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Pisces 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance Social and Domestic

Opening up possibilities for yourself in terms of your social life becomes one of the key issues throughout 2006. The emotional Moon holds sway over existing friendships and other associations which will develop into long-term unions throughout the coming year. Pisces is an emotional sign at the best of times but this year you’ll be demanding that other people deal with you on the same terms if you are going to stay with them. Because of your renewed optimism and heightened self-esteem, you believe you are deserving of a better calibre of friendship and will not be afraid to make these feelings known.

This also has to do with Mars in your sector of communication and shows that you will be far more mentally forceful than usual. As a result of this some long standing friends may rebel against your abrasive attitude and will not take too kindly to your changed personality. Fortunately this happens early in the year, as early as January in fact, and indicates a chance for you to quickly weed out any unsavoury individuals from your peer group.

For Pisces, the idealistic view of life usually dominates the way they think and has often had negative repercussions for their practical lives. But this year Mars will change that approach as its presence in Taurus causes your communications with friends and lovers to be far more grounded. Unlike the past where you have been unable to get your head around the more down to earth aspects of love, you will not be turning away from any of the hard decisions you have to make. You can indeed positively express your ideas and do so in a way that gives you added confidence to request emotional and practical reciprocation from those you love.




Due to the association of your marriage planet with Pluto, you’ll be less likely to skim the surface and accept the status quo if you are already in a long-term relationship or married. You are now looking at the deeper implications of love and whether or not your idealism has worked for you – if not, how you can possibly turn that around and satisfy yourself by taking the reins of your own romantic destiny. You’ll learn that this is not as easy as it first seems because dredging up the past and putting your cards on the table, speaking your mind and pointing out the shortcomings of your partner will meet with considerable resistance.

At this point in time you will not be afraid however, and will persistently push your agenda to clear the air of any unresolved emotional conflicts. In particular March, July and, September will be key months when you raise these issues to fever pitch. Indeed August and September could be critical times when the presence of Mars in your marital sector creates conflicts if not separations with those who are not amenable to hearing the truth.

During the previous twelve months the position of Uranus in Pisces has created remarkable changes in your character. You have more than likely surprised yourself as to just how much of a change has taken place and how this has influenced your relationships. This is another factor which is impacting upon the way you handle your love life. You are feeling different and more able to step outside the usual situation thus seeing yourself in a completely objective manner. You are using different techniques and perhaps a radical style of presenting your opinions to the world around you and are enjoying the valuable understanding you are now gaining.

This also means brand new opportunities to meet unusual people and to engage yourself in a whole new series of activities which are triggered by new characters that are crossing your path. Both in January and also July the chance to meet new friends and to step away from any outmoded social obligations. This will be like a breath of fresh air and thus commences a new romance cycle for Pisces.

Venus occupies the thoroughly secretive area of the zodiac as the year commences and you’ll be severely tempted to step into uncharted territory and explore those hidden passions and even fantasies that have never seen the light of day. You have an urge to discover parts of your emotional nature which have not been dealt with. Maybe you have been in relationships in which you were too scared to share these hidden or suppressed aspects of your personality and will now meet people who are less judgemental and able to help you resolve and possibly even enjoy these long lost parts of your nature. Sexual issues strongly connected with your past, how your family and relatives managed their own relationships, and also what influence your spiritual or religious upbringing had on these matters will come to a head. You’ll be ready now to break through to a whole new level of self-understanding which will give you the chance to improve your current or newly developing relationships.

This will not necessarily be easy as Saturn obstructs the process by making you feel embarrassed or simply scared to reveal these secrets. If you can honestly cut through your past, your fears and reinvigorate yourself and your lifelong aspirations for love and romance, 2006 will be a wonderful year in which these dreams can come true.

Profession and Finance

Many Pisceans will be transforming their working lives under the influence of Pluto. This influence is not only current but has been in operation for some years now, yet during the previous few months has received a helping hand from Saturn which is bringing far more structure into your day to day working life. An intensified aspiration to achieve something significant will be an incredibly strong motivating factor throughout 2006.

Finding new methods and employing progressive techniques to deal with old or boring professional problems will significantly spice up your working life and give you increased energy to be successful this year. This is also augmented by Mars who happens to be in conflict with Saturn and shows that two diametrically opposed forces are at work in your life and will be battling it out for supremacy on the professional front. On the one hand applying novel techniques to your working regime requires time for implementation and also acknowledgement by employers and the other people you work with.

The problem with Mars this year is that there is a high degree of irritability and impatience to get the work done. No sooner will you have these ideas in your mind and you will want to get the ball rolling. Challenges and obstructions from others who are not as amenable to changing the rules of the game quite so quickly will cause you immense frustration and during January and June especially, tangles with co-workers and employers can’t be completely discounted on this count. Jupiter is lucky for you however and although these few hiccoughs may put a dent in your armor, you’ll still be fighting fit and ready to do battle on your work front.

General optimism and good fortune will carry you throughout the whole of the year and when Jupiter moves into your profession sector in December you can expect a great deal of fulfilment indeed. Until that time, the promising financial and professional months are April, August, September and most importantly December itself. At about this time or just a little before, success will be far more promising and your professional esteem and windows of opportunity better marked.




On a financial note, profits are quickly followed by some losses after the end of January as your expenses outstrip your capacity to earn. Prudence in all sorts of monetary transactions should be exercised around this time to commence your year with as firm a financial footing as possible. The likely decline of your security in February has to do with your own confused state of mind and possibly even gullibility. Being careful in your choice of business partners will be a critical issue and can save you considerable time and money. Believe it or not, the success of many of your financial transactions have as much to do with mental clarity and self-understanding this year as they do with any intellectual capacity. Moderating your lifestyle and avoiding situations which drain you of your sharp insight will be advantageous to your finances.

Your idealism over monetary matters is also quite strong due to the connection between Neptune and Venus. As Venus rules such things as taxation, superannuation and other pecuniary issues surrounding partnerships or joint resources, you must be extremely practical in this respect. Some people born under Pisces will have had an ongoing issue over a legacy or a state of confusion over the outcome of these matters can become far clearer during 2006. This is the case in February and again in October when the Sun activates these planets. If there is money owed to you or valuables which have been bequeathed then this is a time when these matters are resolved.

The position of Mars will also create obstacles or differences of opinion with siblings or neighbours. If financial transactions or expenditures involve these people, discussion and clarification before you embark upon any cause of action is absolutely essential to avoid any impending disputes. Family members may in particular be quite demanding if not unreasonable in their expectations of your contribution on a financial level.

After March the initial expenditure cycle of 2006 gives way to a more stable interval for some months with a focus on property and real estate especially through the months of March and April. This interest in making financial gains through housing and real estate measures shifts from a more platform to stock market and other high risk investments in May and June. Because Mars is an extremely lucky planet for you these four months are quite likely to give you a maximum bang for your buck resulting in substantial profitability.

Independent business people or consultants born under Pisces are strongly focused on their work and on contracts with partners during August, September and October. Especially in August additional responsibilities will trigger a desire to change your location of work, to hire new people or to even radically alter the nature of your accounting and legal principles which are the basis of your business or company. Conflicts and being undermined by those you employ is also on the cards during this month and you should carefully assess any new staff or additional people you engage temporarily or casually before hiring them.

Throughout September however, a bright cycle for your public relations success is shown by the Sun. You will be received positively in any meeting you attend and can gain the confidence or financial support from those that count. If you are selling a product or service it is a time when there will be increased awareness of what you have to offer and you are likely to see increased sales and a better branding of your products resulting in greater demand generally.

In October finances with business partners may need to be reevaluated. Changing market forces, differences in your business style or perhaps your desire to move in a new direction will be the basis of your desire to cut free. This may or may not be easy but honesty will be the best policy to resolve problems of this nature. On a personal level, disagreements over the way money is handled or spent will also cause some stress and strain.

You have the willpower to achieve some great breakthroughs in your work and financial arena in 2006 and with the added benefit of Jupiter are likely to feel that this year is one that has a lot going for it.

Karma and Luck

Mars is principally your lucky planet and continues to provide you with remarkable opportunities personally and financially throughout 2006 but in the early part, as mentioned earlier, you must be careful of your desire to spend and to be less than frugal with the money you earn. As this planet is in the sign of Taurus when the year starts, this offers you a more practical state of mind which will help curtail any of your wild spending sprees. Dovetailing your impulses into more sensible money making schemes rather than wasteful nights on the town is also indicated. By carefully assessing what you spend your money on you may in fact end up earning rather than losing it.

The other important feature of your horoscope this year has to do with the chief karmic planet moving through your financial arena. For the first time in eighteen years a new cycle is activating your desire to create financial independence and provide yourself a far better lifestyle. The results of your past actions will no doubt come to fruition at this stage and this is certainly lucky as it gives you the chance to earn far more than you may have expected you would.

Although Pluto is not considered particularly lucky, you may experience quite the opposite result due to this planet’s activation of your working sphere throughout the next twelve to eighteen months. You have a far more focused and passionate approach to what you do and this in itself will provide you ample luck and opportunity professionally. Mercury also gives you a broader view of life and the capacity to seize on lucky odds as and when they arise and this means your mind is quick to seize opportunities from others who are prepared to help you achieve your goals.




One of your key ruling planets, Jupiter continues to transit the luckiest sector of the zodiac and good fortune of a material and spiritual nature will be yours in abundance if you are prepared to open your heart and think positively. With the added benefit of Uranus, these two planets which give you the momentum to do things differently and to try things out of the ordinary, it is more than likely that these two planets working in concert will give you some amazing streaks of luck throughout 2006.

Education, knowledge and ultimately wisdom are great sources of fortune. Jupiter additionally activates the realm of higher knowledge for Pisces this year and if you choose so you can expand your mental horizons tremendously and benefit yourself on the material level equally. By exploring the hidden talents within you, applying these techniques to your work and your life, timely payback can be expected by you. This all depends on how able you are to dismiss lethargy and your proneness to take things easy. Hard work of course is necessary for you to capitalize on any of these wonderful planetary transits which are now influencing you.

Whatever actions you have performed in your past will now be returning to you and magnified considerably. This is the consequence of your karma and throughout this year is set to bring you extraordinarily encouraging results. It seems as if you have done something right as the planets now are in a favourable position to hand you wealth, love and other desirable things. The spirit of self-expansion and inner knowledge is strong and you are ready for success on a material and spiritual level. This desire to learn will even trigger your impulse to travel and meet unusual people of a foreign nature or whose views are much different to yours.

Your past karma is very much highlighted in the coming year and you will be reaching out into the past, into the deepest recesses of your heart to work through the obstructions of an emotional or mental nature which have been difficult for you to confront till now. With a clearing of these issues comes an immense release of internal energy which can be used in your relationships. But be prepared for the reprisal of friends, family and other co-workers who are not yet ready to confront their own inner demons. As you steadily work towards self-improvement and an actualisation of your highest potential, others may feel threatened. You will then be confronted with a choice – to move forward or to remain stuck in your old ways.

2006 is certainly a time of your life when you can achieve all that your heart desires and more. For this reason you may have to make significant sacrifice by turning away from those situations or people which are holding you back. You can and will do this in 2006.