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July 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

Here’s your July 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn…

Jul 1, 2022 6 AM (Jun 30, 2022 to Jul 2, 2022) Ven Qucnx Sun

The road to short term pleasure may have taken you off your life’s track. You’re ready for a healthier taste of the high life. Your body electric needs a recharge. Your magnetic force needs to be realigned. A good massage could be in order.

Jul 1, 2022 4 PM (Jun 30, 2022 to Jul 2, 2022) Sun Oppos Sun

You’re between birthdays now. Get in touch with mother earth and your roots. Tend to practical affairs. Schedule a meeting with your partner. Get some feedback from them. Make a new balance between your needs and the needs of those who are significant to you. Personal interactions are highlighted. Be sure to take authority figures into consideration.

You’re reaching a culmination of self-awareness. The truth can set you free and it will require some adjusting.


Jul 5, 2022 (Jul 3, 2022 to Aug 20, 2022) Mar 5th H.

Mars, the cosmic spark plug and planet who turns things on is about to increase your desire for strong creative self-expression. Your desire to have fun will be the strongest that it has been in many months. Don’t be foolhardy but don’t hesitate to be more dramatic and forceful in all of your creative pursuits. Put more energy in your hobbies, especially any that are mechanically orientated. On the consumer side, this is a wonderful time to purchase sculpture. Romantically speaking, if that hot lusty planet Mars has his way with you, you are going to become much more romantic, passionate, and sexually active. Your stars say, seek and ye shall find pleasure and love. If you want, a new lover can soon be yours, one who is active and vigorous. By all means, go ahead and do some flirting. Be more zesty and playful. Experience some unbridled passion.

Jul 5, 2022 (Jul 4, 2022 to Jul 19, 2022) Mer 7th H.

It’s a great time of the year for you to make a few quick changes with regards to the significant other. Take another look at teamwork. Think about new ways of relating. Talk more about partnership. Enjoy a few good laughs about married life. Enjoy more dialog with your peers. Study and learn more about human relations. Distinguish yourself by carefully planning more events with the significant people in your life. Right now, you can accomplish something great by paying attention to your partnership issues. Reach out to some clear thinking people. You could be on the verge of reaching a new contractual agreement. Right now, for you, the key to success is ongoing negotiations.

Jul 10, 2022 2 AM (Jul 10, 2022 to Jul 11, 2022) Mer Oppos Sun

Important information can come or you may have to go get it. Ego conflict can make negotiations very antagonistic. Talk has a real push-pull energy today. Discussions are high energy.

When the pace is urgent it’s all the more important that you think before you speak. If you listen at least as much as you talk you will gain new awareness. Before you reach an agreement, you must clarify positions.

Jul 18, 2022 (Jul 17, 2022 to Aug 11, 2022) Ven 7th H.

You’re cycling through a period where you can enjoy more give and take with your partner. It’s time to make your feelings known. Wherever you have been experiencing conflict, you can now make peace. Conditions are now ideal for you to exude more of your natural charm, and thus improve your love life. Enjoy more fine times with your mate. It is time for you to become something of a peacemaker. At this time you can become more popular by becoming more considerate.

Jul 19, 2022 12 PM (Jul 18, 2022 to Jul 20, 2022) Mar Trine Sun

A burst of energy gives you new ego strength. You can create success with authority figures. For several days you will have extra vigor, recognition and success. Exercise extra caution with fire, machinery and sharp objects. Channel your boundless energy. Protect against quarrel or injury. Channel impulsiveness. Act on your true desires. Get physical. Express yourself through positive action.

Jul 19, 2022 (Jul 19, 2022 to Aug 4, 2022) Mer 8th H.

It’s a great time of the year for you to make a few quick changes in your private life. Take a look at recent work in human sexual behavior. Think about new ways to achieve true sexual satisfaction. Talk more about psychological motivations. Enjoy a few good laughs about intimate subjects. Enjoy more dialogue in the boudoir. Study and learn more metaphysical subjects. Distinguish yourself by carefully planning your next close encounter of the intimate kind. Right now you can accomplish something really great by paying attention to psychological factors. Conversation will lead to intimacy. A merging of the minds is in the stars for you. Penetrate some mysteries. Discover some secrets. Make a record of your ideas. Save them and allow them to gather interest.

Jul 22, 2022 (Jul 21, 2022 to Aug 23, 2022) Sun 8th H.

Perfect stellar conditions are encouraging you to cultivate new levels of self-esteem by achieving righteousness. Especially over the next four weeks you will be defined by the psychological stance that you take. Set yourself up for some new ego strokes. Get in touch with your inner-strength. Energize your love life. Spend some money to explore some sexy mysteries.

Start a new budget. Cut back on wasteful spending. Open a new savings account in a strong local savings bank. Take a more ecological view of your own economy.

Jul 24, 2022 8 AM (Jul 24, 2022 to Jul 25, 2022) Mer Qucnx Sun

What are you missing? What are you trying to avoid? Agents, secretaries, receptionists and middle-men can be extra problematic now. With a few oblique adjustments you can do some useful intellectual work.

Before you speak up, give a good listen. Dealing with obscure bozos? Well, just because information isn’t truthful, doesn’t mean it isn’t useful.

Jul 26, 2022 4 AM (Jul 26, 2022 to Jul 27, 2022) Ven Oppos Sun

Creative potential is strong. Are you ready to lift the barbells of love and money? To get more love and abundance develop your grace, charm and sense of values. Know when to push, when to pull and when to roll back. Reorient yourself away from negativity and darkness. Demonstrate appreciation for those you love now. Treat yourself to something very beautiful.