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First, what is the I Ching? It is an ancient mystical relic used by people to foresee their future. Its symbols are made up of six lines - the yin and the yang - representing different states of existence. The yin is a fixed state while the yang can represent a dynamic or changing state. The hexagrams tell people the "now" and the future. Despite the cryptic and symbolic nature of the symbols, the I Ching is also quite simple to interpret and understand. The I Ching has been in circulation for over two millennia. It was the world's ultimate guide and philosopher's cosmos, representing the philosophical underpinnings of reality. Over the centuries, this mystical book was widely consulted in East Asia. The 64 hexagrams became categories for a variety of disciplines. And the mysterious "Judgments", which were considered kernels, were later used as categories. Many religions have been linked to the I Ching throughout history. Some believe it was brought to China by Noah's son. Others believe that it is a pornographic celebration of the hermaphrodite monad, which the Hindus worship as Shiva and the Chaldeans as Baal. Although there are many theories about the origins of the I Ching, most experts agree it can provide guidance. The I Ching, an ancient Chinese astrological text dating back to the Bronze Age, is called the I Ching. Although its origins are unknown, it is believed that the original version was created from the sacred ritual oracle bones divination. Zhou rulers of the Zhou Dynasty relied heavily on divination in their everyday lives. The rulers of Zhou Dynasty used the hexagrams for forecasting the future. The Yijing's Ge and Ding are often read together, as two phases of regime change. The Ge refers to the destructive phase in the fall of an existing regime. Ding is the constructive phase that rebuilds political order. Both the Ge and Ding highlight both the dangers and fears of the tyrant and political corruption. The book encourages the readers to revolt against dictatorships. Although the I Ching can predict the future it can't be used for predicting the future. Its answers are influenced by the prevailing beliefs of the people consulted. They will ensure that their answers match the desired result, making it useless. It can also predict the future of someone else. This makes the I Ching more valuable than other deterministic techniques. Han commentators sought to sync the hexagrams and the lunar calendar. According to them, the lunar months correspond to cosmic forces and to human society. Han commentators attributed hexagrams to the sixth and tenth lunar moon months. The eighth and ninth month are represented by the eleventh months. This month has many meanings for humans, but its interpretation is constantly changing. All life embodies the yin and embraces yang, Through their union achieving harmony. The I Ching (Book of Changes) has been used as a method of divination for over 3000 years. In Asia, it is overwhelmingly the most popular form of prediction, and its following in Europe and the Americas is rapidly increasing. To use our I Ching, enter your name in the textbox (optional), concentrate on a specific question and press the button below.  

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