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Sagittarius 2017 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

You are able to keep building upon your focus and attention to what it is you want throughout 2017 is Saturn continues its transit through your Sun sign. This is a specifically important transit and has been underway for at least a year now bringing with it challenges but also opportunities for great growth in your life and relationships. Some of the significant areas that may have been and will continue to be affected are your own personal ideals, the way you present yourself to the world, your family life, your relationships and also your professional activities. The Sun sign, fourth, seventh and 10th houses of your horoscope cover all these departments of life and will be affected. Saturn will move into your financial sector on 20 December 2017, so you still have more of this influence impacting upon your life generally.

Fortunately, you have the support of friends as shown by your ruling planet Jupiter moving through the 11th house of social connections and this is an excellent placement for forging better friendships with your existing circle of friends, and also expanding that circle to include newcomers. This is also a wonderful placement to improve upon your financial affairs as the 11th house is the house of profits for those of you who are particularly engaged in independent lines of business you should see an expansion and an improvement in those areas.

Jupiter will move into your 12th house of spiritual and charitable affairs but also those activities which are more private and behind closed doors. This occurs on October 10. You will see a dramatic shift in your energy once this transit occurs. You will be seeking a deeper meaning to life generally and it’s through your own self-analysis, inner awareness, and contemplation of spiritual concepts that you will gain a greater insight.

Charitable affairs may also take precedence and this may happen naturally as a consequence of someone close to you, perhaps in your family, or a friend, needing assistance. Apart from this, you may find an interest developing through organizations who help the underprivileged or those in some sort of need. This is a time of reflection and will set the stage for bigger and better things once Jupiter re-emerges from this sign.

Ideological and political differences may cause problems for you when Jupiter enters into the opposition aspect of Uranus on March 3 and this takes place in your zone of friendships and love affairs. With Uranus in your fifth house, this may also relate to children and if you are a parent, you could be dealing with some typical head-on confrontations that are not unusual especially when kids reach puberty. On the work front, however, you may find yourself dealing with those who have a desire for power and control and so it’s up to you to negotiate your way through this particular minefield. Things may settle down leading up to May 19 and Saturn enters into a trine aspect of Uranus bringing with it and ability to steer things your way, but almost certainly need to be some compromise and this is a time of learning how to balance conservative components of your life with the more progressive ones.

When the year commences, Neptune will be transiting your fourth house as it has been for some time now and will be in the company of Mars which means you have some strong desires associated with your family and domestic sphere but may be unable to make those ambitions a reality. There could be some confusion or perhaps even a meddling in your affairs by others who have a different opinion of how things should function within the four walls of your family existence. With one of the karmic nodes passing through this area, issues from the past will most definitely come up but you need to be careful that each of you involved in determining the future of your family, are not bringing hidden grudges from the past into the negotiations. The exact conjunction of Mars and Neptune takes place on New Year’s Day itself.

The North node relates to your karma and future potential and transits through your 10th house of career up until June 2017. This is an important transit and usually, indicates an area of frustration where you may know exactly what you want but may be obstructed by others or perhaps even your own fear. In some ways, this could be an extension of the Jupiter and Uranus opposition spoken of above. Much of the confusion you’ve had will have disappeared so it’s a matter of timing as to when you might exit the role you’ve been in for some time, educate yourself in some new skills or simply take some time out to discover what it is you really want to do in life. This may also bring you in contact with foreign sources or information that may colour your decision-making process in respect of your work. All of these things are likely under the transit of the North node through your 10th house of professional activities.

Finances are still under the powerful control of Pluto which still has years of influence to exert on the way you own, spend and even perceive money. Mercury and the Sun also transit this part of your horoscope each year the generally January will be a time of reconsideration about how you’re handling your fiduciary responsibilities. Pluto’s main action is to completely renovate your attitudes as far as money and material acquisition is concerned. There are some big lessons for you in 2017 and that is also shown by the fact that Pluto and Uranus have been in a very hard square aspect.

As these outer planets tend to reflect more generational changes, is still quite likely that what’s happening on a cultural and societal level financially e.g. the 2008 global financial crisis, could have more impact on you than the average person. In any case, you will be learning how to adapt yourself to these environmental financial changes and if you are positive about the way you do this, you can gain some great headway and do wonderful things financially in 2017.


Romance, Social and Domestic

Mercury and Mars are your principal planets of romance and love, ruling your seventh and fifth houses respectively, with Venus ruling your 11th house of friendships and social activities.

Mars, your planet of love and romance transit your fifth house in January 28 and form some powerful aspects firstly to the sign on February 21, Pluto in February 22 and Uranus on February 27, all pointing to very intense interactions with those you love or are attempting to have relationships with. There’s something fated about these combinations and occasionally, the love which burns brightly, can die out just as quickly, and with the Mars and Uranus combination, perhaps even explosively at that.

When Venus transits your fifth house of love affairs on February 4 you can expect an upswing in creativity, fun, the company of your children and perhaps even new lovers. As the fifth house also regulates your creative activities, you should see this part of your personality thrive under this transit. You will be able to express yourself not just creatively but romantically as well and there are definitely opportunities to meet someone who fits the bill of soulmate at this time. This is even more pronounced when Venus transits your seventh house of marriage on July 5. This is a stronger placement for true and lasting love and continues up until August 1. Sexual activities are pronounced with the transit of Venus in your eighth house and continue up until the 26th.

Between April 21 and June 5, Mars transits your significant marital sector. Although Mars is a likely planet and rules your fifth house of love affairs indicating that you may feel an intensification of your emotional desires, we mustn’t forget that Mars still carries with it its inherent volatile qualities which may lead to differences of opinion, argumentation and in the worst case scenario, physical abuse. On May 12 particularly you may feel completely confused and possibly even paralysed to make decisions or to move in a direction that you want to in your relationships.

Those of you who are already married may feel that this is a critical point in the development of your partnership. The high strung conjunction of Mercury to Uranus on May 10 doesn’t help matters however on the 12th and 15th of May, Mercury forms favourable aspect to Saturn, the North node and then on the 16th making this a more stable combination. Using the energy of Mercury you will be able to communicate your way through some of these difficult patterns.

On May 20 Venus opposes your ruler Jupiter from the fifth house and this could be a problem-either through exaggeration, wasteful expenditure or simply wasteful feelings on a cause that has no good end. You mustn’t be impulsive during this transit even though on May 24 Venus trines the Sun bringing with it more popularity. The square of Venus to Pluto on the 26th indicates some big lessons in your love life and if you are too obsessed by someone you may be missing some of the finer details of their personality and also of how in fact the relationship actually is.

Fiery and maybe even sexual discussions take place during the transit of Mercury when it is in conjunction with Mars on June 29. Mercury is transit through your eighth house up until July 6 we didn’t get down to the nitty-gritty of what psychologically bothering you with your partner and vice versa. The eighth house is not just about sex and physical intimacy but covers a whole range of topics including psychological complexes, shared resources which may be mutual love as well, and so these are the areas that need to be addressed during this transit.



August is an active time for romance with Mars trining the Sun on August 17, Saturn on the 22nd and then Uranus on 2 September. You will be physically driven until take the initiative to actively meet people you and to develop those relationships in a very strong way. Mars will be transiting through your ninth house of travel so it is likely at this time you may venture out into different localities and perhaps even out of the country to connect with possible romantic partners.

Venus moves into its own sign of Libra in your 11th house of October 14 and remains there until November 7 bringing with it some wonderful social opportunities. Unfortunately Venus rules your sixth house of health issues and it is during this period that someone of your friends may fall unwell or have some problems generally in their lives. You may be called upon to assist them, advise them and generally be emotionally supportive of them.

There may be some sudden alliances formed when Venus trines Uranus on December 21. This is a classic aspect indicating great excitability, newfound friends and a twist in your romantic affairs indicating something quite unusual about those you will need at this time.



Profession and Finances

When Mercury transits your third house of contracts on February 7 it will remain there until the 26th but makes an excellent trine aspect to Jupiter on the 22nd. Any sort of agreements underway will do well and you should be able to come out a winner during this period.

Between April 1 and April 21 Mercury transits your sixth house of workplace activities. During its transit, it will create a favourable trine to the North node in your 10th house on the fourth and again on the 18th due to its retrograde movement on the 10th. This means you require some revision of your practices, communications and relationships in your professional life and all of this may be frustrating, at least you’ll get to the truth and know exactly what you are in for.

With the transit of Mercury into your seventh house of public relations on June 7, you can expect more interaction with the public generally and for some of you this could even herald the beginning of a new business partnership. The trine of Mercury to Jupiter shows you have excellent judgement and you’re able to see the big picture now. Although you are speculative in your thinking, because you are positive about the outcome you should be able to strike up a great deal. Be careful around June 14 when Mercury squares Neptune in the 16th when it is in opposition to the Sun and Saturn. Delay anything that doesn’t seem right or which you don’t have full possession of the facts on.

Legal matters are likely to take precedence but shouldn’t be of too much of a concern due to the good aspects forming between July 6 and July 25. On the 17th trine to the Sun, on the 20th of trying to Saturn and on the 25th a trine to Uranus augment your opportunities to quickly and effectively resolve any differences of a legal matter or those relating to red tape hold-ups.

Transits of the planets especially Mercury, the Sun, Venus and also Saturn through your 10th house are omens of success. Mercury transits your 10th house of profession on September 10 making a conjunction with speculative Mars on the 17th. The trine aspect to Pluto on the 23rd also adds weight to the fact that some success is likely through your excellent communication skills during this interval. The Sun is also transiting your 10th house from August 23 to September 23 and you are likely to receive some sort of accolade for your work or possibly even a promotion.

The Sun’s great influence on you doesn’t stop there, because throughout the period of October 23 to November 22 it transits your 11th house of profits, fulfilment of ideals and also networking and communications through friends and associates. Moreover when the Sun hits the conjunction of Jupiter on October 27, some really great event may take place and is indicative of generosity, gifts and other wonderful events. This should be one of the better times of the year for achieving your desired goals and should carry through to the end of the year.

With the very significant transit of Saturn to your second house of finance on December 20, there may be a change of pace with a more serious tone infiltrating your professional and financial activities. This is the commencement of a new 2 ½ year cycle and so you should at an early stage begin planning more effectively your future security. You can expect some challenges in 2018 and beyond so be prepared.


Karma and Luck

There could be conflicts associated with your work versus your home life during the transit of the North node in South notes through your 10th and fourth houses respectively. Your 10th house is profession and your fourth house, family affairs. These issues will last up until June when these nodes move their position to the ninth and third houses respectively. At that time some of your karma will be associated with philosophical ideals, religion and spirituality and also a challenge to your conscious or rational mind because as you know, spirituality transcends the dimension of rational thought.

Jupiter is well-placed throughout 2017 and continues to bring with it some great opportunities socially, professionally and romantically. As it transits your 11th house, some of your long cherished dreams will materialise those of you who are newly married, the aspect of Jupiter on your fifth house can indicate pregnancy or the birth of children during this transit. The fifth house is also speculative and having Uranus there with this aspect of Jupiter it indicates that when is possible but you also need to be careful not to take unnecessary and uninformed gambles.

After October 10, Jupiter moves to your 12th house of spiritual activities. Meditation, reconnecting with your past spiritual heritage, yoga and other psychological techniques which give you an insight into yourself, your motivations and your past, will emerge very strongly as a part of your life. You may want to be less associated with people generally as you delve more deeply into yourself and try to understand the nature of your being in the reason you are here on this planet.

Mars, the planet of your future karma, transit through its own house, the fifth house of your horoscope on January 28 this is a time when you will be more interested in taking the initiative to see to it that your future prospects are well looked after. You may be competitive at this time as Mars tends to bring that out due to its nature, to be careful that you don’t push your ideas for your agenda on others to heavily. Be gentle in your approach and people will be more likely to respect you and want to know what it is you are about.

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