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Taurus 2017 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

Welcome to 2017 Taurus! In looking at your general overview, your ruling planet Venus is well-placed in your 10th house of profession and self-development as the coming year commences. The Moon is also associated with your professional life and general affairs and is the ruler of your third house, which indicates you are prepared to take some calculated risks this year to achieve something special in your life.

You are more confident, self-assured and in some ways influential, with Pluto in trine aspect to your Sun sign. On April 20 Pluto goes retrograde and continues his backward dance until September 29 indicating a very powerful revision of your use of power, how to negotiate with others and how in turn this may impact your ethical and moral standards. You are slowly breaking free of your past limitations.

Saturn, the planet of tests, however, a friendly planet to you, continues its journey in your important eighth house of shared resources, intimacy and sexuality. It’s not until December 20; the tail end of the year, that it moves into your ninth house indicating that the lessons of the past two years in your relationships may have now finally been digested and learned from. This certainly hasn’t been an easy time for you and these tests may continue a while longer.

While Saturn transits this eighth position, it makes excellent aspects to Uranus around May 19 and probably for the first time in your life you will be game enough to try to put on some new masks, present yourself differently to the world and enjoy the reactions you may get from others. In short, you’re prepared to take on life with a completely different attitude but not until you’ve thoroughly thought about this in private as Uranus is transiting your 12th house of secrets. The first people to see this change over your nearest and dearest, relatives, your closest friends et cetera. Once you use this as a litmus test, you’ll be prepared to go out into the world and test this on the general public.

You may start to also finally realise what it is you are here to do with Saturn trining the North node or karmic point around October 9. This is a very significant transit is also coincides with a repeat of the Saturn-Uranus transit earlier in the year due to its retrogression. You can see things in a completely new light and will be looking at how you can live your own truth and the light of the previous experiences you’ve had over the past couple of years.

On the matter of relationships however, Jupiter produces far more favourable results are transit your seventh house after October 10. This will be a very important new cycle in your relationships and finally one which brings you the right sort of person within your all, especially if you haven’t been lucky in love. Jupiter is generally considered the harbinger of good fortune and as a transits your seventh house of marriage, love and intimate relationships, it will be the start of a brand-new cycle which you can look forward to.

If you are a parent, the movement of the North node, or karmic point through your fifth house of children, creativity and romance will also be a pertinent focal point of your life throughout 2017. A deeper understanding of your relationship to children but more importantly to yourself will be noticed. I say to yourself because the inner child within all of us has to be connected with if we are to find that sweet spot of creativity, personal expression, and peace. This is a year when you can find all these things and more but you have to remain open to the science of possibilities. If you’ve been suppressing a creative urge, a hobby or some interest, this is the time to unleash the power of that creativity unreservedly. Explore what activities make you happy and when you find what it is that it is you that sense of joy, go for it with a vengeance.

With Mars moving through your 11th house of friendships, and social contacts, its first point of interaction is the nebulous planet Neptune and therefore you may still be somewhat mistrusting of friends based upon past experience which is also shown by the proximity of the South node or past karma point. If you continue to carry your past with you everywhere you go, you’ll never be able to view new relationships of friendships with fresh eyes. You need to let go of your baggage this year, take some risk and explore the new possibilities with friends and social contacts.

Some of your spiritual ideals may also be fulfilled as a result of the favourable Jupiter trine Neptune aspect leading up to December 3. Notwithstanding the Christmas Day square of Jupiter to the North node, you are still able to dig deeply and find your own personal meaning to life. This could indicate a radical shift in your belief systems and although you may not agree with others, or rather they may not see your viewpoint, as shown by the square aspect to the North node, by displaying your conviction, you will gain more self-confidence and respect from others.



Romance, Social and Domestic

Mars and Pluto are your rulers as far as romance love and marriage are concerned. As mentioned briefly in the opening overview of 2017, Pluto is no doubt working on you to change your perspective on relationships but the action of Pluto is one which can sometimes completely demolish one’s views, circumstances and life situation even incoming to a deeper and true understanding of what is necessary. Many born under Taurus been going through some radical changes in the last five or six years and therefore it goes without saying that these experiences will shape your views.

You have to work hard to keep relationships this year especially with Jupiter transiting in your sixth house of enemies. You may not be seeing either why with the ones you love, your romantic partner even your spouse and this too is shown by Mars in conjunction with Neptune which can muddy the waters of love considerably. If you are able to look back into your past and see your role in what has become your life now, you will make great strides in improving your love life.

January may be somewhat frustrating for you particularly leading up to the 19th when Mars squares Saturn and then moves to the 12th house of secrets on the 28. You may want to act on your physical impulses at this time but something will be holding you back. You need to trust your intuition and not impossibly go after things or people that are ultimately not going to satisfy you. You still need time to adjust what has been happening in this department of your life.

After February 27 however, you are more likely to try something brazen romantically when Mars conjoins Uranus while at the same time opposing Jupiter. You may throw all cares to the wind and embark upon a wild and memorable relationship. For singles this could even be a one night stand! The trine aspect to Saturn around March 6 brings with it a little more sensibility and you’re more likely than to act in accordance with your traditional values at this time. Although Mercury, which also has a say in your love affairs, makes contact with wild and unpredictable Uranus around March 27, the sobering influence of Saturn will probably put the rains on your impulse for the time being.

You are more dynamic when Mars moves to your Sun sign on March 10 and later, with the transit of your fifth house of love affairs, on September 5, this whole period will usher in a greater cycle of self-confidence, assertiveness but also if you’re not careful, disputes and rash behavior. Others may start to wonder about your personality as they to start to see changes that they haven’t noticed before. It’s a case of finding a happy balance between assertively demanding what you feel is rightfully yours and not treading on other people’s toes. In short try to negotiate in a mutually respectful manner with others during this cycle.

Click moving Mercury has something to say about your relationships as well this year and you may find yourself interested in unusual characters especially during its transit of your fifth house after April 4 what it makes a lovely aspect to the North node on the 18. You may find yourself socially engaging others from different cultures, different viewpoints and generally those having what you would ordinarily consider a quirky nature. It’s not to say that this may turn into a romantic whirlwind, or that this is your soulmate, but your interest will be tweaked and this will more or less broaden your horizons of what’s possible in terms of love.



During its transit through your fifth house, Mars makes you competitive but unfortunately the opposition aspect to Neptune around the 25th September also causes you to make decisions based upon faulty information. You mustn’t listen to friends who may have their own vested interests in the decisions you make particularly if mutual friends are involved. Mars and Pluto ramp up the power however around October 2 when Mars transits the trine aspect to Pluto. It will be pretty hard for anyone to overpower you during this cycle so you must stick to your guns on principle.

Avoid abusive situations after Mars transit your sixth house on October 23. Leading up to November 19 the square aspect of Mars and Pluto is not so gentle to you that you must avoid bombastic, rough or crude individuals who may jeopardize your self-respect and worse still your physical well-being. You may want to take risks at this time simply for the sake of saying “hey look what I can do”. Maintain your dignity and keep your ego in check during this interval.

On December 9 Mars transits back into your seventh house of marriage and relationships, its own house of Scorpio and while planet usually do well in their own signs, the seventh house is not a particularly welcome area for Mars, the planet of combat and disruption. You may continue to see some disputes with those you love most important to remain flexible, learn from your past mistakes and give other people the benefit of the doubt.

Some of your dreams may be fulfilled at the very fag end of 2017 when leading up to 28 December Mars and is another favourable aspect to Neptune. Neptune being the planet of dreams, idealism and spirituality can work well with Mars to solidify some of your inner desires and make them a reality. Moreover, with Mercury moving through your eighth house of sexuality, December may end up being a rather playful if not naughty festive season for you. This should prove that the Christmas period of 2017 may indeed be a time of celebration not just from the cultural point of view but from a personal emotional and relationship standpoint as well.



Profession and Finances

Uranus and to a lesser extent Saturn regulate your professional activities. Mercury is the ruler of your financial sector and income and profits can be seen from Jupiter which rules your 11th house. The sixth house of workplace activities, debts and co-workers is indicated by Venus. The Sun is the natural ruler of profession.

Venus is lucky in your 10th house notwithstanding the fact that it is on your lunar noble axis as the year starts which indicates you are likely to make some radical changes in your work and unfortunately this may not be particularly of your own choosing. This reason you have to have a plan be in operation just in case things spin out of control and slide off the rails. Do you have a life plan mapped out? Is your diary up-to-date you schedule your appointments and have some sort of objectives or deliverables that you’ve set as a goal not just long-term but on a month by month basis?

Venus, as well as ruling your Sun sign of Taurus also dominates your workplace activities and co-workers. There may be a more intimate link with these individuals in your life so a closer working collaboration with them is essential for better results professionally in 2017. A solar eclipse takes place on January 7 in your 11th house of social contacts and business profits. This sets the trend for some very new opportunities.

During the period of May 19 up until November 11, Saturn makes an unusual but favourable aspect to Uranus which is located in your 12th house indicating a slow but steady move to upgrading your skills, eliminating those things in your past which are held you back professionally and thereby giving you a chance to move into a whole new direction you choose.

Communications surrounding this new push may become a little stuck when your income planet Mercury opposes Saturn on June 19 from your second house of income. You may have to grin and bear a few little hiccups on the way to success but don’t be afraid to demand what you want contractually after 29 June when Mercury is in conjunction with Mars in your third house of negotiations.

Mercury enters your sixth house of workplace practices on September 30 and enters a square of Pluto on October 9 with an opposition to Uranus on October 15. This could put you under severe stress in that you may need to deal with power trippers in your environment while at the same time adjusting to the unexpected demands of others including unpalatable schedule changes. On October 17, Mercury, transiting your seventh house and then immediately after into conjunction with Jupiter, brings with it some better communications and a softer energy all around. This is a better time to communicate with your employer if you have some reservations about what’s been happening in your workplace. If you’re in a business partnership and independently employed, for you to this is a good time to set the record straight.

During October you may also wish to consider real estate is a viable investment option due to the favourable aspect of your ruling planet Venus to the Sun, ruler of property. With the above transits and the additional trine aspect of Mercury to Neptune on October 25, some dream of yours, especially if it relates to owning your own home or having a new property, may come to pass during this period.

Sorting out whose money is whose, taxes and other accounting issues, may be high on your agenda in the last month of the year and when Mercury transits your eighth house in conjunction with Saturn, you may need to look at all these things under a magnifying glass. Overall, Saturn will exit your shared resources sector on December 20 causing you to breathe a sigh of relief financially speaking.


Karma and Luck

Saturn and Mercury are the rulers of your karma and currently with Saturn transiting your eighth house, you may not be feeling all that lucky in many areas of your life. Mercury is somewhat better and gives you a clear understanding that your good fortune or karma as some call it, does better based upon what actions you have performed in the past. Work for example, when Mercury transiting your tenth and sixth houses should be lucky after February 7 and then again after September 30. Whatever efforts you’ve made in the past should start to come to fruition during this cycle.

Mars also has a part to play in your spiritual development being the ruler of your 12th house and this can give you a concerted effort to take retreats, workshops which can help you understand yourself better, take up yoga or other deep psychological studies. Mars transit your 12th house on January 28 and remains there up until March 6. Leading up to March 6 it makes an excellent trine aspect to Saturn, your ninth ruler and other spiritual benefactor. This is a good time to go on a spiritual retreat, take up meditation on too deeply investigate your true nature.

Once again Mars transits your fifth house on September 5 and remains there up until October 23. The fifth house is considered by some eastern astrologers as the house of initiation. You could take up chanting, prayer and other spiritual disciplines under the transit of Mars through this area. The trine to Pluto and then the Sun on October 2 and sixth respectively spotlights some excellent dates for spiritual and meditative exercises.

Jupiter is a natural significator of spirituality and its transit your seventh house after October 10 is also a very strong indicator of better luck, reviewed spiritual fervor and good fortune in your life generally. Although this most often relates to marriage and personal relationships, seventh house also speaks of the way people treat you in your day-to-day affairs and can reflect and improve cycle where people are more prepared to help you and give you some lucky breaks.

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