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Your Wisdom of the Moon Spread

Wisdom of the Moon Spread

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The World Reversed

This card represents the success yet attained, a lack of clear vision and a fear of change.

Six of Cups

Happiness and joy come from the past. New friendships, ventures and knowledge are possible.

King of Cups Reversed

Misused power and skill. Treachery and the loss of morality and money are possible.

Two of Swords

Relationships are rife with tension. Indeciveness may be a problem. The rhythm of life is well sensed, but without direction.

Six of Swords

The future looks brighter. Success will be known.

Eight of Swords Reversed

Fresh starts are possible.

Ace of Pentacles

Prosperity, pleasure and beauty can be realized.

Six of Pentacles

Material gain, charity and justice are at the forefront. That which is earned will be given.

Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Stagnation mixed with a dull, timid and indolent nature.


This card represents the power of your charactor, spiritual power defeating material desires and love over hate.