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Libra 2017 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

Saturn’s continuing journey through your third house of communication, thinking and sure journeys will affect you throughout the whole of 2017. There is a quality of deliberation and even seriousness associated with this transit so you must under all circumstances try to maintain an upbeat and positive attitude to use this energy in the best way possible in the coming 12 months. The excellent trine aspect to Uranus in your marital sector ensures that you can use this in a quirky way to improve your relationships and also the way you communicate to people generally.

The intensity of this transit will be felt particularly when it moves through its retrograde and stationary positions between April 6 and August 25. At this time your concentration levels will be extraordinarily high, so you should bring your attention to those things that matter and in doing so will achieve considerable success.

Saturn rules your domestic life as well as children and these areas will be predominantly focused as far as communication, negotiation and in some cases relocation are concerned. Because of the aspect of Uranus, there may be moments of uncertainty and unexpected events surrounding relationships with these people including your spouse or significant other.

Two other important celestial events underpin the above relationships and they are the lunar eclipses of February 11 and August 8 respectively. They take place in the sign of Leo in February and Aquarius in August. Eclipses are powerful events that focus energy at the same time releasing tremendous emotional and psychic forces. These are peaks in your relationships with the aforementioned people and also relate to friendships as the 11th house dominates this area of your life.

Jupiter maintains its transiting position in your Sun sign until 10 October and so this influence showers considerable luck on your general affairs but please note that this could also increase your weight through too much of a good time. Jupiter as rulership over your health and well-being and although lucky may bring with it excesses that can ultimately turn negative. With this transit the best policy is moderation. This advice should be heeded especially between February 6 and June 10 when Jupiter moves into its retrograde motion. On February 27 and August 22 solar eclipses in Pisces and Leo affect both your health and the health of friends. Once again, the advice is to slow things down, eat and live moderately to maximize your life force.

When Jupiter opposes Uranus in early March your relationships may undergo unexpected changes and in some cases, these changes may not necessarily be what you want. Remember that all changes ultimately good but it all depends on the attitude you bring to the event. You may have to change your attitude very quickly to recover a failing relationship.

With Jupiter trining your 9th house of education, travel and spiritual ideals, this can turn out to be an excellent time to expand your mental and spiritual horizons. Journey should be pleasant and also be enlightening in the people you meet through these activities may turn out to be great mentors who assist you on your spiritual path.

The second house of your horoscope relates to finances, income and what you value materially and when Jupiter transits this area of your horoscope whole new cycle can be expected to begin. This starts on October 10 and continues for approximately one year. Brand-new opportunities present themselves and you can expand your business, your professional interest and this being the house of cash, expect your bank account to start swelling. Good for you!

In some systems of astrology, the second house of the horoscope relates to family and can often indicate marriage, and even the birth of children if not your own, those of your siblings or close relatives. In any case, this is a time when you can celebrate with your family and enjoy a new addition to the extended household.

You are extremely competitive and this is shown by the transit of Mars in your sixth house of workplace activities as the year starts. You need to be careful that you don’t overextend yourself or confuse what is expected of you. You are likely to project what is expected of you from your co-workers or employers due to the fact that Mars will make an exact conjunction to Neptune on New Year’s Day. This can also have health ramifications so do be careful to moderate your drinking and study the effects of any medicinal or herbal compounds before you take them with full faith.

This year, your co-workers may prod you as you are diligent and have high expectations for your own performance. Remember that when you do your best, if it outshines others, they may not take too kindly to that and this is where you may find yourself in hot water, trying to justify your skills and success. Remember you don’t have to make excuses for doing your job well but you may have to learn the art of diplomacy and some Machiavellian tricks to help you sidestep any confrontations at work.

You must also be careful of hidden enemies and this is shown by the North node transiting your 12th house of secrets. Don’t be too trusting of others even if you’ve known them. Changing events can make people do things that are completely out of character and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of any mischief. Keep your wits about you.

Pluto also continues to transform you through its very slow transit in your fourth house of family, real estate and also personal happiness. Happiness comes at a price and this is shown particularly when Pluto is involved is its influence is sometimes ruthless and irreversible. There are some peak transits during its retrograde and direct movement on April 20 through the September 29.

Be careful with real estate deals and also the way you handle your family affairs during this interval. You don’t have to smash a walnut with a sledgehammer to achieve your objectives, remember that. It’s best to rely on the jovial disposition of Jupiter in your Sun sign to get the best results. A cordial, peaceful and accommodating nature is necessary to maintain happiness and equanimity in 2017.

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Romance, Social and Domestic

Mars is in conjunction with Uranus, your planet of love on February 27and this can create considerable tension between you and those you love. It kicks you into the modality of uncertainty and volatility. You may not quite know where you stand in your relationships and this can cause you to react very strongly.

On 4 March your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde indicating your disinclination to push things forward in any of your relationships. For those of you who have developed a new partnership, you may begin to have doubts. This uncertainty continues until April 15 when Venus again goes forward in motion.

On 4 March your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde indicating your disinclination to push things forward in any of your relationships. For those of you who have developed a new partnership, you may begin to have doubts. This uncertainty continues until April 15 when Venus again goes forward in motion.

Important developments occur between May 20 and June 3 when Venus makes some very important aspects throughout this period. It opposes Jupiter on May 20 and the Sun on May 23, with a very powerful square and obsessive aspect on May 26 to Pluto. You are likely to be excessive in all of your relationships including your social activities. It’s important to find balance and to not expect too much of others. You’re also likely to do things you wouldn’t normally do and want to explore life and live on the edge.

Improvements in your love life occur with the trine aspect of Venus to Saturn on June 2 and the conjunction to Uranus on June 3.space although this can bring you some stability emotionally, you may still be hankering after some wild and wonderful times. Suppression is not the answer but rather you need to find a happy medium between conservatism and the shadow side of your nature.

What an exciting time you are likely to have when Venus moves into conjunction with Uranus on June 3.Uranus is still the dominating factor and so it won’t be easy to curb your desire to try new things and meet new people. You may want to expand your social circle as you could be bored with the same old same old. This is the time to spread your wings and find new social contacts but by the same token you mustn’t act on impulse.

A lunar eclipse on August 8 in your zone of love affairs is an important celestial event and releases tremendous energy associated with relationships. This is the time to drill down deep into the subconscious and ask yourself what you want and at the same time to look at your relationship with an unbiased view. You may be overly emotional during these astrological events.

Friendships could run aground with the square of Venus to the Sun on August 15 so you must make sure that your communication is clear and concise and that you don’t project your own insecurities on others during this interval. You may experience the envy of someone else to do some success that you may have in your social sphere.

On September 2 Mars is in trine to Uranus which brings you into a new mode of excitement but there is a problem on September 25 when Mars in opposition to Neptune could cloud the issues and make you feel uncertain about your love life. You may also be ineffectual in achieving what you want as your partner may not be sharing the same ideals or objective as you.

Mars is the planet of marriage for you and makes a powerful aspect to Pluto in the first week of October. You will feel the urge to eliminate things from your life and this could include trying to change your partner or lover and this might just backfire because unconditional love is, after all, about accepting the other person for who they are. You may need to talk about what things require change in your life at this time but you need to be diplomatic about the way you approach it.



You are idealistic in November and as Venus approaches the wonderful trine aspect of Neptune around the 18th, your dreams can come true. This is preceded on the 13th by another really excellent aspect with Venus in conjunction to Jupiter. This is a time of gift giving, sharing, not just of a material nature but also emotionally. You should feel emotionally elevated during these excellent aspects.

In the last month of the year communication is on a roll with Venus moving through the third house of your horoscope. As this third house is ruled by Sagittarius you have the spirit of adventure and want to share that with your friends and lovers so travel is an excellent way to achieve satisfaction in your relationships at the close of 2017.

Although travel is strongly on the cards, the transit of Saturn, the co-ruler of your fifth house of love affairs, on December 20, into your fourth house of family affairs also brings with it a more stabilizing effect on your domestic circumstances. This will bring with it a stronger sense of responsibility and is the commencement of a new 2 ½ year cycle.


Profession and Finances

On January 19 a new Moon in your Sun sign is an important precursor to changes in your work. Seeking a new position or even within your own company of promotion is favored under this new Moon energy.  This sets the trend early for some serious soul-searching as far as work and commitments professionally are concerned during 2017. This is a year when you may indeed want to make something special happen in your working life.

On one February 11 when the lunar eclipse takes place in your 11th house of profits, you may start to see some inspiring developments not just professionally but financially as well. This is an excellent eclipse for those wanting to investigate independent lines of work.

On March 2 when some transits your sixth house of Pisces, new working methods may be sought and even though you may not take on a new position, you will certainly take on a new attitude in your workplace. Communications are very powerful during the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in March 7, and this is a time of report writing, communications and even contractual opportunities. But study the small print well as the square of Sun to Saturn on March 18 means that you may not get exactly what you want or can actually be duped by someone who is taking advantage of you.

On April 20th the Sun transits your powerful eighth house of shared resources, taxes and other financial banking issues. This is a good time to organize your money well and planned for the future.

On August 5 Jupiter squares Pluto and this is a warning to take care in your workplace and not play the game of power tripping with those you work with. Co-workers may prod you to prove your ability and this could simply be a way to bring you down. Avoid politics at this time. With the opposition of the Sun to Neptune on 5 September you may lack some clarity and this can also undermine your judgement professionally and especially financially. Be careful not to cut corners and examine everything that is put before you with due diligence.

There may be an unexpected windfall during this month particularly when Mars trines Uranus on September 2. You may also have some revolutionary ideas around this time and will want to make money in ways that are a little outside your usual methodology. Because others may not support you, you will want to do this in a more independent fashion. You must be careful however soon after on the fifth when Mars enters your 12th house of expenses, you may realise that making a quick buck is not all that easy so you may need to be a little more patient.

Frustration could set in during October with finance planet Mars squaring Saturn which will be transiting your third house. This will be very pronounced around the 11th and no matter how hard you try to control the situation, you may find that you are at the mercy of others in your business transactions. This will most certainly be a test of your self-control and how you can diplomatically work your way through to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Try to be patient this month because this is an important transit of Jupiter for the first time in one year as it moves to your second house of finance and income hinting at a new 12 month cycle of expansion and improved income. Better opportunities also present themselves leading up to November 22 when the Sun transits into your third house of contracts and agreements. As the Sun is your planet of profitability, you can look forward to some beneficial gains at this time. Travels will be pleasant and also profitable.

Your ruling planet Venus moves to the sixth house of workplace activities on December 10 and this happens just prior to Saturn transiting into your fourth house an important place for real estate and fixed asset management. But you may be overloaded and your health may be called into question at this time. Additional responsibilities and possibly unexpected expenses relating to your real estate portfolio, house or family affairs, may mean you need more effective planning especially at the end of 2017.


Karma and Luck

You are your own best like in 2017 as expensive Jupiter continues its transit through your Sun sign. Be self-reliant and don’t expect others to hand you luck on a silver plate. Your hard work will pay off later in the year, and as mentioned above Jupiter transits your second house of finance on October 10 bringing with it more optimistic and favourable cycle for your monetary affairs.

Your past karma planet is Mercury ruling your ninth house of past karma with Uranus and Saturn ruling your fifth house of karma that is yet to come to fruition. When Mercury transits your fifth house on February 7 and also trines your 11th Lord Sun, some good luck is likely to your association with friends or children.

Your communication will be your best asset bringing with it opportunities through your persuasive abilities. This continues to reach a fever pitch up until March 27 when the ruler of the ninth and fifth, Mercury and Uranus respectively maker conjunction in your seventh house of relationships, marriage and business partnerships. You may not expect much to happen but will be surprised when lady luck blesses you with some new opportunities.

The North node, is also considered an important karmic facet of the horoscope and shows that at least in the first part of the year you may be interested in furthering your knowledge of meditation and spiritual practice. You can gain some traction spiritually through charitable acts and reaching out to others who are more disadvantaged than you. Believe it or not charity is one of the best ways to reduce the malefic influence of the difficult planets in your horoscope.

Saturn is not normally associated with good luck or a peaceful state of mind but in your case as it rules to good sectors of your horoscope, its movement to your fourth house around Christmas 2017, ensures a more stable state of mind and a focus on higher principles in life.

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