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In this area you will discover and learn how to study people, develop your psychic skills and also understand the technical aspects of astrology and other esoteric arts and sciences.

Face Reading

Judging a man’s character is not necessarily difficult because we lack technical expertise, so much as that we pay little or no attention to the obvious. And because people are the mysterious creatures they are, it’s not always a simple matter of lumping them into broad categories.

The character types can be and usually are a mixture of structural types and will often present contradictory features to you. So a keen attention, insight and common sense are important prerequisites if you’re to become an accomplished reader of human nature.

Additional study of mannerisms, facial expressions and vocal intonation are also useful extensions of face reading. These observations will add weight to your perception of self and others.

Face Reading therefore, allows you to see beyond the masks people exhibit. But remember, people don’t always hide their feelings intentionally to deceive. In many instances inner complexes are deep and hidden, often stemming from childhood difficulties or traumas.

To a greater or lessor extent many of us also exhibit these same human frailties. In these instances the study of faces gives us glimpses into the mazes and caverns of humanness – areas many of us desire or are rarely able to connect with. To find out more about face reading click here

Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is thousands of years old and is a sophisticated system of studying human character based primarily but not exclusively on the year of birth of an individual. The 12 animal totems of the Chinese zodiac loosely reflect some of the traits of the 12 western zodiac signs.

The Chinese interpretation of character, destiny and yearly effects is fascinating and describes the person’s destiny in a very accurate manner. The more detailed analysis is quite extra ordinary. Click here to learn more about yourself and others.

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is the ancient art of intuitively reading the future using cards. The events foreseen are based upon interpreting chance distribution of cards.

These random events are actually seen to be synchronistic in revealing many aspects of the questioners mind, character and life situation at the time of question.

In a strange way your spiritual and unconscious energies seem to attract the cards which reveal events about to take place. Click here to select from a large number of card spreads.


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