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Scorpio 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance Social and Domestic

2006 will be an electric year for your romance and relationships Scorpio. The movement of Uranus through your love affairs sector, along with Venus in the unconventional sign of Aquarius with Neptune at the commencement of 2006, promises a very avant-garde view of love. You’ll be exploring your Scorpio urge to go beyond traditional interactions in your relationships by attempting things which would previously have been considered taboo. With such powerful influences on your emotional life, this can be frightening and exhilarating at the same time.

The eccentricity of Uranus and also the strong influence of Jupiter will result in impulsive meetings with those who are outside your normal way of life or socio-economic group and on some levels, entirely at odds with your ideals. Uranus will continue its sojourn through your romantic sector and this will be an exciting if not unpredictable period for your love life. You will be blowing hot and cold – on the one hand strongly desiring the partner you have and on the other finding that you are not completely fulfilled with them at the same time. In any case, your love life will be anything but ordinary.

Jupiter is particularly lucky throughout most of 2006 and especially if you happen to be currently in a committed relationship or even married. The placement of Jupiter in Scorpio can be a wonderful omen to help expand relationships as this influence on your Sun also makes you extremely optimistic and approachable by those you love. That being said, Jupiter will expand and ennoble your relationships and those who have endured some difficult communications or even temporary rifts and separations will see a marked improvement.

You will find the healing and beneficial rays of Jupiter mending many broken hearts throughout the coming year. So Scorpio, if you are able to put in place this initial time and energy to rebuild your relationships, especially around May, you will have fostered the trust you have been trying to rekindle and can look forward to improved romantic and marital relationships in the second half of the year. Jupiter is bright and gives you a sense that you can move forward with that special person. If you previously found it difficult making a firm commitment, or tying the knot, 2006 will be a year in which this is quite possible. The months of May and June are of special significance as Venus activates your family and child rearing instincts. Your biological clock is ticking over and the alarm could be ringing bells for you to act upon shortly.




Mars offers you a word of caution due to its presence in your area of marriage and you must bite your tongue even when tempted to retaliate this year. Your spouse or closest friend may exhibit far more aggressive energies than previously due to the fiery planet influencing them. It may come as a surprise when you have to deal with their pushy and demanding nature. This could be quite out of character and your adjustments in accommodating their change of heart might require considerable effort on your part. This dynamic energy may also reveal a more committed drive in them to fulfill their own ambitions. Don’t allow this to compete with your own aspirations and use it as a way of drawing you both closer to each other. Support your partner’s wishes in a mutual system of emotional and loving exchange.

Venus begins the year in a very strange way. Therefore those of you who are married may find your love life starts with confusion over whether or not you can sustain a higher level of commitment. In the first part of 2006, due to the reverse movement of this planet, you will find yourself doing a lot more around the home by stabilizing your personal affairs and your emotional direction rather than spending inordinate amounts of time on your social or romantic affairs. For some Scorpios, digging deeply into the arsenal of emotional weaponry will be high on the agenda to work through any remaining difficulties from the previous year.

On some level, trust may have been eroded in a relationship so this year is a time when these associations on the most intimate level can be rebuilt. It will be a cycle in which a strong foundation can be put in place to ensure the emotional security you long for. This early part of the year reflects these needs. Venus will pave the way for you to give adequate time to your partner’s needs rather than distracting yourself and throwing all your energy into incessant activities which seem to have become a permanent feature of your life. If you can give just a little more attention to your romantic life especially in the early part of the year, things will definitely improve for you. These problems occur more or less up until mid April when Venus begins its upward climb in your horoscope and ensures a steadier experience emotionally. Whatever past obstructions you have grappled with should be dealt with and resolved by then.

For you, friendship is ruled by Mercury and with the close association of Pluto in the sign of Sagittarius at the commencement of the year; you have a strong desire to deeply understand someone on a much deeper level. They could be some mistrust on your part or a change in your opinion as to the worthiness of certain connections and this is likely to develop as the year progresses. You have a deeply probing nature and will be scrutinizing the behavior of friends but you should do so in a way which is and threatening or does not cause rifts over trifling matters.

Others will sense your rather “Kojac” style investigations and will probably opt to part ways with you anyhow. It’s also not advisable to mix your finances with friendships as some of these problems may be associated with debts or loans and misplaced trust of a monetary nature. Business and pleasure are usually not a great combination and this is quite the case for Scorpios in 2006.

Finally, a word on your domestic life. Uranus and Saturn are both strong by position and show that for those Scorpios involved in family life, responsibilities will be taken much more seriously. If you’ve been lax or incapable of showing your feelings and spending the appropriate time with those you love, you’ll be changing that throughout this year. Towards the end of March there will be a strong and deepening commitment to family life.

Profession and Finances

The continuing presence of Saturn in your professional sector promises an even more hardworking and challenging year than ever for you. Fortunately Jupiter’s entry into your Sun sign in October 2005 and its strong influence on you, particularly around January 2006, will ease pressures and give you a sense that your hard is paying off. Greater responsibility will be assumed by you due to the task-master Saturn demanding more of your expertise. This won’t necessarily scare you as your Scorpionic willpower loves a challenge. But you will be tested to see where your limits are and what your breaking point may be.

Dealing with employers, government officials and other work colleagues who are also adding their demands to your workload will push your level of patience and perseverance especially in the first part of the year. Sometimes when pressures build up and become too great, the way out is to look for a pleasurable means to ease the burden. This is fine, but due to Jupiter that ease and love of fine food and the high life could result in health problems. Owing to overindulgence in such things as alcohol and rich foods your weight could increase. It’s far better for you to balance your appetites this year with at least a modest and disciplined exercise regime which will certainly make you feel much healthier but less stressed as well.

The broader significance of Saturn’s presence in the most important part of your horoscope is that your identity, self image and ego is undergoing tremendous change and unless you are able to see the bigger picture and plan for a positive outcome, you might find this year too difficult to adjust to. In other words, you must rise to the challenge of adapting your character to the demands of work, family and other social obligations. Your inflexible nature being too brittle means you could break, but the karmic challenge is to continue to improve, grow and become much more flexible. In other words, bend a little. Reach for that higher potential within you as that is what you are capable of.




A powerful optimism and confidence can mark the beginning of the year and this allows you to overcome the Saturnine and more serious side of life. For this reason it’s imperative that your most positive qualities and beliefs about life take precedence so you can defeat the more sombre elements which could attempt to dominate your mind during any difficult trends. Greater opportunities are presented due to the friendly Jupiter influence, but then again you need to clearly define your boundaries and determine what you’re capable of taking on. Any over optimism will simply produce more of the same, i.e. finding yourself so overwhelmed with the responsibilities that you find very little time to enjoy anything else. And that seems to defeat the purpose of all of your wonderful efforts.

Your relentless ambitions are now even more strongly being felt because ruling planet Pluto has been in your finance sector for some years now. Most of that willpower and determination of yours is currently in top gear and is being powerfully channelled into many new and creative ways of making money. Developing your material security has become so important to you and this has now resulted in a push to attain an even greater measure of success in your chosen field. This also has something to do with the fact that throughout this year and late last year the karmic planet North Node has been transiting your work environment sector. This means your appetite in taking on a challenge has increased, but so too have the duties and responsibilities, and you may even find that during the middle of the year some of your daily work routine will begin to change. This shift from simply working to doing what you really love will be an important component of your evolution. This area of work and service strongly brings to the fore the karmic need for you to sacrifice in order to achieve, but this also relates to the sacrificing of certain long held belief systems that are no longer of any use to you.

It’s a perfect time to start any self-improvement techniques to educate yourself in health matters and to plan for your future security and the benefits that can come from being more physically fit. As confident and positive as you are this year, you should be cautious not to speculate too much, to squander your assets or exaggerate any of the potential benefits that can be derived from your activities. This is more notable in areas such as your domestic sphere which after many years may prove a source of constraint or limitation.

Idealism in matters of home life, construction, investment in buildings and property will be high on your agenda but can also be a source of confusion, especially if finances haven’t been considered carefully enough. At the beginning of the year Mercury and Pluto provide you with a deeper more perceptive view of your financial situation and this should be used in an unbiased way to truly see your financial circumstances as they really are. This will further ensure against any rash speculation in which an unplanned move could prove disastrous.

For the time being you should, for the most part, remain where you are and formulate a carefully planned strategy before acting upon your desires. The overall tenor of 2006 however, is strongly positive and Jupiter promises to give extremely good results, especially towards the latter part of the year when your hard work pays off.

Karma and Luck

Jupiter and the Moon are your primary luck planets and offer you wonderful results throughout the year. In particular Jupiter’s spiritual energies provide you with new insights into the deeper aspects of your character and who you are. This will touch all departments of your life but especially your marriage or closest one to one friendships. The more superficial elements of your dealings with others will give way to a more compassionate and truly loving expression.

You somehow have more of an interest in spiritualizing your life and this is due to the Moon’s influence on your mind. You’ll begin to see the laws of karma in action as others treat you with the same measure of love and respect that you offer them. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is most interesting as Mars activates your marital sector and this usually brings in its wake dispute and argumentation. Jupiter will cause you to be less reactive and understanding of other people’s views this year.




The new Moon of January is important in that it determines the general trend of 2006 especially in matters of luck for. You have a strong leaning to begin afresh and to look for original ways of attracting fortune and good karma. Your luck will be dependent on your ability and openness to looking at things through unsullied eyes. Learning new skills is essential and the Moon in Capricorn makes your desires very practical, if not progressive due to the influence of Uranus. Travels will also bring you good fortune but should be restricted to clearly defined parameters before you sprint off the block towards the horizon. Generally these influences will steady your impulses and give you the requisite commercial information you need before embarking on any risky opportunities.

Jupiter also regulates the financial area of your horoscope which is why you like to earn big and to spend just as lavishly. You run the risk of ostentation during this period of your life as there’s no doubt your success will be most pronounced and others will be noticing you. You must learn humility as part of your spiritual lesson now and share your good fortune with others as a means of showing appreciation to those who have supported you.

There is also strong karma associated with close family members, most notably brothers and sisters, particularly during the first part of all of the year. One of these people may be instrumental in sharing some revolutionary, new spiritual information with you and this could be the start of a new phrase of friendship with them.

The good fortune promised by Jupiter will continue throughout this year which should prove to be a memorable one for most Scorpios.