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Virgo 2016 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

For Virgo, 2016 brings with it important challenges domestically which, if met head on with a positive attitude, will result in a tremendous growth spurt and wonderful new experiences. A rejuvenation of your relationship with family and relatives can also be expected. You can’t push things however. In January, Mars creates problems and delays, causing you to feel frustrated that you’re not able to achieve the emotional results that you so very much desire. You will get angry with the way people are communicating and you need to bring that under control.

Communication is particularly stifled by this 3rd house transit of Mars and then its 4th house transit on April 17 which will continue until September 27. Fortunately, with Venus transiting your family zone as well this can soften the impact of these difficult planetary influences and if you’re able to use Jupiter’s aspect on your 7th house of relationships as a countermeasure you will effectively communicate and use your power in a benevolent fashion. Because of this, things should start to improve but may still not take off as quickly as you’d like.

You have an incredible amount of sensual and sexual energy, however, due to Neptune in your 7th house and Uranus transiting your 8th house of sexuality there are still some clouds remaining over your personal relationship in the coming 12 months. Jupiter transiting your Sun sign is no doubt a help and through this single transit you will be assisted in getting your relationships back on track. It will remain in your Sun sign until September when it moves to your zone of finances. At that time much of your energy will shift from these personal and family focused interests to work and finance.

As early as March 23 with the lunar eclipse in your 10th house of profession, there’ll be a shaking up of the existing order and the need for you to connect with the work that you do. If you’re uncomfortable or dissatisfied in any way you’ll be confronted by this fact and will most certainly have to make some important changes. Also with the square of Jupiter and Saturn taking place, affecting your domestic situation, you’ll be in two minds as to whether to move forward or allow the status quo to remain as it is. Consultation with relatives will be necessary.

The Sun forms mixed aspects in April with a trine to Saturn indicating a more responsible attitude being taken to matters of real estate and those family issues mentioned above. The square to Pluto is a tough one and indicates much transformation taking place. As Pluto is in your 5th house of children and creativity there may be some issues which need to be cleared up but which in the process will make you and those involved much better human beings as a result.

You may also step up your creativity by renewing an old hobby or getting into doing something completely different. The conjunction of the Sun with Uranus in your 8th house also adds further weight to these transformational transits. The effect of these will be felt most strongly between April 1 and 10.

The month of May should be lucky with the trine of Sun to Jupiter – as well the trining of your Sun sign, along with an additional trine to Pluto. In the first week of the month opportunity is should open up in something good should happen to you professionally just after the Sun transits your 10th house on May 21. Additional favourable aspects during this month include the trine aspect of Pluto to your Sun sign and Mars transiting your 3rd house on the 27th. You need to watch the opposition aspect of Sun to Mars on the 22nd as this could indicate mishaps physically or over straining. If you’re working out take the appropriate precautions and don’t overdo it. There’s no rush to be the best looking person on the block.

By far one of the most significant transits in 2016 will be that of Jupiter moving to your 2nd house of finances on September 9. This has far-reaching effects and usually indicates an improvement in your finances, opportunities for family members, excellent speech and education and generally good fortune all round. Surrounding this transit in September you do still have some challenges including the square from Saturn to Neptune on September 10 which could indicate others don’t have the confidence in you that you do.

As Neptune is transiting your 7th house you need to be clear about your ideals and also how you going to make those ideals a concrete reality. The lunar eclipse of the 17th also happens in your 7th house of marriage and partnerships so any relationship such as marriage or even a business association will be spotlighted under this important eclipse. On September 27th Mars moves into your 5th house making you exceedingly competitive as well as creative. Your mind however might be aggressive so you need to curb this and finding something that gives you satisfaction by way of sports etc is an ideal way to redirect some of this negative energy.

You want to do things and a bigger and better way throughout October and this is reflected in the transiting Mars square transiting Jupiter aspect occurring on the 6th. The Sun Square Pluto on the 8th and the Sun opposition Uranus on the 15th along with the Mars conjunction to Pluto are all red flag transits highlighting the fact that you may be overly confident and need to scale back some of your plans to keep them in line with your abilities. The danger at this time is to allow your ego to dictate what it is you will do even when your better judgement tells you it’s not the right time.

November offers some slightly better transits especially between the 1st and the 20th with the Sun trining Neptune from your 3rd house to the 7th showing that your communications, contracts and other agreements can meet with your ideals and expectations. You can also be imaginative both in the content of what’s discussed and the way in which you execute those agreements. Journeys are also be on the cards, usually of a short nature however they should be fulfilling and rather unusual.

With the Sun transiting your 4th house on the 22nd domestic issues come back into focus and on the 26th you’ll find a peak of the square from Saturn to your Sun sign all indicating that money, family and real estate issues may be at the top of the agenda – either for purchasing, selling or redecorating. Additional costs can be expected during this cycle.

In December your dreams could be in for a rude shock as the Sun squares Neptune. With Mars moving through your 6th house, and that commences on November 9, you’ll be working hard yet finding others are not on the same page as you. This could therefore give rise to some sort of conflicts in the workplace.

By 2 December you can use the Mars trine Jupiter aspect to solidify your position and to renegotiate some deal or situation. This is a very confident aspect. Other worthy aspects in December include the Sun trine Uranus on the 12th but this will be tempered by the conjunction of Sun to Saturn indicating that you’ll be shouldering a few additional responsibilities you would have preferred not to have during this festive season.

Mars transits your 7th house on December 19 while Sun transit your 5th house on December 21, both of these indicate a relationship focus and perhaps some problem with a friend as the Sun opposes your social sector. Christmas Day will bring with it and unusual mixture of old-fashioned and liberal elements showing that you might just end up amidst a mixed bag of characters. This will certainly make Christmas 2016 an interesting one. The opposition of Jupiter to Uranus on the 27th is a surprise for you but perhaps not too pleasant as it may have something to do with your finances. Could it be that you may overspend? You don’t need to be an astrologer to call that one!

Romance, Social and Domestic

Whether you’re married or single, 2016 will be a year in which you want to desperately improve your romantic situation. You are extremely idealistic and this has been happening for a while with Neptune, a very slow-moving outer planet influencing your relationships in a big way. Along with this, Jupiter will continue to transit your Sun sign until September thereby fully manipulating your marital zone.

Because you have such high expectations you may meet some resistance but you should never let go of these dreams and must continue to work with your partner to raise the benchmark a few notches. Singles will also have a better opportunity to meet their ideal with this aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house of romance and love affairs.

Pluto continues to affect your 5th house of romance showing that you have the ability to discard those things which are in the way of inner personal romantic satisfaction. Some of these ideals could be jarred by the Venus square Neptune transit on January 6 and the Venus conjunction Saturn passage on the 9th but when Venus moves to your 5th house on 24 January a new romantic cycle definitely commences.

Venus trines your Sun sign throughout February and on the 19th the Sun and is your 7th house making a very powerful conjunction with Neptune on the 29th. This will either be a fulfilment of your dreams or a complete and other confusion. The art of discriminating will be all important to figure out exactly where you stand in any current relationship or newly formed ones as well.

You could feel responsible for other people who aren’t prepared to take responsibility for themselves and the evidence for this is the square of the Sun to transiting Saturn on March 6. You need to delegate tasks but more importantly have others own their own emotional responses. It’s not your business to take responsibility for other people’s emotional inadequacies. Nevertheless, the transit of Venus to 7th house on March 12 of the Sun transiting the 8th on the 20th is a good omen for intimacy, sexual experiences and a better all-round relationship cycle.

Emotions could cool off leading up to 26 March with Venus squaring Saturn and in opposition to your Sun sign. This is a fast moving transit and you need to be patient by not forcing the hand or demanding other people communicate when they are just simply not in the mood.

You are happy to explore your relationships when Venus transits the 8th house and you can do this in a respectful, even conservative fashion due to the trine of Venus to Saturn. Venus moves to the 8th house on April 6 and that conjunction with Saturn takes place on the 19th. Both Venus and the Sun enter your 9th house of journeys and spirituality and this occurs between the 20th and 30th of April. It’s a great time to schedule a trip in especially if you want to get closer to the one you love and to make some new inroads socially.

During the transit of Venus trine Pluto from your 9th house, on May 14 you may fall intensely and passionately in love. Your emotional life could reach a peak but you need to be careful to not allow these emotions to interfere with your day-to-day life. And you can enjoy some wonderful social activities, outings and new connections with Venus cruising in to your 11th house on June 18. Once again the trine aspect of Venus to Neptune on the 27th carries with it some magical opportunities to enjoy the company of different types of people. Mercury also transits this sector on June 30 promising lively conversations.

July could be an obsessive period with Venus opposing Pluto. Sexual energies run high as Mars is also trining Venus on the 7th and then on the 8th the square to Uranus could prove to be your undoing if you throw all cares to the wind and hook up with someone without sufficient forethought. You could be tired by the end of July and the Sun and as the 12th house along with Mercury and Venus, you may need some time out.

Be careful to make your intentions clear around August 8 by clarifying anything you have to say. Confusion and miscommunications are likely under the Mercury opposition Neptune transit. Deception is also on the cards so carefully check the facts before gullibly accepting anything said. You will also be frustrated this month as Mars conjoins Saturn on the 24th while making a square to Neptune on the 26th. What you desire will be denied. If you need to discuss and make plans do so before the 30th when Mercury veers retrograde.

You feel flirtatious in September with Venus transiting your 3rd house and Mars transiting your 5th on the 24th and 27th respectively. Mercury will also be transiting your Sun sign so this is a great time to enjoy yourself, let your hair down and forget about your problems with the people you enjoy hanging out with.

You’ll be happier at home in October especially after October 18 with Venus moving to your 4th house. Entertaining friends and loved ones within the security of your own home will be appealing. Be careful of arguments around the 29th with Mars and Uranus moving into a square aspect. The Venus conjunction Saturn on the 30th is also a transit that could dampen your spirits.

You can make an unusual impression on others throughout November as a combination of fine aspects support this this including the trine from the Sun to Neptune on November 1, Venus trining Uranus on the 5th and Venus hopping into your 5th house of love affairs on the 12th. You could find yourself back into the obsessive driver’s car of relationships when Venus transits on the 25th. Try to relax a little as this will make you more popular and approachable.

The final month of the year points to the fact that you can make rock solid and far-reaching plans with the one you love due to the passionate Mars trine Jupiter aspect on 2 December along with Mercury transiting your 5th house of love affairs. With Mars transiting your 7th house of partnerships on the 19th Christmas could be a reactive one so you need to chill out and bring your emotions under control. Further lucky opportunities occur on the 25th with Saturn trining Uranus, Venus trining Jupiter and the Sun conjoining Mercury in your romance sector. This should be a favourable and exciting Christmas for you.

Profession and Finances

You want a new plan this year for your work and you want to be active in being part of the scheduling of what goes on in your workplace. When Mercury enters your 6th house of work on January 2 you’ll be geared up to communicate your ideas but this could come to a screeching halt with rearward Mercury on January 6.

You may have to postpone meetings and planning to the 26th when it goes direct again. With Venus trining Uranus in your 8th house on the 13th some unexpected banking or taxation issues pop-up as shown by Venus being in the 4th house of property and housing. Restructuring loans, seeking out better interest rates and advisors who can help you are indicated during this trend.

The lunar eclipse on March 23 in your finance sector is an important one signaling new attitudes in the way you earn money and also how you engage yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually with any work you’re doing. There’s some bearing on your value system as a whole and this will continue as a theme up until the middle of May. During that time Mercury will enter both your 7th house of business partnerships on March 5 as will Venus on March 12, and will then and to your 8th house on March 22 with Venus trailing into the same place on April 6. Business partnerships, shared resources and contracts associated with improving your commercial relationships will all be pivotal issues at this time.

With Mars transiting from your 4th to your 3rd house on May 27, contracts surrounding property and investments with fixed assets will again come be high on your agenda. As Mars is retrograde you need to take extra precautions with your investments.

Legal matters and other issues associated with your value system need to be worked out during the 9th house transits of Mercury and Venus throughout May up until June 7. Once these problems have been sorted out it will be all systems go for you to enjoy some excellent opportunities professionally with Venus transiting your 10th house on 24 May. You could be lucky in some way and Mercury entering your 10th house in June 13 shows that you’ll be doing everything correctly in terms of your communication, interviews and studies to further your profession in any way you can.

The fruits of your work activity pay off during the 11th house transits of Venus and Mercury on June 18 and 30 respectively. Profits for your business should be up and particularly if you run an independent concern you may be the recipient of some unexpected, increase cash flow. But you need to watch expenses throughout July is the 12th house transit of these two planets and the hard aspects to Uranus on the 8th and 11th could be problematic with spending spiraling out of control.

Your health could be a problem due to the August 18 lunar eclipse in your 6th house of work. Burning the candle at both ends? Trying to become wealthy in a week? Forget it! Your health is far more important. Look at your schedule, re-evaluate the priorities in your life and make work more enjoyable so that it doesn’t impact upon your health and well-being.

Some good news may arrive in September this could be associated with some contract or agreement around the 24th. With Mercury also transiting into your finance and income sector on October 7 this could also be a time when your income and cash flow increase. Formalising these contracts could be a stop start affair with Mercury in opposition to Uranus on the 20th but by the 25th when Mercury moves out of the orb of this unpredictable planet and into your 3rd house of communication and contracts all should go well.

Working from home or earning money through some domestic connections is likely around November 5 with Venus trining Uranus and also moving to your 5th house of speculation on the 12th. Your mind could be restless, hankering after unusual experiences. Commercially speaking, you could be sucked into some get rich quick scheme so be careful. It’s better to follow the tried and tested methods rather than getting your fingers burned through these dubious business undertakings. Mercury transiting your 5th house on 3 December is a good omen and shows you thinking is quick and correct when making any business decisions. Make your choices before December 19 when Mercury once again goes retrograde.

Karma and Luck

With Jupiter transiting your Sun sign until September intuiting the best spiritual path for you in 2016 should be rather easy. Jupiter is the natural significant of philosophy and religious studies apart from being lucky and bringing with it the benefits from your past karmic actions.

As well, the close proximity of the Moon to Jupiter as the year begins, augments your emotional well-being and makes you generous with others, and in so doing ensures good karma in future for you. This is particularly the case with your relationships as these 2 planets aspect to 7th house which also incidentally has the transit of spiritual Neptune passing through it and for some years to come as well.

Neptune in your 7th house will remain there for the whole year and shows your strong connection currently to anyone who has a spiritual bent of mind. You seek these people out and wish to learn from them. This is a good idea as you’ll be challenged spiritually in your work with Saturn opposing your 10th house of profession.

Pluto in your 5th house of initiation, also considered the mind by some Eastern astrologers, shows the transformative cycle you’re going through now. Some of your old thinking patterns will be shattered and this can be done through the meeting of new lovers or friends. As long as you’re open to these changes the demolition work that’s going to happen will be of no consequence once you come through and out the other side of these experiences.

Uranus in your 8th house is approximately halfway through its journey and also reflects many of the deeper psychological changes happening to you. Moments of brilliance, unexpected, and not prayed for, will arise, giving you instances of “aha”. New ideas will come forth and you can apply these practically to many areas of your life. This 8th house of self-transformation is triggered very strongly by Venus on April 6. This is when it moves through this sector which simultaneously occurs while Mercury is moving through your 9th house of higher studies. You can expect unusual cultural interaction and even possibly travel for the purpose of making a pilgrimage to learn more about your spiritual heritage and destiny.

Jupiter’s transit your 2nd house of finance must also be considered under this heading of luck and karma because for the first time in 12 years some of your past actions will pay off and the result will be material gains around September 9 and which continue for a whole 12 months. You should take full advantage of this and if possible you should share a little bit of your good fortune and luck with others.