what the doctor ordered as the year comes to an end.

Romance, Social and Domestic

You continue to look for excitement in your relationships as Uranus transits your 7th house of marriage. For some of you this can be a real test especially if your long-term relationships have ground down into a routine of typical unimaginative interaction. You need to spice things up. This could reach a fever pitch when the Sun squares Uranus on 7 January showing you need to talk things through especially if you’re dissatisfied with how your relationship may be going.

You can bring more excitement into the picture when Sun transit your 5th house of romance and love on the 21st and at the same time on the 24th Venus transiting your 4th house of domestic and family life as well supported by peaceful loving Venus, your ruling planet. Really unexpected developments in your love life should be anticipated leading up to 7 February with Venus squaring your natal sign and at the same time squaring Uranus. On the 7th as well Sun squares Mars which could bring out the belligerent and argumentative side of yours or your partner’s personality.

A slightly better aspect of Venus trining your Sun sign kicks off the month of March but your communications may still be a little too forceful with Mars moving through your 3rd house. This is a critical time and in particular around the 12th when Venus moves to your 6th house, squaring Mars and the Sun moving to your 7th house on the 12th, 15th and 20th respectively you may simply want to sidestep the problems that are occurring in your love life.

April is a time for patching things up as Venus on the 6th moves to the 7th house of relationships and creates a more favourable aspect to Mars on the 13th. Your marital planet Mars is retrograde on the 17th and this empowers your partner. Perhaps you can do something a little different with them and break the habitual pattern around the 23rd when Venus moves to the conjunction of Uranus and then to the 8th house of sensuality on the 30th.

Passion is the keyword for May and this may also be associated with some travels with the one you love. If you happen to be unattached a journey may bring love into your life and this could be a passionate whirlwind experience. The Sun moves to the 9th house of long journeys on the 21st, the opposition of Mars on the 22nd, with Venus moving to the 9th on the 24th and then in opposition to Mars on the 25th. All of these are indicative of lustful, passionate interludes either with someone new on the block or an elevation of your existing relationship back to its earlier primal state.

Friendships do well as a result of Venus’s transit to the 11th house on July 12 with novel aspect forming on August 1 to Uranus, and a quick entry into the 12th house of secrets. In some horoscopes illicit affairs may take place or there may be secrets between you and your partner or someone else you’re trying to get to know. The way forward is to not push too hard but gently ask questions that are not too confrontational. This may also be punctuated by the lunar eclipse in your 5th house on the 18th.

Venus moving to your Sun sign on August 30 commences a new cycle of elevated self-esteem and better relationships in life generally. Working with your partner not just for the sake of earning money but to grow closer and focus your attention is on a common goal can be seen as a result of the transit of Venus to your 2nd house on 24 September.

Increased and harmonious communications further add positive weight to improved circumstances by the October 18 transit of Venus to your 3rd house and the tantalising trine aspect of Venus to Uranus on November 5. This one a two-month period to be capitalised upon and you should cast aside your differences by focusing on what it is you both have in common. This piece of advice can also be transposed to how you deal with friends and relatives alike.

Your romantic life will continue to heat up throughout November and December is on 9 November Mars moves to your 5th house and Venus to your 4th of family and domestic happiness. You’ll find more inner peace now and this is an excellent balance for competitive 5th house Mars. Venus will continue to trine your Sun sign throughout the middle and latter part of December so you can effectively harmonise the festive season by including those you love into constructive and creative activities during these celebrations.

Profession and Finances

2016 is also a reflective time as far as your professional activities are concerned with the Moon and Jupiter conjoining in your 12th house of hidden activities. The way forward in the next 12 months is to go backwards and although this may sound strange it’s important to review how you’ve dealt with your professional activities, how effective your plans have been to date and then re-evaluate so that you can make the most of the coming 12 months.

The Moon is the ruler of your 10th house of career along with Neptune and Jupiter both co-ruling your 6th house of work activities. During this phase Neptune, the idealistic planet will spend a long time in this area of your horoscope signaling the need for absolute clarity and all your dealings with co-workers as well is those you hire if you happen to be in the position to do so. And having had this Jupiter opposition Neptune could be partly the reason you had some confusion over your professional direction over the last year or so. But that will change especially when Jupiter transits out of this secretive, reflective area and moves to your Sun sign on September 9. At that time if you’ve done your homework and been honest with yourself, the changes you make in your life will have a radical influence on your personal and professional outcomes.

Your finance planets are Mars and Pluto and Mars moves to your 2nd house of income on January 4. Between this date and its transit into your 3rd house which continues up until September 27, around the time of the Jupiter ingress to Libra, your focus will be primarily on making money and doing the best you can to eliminate debt. I refer you back to the transit of Neptune in your 6th house of expenses and the 12th house as well which has a lot to do with losses financially and that you must be careful up until the last quarter of 2016 to save as much as you can rather than spend. Mars will help you do that throughout this significant transit.

The transit of Mars to your 3rd house on August 3 will bring with it some opportunities for new contracts but this is also attended with some frustrations especially because Saturn, the obstructive one, is simultaneously transiting this area. Communications can bog down; misunderstandings can lead to anger if you’re not careful in how you deal with those negotiations.

The lunar eclipse of August 18 can trigger a whole new range of investment opportunities for you and as mentioned earlier, when Jupiter transits your Sun sign, which will be a one year cycle, you’ll see a noticeable lift in these opportunities. Another lunar eclipse in your 6th house of work is an important one is the Moon rules your professional activities and this could hint at a brand-new work path or new position in the pipeline.

Planning should take place but real headway can be made after 27 September when Mars moves to your 4th house of real estate and property and then to your 5th house on November 9 signaling a drive to invest strongly. Throughout this period you will physically begin building or renovating property, acquiring fixed assets like vehicles or even purchasing a new place. For those of you who are not in the market to purchase, a change of residence may take place.

The December 2 trine of Mars to Jupiter is wonderful from your 5th house to your Sun sign and could really bring some positive financial gains with it.

Karma and Luck

The spiritual planet Jupiter in your spiritual 12th house to September 9 should be used for spiritual upliftment. You will gain tremendous insights and develop your intuitive skills under this transit, particularly as the year starts with the Moon, Jupiter , North Node conjunction in this place. Furthermore, the 12th house is a house of charity and humanitarian activities so great advancements in your spiritual life will be achieved through compassionate works.

A greater sense of spiritual connectedness is also brought with the transit of Jupiter to your Sun sign after September 9. You can project spiritual vibrations towards your relationships, your children and anyone else you happen to be involved with on a day-to-day basis. You’ll find it more important to express your spirituality through one-on-one contacts in your day-to-day life.

Mercury is primarily concerned with your higher mind as a Libran born individual. Its connections to Jupiter are important and the first contact is January 15 when Mercury makes a trine aspect. As Mercury is retrograde it will make several of these contacts and once again on February 7, it repeats this excellent pattern. Learning about yourself and others, diving into esoteric knowledge, meditation and other forms of psychological self-analysis will appeal to you. The conjunction of Mercury to Neptune on March 11 and then again the repeating trine aspect to Jupiter on April 15 also augment these positive steps to self-actualisation.

You want to communicate a little less this year by containing your energies and this is shown by the initial conjunction of Venus, your ruling planet to Saturn as 2016 commences. It could be that the older dies that empty vessels make the most sound appeals to your spiritual sensibility this year.

Some sort of amazing realisation can take place after September 9 with not only the transit of Jupiter but the proceeding conjunction of Mercury to Jupiter on the 12th house on September 3. Utilise these important energies to further your spiritual insight, meditative practices and religious connections.