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Your Tree of Life Spread

Tree of Life Spread

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Your Highest Ideals

Temperance Reversed
Corruption, disorganization, fighting and interests at odds with one another.

Your Creative Power

Ace of Wands
A new venture is on the horizon. This new venture may be anything from a journey or business to a family.

Your Wisdom

The Eight of Wands
Things done hastily will prove to be poorly done. Think and plan before setting crucial actions into motion.

Your Virtues

The Queen of Wands Reversed
Vengence and domination, possibly unfaithfulness and deceit.

The Force of Your being

Four of Cups Reversed
Awakening from a sedate period. New relationships, goals and ventures are possible.

Your Health, Beauty and Altruism

Two of Swords
Relationships are rife with tension. Indeciveness may be a problem. The rhythm of life is well sensed, but without direction.

Your Loves, Lusts, Artistic Self and Instincts

Five of Swords Reversed
Victories may be empty. False pride must be avoided. Sorrow is possible.

You as a Procreator, Designer and Scientist

Three of Pentacles Reversed
Gain is not realized and skills are not mastered.

Your Imagination and Psychic Self

Four of Pentacles Reversed
Gain is hindered by obstacles.

Your Physical Self

Six of Pentacles
Material gain, charity and justice are at the forefront. That which is earned will be given.