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Taurus 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance Social and Domestic

You will continue to make large strides in your relationships during 2006. Deepening your understanding of partners, lovers or spouse will become particularly significant during the months of January, February and April when difficult planetary aspects demand compromise and some latitude between you and your loved ones and this will offer you the opportunity to make some breakthroughs.

Your social scene is controlled by Neptune and Jupiter. Much of your friendship and social activity revolves around work all through 2006 (in fact this has been the same for some time now) and this will be so until December, when a new cycle gets under way. Certain dramatic changes in a friendship could rock your world and leave you dazed and confused. Perhaps the “use-by date” on a friendship will leave you no option but to move on to newer experiences and greener pastures.

Some of your newfound romantic idealism could spin out of control this year. You must keep emotions in check. Venus and Uranus could cause you to react erratically and with little forethought throughout the year, especially around February. Don’t superimpose your feeling or judgements on another individual at this time until you get all the facts straight. You may want, or even demand, others provide you with the affection and responses that you expect just now. Notwithstanding these overtones there is an exciting build-up of planets in the first week of March in the area of friendship.

Some of the spheres that are covered by this combination indicate your friends or even brothers and sisters, the realisation of your desires and goals, recovery or return of debts and an overall fulfilment with life. You should try to carry this positive thread throughout the whole of the year. For Taureans looking for love, March will be a very busy time with many engagements outings and meetings with friends and newcomers alike. Opportunities for a new love are to be expected around May when Venus in Pisces, creates favourable circumstances for attraction and new romantic endeavours.




In March, some Taureans will make rather far reaching plans and the retrogression of Jupiter is significant, especially for any business alliance or even engagement or marriage prospects. Plans may change and the decision to do so may come from the other party. Here again we see the necessity for acceptance and surrender to circumstances that are often beyond our control. It seems that 2006 will be bringing to the fore some of these very important spiritual lessons for Aquarius.

Saturn’s slow movement is accentuating your home life and eases up after the early part of June. There are additional responsibilities that you must shoulder in the first half of the year and if you can manage to deal with these matters of family fairly and squarely you’ll feel much lighter and happier for doing so. Some tough decisions will be needed around July when Mars and Saturn combine forces in your fourth domestic sector. An elderly family member needs your assistance or could be demanding more and more of your time. The Sun also meets with conflict in August, but between September and November a new phase with relatives ensures peace and quiet again for you.

There are still some lingering difficulties in your domestic sphere this year with the very powerful conjunction of Mars and Saturn and this requires you to deal with family issues in a more sensitive manner. You may wish to take some of your frustrations and channel them into a more practical and physical outlet this month as Mars and Saturn indicate reconstruction, building. If you wish, you may purchase a new home or maybe just build a brand new lifestyle. Take adequate precaution by studying your own motivation for doing this and make certain it’s not simply out of frustration that you opt for change this month.

Jupiter is lucky for you this year and also blesses you with love and overall harmony in romance. Your partners too are lucky and may experience some extraordinary luck which will be shared with you. For Taureans who aren’t married, 2006 is also a key year in which the bonds of love may be cemented. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter conjoin in November in Aquarius, late in the year, culminating in a nice outcome to what was earlier, a challenging year for you. Jupiter moves through your seventh sector in 2006 and will bring many people forward who are ready, willing and able to propel you forward and bring you the much needed luck and assistance that you’ve worked so hard for in these previous years. There are some prime opportunities to capitalise on your lucky planets during this cycle. Remember though – if you don’t communicate your needs or your dissatisfaction, you’re not going to get what you want in your most meaningful relationships this year.

Profession and Finances

Neptune continues to dominate your professional sector during 2006 Aquarius. On one level this can be an inspiring year, yet on another, nebulous Neptune may confuse your decision making if you don’t clearly establish your priorities and motivation. These matters will certainly come to a head around July when your actions and ideals need to be co-ordinated 100%. Frustrations throughout the month of July cause you to rethink your career path. You’ll come to some firm understanding by August however which paves the way for renewed vigour in your work and service.

You commence 2006 with an intense sense of urgency, if not combativeness and drive to get things done. Mars is visiting your Sun sign at the commencement of the year and shows that you mean to achieve quite a bit this month. You’ll possibly take on more than you can handle with the difficult aspect from Jupiter and sometime around the 12th when the full Moon occurs in your third sector, you may just come to your senses. Actually, your karmic planet in work matters has been prodding you to question the nature of your service – how good your past efforts have been and now what sort of fruits you may expect from your labour. Between April and June some insights as a result of your own quiet reflection will result in a move forward, one which you’ve been expecting for some time. Again, in July, a strong and positive shift can be anticipated, one in which your professional doubts will be cleared – hopefully once and for all.




Uranus, your primary career planet, lingers in your sector of friends and profit. Innovation and open-mindedness to work practices will yield unexpected benefits, especially in early March when the Sun conjoins Uranus. As well, Saturn, your secondary career planet remains in your domestic sector throughout 2006 and home life could be tedious and sometimes obstructive as a result. These obstructions will go against your work efforts and inner contentment through your professional endeavours will be a major inner discipline for you to tackle this year.

If it wasn’t for the slow and serious influence of Saturn on your professional sector during the period of March, you might feel just a little more uplifted and excited about getting up and doing the 9 to 5 routine. For those who have an independent line of work and can set their own timetable, this may not be as impactful. For the rest however, March 2006 could become a little tedious as far as work matters are concerned and though some continuing satisfaction on the financial side of things may initially be a consolation, the day to day grind of work during this month could become a little overbearing. You’ll need to find creative ways to make your working life more interesting just now.

Mercury is your finance planet and late in January and throughout much of February is strong, but also risky, because your dreams aren’t anchored in reality at that time. That’s not like your Aquarius. Fall back on your more practical, earthy character to get you through this period. Sudden gains, lotteries, pay rise and other unexpected profits come your way around April. Again in May and June positive earnings and lucky financial opportunities along when commercial plans take off and give you a great deal of confidence.

The other very lucky month financially for you Aquarius is November when Mercury conjoins Jupiter in your seventh sector of the world at large. It seems you have a date with Lady Luck at that time. Jupiter, the generally lucky planet, favours you in most relationships throughout 2006 as it visits your PR sector. Taureans dealing with the public, sales or other advertising and marketing careers will experience a stellar cycle professionally and financially. Key months to look out for are June, August and November.

Karma and Luck

Making yourself available, accepting new opportunities and meeting new people are the key points for your karma and luck throughout 2006. Deepening your relationships will be the cornerstone of the luck you can expect throughout this year. As mentioned earlier, tough karma in your home sphere makes it more difficult for you to capitalise on those lucky opportunities, even when offered, as your attention will be directed to those pressing issues at home. If an opportunity, money, profession or love, even travel, comes your way, these domestic demands will not allow you to take them up. You may have to postpone and delay things for a period but your patient and persevering Taurean nature should manage this quite well and the wait will have been worth it.

Your karma planet spends the first six months of the year in your sector of secrets, urging you to examine your past deeds and eliminate any obstacles to your overall luck and destiny. The first part of the year may not seem that lucky, but if you accept your past shortcomings and realise the past can’t be changed, your attitude will certainly attract new opportunities and luck you hadn’t expected.

You should indeed get out your wish list and determine with full confidence what it is you wish to achieve. It could be a particularly busy month for you as there are many planetary aspects forming at this time which means you’ll be required to choose carefully those activities that are going to maximise your time and effort and give you the best results. Have you considered some sort of creative endeavour or taking up something you’d previously begun as a hobby? This is the month to begin something new, especially after the new Moon of the 22nd or to resume some past art or craft that gave you a sense of peace and productivity. This also doesn’t necessarily have to be related to monetary gain – this is a higher more spiritual gain that will satisfy the yearnings of your spirit.




There are several ways in which the planets can impact upon you spiritually this year. First, you may on the one hand wish to express how you feel and clear up matters of an emotional nature or on the other hand your desire to clarify matters could have you pushing aside important aspects of another person’s character. With that approach you run the risk of doing yourself a disservice by overlooking and not pointing out areas of improvement in that person’s personality. Part of the cycle for you during this year will be to shift your focus from a purely sensate or material level of relationships to what other people really need. In your desire to forge a deeper relationship, you may find yourself moving through a period where the selfless side of your nature will be called upon to help the ones you love. This is a very compassionate vibration which will continually come to the fore throughout 2006.

It’s quite likely that the middle of the year, especially June will be one of the more prominent months for your personal power. Is it any wonder that your spiritual beauty will attract many new people into your life? This could result in a yearning to attach yourself to others in very powerful karmic exchanges. There is a warning however for you of being too impulsive in your physical interactions with others. Whilst you may have the power and magnetism to attract almost anyone this month, even karmic soulmates, you may have a hard time fending off those people that shortly afterwards as they could become a burden to you. And this is more than likely caused by your own rash responses.

Throughout all of these interesting developments it’s nice to know that there are moments when flashes of insight can give you an understanding as to what is really going on in your life. This year aspects of your life may be a difficult to piece together but some brilliant moments of unique wisdom dawns throughout 2006 and this helps speed up your mental processes and can lead to some conclusions over important life matters. You have opportunities to participate in spiritual seminars or conventions that stimulate your mind on the one hand and give you a much afforded relief from the tensions of your normal day to day routine on the other. It could be here that you inadvertently bump into someone from your past and have a thoroughly great opportunities to cross-reference the many years that have lapsed against each other’s paths.

You’ll need to use this year as a time of appreciating a lot of the great things about your life. Gratitude is quite a strong emotion at this point in time and you can put those strong feelings to good use by involving yourself in artistic activities, discussions etc.