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Can astrology help me control my weight?

Astrology Weight and ObesityDid you know that the transit of Jupiter can influence your weight? Are you aware that the cycles of this planet, the largest in our solar system, is somehow responsible for the peaks and troughs of your weight and reflects these fluctuations? Let’s take a look at how your Sun sign, (lunar sign and rising sign) and the position of Jupiter at the time you were born give very distinct hints as to whether or not you’re likely to be “fleshy”, overweight or even obese. Consequently, we can also see what areas health wise might be impacted by this particular planet.

The transits of Jupiter across any of these three personal points has a great deal to say about not only whether you are prone to weight gain but precisely when you are likely to experience the accumulation of those unwanted kilos!

Generally, the watery signs such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have a natural tendency to accumulate weight especially if planets such as Venus, the Moon and Jupiter aspect or occupy these signs at the time of birth or during the transit. Naturally, the transit of Jupiter which is a longer cycle will have a greater impact on knowing when those transits are likely to affect one’s star sign is important in mapping out diet and lifestyle changes to bring those unruly kilos under control.

Zodiac Weight Control Advice


Aries GlyphFortunately, Aries is a hot, fiery and high metabolic star sign which means you’re usually able to burn calories at a much faster rate than other star signs. This makes you active, fidgety and mostly on the go. Even if you have a voracious appetite and like to eat sweets and other fattening foods your metabolic processes will generally devour others calories as quickly as you devour them. Jupiter’s aspect on your star sign is a welcome feature of your horoscope because it brings with it good fortune and opportunities based upon its rulership of your ninth house of spirituality and excellent past karma. Your ruling planet Mars in association with Venus may also make you hanker after food and drink. You are passionate about eating and this may, in turn, create some problems for some born under the sign of the Ram.



Taurus is ruled by Venus and as such can often tend towards excessive dietary habits. It’s interesting to note that in the Hindu system of astrology the name for Venus is Shukra, which is the Sanskrit term from which the Indo-European languages derive the word sugar. In short, many born under the star sign of Taurus have a sweet tooth and those calories will cake on the pounds, make no mistake about it. That weight can be exacerbated if the ruling planet Venus is either located in Taurus, aspected or is in conjunction with Jupiter and-or Jupiter’s aspecting the ascendant. The Moon’s position in Taurus is highly laudable as this is its exaltation position but again being a watery planet can also contribute to considerable weight gain.


geminiGemini is an air sign and often the air signs don’t tend to gain weight as easily as their watery star relatives. As with Aries, your metabolic process is fast and you tend to burn calories even through your excessive thought processes. Always on the go, that helps keep your calories in check. Later, however, some born under Gemini do tend to find that their metabolic processes slow down and it can become much easier to eat those little snacks of high-carbohydrate and sweet fattening calories. Gemini loves to read and this means you get older lounging about like a couch potato, you may find it easier the load on the pounds so keep up your exercise and if you have to, take a book to read on your run.


The watery sign of Cancer is naturally prone to weight gain so you must take care to keep up an active exercise regime along with intelligent eating habits. Apart from the problems that may ensue from ingesting too many calories especially carbohydrates, and milky or cheesy snacks, water retention can also be a problem for those born under the sign of the Moon especially if they haven’t dealt with childhood issues and emotional problems. Eating is one of the prime methods of burying unresolved feelings deep down within oneself. If you born under the sign of Cancer you probably realise that your totem or ruling animal is the crab. Like this ruling creature, you possess a hard exterior but a soft inner self and this is where you need to be careful not to hide your emotions but to express them in a healthy way. Obesity is one of the dangerous conditions of modern man in our fast-paced society which is fueled by unresolved emotions and high-calorie snacks. For you dealing with your inner feelings is one of the best ways to reduce your weight.


leoAlthough you are unlikely to gain as much weight as some of your star cousins if you have built up considerable muscle through exercise throughout your life and are reaching your mid years, you may find that muscle turning to fat if you don’t maintain a rigid exercise regime. Although most Leos a leader in their earlier life, as they grow older they find that they can bulk out especially if Jupiter or Venus has some aspect to their Sun sign all their ruler, the Sun. You probably like to move and like your fiery elemental sibling Aries, burn your calories fairly quickly much to your advantage health wise. Your totem is the lion which thrives on the meat protein that it eats. As a result, you may also reflect this in your choice of diet, mainly a Paleolithic nutritional regime which would suit your temperament perfectly.


Virgos are usually very slender due to the rulership of Mercury. Mercury is considered the winged Messenger a reputation for speed and intellectual virtuosity. The speed aspect is what we like to see especially when discussing diet and the proneness to weight gain in some individuals. Your most fortunate Virgo in that your speed and general agility make you less prone to weight gain than some of the other star signs. Apart from that, your mental predisposition to be very finicky and self-critical means that you are not likely to feel more comfortable even if you see one or 2 kg of additional weight being put on over time. You are careful about your self-image and like the idea of being slim, sleek and attractive. With age, and this is reflected also by the transits of the planets, particularly the other ones, Jupiter may add a little bit of weight but this is normal.


libraStrangely although Libra is an air sign, there is a tendency to gain weight as you age because you are ruled by Venus which does have a tendency to produce a taste for yummy snacks, carbohydrates, and sweet things. Some Librans also enjoy drinking to excess which is notorious for adding calories to the diet. The astrological reason for this is fairly clear though and that is because Venus is exceptionally well placed in the watery sign of Pisces. In fact, it finds itself exalted here and therefore will give you a taste of the finest red wine and other high-calorie drinks. Because you have the scales your symbol you may oscillate between periods of slenderness and of chunky weight gain. You need to find a happy medium which is pretty much the lifelong challenge being born under the sign of the scales.


scorpioYou are a water sign ruled by Pluto and Mars and therefore it is essential that you take care of your weight issues by making exercise a daily part of your life regime. As with your Cancer cousin, suppressing your feelings and not resolving relationship hurts or past family emotional issues, these things will fester and in many cases are relieved by excessive eating which can, in the end, result in obesity. You are therefore advised to moderate your activities, your eating and also your feeling nature. This is not necessarily an easy thing to do is the psychological complexes associated with your star sign run extremely deep and may not be easily accessible by your conscious mind. If Jupiter, Venus or the Moon aspect or associate with your ruling planets you may indeed find yourself having difficulty controlling your weight. Mars will actually make you bulky but doubly more muscular than chubby.


sagittariusJupiter is your ruler and being the largest planet in the solar system is indeed going to endow you with a natural propensity for eating, drinking, merrymaking and yes, you got it right, weight gain. This could be extreme if at the time you were born Jupiter resides in either the sign of Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries or Leo. In this case, it will fully aspects your Sun sign making it extremely easy for those calories to compound. Sagittarius rules the organ of the liver by virtue of its rulership by Jupiter and this means that one of the simplest ways for you to lose weight is to ensure that this part of your body, the liver, is well looked after and cleaned occasionally. This can be done simply by eating the right foods, not overeating and also doing adequate exercise.


capricornCapricorn is one of the lucky star signs as far as weight control is concerned. Being ruled by slender Saturn, generally speaking, it is unlikely for you to find yourself being overweight or God forbid, morbidly obese. If we look at the Vedic Hindu sidereal system of astrology, however, those born in the early part of Capricorn fall in the karmic sign of Sagittarius and they may therefore find that they do tend to overweight especially in later years. Many of those born under Capricorn tend to be frugal in their attitudes not just in the way they utilise money and material resources but also in the way they eat. You are spartan in many areas of your life and this is to a large extent the reason you may not succumb to the modern disease of the visa the or excessive weight gain even.


aquariusAquarians are ruled by Uranus and also Saturn, so like your sibling Capricorn, that electric Uranian nature of yours ensures that you’re always on the go and not likely to maintain weight and if for some reason you do become sluggish start to see the pounds adding up around the midriff area of your body, it usually a simple matter for you to get back on the treadmill, do a few laps of the pool or simply start your regular walking exercise to find those excess kilos disappearing as quickly as you put them on. The sign of Cancer regulates your sixth house of health which means that at some point, some of you born under the sign of the water bearer may end up having some health related issues connected to weight but this is usually in the minority. Bearing grudges is one of the causes of your health problems and this may in some strange way also be related to your dietary habits.


piscesLike the sign of Sagittarius Jupiter and also Neptune regulates your star sign. Being a water sign you do have a natural tendency to accumulate weight especially as time goes on. This reason is imperative for you to maintain a daily regime of exercise but also as importantly, study your breathing and using that to increase your metabolic rate which at times can be slow. There is a tendency to excessive drinking as well which is shown by the co-rulership of nebulous Neptune. Many of you born under the sign do have a tendency to resort to alcohol or even other pharmaceuticals to help alleviate your emotional and psychological problems. Food can also be one of the worst drugs for those who have it resolved some of these emotional problems and would, therefore, indicate that your sign is very much prone to excessive weight gain even without the aspects of Jupiter, Neptune, Venus or the Moon.