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Pisces 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

This is going to be one of the most exciting years of your life, as Jupiter and Mars occupy the most important part of the horoscope during the first part of 2007. Mars provides you with loads of dynamic energy and charisma that will help you attract new and fulfilling relationships. Your self-esteem seems to have taken a turn for the better, which will also show in the relationships you attract this year.

The changes you’re experiencing will be very positive, and with Pluto also having a say in matters, you’ll find them really transformative.

Throughout the early part of the year, you won’t be afraid to put your friends and lovers to the test to see whether or not they can fulfil your deeper desires. Your passions are red hot — thanks, Pluto. This will bring up many issues that you’re now prepared to deal with. Once you have, you’ll be able to forge a better future for yourself romantically.

In the first few days of January, Venus offers you chances at love, but your rather serious approach, which is caused by Saturn, will mean that you let those opportunities slip. This is a good decision: there’s no point than taking something on half-heartedly.

But you definitely won’t ignore anyone who is serious. It’s just that you’re not interested in light-hearted affairs or fly-by-nighters any more. Those one-night stands won’t do the trick for you now if you’re a single Piscean on the lookout for love.

For Pisceans who are currently in relationships, Mercury, who rules your long relationships, is in your zone of friendship. Being in love with a special person won’t be enough as you endeavour to deepen the bonds of friendship.

January is the time to set the tone for what you want in your relationships for the rest of the year. If you make a serious effort to highlight the importance of friendship by doing things together, taking the time to share activities, you’ll find the bonds of love strengthening, especially around March.

You’ll be particularly interested in communication, and you’ll recognise useless discussions quickly: it will be swiftly thrown out. You’ll be determined to improve the clarity and expressiveness of what you say, and committed friends and newcomers alike will soon see that you’re very serious about taking the way you deliver your message to a whole new level.  



Your love affairs are particularly exciting and vibrant in February, April and May.

You’ll be sensitive to your loved ones, but you also won’t hesitate to point out when they’re not meeting your needs. This is recurring theme this year, and is an interesting twist for a Piscean. You’re normally far more self-sacrificing than this, so the new you might come as a shock to some people.

It’s not that you’ll be more demanding; you’ll just be asking for relationships where the respect goes both ways. That’s not unreasonable. But your friends, lovers and family members are used to your being selfless, so it’ll be hard for them to adjust.

There are amorous opportunities for you in April, when the Moon and Venus produce excellent results for engagements, new love affairs, even marriage (if you’re that way inclined).

But from the middle of the month the high-powered combination of the Moon and Mars could cause you to make some not-so-reasonable demands. Try to keep your expectations of others down to a realistic level. There are wonderful opportunities to combine travel and love during April as well.

During May, your attention will switch focus onto your home and your relatives. First, you’ll need some time out to recharge your emotional energy. Then you’ll be back to dynamic, physically active and very passionate in the way you express yourself. In fact, you’ll want to verbalise your feelings to your kinfolk a lot more during the middle part of the year.

Venus and Mercury will be in your love affairs sector in June, and your creative impulses will be strong. Children will also feature strongly. You’ll feel good about yourself, and about the kind of people you’re drawing into your social circle. Try not to let your heart run away with you: some of your passionate desires could lead you into uncharted emotional waters. And they could end in tears.

Your friendships will reach a peak by the end of June, but they’ll hit a snag in July. You’ll feel that people are not being as open as you’d hoped they would be, and you’ll start to feel like a bit of an outsider. The problem is that you’re taking things far too personally. Someone in your group has a personal problem; it’s not that they’ve changed their opinion of you.

A close friend will be stuck with a dilemma. Rather than turning away from them, take some time and try to figure out how you can help them. If there are issues of abuse, neglect or emotional suffering, reach out a helping hand and lift them out of their ‘dark night of the soul’.

You can learn a lot about yourself during this period too, as there’ll be moments that remind you of your own past. If you really think about and draw on your own experiences, you’ll be able to overcome your fear of rejection and thus strengthen your friendships.

It will be hard to find emotional satisfaction in August, though your heart is desperately yearning for it. Other people’s problems are distracting you from your own search for love again. You’ll have some opportunities to rekindle the flame of love if it’s died down to a glowing ember, but it’ll be a tall order as Mars approaches. There are likely to be several dramas in your home life during this planet’s transit of your domestic sphere. Angry confrontations with relatives, but in particular your mother, will result in divided loyalties for you.

This is a critical stage of the year, so be extra careful about how you juggle your work and your commitments to those you love. Also, you’ll feel some sadness about the way one relationship is panning out; have a quiet word to the person in question. Likewise, it wouldn’t hurt to ask a trusted friend to give you their opinion about how to deal with these delicate emotional situations.

During September a very important life phase begins for you. The planet of friendship, but also of trials and lessons, moves into the marriage zone of your horoscope. This is a very significant cycle, and will last for approximately 21/2 years.

If you’re moving into middle age, it will bring on a complete reappraisal of your relationships; for some Pisceans, it will be the start of drastic changes in marriage, de facto or long-term associations.

If you’ve reached that important stage where you have accepted differences and human flaws, this cycle will cement the bonds of your love. If, however, you’re in a relationship where you’ve been unable to make that deeper soul connection, it will be time to part ways and seek an independent life. These will be important and transformative times in the romantic lives of most Pisceans.

Throughout October and November you’ll feel a load lifting from your shoulders. This period will strongly highlight your partner’s needs and your desire to help them in practical ways, not just emotional ways. If you can succeed in this, your love life will reach a new all-time high.

It’s time for you to learn how to balance your inclination to give selfless loving service to the people you love with a little assertiveness. During November you’ll be able to pull this off; it will mean solidifying your relationships, appeasing your family and growing some new friendships.

You will make new friends and spin new alliances this year, but you have unfinished business in other areas. Your health, your financial situation and your general emotional state will have a huge effect on the quality of your relationships. If your mind is preoccupied with personal stuff, how can you give 100 per cent of yourself to anyone else? Balance is essential. The final month of the year begins with Venus in your sexual and passionate zone. Time to explore your inner passions and make them known. If you’ve been holding back, throw care to the wind and dig deep into your creative side, which is connected to procreative urges and primal instincts. If you lose your inhibitions, you’ll help your partner do the same.

This will certainly be a year full of rich emotional experiences. For the most part this should improve your experience of love and bring you to a stage of greater self-fulfilment. As you complete this phase of your life you’ll move towards a new cycle, a more enriching love life.

Profession and Finances

The combination of Mars and Jupiter in your career sector at the start of 2007 guarantees great expansion in your work and financial life. Jupiter’s main effect is to help you develop in whatever area of the horoscope it is in. There’s no doubting its influence on your work this year. Your personal satisfaction will be reflected in how you do your work in the coming 12 months.

During February, your focus will be on personal planning and long-term goal-setting. Some Pisceans are likely to set up a home-based industry to give them an extra source of income. You can afford to speculate — with ideas as well as money. You should get good financial returns as Mars moves through your sector of profitability.

In 2007 Saturn is in your employment sector; this means there will be an emphasis on the detail of your work responsibilities. You’ll be more disciplined, more focused on perfecting your work, making sure the job’s done well in the first place so you don’t have to redo it.

With Mercury and Saturn influencing each other, you’ll be slower and more thorough about investigating any proposition that requires you to commit to a new line of work.

Your energies will be low throughout March as dynamic Mars travels through your quiet 12th zone. It’s time to go behind the scenes and work on the hidden aspects of what you hope to achieve. And be careful how much you say yes to; try not to say yes so often that you won’t be able to finish it all. Before you answer a request, ask yourself if you’re physically up to the task. Being able to delegate will be a crucial skill this month.

With your profit planet Saturn in retrograde motion until April, you will find you have some unavoidable expenses. Not a happy spot to be in. The plus to come out of this is some discipline about saving money; you’ll work out what’s essential and what’s not when it comes to spending.  


  Saturn is a hard taskmaster, but there are valuable lessons on offer if you’re prepared to listen to your inner voice during this cycle. If you tighten your belt in the first quarter of 2007, you’ll be free later to make better use of your money.

Throughout March, April and May, Venus, your planet of shared resources, moves through your finance zone, your area of contracts and your domestic sphere. It’s likely that there will be contracts to be signed: you’ll need them so that you can clarify your understanding, and so you can get others to commit to what they’ve promised.

Don’t hesitate to ask for what you know you deserve: Venus indicates improvement in your financial status. With Venus in your domestic sphere in May, real estate matters will be in the spotlight. You’ll be undecided about whether you should invest your money in real estate, or dispose of property you already have, or perhaps invest some of that spare money in redecorating your own home. The main thing to bear in mind is that it’s not worth doing any of it if you’re only half-hearted about it.

And make sure your income and your work satisfaction are giving you the stability, security and fulfilment you need before you put any of your hard-earned cash anywhere: changing jobs could mean you need some of that rainy day money, so don’t invest it if you suspect you may need it yourself sometime soon.

There are ego clashes in your personal relationships at work in June. If you’re burying your head in your work, you could miss what’s happening to the group dynamic. The key question is, what has to happen so that everyone involved in the projects you’re working on is happy? Not sorting these matters out it will mean confusion and disputes over money down the track.

If you share money or investments with a partner or lover, or perhaps a business partner, you’ll need clarification around this time. Both of you need to understand your responsibilities, and know what to do if there are any hiccups in balancing the books.

Profits will be up in July, so you’ll be able to plug any holes in the money bucket. But remember, there’s no point earning more if you’re spending twice as much. The real solution is cutting back on what you spend, not earning more. You could get some really good advice in this area from colleagues or friends now.

You could enter into new partnerships sometime in August or September; this is when your business life also reaches a new peak.

Sudden twists and turns in your schedule will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Don’t get too uptight; go with the flow and keep expecting the best.

From September to the end of the year, your reputation will grow. Tons of promotions and other opportunities will knock at your door. If you keep moving confidently forward in your profession during these months, great financial benefit will come your way.

All this will also satisfy you on an emotional level. This is an important turning point in your life and it sets the trend for years to come. Don’t be afraid to try new things and explore new avenues. Looking at new methods in your work, for instance, will work out to your advantage and, surprisingly, add to your overall happiness.

Karma and Luck

Luck is often thought to involve some type of accidental event, something that happens to some people but not others. This couldn’t be further from the truth. What you did in the past will determine what you get in your future.

Your lucky planets, Jupiter and Mars, will bring you positive returns on past actions throughout 2007. This will be evident in your professional life, where you’ll really start to see that what you sowed—in terms of planning and actions—is now reaping you financial gains and a fine reputation.

You’ll be ready to think big and capitalise on opportunities that you would usually shy away from. This is due to your positive mental attitude, your feeling that what was unavailable is now mysteriously appearing before your very eyes. This will include jobs, money, and (most importantly) the right sort of people, people who have the connections to make things happen for you.  



Your lucky periods in 2007 are January, February and June. During these months, get ready to attack your financial ambitions with a ferocious drive. With energy, initiative and luck all combining, these will be profitable months for you.

When Mars comes to your Sun sign in May, your physical body, your looks and your general attractiveness will peak. You’ll be forceful, and you’ll attract quality relationships into your life.

Between September and December your relationships and romances will be activated by your lucky planet Mars: there should be many meetings that could develop into relationships.

You’ll get a lot of valuable opportunities in 2007. If you recognise what’s on offer and accept it, you can do really well and set a trend for years to come.

The lucky breaks you get this year will continue to pay off handsomely in 2008, when Jupiter moves to the fulfilment zone of your horoscope. Those two years are some of the best in the 12-year Jupiter cycle.