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Virgo 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

Welcome to 2007, Virgo! This year marks an important turning point in your life. The planets are influencing your family and personal inner happiness, so expect major changes related to these parts of your life. There’s a powerful influence on your social and romantic area as well. You will have many opportunities, especially in the first part of the year.

The influence of three energetic planets — Pluto, Jupiter and Mars — might make you feel that you need to pack up and leave home, or perhaps move to a completely new environment. That’s not the case. These changes are more about re-establishing your personal value in relationships with family members.

At the start of the year it will be crucial to send the right messages. This means giving more time to yourself. It’s only when you carefully evaluate your most important relationships that you will understand what can be done to improve them.

Discussions with your partner (and parents, if you’re still at home) will centre on how you can improve your living space. Throughout January and February, dedicate some time to making sure everyone’s needs in the home are taken care of.

Because of the conflicting link between Mars and Uranus, you could be at odds with your spouse or lover — your views on how things should be changed will be different. Your partner is probably a lot more eccentric and progressive than you about domestic issues. You might think they’ve gone a little crazy, but it’s just what can happen under this planetary cycle.

Your partner may try to dominate you and determine the direction of your life. This will be very difficult to deal with, especially if they give you ultimatums. The first two months will test your patience and your ability to find a peaceful solution to some unreasonable demands.

Younger Virgos are likely to do some odd things. You might meet someone and straight away want to start a life with them, even though you know little or nothing about their past or their true character. Get some advice from people who you know will tell you straight what they feel about the person.

With these planetary influences, you will continue to seek out and attract very unusual people, people who don’t fit in with your usual group.

Your closest friends will find it hard to accept your choices in love. You have two choices with this: listen to them and miss some valuable experiences, or go off in your own direction and explore the unknown.

The people you meet in 2007 are going to be exciting and intense, but don’t expect all these new friendships to be long-term and stable. That’s why a stable home life is so important this year. You can use your solid family relationships as a base from which to test out more unconventional possibilities.

You used to be more serious, because of Saturn, and this might make you now say to yourself, ‘What the hell, I may as well be happy. Why bring myself down with the past? I can’t change it.’ Well, that philosophy may be fine in theory, but remember this old saying: ‘Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’

By all means follow your instincts into uncharted waters and explore everything that relationships can offer you, but don’t lose or unsettle your base. You can learn from your past and save yourself a lot of heartache — you know what behaviour caused you to make errors before.  



Your love affairs, entertainment and zone of pleasure are highlighted in 2007. As Venus, the Sun and Mercury affect this area of your life, it’s likely that there are some great opportunities for you to meet people who will make you think again about more serious and permanent relationships.

In other words, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater when you read your horoscope for 2007. You could feel that everyone coming your way is wacky and not someone you’d contemplate a meaningful relationship with, but this isn’t correct. Just be discriminating about who is worthy of your time and love.

There are excellent opportunities throughout January and February — harmonious and effortless discussions and social meetings bring you a new level of awareness.

In February, sexual encounters affect your spiritual understanding, believe it or not. They can give you a whole new perspective and sense of self-worth. As well as that, this is a great time for straight out physical pleasure.

Your planet of friendship, the Moon, is affecting your career at the beginning of the year. In April, when Venus moves through your work zone, your work connections and social life could take a dramatic turn and join up — you may find yourself in the company of colleagues who could double as lovers.

In May, Venus again influences you positively. This will be one of the highlights of the year, as your creativity and charm increase and you draw even more friends into your circle. Your beauty, both inner and outer, is going to make a strong impression on the world around you.

New relationships formed during this period might result in commitment. If you’re single, this could be what you’ve been waiting for. You go from strength to strength, and in July (after the middle of the month) you will radiate charisma because of your brighter self-image. Meeting so many unusual people will trigger your

desire to experiment, and you will be changing your overall look — clothes, hairstyles and makeup colourings.

Finding new parts of your personality to play with can be a lot of fun, and it will be interesting to see how others react to the new you. The most important point, though, is that from July on, your renewed sense of self-confidence will make your friendships more fulfilling.

Although your social life gets better and busier in September and October, you must also expect some drawbacks — Mars is in your friendship zone. Someone will expect far more than they deserve, and may even say something to offend you when you withdraw some of your energies from them. Luckily, during this cycle you have lots of people to choose from; you won’t feel so bad when you realise the true worth of people like this.

Your relationships with brothers, sisters and neighbours will reach an all-time closeness. If there’s been wear and tear in a relationship, and in communication channels, expect a change for the better. Focus on the positive aspects of the relationship even if you’ve had grievances in the past. Let go of your bad feelings for the sake of peace and harmony.

Throughout October and November you’ll have a burning desire to keep up with the Joneses. The problem is, you won’t have the money to do it. This could leave you feeling a little flat. You may need to remind yourself of your commitment to a true value system — happiness is not measured by how much you have or spend and what labels you wear.

This is a year when you need to think hard about your life journey — which direction do you want to go in, and which people do you want to take with you? In November and December, Mercury will trigger intense intellectual curiosity and will get you questioning your own and others’ motives in relationships. You will open up new areas for discussion and so increase your level of understanding of your loved ones.

This is an exciting period for you, a period of growing understanding. As long as you keep yourself grounded, remembering the value of family and close domestic ties, you will benefit a lot from venturing out and meeting exciting new people — they will teach you many things.

Just make sure you don’t get carried away and commit to the wrong things. There are plenty of people who will want to take bites out of your energy, time and emotions without giving you anything in return. As a Virgo, you have enough commonsense to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Make sure you do that. In 2007, your commonsense will be the single most important prerequisite for success in romance and friendship.

Profession and Finances

You’ll get into some sort of financial speculation in 2007. You’ll step outside your old box in order to finally live your dreams, and you’ll try things that you may not have ever done before.

The Moon makes you emotional about work in the coming 12 months. Although you’re normally an intellectual sort of person, you’ll feel an increasing need for emotional fulfilment from your work.

January, February and March are strong in terms of your work activities. The first week of January is the best time to make firm decisions about your finances, but if you don’t have the information you need to make those decisions, hold your horses — wait till February.

The last weeks of January will send you some astronomical bills. Make sure you have safeguarded yourself by having a financial plan, and don’t commit yourself to something that could gobble up your money like a plague of locusts.

Some of the changes that you have waited a long time for in your work may finally happen during February. You will be able to really look at your day-to-day routine and work out what could be changed and improved, and you will be able to think about a more fulfilling life direction.

Venus conjoins Uranus during February, flashing warning signs everywhere. Be very careful. There could be surprise financial setbacks, in the form of losses and theft. Keep an eye on your money and your belongings, and don’t lend money to friends or family members.

March is an important month in terms of shared finances — discussions will lead to better understanding between you and a partner. Combined business ventures will require another person’s money: approach this kind of thing with care.  



If you’re about to start a new enterprise, wait until May, when Venus reaches the pinnacle of your horoscope. And if you can cut right back on unnecessary spending until then, you’ll reap benefits straight away — there will be unforeseen expenses, and you’ll manage them.

Don’t let an emotional response cloud your judgment during March. Base your decisions on fact, the way you usually do, not on emotion. A knee-jerk reaction is the last thing you need when you’re trying to plan a secure financial future for yourself.

You will be a little confused about your career until the end of May, but during most of June your confidence will be on the rise. The Sun is occupying the most powerful position of your horoscope, giving you a chance to shine in the world and to demand your fair share of life’s goodies.

Use your charm to boost your popularity in the business area of your life. You should have superb opportunities in June and July to get out there and stake a claim, or get yourself that position you’ve wanted for a while.

Venus is in the gambling sector of Capricorn when the year begins. This means you’re likely to do well with any stocks, shares or bonds; you may want to take back the initial capital, as your profits look great. Good profits are also likely in the first and second week of June, when Venus presents you with opportunities that are too good to pass up.

Young Virgo mothers may not have a chance to earn money by going out to work, but there is a possibility to earn money through family members such as young children. Putting some time and money into supporting a young person with talent will pay off — even a small investment will be worth it.

Your finances fall into a deep sleep during the first three weeks of July, which means you need to rethink your strategies. There could be a connection to legal matters here. Mars is in your legal zone, so read the small print, boring though it may be.

Mercury and Pluto mean that your heart, as opposed to your head, is having more influence than usual on your finances during July, September and December. This will be most obvious in the area of real estate: the way you’ve structured home loans and lines of credit will reflect what you hope to achieve in your family life. Newlywed Virgos will have an opportunity to consider the biggest expense of their lives, namely buying a home.

During September and October there is an important transition of Saturn. This will make you aim the microscope at the work and money areas of your life, examining them very closely and seriously. Try not to let it all worry you. You can be serious about work and money without losing your sense of humour.

In December, Mars is in your sector of profits. This could indicate an unexpected windfall, which would be a fabulous end to the year. It may be smart to stay quiet about it if you want to keep it, though — we all have lots of friends and loved ones who are always available for a free round of drinks (or ten).

Karma and Luck

The combination of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your sector of luck and entertainment is a great omen for 2007. Most of your luck and fortune seems to be centred on music, theatre, dance and other creative activities.

Expressing your heartfelt desires is the way to ensure a luckier life. When you do this, you attract support from the world at large. People you work for will start to notice your confidence. As a result, you will be successful in job interviews, if that’s what you want.

If your relationships are starting to feel a little outdated, your newfound enthusiasm will show you two options.  



One, you could decide to part ways with someone you have a relationship with, especially if they refuse to lift their game. Two, you could hang in there and work on rejuvenating the relationship and deepening your commitment.

Either way, you’ll be calling the shots and using your energy to create luckier outcomes for yourself in your personal affairs.

In March and April there are lucky transits associated with journeys and travel. You will grab the chance of an early exit from your day-to-day routine and jump into the wider world. Some kind of adventure will top your list of things to do, and this will lead to meeting many new people. This could be through journeys to foreign lands; it could also be through turning to more spiritual things.

Your interest in alternative philosophies and religions will increase during this year. This is a foretaste of what is in store for you in 2008 when Jupiter connects powerfully with your strong karmic planets. You’re due for positive karma throughout 2007, so enjoy the ride!