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Rodrigo Duterte

16th President of the Philippines

President Rodrigo DuterteRodrigo Duterte is a Filipino lawyer and politician of Visayas who was Mayor of Davao City for 22 years and recently was elected as the 16th President of the Philippines. He is the first president of the country from Mindanao. He has also served as vice-mayor and as congressman for the city.  His nickname is “The Punisher” because of his iron-fisted approach with criminals and drug lords.

Date of Birth: March 25, 1945

Time of Birth: 12:00 PM (unknown)

Place of Birth: Maasin, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Astrology Reading for President Rodrigo Duterte

Many people are fascinated by the newly elected president of the Philippines after a landslide victory. His speedy fulfilment of promises made during his campaign are already starting to show results and although his techniques are pretty unorthodox, even shocking to some, it appears he has the support of those who put him in power, namely the people of the Philippines. In fact, he has endeared himself so strongly to the people that he is now being referred to as the father of the Philippines.


In looking at the sidereal horoscope of the President-elect of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, he was born with the full Moon in the sign of Virgo in the star of the Sun which rules his 12th house of charitable acts and selfless service. Furthermore, Jupiter, the ruler of the seventh house is retrograde in his 12th house and is considered a spiritual combination traditionally, however, we must note that the seventh Lord, ruling marital issues being in the house of secrets may not be altogether a blessing for his relationships.

Much of the contention at the moment surrounds his iron fist approach to tackling the issue of drugs in the Philippines and his extrajudicial the killings would obviously show in his horoscope. Let’s take a look now and see whether or not that is the case.

Having Saturn and Rahu in the 10th house with both of these planets disposing of Mars on the sixth house, which happens to rule the eighth house of death, the strong indicator of his unconventional and times the spot it methods in dealing with criminality and indeed his enemies which are also ruled by the sixth house. Saturn and Mars are in a trine aspect which is usually a solidifying and steadying influence in any horoscope.

Mars in the sixth house is well-known amongst astrologers as being an excellent placement for any malefic planet in that it’s favourable for defeating enemies and the winning in competitions. That is obvious from the massive majority vote he received in this 2016 election. The other interesting astrological point to note here is that Mars is ruling his eighth house, and for Virgo, this could be considered the worst house of the Zodiac. But having that eighth ruler located on the sixth house, and other negative sector of the Zodiac is considered an exceptionally beneficial feature of a horoscope. This is called Vipareet yoga and brings with it good fortune financially and as mentioned earlier in terms of beating competitors.

The horoscope is therefore, a rather contradictory one because, on the one hand, it reveals his spiritual and charitable heart but also his ruthless and dominant personality with respect to enemies.

Saturn, predominantly rules his sixth house and is located in the 10th house and is also known to be a combination for providing legal success. If we take Rahu to also be the ruler of the sixth house then he has a double influence in the sign of Gemini which is a friendly sign for both of these planets. Some Vedic astrologers are of the opinion that Rahu was exalted in the sign of Gemini. I personally tend to favour the sign of Taurus as its exaltation point however Gemini is still quite favourable and also is responsible for his strong success in politics. Saturn also ruled the fifth house, also notable for political success and having the triangular house ruler in the best angle of the horoscope gives extraordinary success.

In looking at the transits of Saturn, which we see is giving mixed results, throughout the period of 2014, 15 and 16 was transiting his third house considered an exceptionally good sector of the Zodiac for its transit. Interestingly, Jupiter, the ruler of the seventh and fourth house transiting his 12th house and making a Jupiter return this year itself, is partly a problem for him in that the 12th house also rules a secret enemies and whether he is aware of it or not, although I think he is astute enough to be significantly conscious of the fact, he has some very powerful enemies already plotting against him. He will need to be extremely careful especially after January 2017 when Saturn transits his fourth lunar sector, especially in its transit of the star Mula, being the first star in the sign of Sagittarius. Ketu will act as an agent of Mars, the most prolific planet for the Virgo horoscope, and being on the sixth house of enemies will challenge him severely. This may endanger him in some way or at least create some health concerns for the president.

There’s another dictum in Vedic astrology which relates to the transit of Jupiter into the lunar star. President Duterte was born under the lunar star of Uttaraphalguni, which is ruled by the Sun and also rules his 12th house of secret enemies. When Jupiter transits this star after September 2016, you may find that some of these avid supporters may start to waver in their loyalty to him. This may even cause problems in his marital life as the Sun, 12 Lord is located on the seventh house of marriage. It’s also interesting to note that currently, Rahu, also ruler of the sixth house is transiting the 12th house and close conjunction to Jupiter which rules his marriage, business affiliations and other allies.

Speaking of allies, on a political note and the international stage,

President Duterte should be extremely careful in extending his hand in friendship to those who are only superficially so. Particularly with the issue of China and the South China Sea issue, is currently in the process of commencing negotiations and may be hoodwinked in any sort of deal that goes down with them.

In short, this cycle looks very much focused on enmity, friends turning on him and opposition mounting as the coming months would indicate astrologically. We will with great interest the following is rather enigmatic and popular leader as his six-year leadership starts to unfold. On a final point, it appears that there is a very strong link between the affiliations you makes politically now such as that of the vice president Robredo, who may in fact, turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.



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