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Virgo 2006 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance Social and Domestic

2006 will be an unusual year for your romance and relationships. The journey of Uranus through your marriage sector, along with Venus in the unconventional sign of Aquarius at the commencement of 2006, indicates a very progressive attitude to love over the next twelve months. There is an urge within you to push beyond your normal limits and the traditional attitudes you’ve brought to your relationships and to try things that are completely different.

With such powerful influences on your emotional life, this can be scary and exciting at the same time. The unconventionality of Uranus and also the strong aspect of Jupiter will indicate sudden meetings with people who are outside your normal culture and socio-economic class—even on some levels, totally at odds with your philosophical and spiritual ideals. But this won’t stop you from attempting something quirky and very unique in your love life. You’ll need to cultivate some prudence in these matters, as your impulsive nature may get the better of you.

As 2006 is ushered in, the Sun, which is located in Capricorn in your love affairs and romance sector, promises many new and engaging romantic opportunities for you. Saturn’s heavy hand, however, marks a period where you’ll be testing yourself against self-imposed limits and may find yourself fighting a tug-of-war between what your heart says you should explore and what your head says is totally out of bounds! Of course not all those born under Virgo will be unattached and this phase of life for you means that your current relationships could undergo drastic changes to which you and your partner must adapt if the relationship is to grow any further. Serving the needs of your partner in a way that is also going to allow him or her to grow and expand is a crucial component of your challenge as well.




In the early part of the year, due to the reverse movement of Venus, you will find yourself probably doing a lot of daydreaming and mentally visualising what you’d like to see as a new direction in love. But until the middle of April it may not be at all possible to manifest your dreams in the material sense. You may still have to use your rational thinking processes in order to work through the obstructions of your past conditioning and cultural and social peer group pressures before stepping off the edge, so to speak.

Throughout April and May, however, you can find that innate fear gives way to a very unusual self-confidence, in which you’re ready to attempt the impossible and dare to make your dreams a reality. It is in the middle of the year that the most profound experiences and unusual, unexpected meetings and connections can take place. It is also then that your karmic needs may be fulfilled, either through an existing partner or through the meeting of an unusual person with whom you feel a very intimate connection. There are elements of taboo around your love and romance throughout 2006 and so you should brace yourself for an exciting ride in which your shy and reserved ways may at least temporarily be cast aside to make way for a whole new you

Towards the middle of the year, friendships may be at odds with your adventurous exploits. There are some people in your peer group who may perceive your forays into the unknown as a challenge and possibly even a threat to their own stable relationship with you. You may sense this earlier in the year and will opt, probably most wisely, to exercise tact in your personal affairs and not reveal too much about the intimate details of your experience.

Throughout May and June these issues will become most pronounced. In the middle of the year as well, these energies could reach breaking point and there is every possibility that coercion and underhanded tactics could become part of the equation of your social life. This could result in significant tension, if not a break with people you’d thought were more accepting of you. Coincidentally, these stressful planetary forces coincide with other workplace demands and so commitments in this arena of your life may cause strong opposition from those you care for.

The social end of your life may entail special juggling skills on your part where your domestic and family concerns are involved. Especially around the end of June and into July, a tight relationship between Saturn and Jupiter, your primary family ruler, creates additional responsibilities and burdens that you must address. The added problematic inclusion of Mars in this equation produces heated discussions and other confrontational circumstances that must be dealt with and at a time when some of your other affairs also demand much of your attention.

Profession and Finances

This highly significant cycle of 2006 involves the movement of Saturn through a strongly karmic and private sector of your horoscope. The influence of Saturn at this point of your life very importantly impacts upon your present life in terms of how you resolve many of your past experiences. Between the period of January and August you’ll be feeling somewhat confused about how you’ve handled some of the important issues of the past, particularly in relationships associated with your work. As you are a practical and methodical individual, some of the less concrete vibrations of Neptune will create a difficulty for you in making heads or tails of the way you should deal with professional matters generally.

2006 starts with Venus conjoining Neptune in your area of work and service. The fact that both Saturn and Venus are in retrogression highlight the fact that the standards you’ve set for yourself may have been all too high and now you have doubts surrounding your decisions. A total reappraisal of your work practices are in order during the first portion of the year. Part of your growth curve is to understand your own limitations, both in your capacity to perform your specialised requirements and also in the manner in which you deal with coworkers. Being realistic about your ambitions is a significant lesson, which Saturn, Neptune and Venus are eager to teach you this year.

You are usually self-critical at the best of times but if things seem to be slipping out of your control at this stage, you could be even harder on yourself and those around you. Don’t project feelings of frustration onto those who may work for you in a support capacity. Try not to forget your roots and where you’ve come from. Always remember that some of the people who work underneath you may at some stage become your superiors.




Neptune has the power to spiritualise the work that you do and brings you many lessons in this area. This will impact upon the so-called hard and fast rules you’ve set for yourself. Practicality meets idealism this year and that may not be easy, as your rational brain tries to make sense of the thoroughly creative and spontaneous promptings you may be receiving from idealistic Neptune. If you can remain open to these wonderful opportunities for inner growth, you will find your work magically transformed and this will also serve to help your co-workers and subordinates in their own line of work.

In the months of February and March, communication with these important co-workers will occupy your mind and if you’ve been able to monitor your own state of mind and remain sensitive to them, a breakthrough in your workplace relationships will occur. Completing your work and doing it to the standard you wish will centre very strongly on how capable you are of understanding co-workers and their intentions, rather than imposing your iron will on them. The feedback you’ll receive in meetings regarding these issues will initially frighten you and threaten your sense of security.

This is because you have such a strongly entrenched way of doing things and the moment you feel as though you have to change, your sense of control will be threatened. You are, however, an adaptable individual, so don’t worry too much about making clean breaks and radical changes. Notwithstanding these workplace relationships, your ruling planet Mercury does enter into a strong position after March, which favours greater understanding between you and others in your group.

If you’ve currently been in a particular line of work for a long time, several of these challenging planetary aspects to your career sector will reveal that your heart wants change, but that you are so accustomed to what you’ve been doing that it almost seems your security rests on seeing the same old familiar faces. 2006 will challenge you to attempt to break free of your present work and to boldly move into a whole new industry or profession, even if you’re reaching an age that is considered “over the hill”. If you choose to stay in what you’re doing, then you’ll at least be required to change many of your workplace attitudes and techniques if you’re to progress any further.

Your business partnerships are powerfully influenced by the planet Uranus during this year, which is currently in your seventh sector. It will remain there for some time and reflects your need to cautiously analyse the unusual types of people you may come across in business. Your mostly cautious and circumspect study of others closes the window as you opt to do something radical or outside your usual character. Experimenting and trying new avenues of partnership will be on the cards. Those Virgos in sales or marketing-related industries will be keen to forge new markets, possibly in areas that haven’t been attempted previously. The planet Uranus heralds a breaking free of the traditions to which you’ve previously adhered and demands that associations remain loose and rather unconventional. You should enter into these affiliations in a deliberate and watchful manner by giving careful consideration to the progressive business practices that may be on offer. There’s no doubt you’ll want to explore and trial many new possibilities in your business sphere and will seek opportunities that allow you to absorb fresh concepts. This will further your professional, business and financial life over the next few years. Expect an exciting time, but remember that the unexpected can and probably will happen.

The power of Jupiter influences your communications and is enhanced by the planet Mars at the outset of 2006. This is the area in which you can expand your talents and make your presence felt. Though there is indeed some inner confusion surrounding your work, Jupiter ensures that your communication skills and the ability to negotiate a fair deal for all will be a particularly strong point for you.

There is an improvement in any relationship due to Jupiter’s positive power. You can move into the coming twelve months with the assurance that this planet will protect you and give you the right words at the right time. Your career planet, Mercury, also triggers some very exciting new trends for you as it kicks off in your fourth sector in the company of Pluto. Research, determination and deepening your understanding of your craft or trade is essential to making 2006 an extremely successful year.

Karma and Luck

Venus is your primary luck planet and offers you far superior results when it moves through the angular portions of your horoscope in the second half of April and into May. June, July and August also are favourable for you but your luck factor shifts to the more practical and material affairs of life, particularly in July and August, while it is passing through your career and profitability sector. Mars also has a hand to play in your luck; when the year begins it is in the area of luck for Virgo, which also rules long-distance journeys, higher education and legal affairs. All of these specific areas in your life can indeed be strongly activated and may well give you a chance throughout 2006 to gain money, reputation or inner fulfilment through any of these activities.

Your financial planet Venus is also tied in with your luck this year but is hard pressed to give any huge windfalls, due to the constrictive influence of Saturn. The quality of your service and the way people perceive your attitude will have a marked bearing upon just how lucky you are. Luck often comes in the form of favours, financial assistance and breaks in work and social life. This means that the perception of value by others is vital for your year ahead. Anything you can do to improve the calibre of service by contributing to the group or the culture of your environment will be a decider in just how much fortune and fame you will attract this year.




Your karmic influences have a large part to play in what you’re destined to achieve and this has little to do with your own efforts. It is primarily concerned with what good deeds, thoughts and words you’ve used in the past and how they will come back to you just now. This is like a boomerang effect. Mars in your ninth sector is an aggressive planet but also rules your communication, journeys and valour. Some of your more scathing dissertations and ruthless actions in the past may come back to haunt you, at least in this first phase of the year. Due to Jupiter’s motion you may have to retract some of your previous statements in order to smooth things over and to ensure that your relationships will get off to a good start, thus giving you the momentum to make this a lucky year.

Finally, the process of meditation and deeper spiritual reflection will be absolutely necessary to contain your energies and direct them correctly. The enhancing of your personal aura and the projection of your spiritual charm are by far the most useful tools in attracting luck, fortune and a favourable destiny. Your interests in very different types of people extend beyond the purely romantic, sexual or social and may draw you towards others who have an unusual perspective on life and can help you in your meditative and spiritual development. This will have the added benefit of creating a calming effect, which is quite important for all Virgos due to their luck planet in their health sector. As Neptune and Venus combine here, part of the challenge will be to find a balance that has a tonic effect on your physical level.

With all factors being taken into account, 2006 looks set to be an exciting period and one in which your health, relationships, work and family life will bring you surprising developments and fulfiling results overall—if you prepare yourself first.