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Taurus 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

Take the ball and run with it this year Taurus! 2008 is vitally important for your love interests. You will meet people who can teach you many valuable lessons about love and romance. This will happen not only in a personal setting but also in your professional arena as well.

Your open and co-operative aura will make people take notice of you and bring you loads of social success. New friends and alliances will be formed and a stimulating period of social expansion will begin.

The coming 12 months marks an important turning point in your love life Taurus. This will be particularly so after September at which point many of the important lessons of your love life and friendship will have been identified and understood. You’ll have had a few tough issues to deal with in the previous months but fortunately, Saturn’s exit from your zone of romance will be like a breath of fresh air. What seemed confusing is now crystal clear.

I see that your year will be full of power as you draw upon the combined energies of Jupiter and the Sun and Mercury. These planets are prompting you to make dramatic changes in your relationships. Your nearest and dearest already see these changes in you as you take more of an active role in your romantic activities. Others will notice you this year because your charisma is strong. Don’t be surprised to get a lot more respect this year.

I want you to pay special attention to my advice for these coming months. If you listen carefully to what I say and use your energies well, I promise that you will overcome many of the difficulties that Saturn has been placing in your path. These are tests of your inner strength and should be welcomed as a chance to grow in love and inner happiness. This is the time to let go of outmoded relationships. I know that will be hard for you but you must move forward in 2008.

After February you will feel a great deal of confidence in these matters and can cut free of a relationship which has hindered you. You have been holding on to what was and can now see the relationship for what it is! Sexual and deep emotional discussions form the basis for some of these breakthroughs in the early part of the year.

In March Venus will shower her blessings on you and make you feel as if it is a completely new you, ready to start on a new path of love in the world. Meeting new friends and lovers is surely on the card at this time.

There’ll be an unusual window of opportunity to be passionately involved with someone you work with during March. This may also mean a chance meeting through mutual friends on the professional front. Avoid the advances of bosses and employers though as this is a sure-fire recipe for continued complications. Don’t mix too much of your business with pleasure even if the heat of the moment seems to good to refuse.

With the Sun in your friendship zone I see that group activities will be a focus for you during March and April. Your loyalty to friends will also be recognised. You can expect lovers and friends to express their commitment to you.

There’s a quiet period after the 19th so enjoy yourself fully up to that time. Mercury also directs your energies towards work matters and so you may not be able to fully concentrate on love for a brief period.

During your April cycle that you will meet many remarkable people and astonish yourself even more by forming fascinating friendships with very diverse, or even out of the ordinary individuals. Your communication skills will, for the most part develop during this period and continue throughout the year.

Your romanticism is at an all-time high with Neptune coloring your attitude. Friendship and love will be seen through rose colored glasses. My advice is to beware however as you runs the risk of overseeing people’s shortcomings. Be realistic for a while till you get to know others. Study their intentions before making decisions about love.

Throughout May and June there’s no stopping you Taurus! Your physical energy and popularity will be explosive. You will want to get lots done and will want to be with people that have the same energy as you.  



This period strongly spotlights the romantic side of your Taurus nature. Venus is in a very crucial position. As your ruling planet it can fulfil your dreams and create lifelong friendships. It’s not only a favourable time for socializing and flitting from partner to partner but also great for the blossoming of existing relationships. It’s a time of marital opportunities too.

You’ll be interested in communicating your deepest feelings with a special lover or current partner throughout the middle of the year. You will to deepen your love and some Taureans may even start getting themselves prepared for the sound of wedding bells. Your lifelong fantasies can come true.

As the year progresses your attention will be diverted to family matters. Expect demanding relatives to want their pound of flesh during June and July. If you are overemotional about certain circumstances you will only make a rod for your own back. You have to be decisive in your approach but also controlled in not reacting to the excessive demands of family.

Be constructive. That is my best suggestion at this time. I mean that as a literal piece of advice too. Your home will need work and joining forces with your partner or a family member will be a solution to any confrontational issues. Roll up your sleeves together and see just how therapeutic a team effort can be!

I can foresee some pretty wild and wonderful times for you in August. As the Sun, Mars and Uranus combine in the heavens you will want anything but your traditional Taurean safety net. Your attractiveness is mixed with an element of gambling and temptation. You can be excessive in your personal habits and lifestyle choices at this time.

It’s a perfect time to speak with a close friend on a change of friends or environment. Carefully re-assess your direction in love and ask yourself what it is you really want. This is a thread that will continue to flow through much of your personal life in 2008.

The health of a lover may concern you at this time of the year. If you see someone acting in a way that could harm them or a friend you will have a responsibility to speak up. Mind you, it may not be that easy though. Your words could fall on deaf ears at best. At worst, they could regard you as poking your nose into their business and this might have unpleasant ramifications for your friendship. How you handle this will have more to do with your manner rather than what is said.

In September surrender some time to lend a hand to a loved one. You could find this hard at first but you’ll understand the benefits for your relationship very quickly if you give it a go. It will help you reconnect with each other.

In October outstanding occasions for love come your way when Venus moves to the most prominent part of your horoscope. Also, your reputation I see will also be strongly related to love and sexuality.

If you’re seeking the ultimate partner, the last three months of 2008 will be tremendously tantalizing. Your soul mate may just happen to cross your path. Be on the lookout. You should also use this positive vibration of the planets to reinforce your current relationship if you aren’t searching for someone. Venus will make you more likely to share your feelings in a caring way.

I must caution you again during November as the Sun and Mars aggravate your relationships. Depending on how you use this energy you can either make or break some of your relationships during this month.

Love interferes with your personal ambitions during the last phase of 2008 so talk about your individual desires with each other. Strike up a balance between your desire for romantic and personal space. Don’t let your reactions boil over either.

Relationships deepen as the year comes to an end. Your sexuality will reach heady heights in December. If you are single and looking for love, there’s a danger that you’ll get more than you bargained for. What’s on offer may be less than what you want but you’ll be prepared to compromise for the sake of experience.

Profession and Finances

Your finance and career planets are Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Uranus. I can assure you that these helpers of Taurus are strong in 2008 and bring numerous professional opportunities to you in the coming months. Are you ready to step up to the mark and accept what’s on offer?

If you have a strong desire for leadership and recognition it may not happen in the first month of 2008. You’ll need a little time to accelerate and move into top gear. But your chance for success is inevitable early, probably around February when the Sun and Mercury pass through your career zone. You will be increasing your individual and professional efforts.

You’ll be more independent at this time. Your desire to be free of restrictions will be very high, even dominating you this year. Independence and determining your own path is more powerful than ever. Unless you are in a job which is giving you a tremendous amount of job satisfaction, you will get itchy feet and want something new and out-of-the-ordinary.

I see that in February you’ll experience a positive boost to your physical energies which also promise a burst of confidence. New challenges during this phase won’t cause you to back down through fear but will in fact do quite the opposite. You’ll be all fired up and will be on the lookout for greater successes in the coming months.

You might find it hard to believe me when I say that promotions and new job prospects are on the horizon In February and March but you must wait and see that my words are likely to be fulfilled during these excellent Solar and Mercurial trends. Better cash flow can also be expected as well.

Venus and Saturn can act as a double edged sword this year. You may become all too familiar and comfortable in a position and prefer to stay in a role which to you is tried and tested. That’s OK, but when the offers come flying hard and fast remember: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

In March there’s a far opportunity to save money and feel secure about all things financial. Your monetary habits will be well under control. You will feel so confident that you want to share some of the spoils with friends, co-workers and relatives.

Your impulses are going to be strong in April. Risk taking is in full swing at this time. The influence of Sun in your zone of loss is likely to cause a devil may care attitude. This is in contrast to the previous month. You’re going to care less about what others suggest (perhaps even your astrologer here). I feel that you’re likely to throw away some of your hard earned cash. This will be in the hope that you’ll somehow win it back on a fancy game of chance, a lottery or a tip at the races. This isn’t likely Taurus.

You’ll be prepared to try anything new with friends in April. There’s an unusual blend of work and social life which will excite and also threaten your stability. Your social life will interfere with your work if you don’t maintain an orderly lifestyle. Parties, outings and other offbeat engagements might spiral out of control. Don’t let this affect the quality of your work and professionalism.

Hastily organised meetings will lead to hasty decisions. If you are in a position of authority you need to maintain the respect of everyone under your command. You might accept the information offered to you in good faith only to find that those you had entrusted the fact finding mission to haven’t done their job as you’d expected. These will reflect poorly on your management skills. Hold everyone involved accountable up front. Get commitments beforehand.

Care must be taken when loaning money to friends or people you work with. A hard luck story in April will catch you off guard. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get clear commitment form others in all manner of professional and financial dealings in 2008.  



As May comes around I see you successfully arranging a transfer relating to your work. Some Taurus individuals will throw caution to the wind by finally making a professional move. Interstate or overseas opportunities for some are also a strong likelihood. Foreign travel and work are closely linked for you Taurus.

Back at home, exciting new work opportunities await you even if you aren’t the travelling type. If you don’t make a permanent shift, your employment will at least involve lots of travel which will encourage you to study and improve your professional qualifications.

Your personal charisma is strong and you should put this to good use May and June. You will be able to easily persuade the world to buy your product, take on your service or hire you for any job at hand. For those Taureans who have been unemployed or considering taking up new work, this is the time!

Your job interviews can go very smoothly. You might be surprised to find that producing your résumé at that all important face to face interview will be secondary to just being yourself and letting your charm do the talking. You’ll be quite relaxed and successful in any negotiation.

As the year treks forward, you’ll see your professional circumstances improving greatly, moving ahead in leaps and bounds. June is most definitely a favourable period for you to feel confident that there will be improvement in your career. As the Sun and Venus conjoin in your finance region your charm and professional aptitude will lift your finances to a yearly high.

With the exception of some domestic niggles, you can propel your career forward with confidence in the middle of the year. On the issue of home and family, this might be a time when they demand more of your time and peacekeeping by spending a few more hours with your family will be necessary if you’re a workaholic Taurean.

You can use the power of Mars to make good business investments in property and land. Because Taurus is an earth sign, you have a natural affinity with “bricks and mortar”. I see this as an excellent time to consider investing your money in this type of area.

July is a time when I see trouble looming in your professional arena. This will be due to differences of opinion. Part of the reason behind these disagreeable situations has more to do with the competitive ambition of co-workers. You will have a strong contender in your midst and to top it off, your words won’t exactly be sweet. Because your own ambitions will be strong, one of you will have to compromise.

You’ll be very creative but also demanding in your speech, emails and telephone conversations because of the extreme, vibrations of Uranus. This abrupt planet ordinarily causes unforeseen snags and if others lash out at you, don’t automatically assume that it is everyone else’s fault. You may just have a case to answer to.

Your personal life will draw you away form work matters in August. Your career ambitions give way to romantic feelings and a more social side of work with Venus, Mercury and Sun transiting your zone of home in August and romance in September. Work activities will be full of social interaction which is probably not a bad thing for you at this stage of the year. A little time out will be just what the doctor ordered to recharge your batteries and relieve you of professional demands.

September may awkward as the Sun moves through your zone of health. It’s would be good to look at going on a diet and improving your eating habits. I suggest you book in at your local gym and start a fitness program. You’ll not only improve your physical health but release a lot of the tension from some tough professional cycles. If you are independently employed, hiring new staff will be spotlighted during this phase of the year.

Partnerships are very lucky for you during October and if you’re involved in business with a colleague or other family member, it will be lucky and bring you astonishingly good results. You should listen to advice from those in the know as this can only enhance your chances for success more. I see an older, more experienced person helping you develop your plans.

Your work will take you into unexplored avenues of knowledge and possibly even result in travel at the end of the year. You will develop a remarkable aspect of your talent which gives you the likelihood of being No1! You will want to do something quite unique as 2008 draws to a close.

After November you’ll be asked to be a leader and generate new avenues of growth for your organisation. You will grow your own business if you are independently employed. You’re able to draw upon your inner resources this year as Venus occupies the area of higher and spiritual knowledge. There’s an instinctive ingredient to your decision making this year. These abilities will influence your work very favourably.

Your awareness and talents will develop noticeably throughout the coming twelve months and on the whole this is an extraordinarily influential period for your life. I say – enjoy it Taurus!

Karma and Luck

Your lucky planets in 2008 are Saturn and Uranus. These two planets will be responsible for the luck and satisfaction you gain out of the coming twelve months. In particular, slow steady relationships will make you happy. Don’t become restless with a relationship that doesn’t seem all that exciting at the outset of the year. You will start to feel a deeper kind of happiness which will rub off on your other activities as the year progresses.

Mars and Jupiter trigger some outstanding karmic returns and this is felt from as early as January. Your optimistic thinking will be a particularly important component in 2008. It will open up opportunities that may affect you for your lifetime. You must be prepared to think big and venture into areas that would have previously caused you to uneasy. In particular your journeys and cultural exchanges will influence your positively with foreigners being lucky for you too.  



The fine influence of Jupiter is throughout most of the year. By and large the whole of the year will present people and situations which bump up your luck and carry positive karma. You earned it Taurus. Actions that involve foreign ideas, spiritual values, meditation or self-help practices will be spotlighted.Your luck is on the increase this year, rest assured Taurus.

For the first time in twelve years, Jupiter will spend the whole of the year in your region of luck. This has a strong relevance to your past karma. The lessons you learned in life are now going to help pay handsome rewards without too much effort on your part.

March and April are particularly significant for all round happiness, wealth and professional advancement. Overall you can expect an overall improvement in your life and throughout the whole of 2008 you will notice a sure but steady increase of luck and contentment.