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Taurus 2016 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

Lucky Jupiter moving through your 5th house of romance and creative activities is the highlight of 2016 year and brings with it many opportunities that you must seize in order to make the most of the coming 12 months. Its retrograde motion on 8 January increases its power particularly because it’s near the karmic North Node indicating powerful insights and developments in your romantic life – and once again in March when it favourably aspects your Sun sign by you can look forward to not only love but money and material success as well.

On March 9 the solar eclipse taking place in your 11th house of social activities and friendships is a powerful one and gives you a deep insight into your social relationships. Some of what you may discover may not be at all to your liking but at least you’ll be able to understand this element of your life much better. Issues of power and control may be at the heart of your circumstances generally especially between the 17 and 23 March when Jupiter forms both good and difficult aspects with Pluto and Saturn respectively.

Following this solar eclipse a lunar eclipse takes place on 23 March and this occurs in your 6th house of workplace activities, health and enemies. All of these areas will be activated by the eclipse so you need to take care of your health and not overwork or for that matter overspend.

Between April 18 and May 9 both Pluto and Jupiter change direction. Those same issues of power struggles, emotional blackmail and political backstabbing may need to be addressed both in your personal and professional life. During this period it’s best to lay low and not say too much.

Your ideals will be challenged by the middle of June and when Saturn in your 8th house squares transiting Neptune you may find it hard to reconcile your practical affairs with your spiritual or psychological ideals. But these challenges if accepted openly will help you increase your self-awareness by making you more aware of your limitations and what’s possible or not during this coming few months.

During July and in particular leading up to the week of the 16th we see the repeat of the Jupiter trine Sun aspect and this helps recover some of your well-being and physical energy which earlier may have been compromised by your excessive work practices.

The lunar eclipse on August 18 is preceded by the stationary direct movement of Saturn on August 13 into your 8th house which is associated with such things as finance, shared monetary resources, banking, taxes etc so it appears that you’ll indeed be focused on these areas materially soon after these particular celestial events take place.

The transiting 5th house eclipse on September 1 is also pretty powerful and relates to your romance, children and creative self. You may come to an understanding that you haven’t been paying enough attention to these areas of your life. Finding that inner child within you may be an important component of this transit. But this may also deal with developing stronger ties with your own biological children if you have any. A word of caution however, as this 5th house has much to do with speculation and risk, therefore you need to take care under these transits.

During the period of September commences a very important cycle for you – the transit of Jupiter to your 6th house on the 9th. For the coming 12 months after this you’ll be preoccupied with your work and will expand yourself in perhaps several different directions which again is a warning as given above that you must take care not to exceed your capacity to work both in a way that is in keeping with your mental predisposition and also your physical capabilities. As Jupiter rules your 8th house, its transit through the 6th house is welcome and the reason is that the 8th house is considered negative as is the 6th so by a principle similar to that which we see in mathematics, a negative multiplied by a negative is positive and this is exactly what you can expect through this Jupiter transit in this part of the horoscope in the latter part of 2016.

During this month and especially between the 5th and the 10th we see a repetition of the Saturn square Neptune combination described earlier, relating mainly to your shared resources but this will be part of a revision and having a checklist of what you need to do to improve your finances. More importantly this will highlight how you must deal with your significant others who are also sharing these resources so this will certainly become a key issue. Sharing will need to be understood under this transit.

Many of your long held beliefs are being scrutinised now and this is a result of Pluto transiting your 9th house. The 9th house of your horoscope relates to such things as higher education, ethical and moral values, past karma including your past life and also long-distance journeys. Pluto is a transformative planet and can sometimes completely demolish these areas of your life so that true transformation will take place. This is not always an easy process but the outcome will most certainly result in a new you. Some of you may discard your outdated religious views with the understanding that your practical life can’t make use of these dogmas anymore. You may look further afield to enhance your understanding of yourself, your relationships and the world at large. Pluto moves to its direct motion on September 27 and this will give you the internal certitude you need to own and accept your own truth.

With Neptune in your 11th house of friendships there could be continuing confusion and at worst deception from some friend/friends. Especially after 20 November it will be imperative to examine the type of friends you have surrounded yourself with and any new people you happen to meet. You may even start to realise that you’ve been too idealistic in the way you choose your friends and associates and this too can only mean a far better insight into the right people for you and your life in future if you heed the lessons of which Neptune offers you now.

Bridging the gap between conservatism and progressive thinking will be your challenge leading up to Christmas with a perfect trine between Saturn and Uranus on the 25th. You’ll be able to more easily access new ways of thinking and systems which you can implement in your life and this also applies to your personal affairs resulting in your being more capable of letting go of your old habitual ways of dealing with relationships. This is because the 8th house position of Saturn gives you that required concentration to analyse yourself and in an unbiased way release yourself from emotional blocks and complexes that may have even been there since childhood. With Uranus in your 12th house these past events which may have been submerged for years or even decades can suddenly be thrown up for you to examine and finally release. These experiences can sometimes be shocking to say the least as you, in a sense, purge yourself by releasing this excessive emotional baggage.

In this last week of 2016 you may be surprised to find that your greatest gift for Christmas won’t be a material one but rather some wonderful new insights which you will be blessed with due to the opposition aspect of Jupiter and Uranus. This can only augur well for the commencement of 2017. Having this new knowledge is a powerful weapon with which you can defeat the inner demons of your subconscious self.

Romance, Social and Domestic

Jupiter’s presence in your 5th house of romance till September gives you ample opportunity to make the most any love and affection which is on offer and it and to increase your connections romantically. If you’re in a relationship there should generally be a significant improvement but for those of you who are looking for love this is one of the better cycles for bringing you luck in the department of love.

Leading up to January 6 the square aspect of Venus to Neptune from your 8th house of sexual activity is one that requires some caution on your part. Your idealism may lead you to believe that what’s on offer is actually better than what it really is. Or conversely, that the grass may actually be greener on the other side. Take off your rose coloured glasses during January and get real. This challenging effect of Venus is transferred to the square of Jupiter which will therefore on or about the 18th cause you to give far too much for too little in return. Measure your generosity and of course the characters to whom you wish to offer your love to.

An additional dose of luck can be expected during the trine aspect of Venus in your 9th house to Jupiter around February 10 and this should give good results particularly with Jupiter trining your Sun sign on during the early part of March. On the 5th when Mercury moves your 11th house of social activities expect loads of communication and a keen interest in what your friends have to say to you. Much of your discussions will centre on romance, love affairs and so on and so forth. You may meet someone who has a spiritual leaning and this is the case because Mercury conjunct Neptune also occurs in this 11th house on the 11th. This area will be prioritised even more when Venus, the planet of love transit into the same sector. But be careful around the 21st when Venus following that conjunction closely on the heels of Mercury indicates confusion and on idealism that’s not all in keeping with the practical facts. This seems to be a recurring theme for you in 2016.

Venus transiting the 12th house on April 6 brings with it even more idealism that this time some sexual excitement and satisfaction as well. You want to discuss your sexuality the person you love is on the same date Mercury transits into your Sun sign and on the 15th form is an exceptionally good trine aspect to Jupiter. Whatever discussions you have now will elevate the relationship and make you popular. If you’re looking for love it’s also an excellent time to advertise yourself through social networks, online dating sites and the like. It’s best to do this before April 29 when Mercury moves into its retrograde motion.

You’ll be more attractive as well when Venus moves to your Sun sign on the 30th. But expect too many responses of the right sort of person to come out of the woodwork until after Mercury moves into its direct motion on May 22. On May 9 Jupiter also moves direct in that romance sector so things should be looking brighter for you emotionally during the latter part of May.

Some exceptionally good transits for romance and improving your love life occur on July 3 with the trine of the Sun to Neptune. New contracts and agreements can be formalised and this will help you to attain your dreams. This is also highlighted by the transiting Sun conjunct transiting Mercury on July 7 and transiting Mercury conjunct transiting Venus on July 17.

The fact that this is a particularly lucky interval is also underpinned by the transiting Jupiter trining your Sun sign throughout. Mercury also along with the Sun moves to your 4th house of domestic issues so family matters may also take precedence during this cycle. Developing your relationships with loved ones should be given the utmost priority is as easy to overlook the fact that sometimes the ones we love most can indeed be our best friends.

August and September are both big months for romance due to the transit of Venus, Mercury and the Sun to this particularly romantic focal point of your horoscope. You can feel a great amount of confidence as these planets activate your love life and in particular look out for the 6th, 22nd and 23rd when these planets move into position. Some confusing times and communications that come with mixed signals should be noted on the 8th, 15th and 30th. Mercury’s opposition to Neptune during this transit can blur the lines and you or someone else may misunderstand what actually being said, not to mention the retrograde action of Mercury on the 30th. Venus is also opposing Neptune on the 15th so you may be disappointed at least temporarily by this transit as well.

You can get your relationships back on track with Mercury conjoining Jupiter on September 3 along with its direct move in on the 22nd. That’s why you shouldn’t hold grudges or try to prod others into giving you answers prior to this time is things will work themselves out in due course. The transit of Venus to your 7th house of marriage is excellent on the 24th and several other aspects such as its trine the Neptune on October 2 and Mercury’s entry into this 7th house on the 25th all point to a new level being reached in your relationships. This is the time in some of you may seriously consider cementing your relationships by engagement or even marriage. This will certainly be a time of celebration even if it’s not for your own particular marriage. You’ll be sharing joy with several people during this interval. These positive aspects continue to the end of October up until 1 November with the Sun trining Neptune.

Expect some difficulties between the 6th and 19th of November with Mercury forming tough aspects to your natal sign and its movement into your 8th house of deeper emotional issues. But there’s some relief when Venus transits your 9th house of long journeys on the 12th. A trip away with a loved one could resolve many lingering issues. And your popularity could grow throughout this period as well, especially leading up to the 28th with Venus trining your Sun sign.

Confusion about your identity and how you should appear to others may come to the fore in the early part of December with the Sun squaring Neptune and this may make you feel awkward in social circumstances. You may also need to make some sacrifices when Venus moves to the 10th house of career after the 8th.

Mercury again goes retrograde signaling the need to revise and revamp some of your further travel plans till the end of the year. Christmas could be a mixture of good and not so good with Venus squaring your Sun sign and also trining Jupiter on the 24 and 25. Continuing sincere communications will be the key to success as shown by the conjunction of the transiting Sun to transiting Mercury on December 29 in your 9th house of higher mind.

Profession and Finances

Jupiter is slow to give you its most powerful effects in terms of expanding your work and career until September 2016 however you can use the creative power of the 5th house through which it is transiting to plan and reach greater heights by dreaming big throughout the next 12 months. Creativity should form the basis of your plan to improve yourself professionally this year.

On January 2 Mercury transits to 10th house and then on the 6th moves retrograde. It then transits back into the 9th house on the 9th and finally goes direct on January 26. Some of your plans may go awry as a result of this and you also need to consider the legal implications of your professional moves in the first month of the year. Mercury and Venus also challenge you in February on the 1st and 7th respectively with their hard aspects to Uranus indicating unexpected changes in your workplace or with employers. Take note.

You may not feel comfortable in your work environment in the early part of March and this is also highlighted by the lunar eclipse on the 23rd in your 6th house of workplace activities and co-workers. The hard transit of Venus to Saturn on the 26th from your 11th house to Saturn in the 8th also indicates potential problems financially. Excessive expenses may concern you around the 30th but the trine aspect to Mercury shows that this will be for a good cause and the outcome can be better than expected. April will also see a continuation of this especially when Venus moves to your 12th house on April 6. You will be able to consolidate things by the 19th but Mercury again moves retrograde on the 29th up until May 22 so you should feel some frustration in the way your finances are travelling throughout this interval.

Around 3 June when Venus squares Neptune there will be confusion about where you should work. You mustn’t make any rash decisions as this period of the year also has some particularly hard aspects such as the June 18 square of Saturn to Neptune and also on the 21st when Mercury squares Neptune – all signaling an inability on your part to clearly think through what it is you want and more to the point, how you going to concretely make your plans a reality. Although Mercury transits your 2nd house on the 13th, and your idea is to turn over more cash, you need to exercise some patience until 5 July when Mercury moves into a more favourable aspect from your house of contracts to Neptune which is transiting your 11th house of ideals, fulfilment and profits. It’s at this point that one of your new concepts can really start to take shape. Real estate and fixed assets become more focused after 12 July when Venus transits this area. Mercury close on its heels on the 14th and in conjunction with it on the 17th are all good omens for selling or buying real estate, increasing your rentals if you are a landlord and so on and so forth.

Throughout August there are some good speculative opportunities for you and in particular when Venus transits the 5th house on August 6 you will be lucky in taking a gamble. Saturn, one of your planets ruling professional activities moves direct on the 13th and although action is slow, the results are certain.

You need to use more conservative means to achieve your ends at this time. The lunar eclipse on the 18th is quite powerful and occurs in your 10th house of profession coupled with the Venus trine Sun aspect on the 21st and Mercury’s conjunction to Venus in the 5th house of speculation on the 29th – all heralding lucky opportunities – but only if you’re prepared to take some risk.

You become popular after 24 September when Venus enters your 7th house. You can forge a new business partnership and Mercury which is in trine aspect to your Sun sign from the 5th house on the 30th indicates contracts that can work in your favour. Milk these aspects for all their worth into October because Venus trines Neptune, which is transiting your profit sector on 2 October and then Mercury transits your 6th house of co-workers on the 7th. By whatever means you can, use others and their experience to help propel you forward in your game.

Erratic communications should be avoided around the 20th with the Mercury opposition Uranus and again on the 26th when Venus squares Neptune. The trine of Mercury to Neptune on the 30th is far better for clarification of contracts, agreements and other initiatives if necessary but you mustn’t let harebrained schemes spiral out of control.

You can try different things in your work after the November and when Venus trines Uranus on the 5th your ideas could be brilliant even if others may not necessarily understand where you’re coming from. If that’s the case and you need to talk to your bank manager around the 13th, try to play a more conservative tune as this will win you brownie points specifically if you need to borrow money.

Legal matters play out till the end of the year when Mercury moves to the 9th house on December 3. Fortunately Venus transiting your 10th house is a good indicator but you should put all these matters to bed before the 19th when Mercury again finally dances back into its retrograde motion.

Karma and Luck

Jupiter is a key planet for many departments of your life in 2016 and it continues to do its magic in your spiritual arena as well being in your 5th house while nicely aspecting your 9th house of spirituality and your Sun sign. You should make hay while the Sun shines up until September and if you’re particularly interested in meditation, yoga, psychological self-analysis and self-improvement you will make great strides during the coming 12 months.

Saturn rules your 9th house of past karma and higher mind with Mars, its enemy ruling your 12th house, another spiritual sector for Taurus. For this reason it’s sometimes difficult for you to really grasp this whole spiritual concept because your need is very practical and physical. But this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a measure of spiritual upliftment this year. You must make your work an important component of this spiritual exercise.

Between January 4 and February 10 Mars aspects your Sun sign from the 7th house and trines Neptune on 18 January, later transiting your 8th house of self-transformation on March 6. These aspects can give you the drive you need to really breakthrough some of those harder subconscious knots that have been plaguing you, particularly in your relationships. Saturn is retrograde in motion in the 8th house on March 25th and then on April 17 the retrograde motion of Mars in this same house can signify pretty important developments. But these two planets are inimical so you may experience a lot of frustration and of course making your financial and material requirements a secondary focus will be part of that challenge.

The solar eclipse in the 5th house on September 1 is significant as it triggers some important spiritual illumination. The transit of Mars to the 9th house of mentorship and higher learning reflects the opportunity to meet someone who will help you understand the subtleties of philosophy and religion but more importantly, give you a sense of your true self.

On November 20 Neptune moves into its direct motion bringing with it some deep and profound inner understanding. You may not be able to articulate this but it will start to have an impact on your life generally.