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What is Your Self-Esteem Level?

Learn to bolster your confidence by taking stock of your traits.

SELF-ESTEEMHow comfortable are you with yourself? Research suggests the higher your self-esteem the happier a life you will have. Indeed, it appears your self-esteem level affects almost, if not every aspect of your psychological self. Knowing your self-esteem level may be very helpful in explaining behaviors you have displayed but don't really understand. Self-esteem also plays a major role in how we act in relationships without peers.

Before taking the self-esteem inventory assessment, settle yourself, get comfortable. Try to avoid any distractions while responding to the statements. When selecting your responses it is important to think of how you usually are, not just how you are at this moment. It is also very important to be honest with yourself.

Finally, remember this is not a test, but a private assessment to help you discover or confirm your self-esteem level. There are no right or wrong, good or bad answers.

Self-Esteem Inventory

To find your self-esteem level respond to the statements below. Once you have responded to all the statements, click the "Results" button at the bottom. To personalize your assessment, you may enter your name in the appropriate textbox (this is optional). We do not store personal assessments, so your privacy will not be compromised by entering your name.

  1. Much of my time is spent daydreaming.
  2. I have a lot of confidence in myself.
  3. I wish I were someone else quite often.
  4. I am a likable person.
  5. I have fun with my family.
  6. Nothing ever bothers me.
  7. Speaking in front of a group is very difficult for me.
  8. I'd like to be younger than I am.
  9. I would like to change a number of things about me.
  10. I am decisive.
  11. I am fun to be around.
  12. It is easy for me to get upset when I am at home.
  13. I never do the wrong thing.
  14. I am proud of the work I produce.
  15. I need to be told what to do.
  16. New things or situations take me a long time to get used to.
  17. Many times I do something that I regret doing later.
  18. I am popular with people in my age group.
  19. My family takes my feelings into account.
  20. I am always happy.
  21. My work is the best I can do.
  22. In disputes I give in quickly.
  23. Usually I am able to take care of myself.
  24. I am fairly happy.
  25. I prefer the company of people younger than me.
  26. I feel my family's expectations of me are too high.
  27. I like everyone.
  28. Being singled out in a group is okay with me.
  29. I know myself.
  30. Being me is not easy.
  31. My life confuses me.
  32. My ideas are valued by other people.
  33. I get very little attention at home.
  34. I am never admonished.
  35. I am not satisfied with the quality of my work.
  36. I can make a plan and stick to it.
  37. I do not like being the gender I am.
  38. I don't think much of myself.
  39. I dislike being with other people.
  40. There are many times when I would like to run away.
  41. I never have a shy moment.
  42. I get upset a lot.
  43. I feel ashamed of myself quite often.
  44. Most people look nicer than I do.
  45. I usually have no problem speaking my mind.
  46. I get picked on a lot.
  47. I am understood by my family.
  48. I never lie.
  49. My boss makes me feel my work is not adequate.
  50. What happens to me is of no consequence.
  51. I think I am a failure.
  52. Admonishment upsets me deeply.
  53. I am not a likable person.
  54. I think my family pushes me too much.
  55. I am never at a loss for words.
  56. I am easily discouraged.
  57. Things rarely upset me.
  58. I am not dependable.