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Your Star Guide Spread

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Your Present Situation

The Magician
This card represents the force of your will, the mastery of skills and your creative talents.

The Cause of Your Conflicts and Obstacles

Judgement Reversed
The card represents the failure to find happiness, disenchantment, and the loss of possessions.

The Changes You Need to Make to Face Your Challenges

Six of Cups
Happiness and joy come from the past. New friendships, ventures and knowledge are possible.

Your Strengths

Seven of Cups Reversed
The re-emergence of will and determination. Strengths working in unison. Choices made wisely.

Other Challenges

King of Swords Reversed
Distrustful and paranoid. Capable of malice. Power abused.

The Final Outcome

The Chariot Reversed
Decadence, failing health and need for change.