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Scorpio 2017 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

Although things have been in abeyance for a couple of years for those born under the sign of the scorpion, things are about to change during 2017 and this is clear from the transit of Jupiter nearing your Sun sign in the earlier part of the year and finally making contact with your Sun sign Scorpio on October 10.

To gain the best out of this year you must still work with Jupiter in your 12th house of low-key activities, planning, and secret insights. It is predominantly a spiritual house in your horoscope and therefore much of what has been happening, even if it doesn’t feel too positive is in fact ultimately for your own good and unique development. You can expand yourself tremendously through this mechanism of Jupiter and deepen your spiritual insights as well is your intuition.

This is a year when you need to trust that intuition and delve deeply into what it is you want to do and ascertain when the best times to do that are. You can only do that I tuning into yourself and not relying too much on what other people have to tell you.

Your financial affairs have been under a cloud some time and much of the reading for 2017 regarding Saturn will be similar to what was said throughout 2016 are Saturn will not exit your finance and income sector until 20 December 2017. This doesn’t mean your finances are destined to be in the pits for the whole of 2017 but you will still be required to respect money and to live a little more frugally. Of course, when Jupiter makes its move in October you will start to feel a distinct shift in all matters financial.

The transit of Jupiter is also significant for another reason, it fully aspects your seventh house of marriage and relationships. Of course, when you are completely snowed under by financial and business worries, it’s hard to really put your heart and soul into a relationship when you’re distracted by all these other bushfires, so to speak. The advantage of Jupiter transiting your Sun sign is that it will bring more optimism and a better connection spiritually to those you love and in particular your chosen partner or spouse. You should anticipate the last quarter of 2017 being better both for your relationships as well is your finances.

You’re two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, need to be looked at to give you an overview of what is likely to have throughout the coming 12 months as well. As mentioned last year, with the transit of your ruling planet Pluto, the most transformational of all planets in your third house of communication, it’s likely many of you have opted for a very different communication style. The manner in which you engage others may have changed and this is because you don’t have too much time now to bother with superfluous matters, petty people or those who aren’t interested in forging deep and long-term relationships with you. Your communication is all about attrition, cutting through to what’s important and eliminating what’s not.

With Mars located in your fifth house of competitive activities, love affairs and children, 2017 is also likely to be one where your competitive spirit and drive is rebooted. At last, you will start to feel that energy and passion that may have been missing for some time and this is your chance in the next 12 months to really put your best foot forward and show others what you are really made of. As long as these competitive instincts don’t get in the road of your friendships and relationships, and you maintain good sportsmanship in the way you approach even the most ferocious competitive situation, you will come out a winner and at the same time maintain friends and the respect of those you are in competition with.

Apart from streamlining your relationships, Uranus in your sixth house of work practices and the environment in which you work receives a favourable aspect from Saturn stabilising what has been a rather topsy-turvy time in your professional activities. This is good because it shows you won’t be so high strung about the ups and downs but will remain more focused on what it is you need to do to get the job done and also refocus on being happy with your work rather than simply being caught up in the need to make money as a result of the previous issues financially.

Meeting new people in your workplace or through your business and profession will give you a lift in confidence and also provide you with the inspiration needed to take you through to the next level in your life. In the early part of the year with the North node moving through your 11th house of friendships and networking, you could meet people that are rather different your usual peer group and this will open your mind up to the science of human possibilities. This is also been a period of attrition in terms of friends and therefore you will be on the lookout to expand your social circle but not in the way you have in the past.

As the year starts, the Moon and Venus transit your fourth house of family affairs. Both of these planets gain directional strength in this area of your horoscope and this means you will be drawn closer to the ones you love at home, both immediate family members and extended relatives. You will also want to make your home a haven of peace and security so notwithstanding what is happening in your professional and social experience, focusing on your family life will be one of the key points on your agenda to work on in 2017.

Venus is your marital planet, is located in your fourth house but this has to do with your partner’s career and professional appetite and therefore throughout the next 12 months you may find yourself playing a supporting role in helping them find their feet and in a way, encouraging and mentoring them to find what brings passion to their life through their work. This can be very fulfilling for you at the same time helps cement your relationship to the one you love, such as your spouse or long-term partner. Business partnerships also come under the purview of this Venus rulership and so, therefore, any business associations can also flourish during 2017.

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Romance, Social and Domestic

Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter and Venus are the predominant rulers of your relationships, love affairs friendships and marriage. Let’s take a look at how these may influence you throughout 2017.

In studying your 11th house of friendships, Mercury is located in your third house at the commencement of 2017 and is in retrograde motion showing that there may be some misunderstandings or inability to see ours to me on ideological differences. This is why I said in the introduction that you may be looking at changing or eliminating people who no longer serve you.

Mercury moves direct on January 8 but is also retrograde on April 10 up until May 4, again on August 13 until September 5 and finally on December 3 until 23rd. Throughout these periods of the year, misunderstandings may occur and that any decisions you feel you need to make should be put on hold as you may not be in possession of all the facts to make a well enough informed choice. Try to do a bit more listening during these intervals as the retrograde movement of Mercury often indicates you may miss vital information being provided to you.

Communications can also stall while Mercury is transiting your fifth house of love affairs between February 26 and March 14. Try not to superimpose your ideals on others and accept that if someone is not an agreement, trying to force the hand is not exactly going to win them over. This could be particularly difficult on or about March 4 when Mercury is in conjunction with Neptune, the planet of confusion and deception.

Sexual differences may also arise during the transit of Mercury in your eighth house while it is in the square aspect to Neptune on or about June 14. Actually, this needn’t be a negative aspect if you are both opened to learning new things about each other because remember that the word intimacy means exactly that – in-to-me-see! This is a grand opportunity for you to bear open your soul and hopefully for your partner to reciprocate the same so that you may come to a deeper understanding of each other.

During July when Mercury moves into your 11th house of friendships, it is followed up by the retrogression on August 13 which means that some new friendship or group of friends that you may align yourself with good have you doubting your associations with these people. It’s not a bad idea to test others and to make sure that if you’re going to open your heart and give them your trust that you are doing so with people that are worthy of what you have to offer.

Looking at your fifth house of love affairs, we see Neptune, the idealistic planet slowly transiting this area of your horoscope and it will continue to do so for many years. Your idealism is indeed admirable, but you need to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground to make your relationships work in a practical way. Some of the challenges to Neptune can be seen for example when Venus is in square around July 18, in opposition on September 30 and again in square on December 10. This interplay of Venus with Neptune shows that you may be looking at your relationships through rose coloured glasses. Again, there is no problem in trying to see the best in a relationship but you should always test others especially those who are new in your life.



Jupiter, co-ruler of your fifth house of love affairs, is in the 12th house up until October 10 and indicates that there may be some misgivings you have about your love affairs or romance. You could be suppressing these feelings and that will cause some discomfort to you and believe it or not, your partner may also sense that you are not quite right and have some issues but aren’t verbalising them. This will all come good when Jupiter transits to your Sun sign of October 10 and you will be more likely to share what you feel needs to be improved in the relationship.

Mercury’s conjunction to Venus on December 16 is a lovely combination and indicates the union of the planet of friendship and love, meaning that you can reach out and enjoy your partnerships in a wonderful way leading up to Christmas. Because this conjunction takes place in your finance sector, there may be an overlap between your business interests and love affairs.


Profession and Finances

Expenses and more expenses seem to be the prevailing trend for many Scorpios while Jupiter is transiting the 12th house. Not all expenses are bad, especially those that are an investment in can give your return on that expenditure however, for the previous year, it appears that some of your spending has been out of control and that maybe you didn’t take account of the repercussions by going ahead boldly and possibly even blindly in some business directions previously.

In each and every section of your yearly forecast you can see clearly that Jupiter is touching every part of your life by its presence in this hidden part of the zodiac and that it’s imminent transit to your Sun sign will be a welcome relief for many of you.

The transits of the Sun and Mars are particularly telling on your professional life throughout 2017 and we see some new opportunities during March, especially after the 20th when the Sun moves to your sixth house. You be actively engaged in improving the systems you use to do your work and to interact with others who may be instrumental in pushing your work or independent business forward.

Mars moves to your 10th house of professional esteem on August 17 it makes a square aspect to the Sun, ruler of your professional activities and this shows a challenging time indeed especially with those in authority. You may have differences of opinion and could well be right about the fact that there are more efficient ways to get things done but you should be careful in going head-to-head with those upon whom you are dependent on financially, especially employers. You can take a more responsible attitude after August 22 when Mars trines Saturn and this will bring with it some financial gains as Saturn is transiting your second house of income. Don’t expect this to be a huge amount, but a win is better than a loss.

The transit of Mars through your 11th house of profitability on September 5 is an excellent omen for achieving better results especially if you happen to be running an independent business or consultancy. You can network yourself really well up until October 23 but try to pace yourself as you may not realise just how much energy you are actually expending for the sake of making money.

You may be feeling a little down or physically weak as the transit of Mars through your 12th house between October 23 and December 9 may cause you to lose confidence or perhaps not be feeling that physically up to things. Take rest and learn to say the magic word during this interval which is “no”.

Tremendous drive and energy a required for success and this can happen when your ruling planet Mars transits your Sun sign on December 9. People will look up to you as a leader and you can set the trend by being your own person. Under this transit you will be able to get an incredible amount of work done.


Karma and Luck

Friends and alliances are important during 2017 and karmically speaking you may find yourself connected to some important people who can radically alter the course of your destiny. This is due to the North node transiting your 11th house and having the full impact of Neptune from your fifth house of future karma.

There will most definitely be a spiritual tinge to the relationships and the friendships you forge in the coming 12 months but more importantly in the first six months of the year. Thereafter, 28 June when the North node moves to your 10th house of profession, you will start to feel the greater impact of the connections you have made. This may even have to do with foreign affairs and people you meet from outside your normal cultural or environmental affairs. In any case you should keep an open mind as this will start to bring with it some powerful opportunities professionally.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, brings you into a more spiritual modality during the first nine months of 2017 as a transit your 12th house of deeper spiritual insights and self-reflection. Some of you may need time away from your usual routine and business activities. This is essential for you to reprogram yourself, redirect your attention to what it is you really want in life and to draw in the universal forces of nature to help you achieve those ends.

As mentioned earlier with the North node, there may be delayed reaction in the effects of some of these transits and the same goes for Jupiter which will bring the effects of those spiritual insights into your practical affairs when it transits into your Sun sign of October 10. Along with some new found skills in your work, you will have the spiritual insight that can help propel your ideas into directions you never thought possible. With the right blend of concepts, spiritual power and great connections, your luck and opportunities will definitely improve especially in the second half of 2017.

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