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Capricorn Love Horoscope

CAPRICORNL1What does Capricorn Love Horoscope mean?

The desire for worldly and financial success can sometimes distract Capricorn from involvement in serious emotional relationships. The typical Capricorn has a tendency to miss out on love over and over again, especially in the early years.

You must keep your ears and your eyes are wide open so that you recognise the opportunities of love when Cupid aims his arrow in your direction. It would be a shame to miss out on love simply because you placed such big stakes on your professional objectives.

Integrity in your partner is a prime importance. They must be hard work like you and, make no bones about it, they must be prepared to protect and provide security for your family. Because you are so big on commitment, phobic individuals need not apply for your love.

You are a traditionalist and make no apologies for it, so good old-fashioned love is what you’re after once you finally do decide to give romance a serious try. Once your soulmate finds you, you’ll give 100 per cent of you body, mind and soul to them.

You have a distaste for weakness of any sort, particularly when it comes in the form of people not handling the difficulties of life. You need someone with forbearance and the ability to share the tough as well as the good times with you. Your put your partner to the test to see just how capable they are at handling life’s stormy seas. Try not to make these tests too hard because some don’t pass them initially. Allow some latitude.

Capricorn is not generally regarded as a particularly affectionate or demonstrative sign when it comes to love, but this is a rather callous and generalised view of the goat. Once someone opens their heart to you and proves their love, you can be surprisingly warm and sensual in return.

Trust is at the heart of relationship with Capricorn. You need to know that, with whomever you choose to share your love, they must be steadfast and honest in their dealings with you. Once this is assured, they will see the sensual side of Capricorn come to the surface.

You’ve got very clear ideas of your romantic ideal, just as you do with everything else. Sometimes your criteria are a little hard for the average person to meet, because you’re interested in both emotional and material success. The thing you hate most is being seen as a failure and your love life is no exception. Just as financial success brings with it reputation, so does your emotional success, in a similar way, prove the same.

Many females born under Capricorn don’t accept modern attitudes and prefer a conventional approach in which the man takes the lead. You’re not likely to fall head over heels in love after a couple of dates and prefer to take your time, savouring each meeting until you’ve made up your mind. When you eventually tie the knot you are extremely faithful.

There are some fairly straightforward ground rules when getting involved romantically with a Capricorn and, if these aren’t adhered to, there’s little chance of the relationship going to the next level. The most important of all is that you hate laziness and want your partner to be financially and emotionally hard working. If you detect any laziness you’ll end the relationship quick smart.

The planet Venus rules your sensuality and proves that you have a great deal of love and warmth to share. Excitement and passion are part of your personality, especially when your lover shows their deeper worth. Another important ground rule is this: you need a person to be tolerant and persistent.

You dislike people who disregard their duties and disrespect others. You need to know that your life mate has a high sense of obligation to finish what they start, and if you are fortunate enough to meet someone like this they’ll win your heart completely.

Love and sex are so deeply connected with duty to you that it is hard to separate them before expressing your deeper passions. Once these issues are cleared up to your satisfaction, you can be extremely playful in the bedroom.

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