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Pisces 2017 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

Welcome to 2017 Pisces! This is an extraordinary year for you as Saturn, continues its journey through your professional sphere, bringing with it even greater responsibilities and challenges but success if you’re prepared to step up to the plate and use these energies in a constructive way. Saturn will finally exit this part of your horoscope on December 20 marking a new phase of profitability and life fulfillment, the likes of which you haven’t experienced for almost 30 years. But for the meantime, you can expect more demands from your work which in turn will create a psychological environment for you to be the best you can.

Pluto with its conjunction of the Sun in the first week of January shows just how intense you are about achieving your goals this year. Mercury also makes the conjunction to Pluto on January 30 revealing the depth and perspicacity of your mind and the important communications that will underscore your relationships this year. The transformative influence of Pluto has been changing your attitude to friendships and 2017 will be no different. The process of clearly identifying those people you wish to maintain relationships with or not will continue and may even intensify in the next couple of years. You are clear that you only want people in your life were going to engage with you mutually on every level.

Jupiter transiting your eighth house of shared resources also spotlights the above point that not only intellectually and emotionally but also financially you want a fair deal in 2017. Jupiter remains in this eighth house until October 10 so you also have to deal with money, business partnerships taxes and perhaps even debts and wills, unfortunately. All of these issues come under the jurisdiction of the eighth house. Sometimes Jupiter is lucky and brings unexpected wealth through its transit here.

When Jupiter finally moves to your ninth house of luck, journeys and tertiary education, on October 10, you’ll start to see a positive shift in many departments of life. You may find yourself on a search for the meaning of life, and your thirst for knowledge could cause you to consider a new course of study or resume educational pursuits that you’d left off previously. It is also quite likely that new doors of opportunity will open allowing you to study, teach and travel.

This placement of Jupiter also reflects a strong spiritual flavour and you will start to feel an expanded connection to people and generally the world around you. Alternative forms of religion, meditation, foreign cultures and connections with, spiritual groups, will help you on your quest for peace and tranquility. You will experience a much more creative and intuitive energy within and without. Therefore it is a great time to meditate and discover the spiritual side of your being.

With some difficult aspect forming to Jupiter on March 3 to Uranus, August 5 to Pluto, and September 28 again to Uranus, all of these celestial patterns point to financial misunderstandings or difficulties especially with friends, which is accounted for by the challenging Jupiter-Pluto square of August. The lunar eclipse on February 11 and also the solar eclipse on August 22 affect your health and this could be linked some of these financial stresses that appear to be on the horizon. You must take control of the circumstances before they happen or at least minimise the damage that can occur through careful financial planning and intelligent communication.

Mars is dynamic this year as you start 2017 with a power pack punch of this planet’s vibration in your Sun sign. The close conjunction to Neptune is not so great on January 1 but things pick up the have the physical vitality to achieve pretty much anything especially up until the 28th. Try to pace yourself to conserve energy.

From January 28 until March 10 your focus will be on the money with Mars transiting through your second house and thereafter from March 10 until April 21 strong contractual opportunities present themselves. Because Mars is fearsome and sometimes impulsive you need to again take the requisite precautions to read through any of the fine print before committing and signing to any documents.

The fourth house transit of Mars between April 21 and June 5 brings much of your attention to family matters. The Sun also transits this part of your horoscope on May 21 up until June 21. These two hot planets can create friction in your domestic sphere so it is imperative that you talk about your feelings rather than bottling them up and exploding at a later time. Real estate matters may also be up at the top of your agenda. This includes renovation, construction and even purchase of larger fixed asset items such as cars, boats, and land.

Your love life is spiced up considerably with Mars transiting through your fifth house of romance between June 5 and July 20. September 5 to October 23 is also romantically revved up with Mars moving through your seventh house. You will want greater intimacy in your relationships but may be heavy-handed in your way of approaching these things. If you’re meeting someone for the first time try to curb your impulse to push the relationship forward at a pace that is not in keeping with their needs or personality style. Mars is generally a good planet for you but it still has it’s inherent impulsive and combative nature.

Prior to Saturn leaving its transiting position of your 10th house of career, on December 20, the trine aspect to Uranus on November 11 shows that it is an ideal time to explore new areas of interest in your work and to consider taking up new opportunities to broaden your horizons professionally. Some of you may decide on a career that is connected to technology, the Internet or other modern cutting-edge scientific fields of interest. You will be able to blend the traditional with the progressive elements of trade and industry.

Be careful not to overdo things on December 1 with Mars moves to the opposition of Uranus and at the same time on the ninth, transit your ninth house of journeys. Impulsive actions, speed, and recklessness may cause injury to yourself and others. On a brighter note, and the unexpected and unusual journey may take place which will be a nice conclusion to the year.

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Romance, Social and Domestic

There is something fated about your relationships during this period with the North and South node or karmic points transiting your seventh and first houses respectively. With the North node transiting your marital sector, there may be part of the relationship that hasn’t been fully satisfying but you may be at odds as to how to get that side of things back on track. In late May and early June, these nodes move their position and therefore you can expect the cloud to lift from your significant relationships. For those of you who are single, these transits abstract you in finding the person of your dreams so relax, enjoy the ride and don’t try to force things too much. All good things come to those that wait.

The Moon is the ruler of your fifth house is engaged in some powerful eclipses the first one being on February 11 in your sixth house of debts, enemies, and disease. This is problematic in that amorous affairs may turn sour and that you should also be careful not to shell out money to those you don’t know as there’s an element of risk and speculation surrounding newfound love. Scrutinise anyone you meet at this time before committing yourself. We see also that later in the year on August 8 with the second lunar eclipse in your 12th house of secret enemies and expenditure that are similar trend can be seen. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before drawing strangers into your inner circle.

Much of your social life has been relegated to work as a result of the 11th ruler Saturn transiting your career sector. Your social life may have been primarily tied in with your work activities over the last year or so and this will continue up until the end of the year. It’s important to find a balance between your working life and social activities to give you a brighter note this year. As mentioned earlier Saturn will continue in this area up until December 20.

The willingness to become involved in relationships simply on your faith is highlighted as the year starts with Mars in conjunction with Neptune. Again there is an element of risk with these transits and they fully impact upon your marital life. Mars makes better transits when it moves through your fifth house on June 5, the area signifying romance, creativity, and children. If you’ve experienced any sort of creative block or obstruction to finding someone that you can feel really passionate about, this transit will more than likely help you connect.

There are some challenging aspects firstly to Jupiter on June 25 indicating wastefulness or excessive energy being invested in someone or something. The trine aspect on June 26 to Neptune can help you fulfill your dreams romantically. Both you and your partner will be expressing your feelings in a dramatic way during this interval.

Mars dominates your love affairs again from September 5 until October 11 with this transit through your seventh house of relationships. Prior to this, on August 27 Mars transits the conjunction of the North node or karmic point in your horoscope. This could see a resurgence of some of the karmic issues outlined at the opening of your forecast for love and relationships. You may meet someone who haven’t seen for a while or whom you feel an immediate connection with. You may want to try different things and expand your circle of friendships to include people that wouldn’t ordinarily connect with.

Mercury is your planet of love and marriage and principally dominates these areas of your life. In this same interval as Mars is transiting your seventh house, Mercury will also accompany this transit after July 26 up until September 30. You need to listen and watch for other signals other than words that are being communicated as Mercury goes retrograde on August 13 and once again direct on September 5.



You may be missing cues which are vital to your relationship improving. As there is a conjunction of Mercury and Mars on September 17, it’s quite likely that misunderstandings can quickly turn to dispute. You can sidestep this by perhaps not being in the picture too much during these retrograde periods. Work on being a little more independent don’t have to argue about things. Do your own thing at this time.

Fortunately Venus is also transiting this most significant part of your horoscope between September 20 on October 14 and will act as a perfect counterbalance to the above edgy Mercury-Mars transit. Feelings could become cold and distant on October 8 when Venus squares Saturn. More intimate period commences with Venus transiting in your eighth house after October 14 and you should make the best use of this time up until November 7 to express your feelings on a one-on-one basis to reignite the flames of passion.

Just around Christmas Venus transits your 11th house which is a perfect social barometer of good feelings, excitement and the beating of new people and even the commencement of love affairs. This is an excellent transit to occur around the festive season.


Profession and Finances

You still have a lot of work to do in 2017 and may even be a little dependent on others as Jupiter, one of your principal rulers transit the eighth house of shared resources. This could frustrate you but take heart course as mentioned earlier Jupiter does move to the most favourable position of the ninth house on October 10. Prior to this you will be doing a lot of work behind the scenes to figure out which direction you want to go.

Saturn requires you to be more diligent and even if the work becomes tedious, slow and with little pleasure, you mustn’t throw the towel in yet. Attention to detail is what is going to win the day with Saturn’s transit in the upper part of your horoscope. You may as well get used to the fact that this transit continues until December 20 so rushing things is only going to confuse you and bring with it poor results.

In pushing yourself to the limits is not going to help is seen by the Sun Square Jupiter on January 12, the Mars Square Jupiter on June 25, Mercury Square Jupiter on June 28 and again the Sun Square Jupiter on July 6. On all of these occasions you may be pushing far harder than you need to. The secret of success is to relax a little, enjoy the journey and not worry too much about the results.

With Uranus transiting your second house, your finances may be fluctuating and it could appear that the way you manage your money is now no longer in your control. Unexpected losses can take place with the Sun Square Uranus in January 11 and again with Mercury squaring Uranus on February 1. This will lead up or other explosive and sudden or abrupt shift in your position financially on February 27 with Mars in conjunction with Uranus. More stabilising influence can be felt when Saturn, ruler of your 11th house of profits is in an excellent trine aspect to Uranus in that second house.

Better work opportunities present themselves in the latter part of the year on October 18, October 27, and November 13 when Mercury, Sun and Venus conjoin Jupiter respectively. Paying attention to communication and the way you compose your letters and emails, as shown by Mercury, will be a distinct advantage especially if you are looking for new work and need to front up to job interviews.

In the last month of the year, December 6, 22 and 26 Mercury, the Sun and Venus make contact with Saturn in your 10th and 11th houses. This is a time when work and pay off and additional bonuses may be expected. Your connection with the public is shown by Mercury ruling your seventh house and being in touch with Saturn just before it enters your 11th house of profits shows you may be in for some surprise with unexpected bonuses, commissions or even cash gifts.


Karma and Luck

The North node or karmic point transits your seventh house of relationships until June 2017 so, if you can gain greater insight into the motivation and needs of your partner, this understanding will be reciprocated by the universe as powerful and beneficial karma. Coupled with the fact that Jupiter is transiting your eighth house of shared resources, sexual intimacy may be away for you to release some of your latent creative and romantic energies that will flow on an inner subtle way bring back good luck to you.

One of the primary spiritual planets as Neptune and it is your ruler and currently now transits your Sun sign. It’s rare for a Pisces not to have some deep or personal connections spirituality but if in your case you haven’t found this to be so, in 2017 you are likely to see an upswing in your desire to learn more and your ability to intuitively connect to these higher metaphysical dimensions.

Soon after the lunar eclipse of August 8, you may feel an inner urge calling to develop your spiritual and philosophical interests. Your dreams may also become much more powerful as this eclipse takes place in your 12th house of hidden mysteries, spirituality and dreams. You should take note of what is coming up in your dream state as this may be prophetic and can help you understand what is about to come.

By far the most significant spiritual and good luck transit is that of Jupiter transiting into your ninth house and October 10. For the first time in 12 years you will start to see a resurgence of what can be considered good luck after what you might feel has been rather dry patch especially with Saturn transiting the upper part of your horoscope. Once this happens, you’ll be able to cruise for a while and enjoy the results of your past good actions. The ninth house brings with it opportunities for travel, cultural exchanges and even the possibility of meeting a mentor or someone who can help you move to the next level of your spiritual evolution.

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