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Sagittarius 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance Social and Domestic

As 2006 unfolds for you Sagittarius, the planet Uranus will bring you the most interesting developments in your home and domestic circumstances. To develop and enhance these areas of your life, you will be required to do things very differently to what you have in the past. You must go beyond past limitations to resolve any of the problems which could still be bothering you in your current personal relationships. This may also extend to issues of property and even your own residential situation as well. Relationships with your historic family will take precedence and you will need to spend a lot more time getting to know your mother, father and other siblings in a way that you may not have done before.

This has an uplifting influence on your mind and emotions. There may be past, unresolved issues which you can now get to the bottom of, discuss and finally put to bed. Your ruling planet Jupiter also assists you in this way and makes any of these revelations an opportunity for all members of the family to benefit from. In other words, the influences are most positive and not otherwise.

Your romantic life is undergoing karmic influences this year as well. Many Sagittarius will connect very strongly with newcomers on this social scene who will impact upon their minds and hearts in very unusual ways. An instant recognition of your destiny, where the past and future overlap is quite likely with those you meet especially during the months of April, June, August and October. Under these influences you will have an extremely heightened desire to find your soulmates and to finally make heads or tails of your romantic direction throughout the coming year or two. You mustn’t let initial setbacks undermine your confidence that you can meet someone who will fulfil your personal needs.




Mercury is your primary marital planet and is found to be most intense at the outset of 2006. Some Sagittarians, both at the outset and the conclusion of 2006 will have a burning desire to investigate the ramifications of making lifelong commitments. Caution must be exercised in not coming on too strong and demanding more than is possible from a partner you have your heart set on. Your inquisitive nature could turn inquisitorial and have the exact opposite affect, which is to endear a worthy partner to you.

Conversely, you’re likely to attract rather obsessive and demanding individuals throughout this planetary cycle and you must keep your cool although as a Sagittarius nothing much usually fazes you. This could be an exception however as someone or some group of people may pressure you into changing simply for the sake of making another person happy. This just won’t work and if push comes to shove, you will simply have to move on to bigger and better things.

You can be at cross purposes with the people you are romantically involved with as their work pressures mount and cause them to choose professional activities over you. Ships passing in the night could well describe some of your relationships throughout 2006. You cannot let this build up to breaking point or more importantly, discuss and agree on mutually acceptable times at which to work on and grow the relationship. On another level, health issues could be a problem for some of the people you wish to deepen your affection for. If health is distracting them, your compassion may need to be the single most important virtue or emotion that you offer them. Hopefully your patience will ride the storm until they are capable of reciprocating in a more healthful state. There is a very strong focus on these matters in April and May, when your own health may also cause you some concern.

Your friendships depend on past issues being resolved this year. You can’t hope to forge good relationships with your peers if you have the least bit of resentment or dissatisfaction over the way you have been treated in the last year or two. For this single, most important reason you may choose to completely dismiss some of those people who seem to be on a completely different course to you. Your interests and their interests may no longer be common and you find that this does not serve your ultimate social needs.

You need to reconsider and investigate these feelings in the first three months of the year but when Venus and Neptune make contact in the latter part of March big decisions will be made and heads could roll. A new cycle for friendships can get under way during the last week of September and all through October when a powerful conjunction of several planets brings your social life well into the spotlight.

Underlying all of these relationship and social or domestic concerns is the key factor of communication. As Venus commences the year in a communication mode, Sagittarians will have to raise their standard of discussion and communication to improve matters on all fronts.By doing so, 2006 will bring you the satisfaction you’re looking for in matters of the heart.

Profession and Finances

The new Moon in January is an excellent planetary signpost and reveals that 2006 is a particularly important year for Sagittarians, their work and finances. The new Moon usually heralds the beginning of projects, new endeavours or at least brand new ideas and concepts which though only in a seed form initially, can flourish with proper attention and care. Throughout 2005, Jupiter, the ruler of your star sign, has taken a back seat and this has caused you to rethink many of your financial and professional strategies. With this new Moon you’re now clear about what you want even though you may not be capable of acting upon these promptings immediately.

January should however stimulate your income and you may well decide to begin the ball rolling in taking on new projects or even starting a new career. If you do not do so at the outset of the year, the strong position of the Sun in May and also August will give you the strength as well as the prerequisite information you need to make the right decision. And speaking of information, this will be one of the crucial key words for you throughout the coming year as Mercury powerfully dominates your professional activities. You need to gain more insight into the technique and methodology of the work will service which you perform.

Saturn currently in your arena of learning is your finance planet and also points to the fact that knowledge for you is power which results in an increase of your net financial worth over the coming two years. You must not be lethargic or slow in coming forward when the opportunity to educate yourself arises. This will require considerable input on your part both in terms of time and other resources but will most definitely be worth it in the long run. If you spend excessive amounts of time simply ruminating over the pros and cons you may in fact miss the boat. Use that Sagittarian intuition and make a quick decision early in the year to do what needs to be done to further your professional knowledge base and skill-set.




The high points of 2006 are January, May, September and October. Particularly in September you can feel as if your efforts will be well rewarded and a chance for promotion or that coveted job is more than likely. How well you have prepared yourself in the above area of knowledge and information will predetermine the success of these matters.

An unwelcome Mars in your work environment sector could present problems for you with co-workers and other people who act in the capacity of servants or assistants. The argumentative nature of work colleagues must be kept in mind throughout much of the year but especially in the first couple of months as your goodwill or ambitious intentions may be taken wrongly. Of course there is always the element of envy and greed lurking in the shadows and even those people whom you have considered allies may at this time a shock you with their selfish attitudes. You mustn’t let this deter you from conducting yourself in a way which is going to be beneficial for you at the end of the day. If you allow these people to ruffle your feathers, this could be a precursor to some weakened vitality or even health concerns later in the year. Try to keep a level head when involving yourself with any of these people as if you can do so, even for the first couple of months, this or start you off on a good footing for the rest of the year.

Some Sagittarians who operate independent businesses or cottage industries from home will find this a year in which expanding their office space will be desirable. Committing themselves to projects of construction around the home or their workplace will be important milestones. Plans could already be underway to redecorate or renovate their homes or offices to create a more favourable working ambience. This may not be without its troubles as Mars and Saturn can be rather obstructive and caution you to exercise due diligence in your hiring of building companies, builders or other trades people who may assume responsibility for the job. Checking their credentials and in particular their licenses with the appropriate regulatory authorities will be a wise move prior to making any firm contractual commitment.

As a result of these tough planetary influences, debts could also begin to supersede your capacity to repay them and this has as much to do with your own general attitudes to income and expenditure as it does with any specific projects such as this. You have been lax and if you decide to commit yourself to big ticket items or additional debt, you will be forced to finally bite the bullet and become more economically prudent. There’s a strong focus on finances, both your own and shared resources in the months of January, May, July, and October and November.

Karma and Luck

The Sun is your luckiest planet and offers you some very desirable results when it moves through certain sectors of your horoscope. Your generally lucky periods throughout 2006 are during the months of April, June, August, September and October. By far your best month would have to be August. Your karmic influences have a large part to play in what you’re destined to achieve and this has little to do with your own efforts. It is primarily concerned with what good thoughts, words and deeds you’ve done in the past and how they will come back to you just now. This is like a boomerang effect.

The Sun as your predominant karmic planet asserts much influence on financial matters this year and your good plans, however green they may be, have a very good chance of succeeding and bringing you lucky results. You can earn sizeable amounts of money but may also fall prey to your own excessive nature which could see you spending up just as quickly as you earn it. Moderation will be an important key word for you during the coming year.

The process of meditation and deeper spiritual reflection are strongly indicated as Saturn gives you a high degree of concentration throughout the whole of this year. You can bring your attention to the deeper issues of your spiritual being and your relationships will be positively affected by this process. A clear conscience and peaceful mind are an excellent foundation upon which to build your other material aspirations. These inner vibrations can produce a brilliant aura which mysteriously attracts the right people and lucky circumstances to you. The enhancing of your personal aura and the projection of your spiritual charm are by far the most useful tools in attracting luck, fortune and a favourable destiny.




There are also some opportunities which will prove to be lucky if you associate yourself with friends “in the know”. This can even extend to sibling relationships where your resources are pooled for the purpose of business and financial investment. As a result of this, some of your investments in the stock market or other highly speculative enterprises will prove to be satisfactorily successful.You can entertain these sorts of projects after the middle of March when your profit planet Venus enters a more favorable region of your horoscope and uplifts your siblings and family members.

It may also be very important for you to consider the direction in which you live and work. The eastern area is by far more promising for you and you will instinctively be sensing that the locality, suburb or even city in which you reside just isn’t working for you in your current stage of progress. If you have the requisite inner strength and desire to make a lifestyle change, then 2006 could bring you rather substantial opportunities in this regard. When the Sun enters Scorpio in late October you may have a burning desire to investigate this possibility.

Journeys interstate or offshore could provide you with the excitement that you look for along with an alternative residential address as a value added. These opportunities will be precipitated through work all friends who trigger your curiosity. You must keep your excessive nature in check throughout the whole of the year and not make too many hasty commitments before thoroughly considering the opportunities on offer. In July and August the chance to travel to some of these locations will afford you the opportunity to make the proper assessments on which to make long-term decisions.

The conclusions you draw now could drastically alter the course of your life. There is no doubt that 2006 up as you plenty of luck and other opportunities with a mixture of challenges. Good luck and happy explorations Sagittarius!