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Hypothetical Astrology

Hypothetical astrology looks at questions of what if, sometimes with a slight tongue in cheek approach. What we publish here is in no way meant as anything other than an exploration into possibilities.   Possibilities of different people relating, circumstances arising and sometimes just out and out ridiculous concepts being put on the table for the sake of curiosity. Take for example our 1st study of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump falling in love, hypothetically that is. It’s obvious that that would never happen but studying the horoscopes turns out to be an interesting exercise if nothing else.  We will also look at the question of possible outcomes in history if certain actions had or had not been taken and so on and so forth.


I’m sure that many astrologers will look down upon me for doing this but my view is that anything is possible in the universe and even if something is impossible, it’s interesting if not fun to look at the potential outcome of the preposterous.


We hope you enjoy these offerings- a taste of the hypothetical in the astrological realm.