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Virgo 2017 Yearly Horoscope

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General overview

Saturn will maintain its position in your fourth house and will continue its transit until 20 December 2017. This means you are still under the influence of this testing planet and in the area of your family and domestic circumstances, it is clear that you still have some lessons to learn and these will continue. Fortunately, you have a beautiful trine aspect from Saturn to Uranus at this means you are able to blend some of the more conservative aspects of progressive models to enhance your home life experience. You need to think outside the box to essentially work through some of these issues.

Jupiter is however still quite favourable up until October. While transits your finance sector you have opportunities to expand your horizons with money, income and other business activities. No doubt you will have challenges as Pluto is in square meaning that you need to deal with power trippers and other people who may be trying to manipulate you in your business transactions. If you are careful, however, this is a year when you can make great strides by improving your income and quality of life.

Many of your planets are in the western part of your horoscope indicating a strong outward tendency and the need to connect with many people during the coming twelve months. This is also underpinned by the fact that Mars, the action planet is in your seventh house of relationships as the year commences. Now, that may give you the impetus to connect with lots of people, giving you the drive to forge new relationships but at times this militant planet is not well-placed in this seventh house and can indeed create some disagreements. You need to take a cordial position when dealing with others, especially in the first month or two of the year.

In February, both a lunar and solar eclipse on the 11th and 27th respectively, focus much of attention on your ability to selflessly help others and to nurture relationships without a desire for too much return or any fanfare. The first, the lunar eclipse occurs in Leo, your 12th sign showing more spiritual bent of mind and then on the 27th of the solar eclipse in your zone of partnerships and marriage sheds a lot of new light on how you can better improve things between you and your significant other.

Big changes are on the cards with Jupiter opposing Uranus in the early part of March. Expect sudden and abrupt events to affect your finances and also your value system. The second and eight houses of your horoscope are involved in this is very telling about not only money and income but also your value system generally speaking. You may decide to alter radically how you perceive money and what things really mean to you. You may come to some spiritual realization about this during this cycle.

With Jupiter trining your 10th house of profession and self-esteem, for those of you born under Virgo, 2017 will prove to be a successful year. This is going to be more telling for those of you born in the latter part of the sign of Virgo as Jupiter is now edging its way to the end of the sign of Libra. This transit will continue up until 20 October.

Saturn, the planet of romance rule your fifth house of Capricorn, moves into a retrograde motion on April 6 it continues in its retrograde path until August 25. As this is a planet of tests, its retrogression relates very specifically to your love affairs and it’s during this interval that a whole revision may need to be taken with respect to these relationships. Someone you’re in a relationship with may have different ideas and as you can see from the opening planets of Mercury, the Sun and Pluto in your fifth house at the opening of the year, there will indeed be a lot of activity surrounding this Department of life for those born under Virgo.

The lunar eclipse on August 8 is an important one as far as your work is concerned. This eclipse may have some ramifications for your health taking place in the sixth house which rules your well-being, exercise, diet etc this eclipse may reflect some latent problems in your health, work or dietary practices. It may also bring out of the woodwork enemies of those people that you are having head-on confrontations with within your workplace. It’s a good thing to get all of this stuff out in the open so you can clear it, and move on to bigger and better things.

The North node is important in determining your future path in life and as it transits your Sun sign in the early part of the year, it sets the trend for what are the most important relationships the one you have with yourself. You will continue to investigate how you can be the best you can but you mustn’t let your desires run away with you. You could have some strong ideals and ideas about where you want to be and how you want to get there but this planet often obstructs you and challenges you by not immediately giving you what you want. Being realistic as part of the big lesson of this very special transit during its stay in Virgo.

For some time now and also for some time to come, Pluto will manage to draw your attention to the fifth house of your horoscope and all the things associated with this part of your life. And what is that? In particular, this is the creative and self-expressive element of your being. If you haven’t been creative, Pluto will ensure that it destroys the things that are obstructing you from doing this. As the year starts, the Sun is in close proximity to Pluto so again, as mentioned with the transit of the North node, your willpower; personality and general view of life are in for a big shakeup during the next 12 months.

The fifth house also deals with children, parents, and this means you if you are one, will learn some very big lessons from those junior in years. If you have set pattern of believing that adults know best and children should be seen and not heard, this could be a big problem for you. You need to maintain the openness of communication with your children and that is shown by the transit of Mercury in January throughout this fifth house of your horoscope. You can learn so much from children but if your mind isn’t open, this is going to produce obstacles and further difficulties for you and your family.

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Romance, Social and Domestic

The year is off to a great start romantically with Venus moving to your seventh house of marital relationships on January 3. This is really a great position to springboard into 2017. It’s quite an affectionate transit however you must be careful not to feel slighted if you don’t feel your affection reciprocated fully especially around the 28th when Venus moves to the square of Saturn.

On January 13 Mercury transits your fifth house of love affairs. Because of its association with Pluto leading up to the 30th, your thinking could get stuck, like a cracked record, ruminating over some relationship or imagination. If you’re not careful you may run the risk of distracting yourself from other important activities including your work. Try to keep your mind on the job and address relationship issues when you are actually with the person in question.

With Mars transiting your eighth house on January 28 your sexual life won’t be dull. It’s important to spend quality time with the one you love and not let other partnerships overlap into your private life. Sexual spontaneity will be your test. Let go and enjoy yourself, but don’t allow for regrets or guilt afterward. Don’t allow your generosity to get the better of you. People will take advantage of you under these transits. Venus also enters your eighth house on February 4 bringing with it some elegance, style and sensual interaction.

On February 18 and 26, the Sun and Mercury respectively enter your seventh house of significant relationships. Your mind needs to reconnect with the person you love. Distractions may become a wedge between you and your significant other. If you’ve been insensitive to their needs communicating in a meaningful way can add a spark of lust as well as understanding to your relationships.

Venus transits your house of marriage on April 3 and thereafter moves to your house of sexuality on the 28th. This month should be loaded with plenty of opportunities to enjoy romance, sexual play and deeper emotional discussions. Getting you and your partner on the same page goal wise will also be important to you as the eighth house has some relevance to your financial and shared resources.

On June 2 when Venus enters trine aspect to Saturn you may realise that relationships may not be as easy as you thought. You may start to see the differences rather than the similarities. If you’re impulsive you may regret your actions. But this is also an opportunity for you to carefully think through the benefits of any relationship you’re in even if some of the gloss has worn off. Talk about how you feel and this could only deepen your relationship with the one you love.

In July you have the lucky aspect of Venus trine Jupiter and this is an excellent omen bringing with it bright and optimistic feelings for the future of your relationships. Gifts are often given or received and leading up to the 19th you may yourself be the recipient of some kind gesture or gift which will be a token of appreciation from a friend or loved one. This is a time of reciprocation and is one of the better months of the year.



Throughout August you will be particularly social as Venus transits your 11th house of social connections but this may all come crashing down through spreading yourself too then on by the 26th you’ll definitely need some time out and away from the craziness of life, partying and people generally.

As September comes around you will feel much better about yourself especially with Venus transiting your Sun sign bringing with it a new lease of life. You will feel attractive and want to reengage with people if you’ve decided to follow through with a brief holiday from the social scene. A new outfit, getting your nails done or simply just pampering yourself alone, will make you feel great about yourself again.

On October 6 Venus makes a sexy conjunction with Mars in your Sun sign indicating the likelihood of spontaneous love affairs coming your way. This could be considered a classic one night stand or unexpected sexual encounter even with someone you are currently in a relationship with. In any case, this can be a lot of fun especially if you feel comfortable with the person you’re making out with.

On 20 December Saturn finally moves out of your fourth house of family affairs in your fifth house of love connections. Domestic affairs are exciting, but they can come with some additional responsibilities you need to sort them out before the end of the year. You feel as if you have an unbelievable emotional backlog to clear off the table, but don’t forget that family members can help.

Right smack bang on Christmas Day Venus moves to your fifth house of love affairs. Keep things real because too much sentimentality will ruin your opportunities if you’re chasing a romantic partner. Even if you’re in an existing relationship, harping too much on the past will be a real turnoff to those you are connected with. Try to live in the moment for now, and use the bright energies of Venus to enjoy some entertainment with those you love.


Profession and Finances

2017 will bring some unforeseen twists and turns in your finances as Uranus continues to transit your eighth house of shared resources. You could be dealing with unreliable people and circumstances that don’t ensure a steady flow of income especially if you’re too trusting with people who are managing your money. Uranus regulates your sixth house of debts. And with Uranus moving retrograde after August 3 until the years and is likely that your finances will remain unstable throughout most of the year unless you are able to take greater control.

Mars transits your eighth house of of shared resources on March 10. You are driven to earn more money but must be careful to think things through very carefully. This is likely however, as Mercury squaring Saturn on the 12th makes you more likely to deliberate even if this is against your general nature to get things done quickly. You might be impatient as things are moving as quickly as you would like.

On April 1 Mercury transits your second house of finance. This is followed up on April 20 with the entry of the Sun into the same position. You will be very focused on your financial affairs at this time with correspondence and applications taking up much of your time.

On April 21 Mars moves to your 10th house of career. You are forceful and possibly even driven in your work. Don’t make workaholism a feature of your daily life as it will impact on your family. Projecting your good feelings on others will come back to you tenfold. You will be considering how you can make a professional impact upon others at this time. When Mercury moves to your 10th house of career on June 7, communications, letter writing and contacts with important people who can affect your career will take place. Don’t procrastinate and approaches many people as you can particularly if you’re looking for new work or a change in direction.

A low-key period and one in which you must watch your expenditures and take care to balance your books is after July 6 when Mercury enters your 12th house. Its transit will continue until September 1 on a far better cycle commences as it enters your Sun sign. There’s no point sweeping financial problems under the rug and this will be highlighted on July 20 and again on the 23rd when Mars and the Sun respectively transit this same zone of expenses. You may be extremely generous with your money, splurging on people at not really keeping an eye on your pennies. To take care and understand that it’s fun to spend but one the credit card bills come in that’s when the problems start.

This positive aspect is enhanced by the entry of Venus into your 10th house of career on July 5 and both these transits continue well into late August with their simultaneous transit of your profit sector, the 11th house on June 21 and then on August 1. This 11th house is excellent for networking and using your social circle to springboard into better professional opportunities. The Sun doesn’t hurt either when it transits your 11th house on June 21.

On October 17 Mercury transits your third house of contracts with the Sun also enhancing this part of your horoscope after October 23. These influences will continue into November and December as Venus and Mars transit this same third house on November 7 and December 9 respectively. Strike a deal while the iron is hot because you have the ability to spin a convincing argument and to ship things in your favour. It appears you have considerable leverage at this time of the year to achieve some lasting financial security.

Some brilliant opportunities arise when Mercury trines Uranus on November 25 and because this occurs in your fourth house of property, there may be opportunities to increase your income through considering investment in this area. On December 16 another fortunate aspect of Mercury in conjunction with Venus in this same position could help you stitch up the deal. Your ideals are strong as the year comes to a close with Mars in trine to Neptune on December 28, indicating strong ideals but powerful work practices that will help you achieve your desired professional ends in 2017.


Karma and Luck

With Jupiter transiting your fourth house of property and real estate and being an indicator of good luck, your endeavors are likely to succeed in this area especially up until October 10. Jupiter is also naturally inclined to give you a feeling of happiness and because this area rules your family affairs, you could get additional joy from spending more time with those in your family circle.

Venus is your principal planet of karma and good luck and punctuates your year with good luck around January 3 with this move into your seventh house of love and relationships, June 6, when it moves to your ninth house of spirituality, which is its own house of Taurus bringing with it opportunities to travel, higher education and also spiritual connectedness with someone who may act as a mentor or guru to you. Journeys will be present at this time and you may even meet someone that you could become romantically associated with in this interval.

The deeper aspects of spirituality are attractive to you when Venus transit your 12th house after August 26. With the excellent trine aspect to Saturn and Uranus at this time, you are able to concentrate and bring your attention to higher spiritual and metaphysical topics. You’re also inclined to be charitable and to help others less fortunate than yourself which is really spirituality in action.

Improving your communication is essential to persuading others to help you, to join you and to sharing your success. When Jupiter transited your third house which relates to communications and learning, this commences a whole new cycle for you taking into 2018 with a much more confident attitude. This takes place on October 10 and during this cycle you will begin a whole new phase of learning which also involves self-understanding.

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