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The Un-pregnant Korean Girl

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether or not to get involved in the personal affairs of your clients. On the one hand you want to help them but on the other you realize that taking sides or somehow trying to resolve situations will only complicate matters and that is precisely what happened in 2009 when a client of mine called me very distressed late one night, approximately 1 a.m. telling me she was being stalked by her boyfriend.

After calming her down it came to my attention that she had just recently broken up with this man because she had found out he was seeing his ex-girlfriend but he maintained that they were purely friends. She said he had been stalking her, calling her numerous times a day, sending SMS messages and generally coming around and harassing her.

I asked her if she would like me to call him and gently but firmly persuade him to back off until she felt comfortable enough to call him. She agreed.

I told her I would call him and so within a few minutes I was able to get the other half of the story which started to become more and more complex. As I was talking to him he told me that he had just discovered she was pregnant, a fact that she hadn’t informed me of. I was a little taken aback as I was about to read him the riot act. He proceeded to tell me that the reason he was trying to contact her, apart from explaining the ex-girlfriend and their purely platonic association, the fact that he was on a very powerful medication for his psoriasis and that this had a history of causing birth defects. He asked me if I would convey this information to her and I agreed, but still impressed upon him the need to stay away from her until she was ready and willing to talk to him after which time they may be able to resolve the problem.

I immediately rang her back and no sooner had I commenced to tell her about my discussion with him and she tells me that she is in fact not pregnant at all. I was completely flabbergasted! What?” I yelled, “Are you kidding me?” This is one instance which I am a little embarrassed to speak about as an astrologer should never lose his cool and unfortunately I am human and I must admit that I did get a little angry at this very clear deception. She had told him she was pregnant to cause him to stay away from the ex-girlfriend. Ï told her it was best if she sorted this matter out for herself or to at least give me a little time to digest the confused state of affairs that I had now become embroiled in.

It was about 3 a.m. when I went to sleep but I didn’t get much sleep that night as I immediately received a call from her about 7.30a.m, again in desperation mode, telling me he had been harassing her, calling her and had even come around the previous night after we had asked him to not come around. In fact during my discussion with him I told him that if he persisted she or I would call the police to make good our demands for him to stay away. When she told me this I rang him back and was surprised to learn the other half of the story of which there is always another half.

Apparently what had happened was that he had decided to go and see her personally because she had text-messaged him and saw this as an opportunity to resolve this intense situation. He wasn’t aware of the fact that as he drove up to her house a burglary was taking place in the premises next door. Immediately after knocking on her door and not feeling welcome he went back outside only to find police cars being called to the scene of the burglary next door.

Assuming that his girlfriend and the astrologer had called the police to have him charged with stalking, he walked up to the police and told them that they must have been looking for him. Misunderstanding his intent the police assumed he was the man who had been breaking and entering into the premises and immediately proceeded to take him to the jailhouse whereby he was locked up overnight.

This incredible but true story indicates how to some extent an astrologer’s involvement in his clients lives can sometimes complicate the issues. I guess this is all of the karmic process which at times is unavoidable but which should act as a deterrent for astrologers wanting to help where actually help may not be of any use.