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Taurus 2022 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Taurus Horoscope for 2022

TaurusSaturn dominates your horoscope in the upper part of the chart throughout 2022. This is your professional arena and Saturn’s presence there reflects your dedication, concentration and steadiness in all your tasks. Saturn also indicates a greater responsibility with the potential for promotion but was longer are most likely harder hours being demanded of you.

The square of Saturn to your Sun sign throughout March is notable. You must organise your schedule so that your tasks are orderly. You may not have much time for socialising as the weight of these responsibilities becomes greater. That’s also likely to increase with Saturn’s retrograde movement after June 5.

Jupiter is pushing you to more and more idealism. With its fortunate movement to your 11th house fulfilment, 2022 should promise many rewards in many departments of life. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is also stationed in this part of your horoscope ensuring high ideals but expectations that should be mapped.

Astrologer’s Advice

As long as you’re prepared to put in the hard work you will be successful in the coming 12 months.

Saturn’s transit of your natal Sun sign is also a rather challenging time for you. This transit is all about carrying extra responsibilities on your shoulders. It won’t be easy but if you’re able to confront these duties had on, you will become a much stronger person and will learn some valuable lessons, especially in your profession.

The Saturn-Sun transit causes you to be more patient in your life. You may want things to move quicker but realise that this isn’t going to happen as fast as you would like. As long as you have a clear focus on the goals you wish to achieve, it will be worth it in the end no matter how difficult the journey is.

Astrologer’s Note

During this period, you’ll need to adjust your life plan, scheduling and your diary to make time for the things that make you feel good. Unfortunately, this planetary interval creates a lot of guilt regarding work and obligations to others. You find it difficult to say no and will experience more and more pressure from others because you just can’t refuse requests. You are making a rod for your own back.

In June, Saturn goes retrograde and gives you a second dose of the square aspect to the Sun. These are square aspects repeat again on September 24 and finally on October 23 when Saturn moves to its final direct motion. Those lessons that were mentioned earlier, might start to be learned in a very dramatic fashion after this date. Soon you’ll be able to put all of these difficult experiences behind you.

What used to work for you in the past may no longer work for you now. That’s the lesson of the transit of Saturn to your North node. This happens around April 12 and is a very powerful karmic awaken.

Astrologer’s Advice

It’s about letting go of the things that no longer serve you. What is useful and what is worthless seems to be the question that will be in your mind.

Once you get your head around this, you’ll easily be able to eliminate those things that have been holding you back. This transit is all about fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Astrologer’s Note

Levelling the karmic playing field may be a scary thing but you realise it has to be done. No pain, no gain stop

The very powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune takes place around April 13. The influence of these two planets will be felt before this but this is the peak period when you can expect your intuition to be right on target. Trust that. These two planets are very strong spiritual connotations. For this reason, many of you may start the question life and ask yourselves whether you are on the right life path.

It’s important not to see things through the filter of expectation. The colour you see may not be the colour that is there. Wishful thinking is one of the important effects of this transit but it may also lead you up the garden path. In relationships, as an example, you may see perfection when in fact you’ve overlooked the human side of nature. We all have our weaknesses and thoughts, never forget that. By keeping that in mind, you’ll avoid disappointment and won’t put people on a pedestal.

This cycle also cautions you do not believe everyone you meet.


If you’re doing business transactions check and recheck all your numbers and of course don’t sidestep the fine print in any contract that you have to sign off on.

This transit is a deceptive one and means that you are seeing things with a blinkered eye.

Neptune is notorious for its influence and rulership of drugs, narcotics and substances that can alter your perception. That includes tobacco and alcohol.

Astrologer’s Advice

Try to limit your use of recreational drugs if you can especially if you have important work or decisions that have to be made during this interval.

You will, however a powerful and even prophetic dreams and intuitive insights that will help you make clearer decisions.

Jupiter’s speedy entry into Aries gives you a stronger sense of independence and you will want to act upon these impulses. Jupiter is also going through its retrograde and forward motion and on July 29 moves into its apparent reverse motion. That’s can increase as can enemies.

Astrologer’s Advice

Try to listen more than you speak and pick up on those non-verbal cues which will give you greater clarity as to who your friends and enemies are.

On July 29, Jupiter goes retrograde and by October 28 re-enters the mystical sign of Pisces. There is a spike in metaphysical interests and a desire to learn yoga and connect with those of philosophical temperament. On November 24, Jupiter moves back into its stationary and direct motion and by December 21 moves back into your 12th house of Aries. This should start a much lower key, quieter period for you.

Love and Romance for Taurus in 2022

Romance-and-friendship-2019What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

The Moon and Mars in the eighth house as the year starts indicate intimate issues being of significance this year. Whereas you may have been quiet about having your needs fulfilled, the action of Mars in this important zone of shared resources will stimulate you to ask, no, demand your sexual and emotional needs are met.

While this transit is taking place the Sun enters Pisces, your 11th house of social activities, friendship and fulfilment of desires. This act in tandem with the above moon and Mars transiting your eighth house. Your imagination is fired up and you will be prone to fantasy, dreaming and exploring the uncharted emotional and sexual territory.

January 3-Transiting Jupiter Square Transiting North Node January 3

Jupiter makes a hard square aspect to your North node on January 3. Interacting with others may not be easy and that may be those in personal relationships or groups alike.

Astrologer’s Advice

Try to find ways of distressing during this transit. Having said that, you are interested in reaching out to others. At the same time, you may have a problem letting go of old relationships even if they’ve been a thorn in the side.

During this cycle, you don’t feel comfortable about the social circumstances you find yourself in. You may even prefer a monastic lifestyle, shunning others, even long-term friends. You need time alone to figure out what your path is now.

You have some doubts about relationships generally probably because someone is undermined your trust mechanism. Your bullshit meter seems to be functioning better than ever.

Astrologer’s Note

You seem to have an intuitive insight into those who are trying to take advantage of you. You should continue trusting that during this cycle. Overall, this transit is about completing relationships, learning the lessons of life, love and friendship.

Idealism in relationships is at a peak

Your idealism in relationships is at a peak when Venus enters Pisces on April 6. You have such strong desires for the one you love and will want to merge with them in an almost spiritual union.

Astrologer’s Advice

Be careful that you don’t smother your partner by being overly demanding. This will only serve to push them away rather than drawing them closer to you.

This also shows that you may have a shared spiritual interest with the one you love. You can extend this to your social connections as well with the 11th house ruling your ‘tribe ‘. Overall this is an inspiring time and even more uplifting if your partner is on the same page with you and you can share activities. As Venus is a planet of art, music and socialising, entertainment will be an important component of your recreational activities.

On April 15, Mars enters Pisces. This again is your 11th house but unlike Venus, Mars is more combative. Your peaceful and tranquil run with friends may hit a wall. There may be differences of opinion or someone aggressively trying to force their opinion on you.


You mustn’t play the victimhood card by bending over backwards for those who are being unreasonable. You may feel threatened by someone and make some important changes within your peer group.

The solar eclipse on May 1 takes place in your Sun sign and this is an important development for your self-awareness and how you present yourself to others generally. A lunar eclipse on May 16 takes place in your seventh house of marital affairs. These two eclipses tend to work for hand in glove with a radical shakeup of your relationships from now on. Your self-image may have been impacted by the type of relationship you’ve been in. If you haven’t been respected by your partner is getting you enough space to be yourself, this could signal some important changes in the way you respond to them.

On May 29 Venus enters your Sun sign and this is a good omen indicating a diplomatic, feel-good solution to the above-mentioned problems. In fact, with the transit of Venus making a conjunction to Uranus on June 12, your relationship might take a sudden and dramatic turn. You may not expect the results that are bound to happen at this time. You see that unusual feelings are arising and the people you meet will be just as unusual. Your partner may surprise you by doing something completely out of character. It’s also a period of artistic creativity.

You find the lines of communication open up to you and agreements are more cordial and balanced after July 18 when Venus commences its transit of your third house. Your third house relates to your thinking and communication process. How you speak will determine, to a large extent, the response you get from others.

With Mercury entering Virgo on August 4, you’ll become much more critical of those around you. Those who work in your company might find you a little overbearing as you’re striving for perfection may be unattainable by them. There is an obsessive quality about your matter during this transit but any sort of deep emotional analysis or research work will pay off.

Astrologer’s Advice

If you’re trying to solve some thorny relationship problem this is the transit that underpins your efforts. You’re looking for exacting answers from the person you love. This could push some of their hot buttons. Tread carefully.

With Transiting Venus entering Virgo on September 5, you’re looking for greater meaning in your relationships. If you are single having been on the one-night stand carousel for too long, that could change now. You also have very strong ideals surrounding the soulmate you’re looking for.

Astrologer’s Advice

It’s not a bad idea to take an inventory of what it is you’re looking for pros and cons. Creatively visualise what it is you want in your life and what sort of partner fits the bill. This is also a period of very detailed and enjoyable communication.

Mercury enters its retrograde phase on September 10 and continues in its reverse motion until October 2. Romantic affairs either slide sideways or take the second spot on your agenda now.


Other more important things may arise but one thing is certain: communications may be nebulous and you need to clarify the meaning and intention behind what you say.

Astrologer’s Note

Misunderstandings can easily arise under the retrograde movement of Mercury.

Transiting Venus Entering Scorpio on October 23 as does the Sun. Your desire for relationships intensifies during this transit of Venus. This can also indicate a possessive stance in your relationships that doesn’t augur well for the outcome. The more demanding you’re the less amenable your partner will be.

Astrologer’s Advice

Release your grip and don’t be so secretive about your feelings. Share your passion honestly and openly and this will work in your favour.

Transiting Venus Entering Sagittarius which is your eighth house of shared resources and sexuality on November 16. Sagittarius is the star sign of adventure and exploration. When you combine these keywords with love, you have an explosive combination. Hopefully, the positive chosen as your mate will be as open and bearing as you. Travels on the cards with this transit.

A lunar eclipse on November 8 occurs in your Sun sign and this also has a dramatic influence on your relationships. You may not experience the impact of this eclipse until sometime later. New things are about to arise in your relationships.

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Career and Finance for Taurus in 2022

work-and-money-forecast-2019The Sun enters your 10th house of professional activities and self-esteem on January 20. It shows that your career appetite and ambitions get much stronger from the outset this year. This is especially so with the additional conjunction of Mercury on January 23.

On March 3, Mercury also makes a transit to your 10th house of career. You have a greater need to communicate with others to collaborate on work projects and business activities. Sharing ideas and interests with your professional peers will also yield good results and greater profitability. You may also want to travel with co-workers and employers and will be resetting new methods to lift your ballgame.

Venus on March 29 Mercury makes contact with Pluto and this intensifies your negotiations.

Astrologer’s Note

Expect passionate, deep conversations which can transform you and others in the process. These discussions likely relate to eliminating wasteful practices in your work environment. There may be discussions also related to sexual misconduct or the abuse of power in your workplace.

The transiting Saturn square Sun occurs three times throughout 2022 and is an important transit relating to your career developments. On March 5, September 24 and again on November 20 the retrograde and forward motion of Saturn hammers the Sun.

Astrologer’s Advice

Be prepared to take on extra responsibilities at work. People will be looking up to you to see how you handle the stress and strain of many different situations. You have to keep a cool mind. The keywords during this cycle are patience and fortitude.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Taurus in 2022

Transiting North Node enters Taurus on January 25.

This transit fully influences your ninth house on the fifth house. These are some of the most important karmic and spiritual houses of your horoscope. Some tests will arise and they relate to your emotional capacity to handle material and financial stresses.

Astrologer’s Note

If you can grab control of these inner resources, you will be better equipped to capitalise on the material aspects of your life.

Mars enters your 12th house on May 18. It remains there until early 2023. Its importance on your spiritual life and activities can’t be overstated. This may be a complex period where you are trying to make heads or tails of your inner life versus your outer life. It’s about going back through your past and understanding your mistakes.

Astrologer’s Advice

This is not a time to beat yourself up but rather learn from those errors and improve yourself systematically, step-by-step.

Under this transit, you may choose to spend some time away from your normal environment. This will give you time to compose yourself, gather your energies and prepare for a new cycle. You will come out of this throughout 2022 much stronger and certainly more resilient.

There are cycles of prosperity that relate to your 11th house of gains through your business and work efforts. Mercury transit this place on March 10, Venus on April 6 and Mars on April 15. As you can see the April. Dominates 2022 for a cycle of intense activity and profitability. You must trust your intuitive powers in making decisions at this time as Pisces is the sign that these planets transit. It is one of the most powerful providing your foresight before specific events are going to happen. Use these insights wisely.

Collaborative projects come to the fore during the lunar and solar eclipses this year. The lunar eclipses on May 16 and November 8 occur and Scorpio and Taurus, your Sun sign respectively. This means the one-seven axis of relationships with the general public, business partners etc is highlighted. All partnerships may end with new ones arising to replace them. As the Moon is involved be careful not to allow your emotions to get the better of you especially if you’re decisions require a more pragmatic approach.

The solar eclipse on May 1 also takes place in your Sun sign. This points to the need to take a more practical approach to your business relationships. You must plan more effectively as Taurus the sign of stability, emotional and financial security. Look at the way you are saving money and also what you need to do to ensure a more secure future generally.

The excellent trine aspect of Mercury to Jupiter on November 17 coincides with its transit to the sign of Jupiter, Sagittarius. This is the eighth house of your horoscope that relates to other people’s money. If you’re looking to borrow or develop your business profile, this is the time to talk to your bank manager.


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