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For many people, the difficulty is finding exactly what they want to do in life. You may be challenged by the same life obstacle. Those impediments however, are the very seeds of opportunity. You just have to know how and where to look for them.

Your horoscope will show that and much more, including the timing when those sorts of things are likely to happen as a result of your karma maturing.

There’s no point doing a reading or looking at your karmic blueprint,

If doing so, shows that you are fated to having these feelings and therefore helpless to change anything in your future or

You don’t think that going down a track of any sort, with a destination, that you eventually achieve, is going to give you any sort of inner happiness

The fact of the matter is that happiness is not caused by anything in your circumstance nor anything that happens in your life either now or in the future. In this sense, I would cut straight to the heart of the matter and that is, finding a way for you to be happy in this very moment and eliminating all paths completely, especially seeing as you’re not at all clear what it is you want to meet down the end of that path. That becomes a very precarious path.

It’s interesting to note how over the years, my work has become more and more a type of life coaching. I prefer to call it Destiny Engineering. Although people are fascinated by the planets and all the technicalities associated with the subject, at the end of the day it has more to do with “Is this going to be of any practical use to me?”

Are you ready to change your perspective. That’s the source of changing your life. If that’s the case, and you have the time to arrange a personal session, I’d welcome that and look forward to being instrumental in helping you find the happiness and purpose that seems to be alluding you for now. Let me know.