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Pisces 2016 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

This is the time to make your relationships work Pisces and with one of your ruling planets Jupiter continuing its transit through your 7th house of love and relationships along with the year commencing with the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter, this ensures satisfaction, love and improvement in your personal relationships.

Neptune your ruling planet is now slowly moving through your Sun sign and as well your past karma planet, the South node, will also make contact with Neptune in your Sun sign over the coming months indicating many lessons being learned now especially with respect to how you interact with others and manager marriage or significant other relationships.

Saturn and Venus transit your 10th house of career with Saturn continuing its journey here for some time yet. Your sense of responsibility to work could at times get you down but you need to look for the longer term benefits that will come to you by persisting and doing the best what you can. The early conjunction of Venus and Saturn may prove to be a little disappointing. What you expect may not come to pass but rest assured the outcome of this is to bring you an even better set of circumstances as a result of that.

The seeds of excellent happenings are in those things which we consider difficult or challenging. This conjunction takes place on January 9 so the first week of the year will bring out these results immediately. We do however see an improvement especially on March 1 with the sex doll of Venus to Saturn, July 20 with the trine to Saturn and then on September 7 and December 26 with the sextile to Saturn. All of these ensure a steady and better set of circumstances professionally.

Friendships need to be nurtured but you must also know when the let go of friendships and this is hinted at by the long-term transit of Pluto in your 11th house of social activities and friends. You must understand that some of your friendships may now have gone past their use by date and it could be time to either regenerate these associations or to simply say goodbye to them. Some of your friends may be taking liberties with you, using you for your kind heartedness and also playing mind games. It’s imperative for you to see beneath the surface this year, beyond the games people play and the words people speak. If you can do this you will be able to cull back to just a few close friends who will offer you excellent value and friendship.

Some of your relationships will be feted this year with the North node, the karmic point, transiting through your marital sector. If you haven’t yet met someone, this could be a year when your soulmate may happen to stumble of on your path. And as mentioned above, the Moon and Jupiter conjunction is an excellent omen to have in conjunction with this North node. Be on the lookout for people who may be resonant with who you are and what you want. You may meet someone unexpectedly and may even be of a foreign extraction or somewhat different to the usual run-of-the-mill people you meet. This could be very exciting for you.

The to and fro forward and retrograde action of Mars could be problematic for you in that it starts its journey this year on the 8th house of shared resources. This 8th house is also a sexual house and deals a lot with intimacy. For the most part however this may have to do with sorting out your new attitudes to money and who pays what. There could be disputes over equity and fair distribution of bills within your family or relationship. Try to sort this out earlier on in the year otherwise this may continue to be a problem lurking beneath the surface for some time to come.

Mars moves to your 9th house of travels, education, the higher mind and other cultural interests but only remains there until March 6 when it then transits the important 10th house of profession and career activity. Prior to this you may have a short journey but most certainly its transit through the 10th house is far more vital and telling on the events coming. You will be committed and driven to achieving a lot more this year especially during this transit. You’ll see that you have the opportunity to achieve a great deal and even land yourself a much better position however around August 24 Mars will move to the conjunction of Saturn which will slow down your pace and possibly bring with it some frustrating experiences through employers, co-workers etc you will have to exercise a regular patience to get through this period but your perseverance we well worth it in the results can astonish you. More on that later.

Having Uranus in your 2nd house is like a double-edged sword throughout the coming year or two. On the one hand you can have unexpected windfalls, increased income, even lotteries and sweepstakes which you can be lucky in. But the downside is that just suddenly you can lose it all. So what is the lesson of this? Consistency, foresight and preparation with good planning to ensure that you don’t find yourself out of pocket.

Romance, Social and Domestic

The presence of Jupiter in your 7th house to September 9 is a perfect example of good fortune smiling upon you in a specific area of your life. You should use this to enhance your current relationship, expand it, build upon it, foster love and understanding because this is one of the better transits that doesn’t happen all that often. The conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter as the year commences is also an omen that your emotions will be warm and should be reciprocated by the one you love. For those of you who are single this is an excellent omen as well for marriage, a long-term commitment can take place.

The Moon is ruling your zone of love affairs and the eclipses of March 23, August 18 in September 17 will be significant in this regard. The eclipse on March 23 signifies all matters sexual and can be very revealing. You could be upset if you’re not feeling reciprocated intimately. This is also shown by the early transit of Mars through the same area. Building up resentment is not the way to nourish your relationships. Rather, you should communicate, but only when the time is appropriate.

Under the eclipse of March 23 some of these feelings could explode like Mount Vesuvius. It’s better to broach these issues while before that explosive point is reached. The August 18 eclipse is probably better and brings with it more openness in the sexual arena. The 12th house in which this eclipse takes place is a secretive zone of the horoscope but some Eastern astrologers considerate a place of bad pleasures which is why sex is also assigned to this portion of your horoscope. And the eclipse on September 17 is close on the heels of the major Jupiter transiting your 8th house of sexuality. It takes place in your Sun sign and therefore shows pretty significant changes in your personality and the way you deal with others after this.

Venus, the planet of love is strong in your horoscope as 2016 starts. Being at the pinnacle or 10th house of your horoscope indicate that this planet may dominate the affairs of your life throughout the coming 12 months. Yes, the 10th house is a professional sector, however the apex of the horoscope is also strongly connected to the development of self and the planet associated with this area gives us are strong hints as to the focus. The conjunction to Saturn on January 9 is a difficult one but this opens out and improves after 24 January when Venus moves to your 11th house of friendships. In fact, with the conjunction of Pluto on February 6 you may be completely overwhelmed by a single friend and may need to find other outlets for your imagination. Being too demanding during this cycle I would friendship.

Mercury your marital planet has several retrograde periods throughout 2016 and these are important to you with respect to marriage and other important relationships. The three retrograde periods include January 6, April 29, August 30 and December 19. For the two or three week periods after these dates you should suspend any important decisions associated with relationships, love or more importantly marriage, that is something you are contemplating.

On the contrary, the favourable transits of Mercury can bring with them very satisfactory interactions with those you love. You want to review your friendships during the retrograde movement of January and February as it moves to your 11th house of social activities. But excellent aspect are formed by Mercury on February 7 to Jupiter, every 27th to Uranus, March 15 to Pluto, March 25 to Mars in March 30 to Saturn. These celestial patterns indicate smooth communications, exciting times of the ones you love and new opportunities to further improve your love life.

With the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in your 5th house of love affairs taking place on July 7 and then the same conjunction taking place in your 7th house of marital prospects on September 13, this period should also prove to be one that stimulates you and offers you extraordinarily penetrating conversation and insight both into yourself and your significant other. You mustn’t however probe to deeply is the July 7 Mercury opposite Pluto aspect could irritate others and give them the impression that you are some sort of CIA agent on a mission. Be gentle in your questioning.

As mentioned earlier your passionate instincts could also be revved up into a higher gear in 2016 and the connection of Venus with Mars in particular will reflect this. February 8, July 7, August 7 and September 19 indicate favourable and smooth flowing sexual relations whereas the hard aspects that take place on March 15, August 7 and October 14 could prove to be tricky, where you allow your instincts to rule your head. Remember during these dates and the periods leading up to them, it should be the other way around.

During the latter part of the year especially after October 27 when Venus sextile is Jupiter, a wealth of emotion could flood your heart. This may have something to do with your work as well because Venus will be transiting this professional area of your horoscope. This is a repeat of the earlier transit of Venus can joining Saturn and that takes place on October 30 so for a little while anyhow, there could be a lull in this emotional exuberance of yours. Venus sextile is Neptune on November 20 and this is an indicator that your romantic ideals could start to come more into focus.

You may be driven by the urge to perfect your relationships and to resolve any problems that you have particularly with the conjunction of Pluto on November 25 of Venus. If you can’t get the other person on side, it’s best to let things take a natural course. The downside is that you may push someone away rather than drawing them closer.

Socially the year ends on a good note with the Sun transiting your 11th house on December 21 and forming wonderful aspects to Mars on the 27th and Neptune on the 31st. You want to extend your reach and circle of influence at this time and more than likely make some new friends.

Profession and Finances

On January 8 Jupiter, your career planet moves retrograde thereby empowering it. Being in the public relations sector of your horoscope proves that you can achieve much better results professionally for connecting with others who are like-minded and to also have a vested interest in your success. You could forge new business partnerships under these transits but you need to be careful because retrograde planet can sometimes operate in a somewhat unpredictable manner. In any case, this is a cycle under which you can review your relationships, take a second look at how you are working with clients and other significant associates in your work. By doing this you can improve things dramatically.

Jupiter’s powerful trine aspect to Pluto on March 17 can bring many of these energies into focus with the result that you can see a pay rise or increase in your business profits. Pluto moving to your 11th house shows that you’re keen if not intense about raising the bar in 2016. The square from Jupiter to Saturn on the 23rd however may present a problem as these two planets are diametrically opposed in results and may give you a haphazard sort of outcome financially speaking. You may also be promise something under this transit but could feel betrayed all that down that hasn’t come through.

Saturn transiting through your 10th house of career can be somewhat demanding in that your responsibilities will increase exponentially. And this transit continues beyond 2016. You may need to ask yourself some serious questions as to whether or not you’re completely fulfilled emotionally, mentally and spiritually by the work you have been doing. If, as is the case with many, you’re simply going through the motions of the day-to-day grind, you could find yourself spiritually bankrupt as a result. It’s important to do what you love and this could be what is being pointed to if you’re feeling frustrated and dry in your work.

Jupiter’s movement to your 8th house on September 9 is a significant transit happening only once every twelve years and points to the fact that how you handle finances and money, especially if you’re in a business partnership or your significant other in a romantic sense has a hand in your finances, may need to be reviewed seriously and in detail. There could be disagreements, and intense ones that, leading up to November 25 when Jupiter squares Pluto. The other significant and hard aspect is that of Jupiter opposite Uranus on December 27. What is not resolved earlier may blow up in your face if all you’re doing is sweeping the problems under the rug. Address financial matters as and when they arise in 2016.

The Sun regulates the workplace practices and environment in which you work and its transits are particularly important and interesting throughout the coming 12 months. Some elevating aspects include that of March 26 when the Sun trine is Mars from your 2nd house to the 10th house where Mars transiting. This indicates a very good connection between income and efforts made in your profession. Don’t allow your drive for money and wealth overpower your need to balance your life between work and love-family.

The Sun transiting your 3rd house after April 20 is a strong significant of contractual arrangements and auspicious aspects also take place under its 3rd house transit including on May 1st the sextile to Neptune, May 3 the trying to Jupiter, May 7 the trine to Pluto, May 10 the conjunction of Mercury with the transiting your 4th house of property issues on May 21. These promise to bring your imaginative and communicative abilities into play if negotiating some new contract or agreement. You’re likely to achieve what you want. Even the small print may surprisingly favour you.

The 6th house transit of the Sun is no less important in that it affects your day-to-day routine in the workplace. Prior to that transit however on June 18 with Venus transiting your 5th house, June 21 when the Sun moves through your 5th house and Mercury on the 30th does the same, you have some perfect opportunities to carefully assess investments which in due course will give you a return on your money. This could also be a creatively fertile time which paves the way for the 6th house transit.

On July 12 Venus and is the 6th house, Mercury on the 14th and the Sun on July 22. Much of your energy will be going into scheduling, workplace safety and enhancing your conditions to make your job a lot more pleasurable and comfortable. These planets also point to the fact that you may need to your dietary habits and your life style in general accommodate some of the more pressing demands that may arise in your profession this time.

Finally, the 10th house transit of the Sun dominates many of the other aspects relating to work and when it moves to this position on November 22 and creates positive influences to Jupiter on the 10th and Uranus on the 12th, some wonderful opportunities present themselves to. As a note, you might like to connect more closely with your employer is your ideas may forge a closer tie and better opportunities for you through that connection.

Karma and Luck

The dominant spiritual planet for you also relating to your karma is Mars, ruling your 9th house. As your Sun sign ruler as Neptune and Corolla Jupiter, these planets also have a significant part play in your spiritual development. Neptune with its current transit in your Sun sign is very well-placed to bring with it a strong sense of self and how you fit in to life spiritually speaking. With Jupiter transiting your 7th house good karma can be expected through your business relationships and your marital partner. You should maintain an open mind even if the initial suggestions made by your partner seem a little of course. What is said to you may be the seed of great things-materially and spiritually speaking.

The lucky aspect of Jupiter, while we are on this topic, is its movement in your 8th house of wills, legacies and unanticipated gifts. On September 9 when it transits into this complicated part of the horoscope, there may indeed be opportunities to win money, to be bequeathed assets or to be gifted expensive items, much to your surprise. But why should you be surprised Pisces? The good karma shown by Mars and Pluto ruling your 9th house and with Mars moving through your 8th house when 2016 commences along with Pluto in your 11th house of gains, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Your past karma is now coming to fruition and that can be in the form of gifts, money and assets that are bequeathed to you. Unfortunately sometimes this naturally has to do with the passing of someone we love.

Mars moves to your 9th house of spirituality, its own house on May 27. It stays here and August 3 that you should use this time to investigate through your higher mind and intuition spiritual matters. The transit of Mars through your 12th house is also hinting at the same sorts of activities and that takes place after November 9. The December 2 trine of Mars to Jupiter is exceptionally good race of meditative self-expansion. Being naturally inclined towards generosity and charitable acts, you can further your spiritual advancement through these sorts of activities.

Uranus rules your twelfth house and brilliant intuitions can be accessed around the 7th when Mars sextiles this planet. This may also come in the form of financial ideas as Uranus is transiting your 2nd house of income.

All in all the opportunities for spiritual evolution, good fortune and exceptionally wonderful karmic acquisitions in 2016 are numerous and you should maintain an open mind so that you can avail yourself of those opportunities.