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Gemini 2022 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Gemini Horoscope for 2022


2022 looks set to be one of the most significant years of your life Gemini.

The reason for this is the recent transit of Jupiter to the apex of your horoscope. This is the 10th house. This zone of your horoscope represents the culmination of karma and in particular your work and professional achievements. Jupiter’s move through this area of your horoscope will slowly but surely bring good fortune which will help you expand your professional horizons over the coming year or so.

For some time, you’ve been doing things a little differently as shown by the North node or karmic point transiting your Sun sign. Leading up to January 3, Jupiter makes a square aspect to your Node. This shows that although you’re capable of achieving a great many things this year, be careful not to let your progressive attitudes undermine some of those windows of opportunity that are now opening up to you.

Astrologer’s Advice

Try to balance your need for change with some stability in your life. Leading up to April 12 Jupiter makes another hard aspect to your Sun sign and this means you may be a little too overconfident in your efforts. During this period you should try to have a good plan in place so that you’re not taken unaware when things change. As you know life is only a series of changes.

Your ideals will start to be realised when Jupiter makes its conjunction with Neptune a day after, on April 13 and this causes you to also balance your dreams with the practical reality of the situation you find yourself in. Jupiter will remain in your career sector until December 21 at which point it will move to your 11th house of life fulfilment.

To gain further insight into the overall pattern of your life throughout 2022, it’s important to look at the planet Saturn. Saturn transits your ninth house throughout this year and this relates to your value system, legal matters and educational opportunities.

There may be some challenges in these areas of your life particularly leading up to April 12. Saturn makes a square aspect to your North node. There may be hidden forces or unexpected events that cause you to change plans. The ninth house also has to do with travel, particularly long journeys.

Astrologer’s Note

At the outset of the year, Saturn will have just passed the square of Uranus, well-known for upsetting plans. It’s not a bad idea to have Plan B in your back pocket.

Things can settle a little when Saturn makes a trine aspect to the Sun around April 24. There may be greater responsibilities weighing on your shoulders but you have more clarity and know that you’re up to the task of anything that is put before you.

On June 5, Saturn moves into its retrograde motion attesting to the fact that all of the above issues may need to be reconsidered. You have doubts about the direction you’ve been pursuing. Saturn is a very sobering planet and allows you to look more carefully at the whys and wherefores.

While Saturn is retrograde it makes a second trine aspect to the Sun and shows you are even more committed to taking your responsibilities seriously. You will find yourself taking on additional work. At least temporarily, you may also be placed in a position of authority taking on the role of team leader. Saturn eventually goes direct on October 23 and hopefully, a reappraisal of many of these different areas of your life will lead you to some clarity. You’ll be in a much better position to make important decisions after this point.

Neptune is the principal planet for your career and professional aspirations. You must be cautious around April 8 when Neptune squares the Sun. This date may shift depending on your birthdate but for those of you born under the sign of the twins, this tells us clearly that your ideals and objectives professionally maybe blurred around this time. You may need to seek the advice of someone who can act as a guide through this rather nebulous period.

The new year in 2022 kicks off with a rather remarkable Moon and Mars conjunction with the past karma point also readying itself to leave. The Moon and Mars are in the exact degree and minute which means you’re emotional and physical energies are tightly amalgamated in your zone of relationships.

Astrologer’s Advice

This means you must be careful in intelligently directing your emotional energy. You may be shooting from the hip and also assuming things that just aren’t so.

Although the seventh house is generally considered the zone relating primarily to marriage and intimate relationships, it can indeed have ramifications for your business associations and how you deal with the general public. As the Moon and Mars leave their indelible print in this position, they will influence you throughout the year even though the transit doesn’t last that long. In your transactions be careful not to be impulsive or overly reactive. This transit calls for calm deliberation and patience on your part.

It would be remiss to not look at the incredible conjunction of four planets – the Sun, Venus, Pluto and Mercury in your eighth house as the year commences. At the same time, Venus is retrograde. This relates to your creative abilities and a large extent, the emotional and romantic appetites. The Moon and Mars conjunction already mentioned, along with retrograde Venus may have you on the back foot romantically as the year starts.

Astrologer’s Note

The eighth house of your horoscope relates primarily to shared resources and so the fundamental issues you’ll be dealing with in your relationships are money and the rules or guidelines surrounding how you and your partner will deal with that.

Love and Romance for Gemini in 2022


What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Romance for Gemini in 2022 starts with energised Venus retrograde in your eighth house.

Venus is the principal planet of love but it is doubly so for Gemini because it rules your fifth house of love affairs, creativity and also your 12th house of bed pleasures. While it is retrograde it’s powerful and intensifies its influences.

As mentioned at the outset, it’s important to temper your reactions with the Moon and Mars in your seventh house. With retrograde Mercury, retrograde Venus in your eighth house along with the Sun, Pluto and Mercury, sexuality and important issues surrounding intimacy will no doubt come to the fore.

Karma and Relationships

Karma is also connected with your relationships this year as the North and South node axis transit across the first and seventh house of your chart. With the South Node relating (past karma point) transiting your seventh house, you’ll be analysing your relationships in the light of your previous experiences. You’re starting to understand the nature of your relationship based upon the decisions you and your partner individually and jointly have made in previous years.

Mars makes its move to Capricorn and meets retrograde Venus in your eighth house on February 17. This can be explosive. Venus is already empowered being retrograde but Mars is also a particularly powerful planet in its own right. Mars is also doubly empowered by transiting Capricorn, its exalted sign.

For this reason, passion is the keyword throughout this period.

Venus also connects with Pluto on March 4 and this will intensify your feelings dramatically. It also shows some coercive or underhanded activities taking place. If you’re single and meeting new people you must be particularly careful to keep your wits about you. Venus goes direct and makes another contact with Mars on March 6. Throughout this passion dominates your interactions with others particularly your significant partner if you happen to be in a relationship.

When Venus makes contact with Saturn on March 29 your feelings may cool down. Your partner’s affections may also subside. It could be withdrawn at this time especially because Venus is making a square aspect to the North Node. This means you may be out of step with others and your feelings about relationships generally will start to change.

The 11th house position of Venus is particularly important. This transit takes place on May 3. As it’s transiting through this area of your horoscope many new friendships can be made but there is a repeat warning regarding underhanded tactics or the abuse of power in relationships. This is indicated as Venus makes a square aspect to Pluto on May 27.

There are some unexpected twists and turns in your relationship as Venus transits your 12th house. In particular, it makes a conjunction with Uranus on May 29.

Astrologer’s Note

You may be caught off guard with some pronouncement of a friend or lover. Brace yourself.

Your idyllic situation romantically may be far from the reality of your situation currently. This is shown in July and August with Venus makes a square to Jupiter, trines Neptune and makes an opposition to Pluto. You may find yourself looking at the world with rose coloured glasses. You’re encouraged to open up the lines of communication with your partner. That’s very possible when Venus transits into the sign of Leo, your third house of communications. On August 12, it makes a trine aspect to Jupiter indicating some important developments in your negotiations. This is a positive aspect.

Family affairs

Family affairs are spotlighted when Venus transits your fourth house from September 5 until September 29. Pay some attention to your domestic affairs and give time to developing your inner peace and happiness.


the most important relationship in life is the relationship you have with yourself.

At this time excessive sentimentality may be an emotional thread that’s interweaving your domestic relationships. This is predominantly related to the fact that time doesn’t stand still and things change. It would be lovely to keep things as they were but that’s not possible.

Astrologer’s Note

Adapting yourself to change and the positive possibilities that arise out of this acceptance is a wonderfully liberating thing.

Love and Marriage

The fifth house of your horoscope is one of the most important for generating creativity, love and amorous feelings. For singles, the transit of Venus through this area of your horoscope from September 29 to October 20 is most significant. Venus builds favourable aspects on October 14, 18 and 19. At this time it trines Saturn, the Sun and Mars. This is constructive energy and one which makes you popular. It also allows you to work through your problems in a mutual way for the benefit of all concerned. The aspect of Saturn solidifies your feelings and makes you feel a lot more loyal in whichever relationship you happen to be in.

Later in the year, Venus moves to your seventh house which is the angular house of love and marriage. With this transit, a more solid commitment can be given. Notwithstanding some of the hard aspects of December 4 and 5 the Mars, Neptune and the Sun, these challenges may simply be working through the differences of opinion and also possible idealistic adjustments. It’s important to communicate and that may happen more productively and intensely when Venus returns to be the same position it was when the year commences. That will happen on December 10.

Zone of Intimacy

Venus will again move into the sign of Capricorn which for you is a zone of intimacy. Getting closer to your partner and understanding their needs, as well as fulfilling them, is the basis of a truly reciprocal relationship. All in all, this should be a favourable year for working through differences, resolving them and taking your love life to a new high.

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Career and Finance for Gemini in 2022


In the introduction to your 2022 horoscope, there was a focus on Jupiter and its energising of your professional activities throughout the coming year. That can’t be emphasised enough as its expansive power will not only impact your work but its trine aspect to your finance sector will also lift your income potential tremendously.

Jupiter also has a couple of other additional aspects which are key. Firstly, it has a trine aspect to your sixth house which has to do with work relationships you have with co-workers and those who work for and under you. It’s important to note that if you have the support of those you work with your job will become much easier generally. If you have trouble with these people, it’s a good idea to bury the hatchet now. The more allies you have this year the greater your success.

Mars is also a very important planet and rules your sixth house. The sixth house is how you do your work and the effectiveness of your day-to-day scheduling. Mars makes a powerful entry into its exaltation sign of Capricorn on January 24. This is the eighth house of your horoscope and relates to the resources of other people.

Time, Emotional and Mental support

Generally, we look at this as meaning the money that others pump into your endeavours or the loans that you’re able to secure for different business purposes. The second house however also relate to the elegant currencies of time, emotional and mental support which can be invaluable aids to achieving success.

In the first part of the year, you may find some adversarial encounters as shown by the Moon and Mars being in close conjunction in your seventh house. The Moon is ruling your finances and so these head-on confrontations could well relate to financial disagreements. Fortunately, these transits are short-lived and you’ll get through them.

Important developments occur when the Sun, the natural significator of career and self-esteem moves through your 10th house. This takes place between February 19 and March 21. The conjunction of Jupiter on March 6 is an important milestone offering you greater opportunities and luck. You must be careful not to let the conjunction of Neptune around March 13 confuses issues. Ensure that you have a clear goal in mind and don’t deviate from your path.

Legal Issues

Legal issues occur during the transit of Mars through your ninth house after March 6. Clashes and problems occur around the square aspect of Uranus which is March 23. There is also the problem with the conjunction of Saturn around April 5. You will feel your energy reserves dwindling. This is a good time to give yourself a break and recharge those worn-out batteries.

Return with strength after April 7 when Mars makes a trine to the Sun which then fortuitously enters your 10th house. It gains directional strength around April 15. It remains in your 10th house until May 25. This is a time of the year that you should push as hard as you can to achieve your goals. You may not need to do too much pushing after all as Mars is a big positive wave of energy elevating you. During this period you will achieve a new position. It’s likely because of the conjunction to Jupiter leading up to May 29.

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse takes place on May 16 and this occurs in your sixth house of work. A deeper understanding of connectedness to your co-workers and the fact that no man is an island under themselves may arise. This wisdom helps you improve your skills at work. You’ll meet your deadlines in a much more timely fashion. You may also find that enemies or those who’ve been harbouring ill will towards you may come out of the woodwork. You will suddenly discover who these enemies are.

The 11th house relates to the fulfilment and fruition of your past efforts. Mars transits your 11th house from May 25 to July 5. Capitalise on any opportunities and demand you’re paid fairly for the work that you do. You know what you’re worth but you need to make that known.

Period of Loss or Attraction

The 12th house transits can indicate periods of loss or attrition. Mars transits this area of your horoscope between July 5 then August 15. You may spend a lot of money particularly between the 8th and 15th when Mars makes a square to Saturn and trines Pluto.

Astrologer’s Advice

Try to employ a little more wisdom in the way you purchase things during this period. You could find yourself in a financial ditch at the end of that transit if you aren’t prudent.

You are energised to achieve great things in the latter part of the year particularly when Mars moves into your Sun sign after August 20. It remains there until November 20. During this period move into its retrograde motion and remain in that position until the end of the year. Some of the aspects previously mentioned need to be re-experienced.

As an example, the hard aspect to Neptune which occurs on October 12 also takes place on November 20, the trine aspect of Saturn of September 28 again recurs on November 29. Mars in aspect to Neptune and Saturn is never easy and shows a devitalisation of energy. In some ways, it’s a type of paralysis in terms of your action and ability to move forward.

Astrologer’s Note

You should take stock of things rather than pushing them forward. Excessively trying to achieve impossible goals is a recipe for failure. Collect your energies and think your goals through more clearly to achieve greater success.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Gemini in 2022

Everyone needs luck. That to a large extent is based upon your karma. The North Node is completing an 18-month cycle through your first house. This is the part of your horoscope governing your self-image and ego. The South Node of past karma point, as mentioned previously is doing its work on your relationships. With greater self-analysis and understanding of others, you’ll develop unique skills and core competencies of an emotional and spiritual nature.

Spirituality and higher Knowledge

Uranus is the governing planet of your ninth house and rules spirituality and higher knowledge. Its transit through your 12th house is significant and gives you the intuitive insights to crack open those past troubling experiences that have been undermining your efforts.

Uranus moves to its stationary direct phase on January 19. And by August 1 makes contact with your North Node. This is a powerful transit indicating an epiphany of sorts. This is a time when you break through some of these past life experiences that have caused you suffering and perhaps made it difficult for you to develop the sort of relationships you’ve dreamt of.

Positive Transformations

With the solar eclipse occurring in your 12th house on May 1, your personality will undergo important positive transformations. Changes are an important component of breaking free of past habits and patterns which have been holding you back. Working with this solar eclipse impacts your personality and also allows you to influence others greatly.

There is also a lunar eclipse on November 8 taking place in your 12th house. This is particularly important for spiritual matters and under this eclipse, any sort of meditation or self-analysis will yield very quick results.


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