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WISDOM-SELF-EMPOWERMENTSelf-empowerment as explains below…

People will be people – you can’t control what others do – but you can work at controlling yourself. If you can even do that! Look at your mind from moment to moment. Most of the time it’s a chattering sphere of white noise with thoughts, emotions, and hormones dominating your experience. If you can’t control THAT how can you ever hope to control others? 

People are like the weather changeable and completely out of control. What can you do other than understand the laws of power? And, where you can sidestep malicious gossip and petty interference, do so! Ultimately, being fearless to move away from situations. And people you don’t like may be a difficult but necessary lesson on your path but ultimately for your own good.

We all dream and strive to look for something beyond what we have, something that we can work towards, something after which we attain we can say “I did it”. But usually, these dreams are exactly that, simply imagination gone wild! Your dreams and ideals are shown by the planet Neptune. 

But this planet isn’t an easy one to deal with. And also represents those areas within us that are veiled or hidden, and outside as well. Those areas where we are likely to be deceived, let down and magically the ties into believing something or other which is not true. After all philosophical issue.

Neptune relates to the division, to that which doesn’t yet exist but to which you aspire. And feed with the desire of expectation, the hope of finding yourself in that dream someday and making it a reality. Some people are able to manifest the dream, but most can’t.

Are you someone who will eventually attain your dream or like the vast majority? Will you simply keep dreaming the dream rather than making it a tangible reality? Something you will experience as a reality.

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Body Size Matters on Human Vocal Attractiveness

Attraction is usually associated with physical properties, like body shapes and curves, facial looks and features and sexual characteristics. Voice is said to be one of the secondary sexual characteristics that conveys attractiveness of a human.

What’s unclear is what is associated with an attractive voice? Morton’s theory of animal behaviour could explain the male-female vocal dimorphism. Therefore,  according to it, animals uses vocal characteristics that indicate body size to signal their intentions.

Body Size

Surprisingly, the same principle applies. The harsh or relatively low-frequency sound is likely to attack or threaten so as large animal can do. Thus, such an animal has a better chance of winning a physical confrontation.

Whereas pure tone or high-frequency sounds, like small animals tends to be fearful or submissiveness, more liking bringing parental care to infants.

With this idea, female voice was correlated with smaller body sizes, and male is to larger ones. Attraction is, females, preferred to hear low-pitched male voices with low pitch and narrow formant spacing associated with large body size. And males preferred female voices with a high pitch and wide formant spacing associated with a smaller body.

Conclusions were made that despite the language complexity, human vocal interactions still relate on particular animal instincts. – From Hana King, our correspondent in Manila

Destiny Engineering

Make your dreams a reality! Find out how to engineer the life you desire.

surreal-art-andrey-bobirWould you like help in identifying those areas from your personal horoscope which can catapult you into a whole new arena of living and self-satisfaction? This year, I have arranged a very special and unique program which allows you to work with me as your astrologer. And life coach to guide you by identifying your talents, eliminating those negativities which are holding you back. And strategically putting together a plan with an understanding of when and where your transits are. And how you can best negotiate them. This is what I call Destiny Engineering.

Twelve major categories of your life contain numerous subcategories or departments. And once you are clear about how each of these connects with one another, you are in a supreme position to manipulate the forces of nature to attract the success that you want.

This year, make your resolutions count, by not only choosing what it is you want to change in your life but working with me to help you make that a reality. As an astrologer with 32 years of experience, numerous clients in every echelon of society, in many countries, I have the experience to help you win at life. If you’re interested to receive more information I’d be more than happy to send you details of how you can be the weather that you’ve always dreamed you could be. Email me here at [email protected]

Destiny Engineering – Program Outline


What’s Destiny Engineering?

Destiny Engineering is an exciting, new program I’ve developed and unlike anything, you’ll find as far as life coaching is concerned. It gives you access to me on a month by month basis for twelve months utilizing the twelve houses of your horoscope to assess each department of life. One month, one department of life at a time, with a view to adjusting yourself to the requirements of success. This line of least resistance is the path encapsulating your inbuilt talents and karmic gifts. It can be seen reflected in the patterns of the planets at the time you were born. This includes your transiting profiles which we will be looking closely at. And monitoring together with you indicate when these talents will blossom.

Success is a science

Success is a science but unfortunately, most people aren’t acquainted with the techniques. It requires effective planning, good mentoring and willful action for specific outcomes. Astrology is an ideal tool to help you with these outcomes as well as selecting the correct course of action. Because timing is one of the primary elements of forecasting which is used in such things as transits, progressions and other timeline systems.

We will review each of your twelve departments of life as outlined by the horoscope. Each month of the year will focus only on one of these departments of life. That will also include a regular report which will be sent to you and which will be used as a template for our discussions. This will give you the opportunity to feedback queries and have me answer them in real face-to-face sessions via Skype. Irrespective of where you live we can maintain real-time contact.

Living in a jar

Living in a jar

For most, life is like living in a jar. You can see outside but the lid is screwed on so tightly it doesn’t matter how much you look, you can’t escape the glass prison of life with dreaming gets you nowhere. You need an actionable plan with full knowledge of your potential. The job of the program is to help you eliminate your weaknesses and karmic baggage while bringing your life account balance sheet into the black.

Smash the jar!!

We will work through twelve departments of your life one at a time and the topics covered will include:

1st house-month one

This department of your life is all about you! It’s the mask, the persona you portray to the world around you. And the 1st month the program will look at who you are, who you think you are, how others see you on what you actually want project to the world around you. You need consistency in the way you appear to the world and this requires a firm understanding of who you consider yourself to be. Action in the world and especially action that leads to success is directly linked to individual being what they do.

2nd house-month two

The 2nd house points to purpose and stabilizing forces, representing challenges to define and refine your sense of worth. This house is associated with material possessions, finances, talents and qualities that we treasure and enjoy. You can expect to be particularly emotional about finances and sentimental about possessions if the emotional Moon is placed in this house.

The 2nd house reflects both your inner and outer resources. And the way in which we use these resources to deal with life’s ups and downs. It’s through this that your sense of self-worth and resilience is developed. The second house also has a considerable influence on your personal values, ethics and standards. While some of us identify with what we own and others with what they are. We’re always attracted to what we value – seeing the second house emerge as having a strong role in how your values are shaped. The house is most commonly associated with inner and outer talents, money, personal values, the desire to establish self-worth and assets.

3rd house-month three

The 3rd house represents transition, change and adaptation. It is through this house that you are challenged and encouraged to come to terms with your personal experiences. And to use them to better understand the world at large. Emotion and communication are amplified within this third house, with the idea of community playing an integral role in what the third house represents. “Community” means neighbors, siblings, short journeys, letters, education, dexterity, research and all kinds of communication.

4th house-month four

The 4th house represents the challenges faced in developing your capacity for emotional closeness and a sense of security. Cancer influences any planet within the fourth house, marking a domestic influence. It’s through this domestic influence that the house is seen as describing both your home, family and the kind of environment that makes you feel most comfortable.

The 4th house takes your early childhood experiences and relates them back to your emotional foundation and subconscious self-image, representing to us the way we feel about ourselves. It is through this that your sense of belonging is established and your emotional capacity is defined. The house is associated with unconditional love, nurturing, intuition and instincts, family, childhood roots and the desire to create a strong foundation of security within your life.

5th house-month five

The 5th house represents creativity, allowing for us to find a greater joy in living. Leo’s influence covets expression of all types, challenging us to chase after all kinds of pleasure with a strong vigor. It represents your desires in love and the way we extend and release your energies and emotions, forming your path of self-expression. The fifth house influences your inner child, love affairs, play and amusement and any kind of drama within your life.

The more planets located in your 5th house, the more it points to greater energy inside yourself and less interest in others energies. The house has a strong connection with karma and your past lives, most particularly in regards to romance. It defines the way we express ourselves – personally, creatively and romantically. This house is most commonly associated with enthusiasm, motivation, romance, personal pleasure, our inner child and a desire for happiness. Also rules children and therefore our ability to parent.

6th house-month six

The 6th house represents your ability to deal with change and adjustment, challenging you to seek competence and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Virgo’s influence sees the house positioned around duties and health, with planets placed here compelling you to perform tasks and deal with health issues in a very specific ways. The sixth house represents the last stage in your personal development, and for that reason is particularly important.

The way you develop and adjust to these 6th house demands determines your ability to communicate with and relate to those around you, with its success or failure either uniting or separating you from others. It’s the house of work, health, hygiene, nutrition and nutrition. The sixth house controls work done out of necessity and in support of others, with the issue emerging of what is the purpose of your work? This house influences your attitude towards the improvement of both objects and your own life. The sixth house is traditionally associated with work, personal projects, routine, tasks, pets, diets, and the desire to construct and follow a plan that creates both orderly and tangible results.

7th house-month seven

The 7th house has a particularly strong emphasis on your social side, focusing on putting the energies you inject into the first house back into yourself. The seventh house aims at bringing about greater self-awareness of your personal identity, seeing yourself seek projected parts of yourself in your most intimate relationships.

It is through this that you’re challenged to develop deep, committed relationships with others – with Libra most strongly influencing this. Planets located in this house determine your dealings with other people, influencing how you relate to others, what you value in relationships and what you expect from others. This house is associated with intimate relationships, dealings with the public, cooperation, equality, awareness of our own identity, agreements and a desire to share close one-on-one interactions.

8th house-month eight

The 8th house influences your sense of purpose and levelheadedness, challenging you to break down your reality structure into smaller pieces and then reassemble it into a greater whole. The house represents where all the greater “taboos” of society exist and how you can transform that internal garbage into hidden treasures that allow you to further develop and grow. The house is also representative of your sexual desires, how your body and mind are regenerated and the way in which you will handle your financial resources.

It governs your personal growth, transformation, evolution, death and rebirth. Any planet found in the 8th house indicate a personal facet of yourself working more cooperatively with others in order to achieve greater personal success. It influences the way you share and bond with others, deciding whether or not you can make commitments, or even stick by those that you do make. Traditionally the 8th house is connected with resources, psychological awareness, business investments, contracts, personal change and transformation, death and regeneration and secrets.

9th house-month nine

The 9th house allows you to broaden your philosophical horizons and to realise and come to terms with your highest potentials. The influence of Sagittarius sees a strong interest in travel, other cultures and learning. The Ninth house is where you will search for truth through experiences that form your philosophy of life and extend those same spiritual thoughts to a place you’ve never been before.

The 9th house governs education, religion, spiritual visions and the higher courts. Planets in the 9th house indicate an unwillingness to accept the conventional barriers and restrictions you are faced with. It is through the 9th house that you can grasp and understand larger concepts and use them to overcome bigger issues within our life.

This house is most commonly associated with the higher mind, travel, religion, philosophy, adventures, freedom, expansion of knowledge and a desire to discover “higher answers” that provide peace of mind.

10th house-month ten

The 10th house challenges you to earn respect and recognition in the world at large, making it known as the house of social status and success. Capricorn is strongly influential in its personification of the ever climbing goat. The house represents your motivation and capacity to make vast contributions to the outside world, establishing our social image.

Those ruled by a strong 10th house are likely to find themselves in a career of authority, disliking bosses and employers pursuing greater power over us. Different planets in the tenth house indicate a different reputation or professional role for the fulfillment of your needs, with the 10th marking how you project ourselves in the world and what you will enjoy within our career. The 10th house is linked with social status, ambition, reputation, public image, authority, maturity and the desire for strong success within your professional life.

11th house-month eleven

The 11th house encourages you to develop strong relationships with our community and establish a group consciousness, seeing it emerge as the house of friendships. The house influences your position in clubs, groups, hobbies and organizations.

The 11th house plays an integral role in defining your identity and sense of self in a group situation, ruling your social circle. It defines the way you change your behavior to get along with more than one person in a time and indicates the friends you are attracted to and vice versa.

Planets in the 11th house are concerned with your connection to friends or groups and the support needed to accept or value your actions. The house is most commonly associated with aspirations, ambitions, shared ideals, friendships, the future, seeing the larger picture and the desire to make the world a better and more wholesome place.

12th house-month twelve

The 12th house represents the way you explore and deal with your inner depths in solitude and silence, marking a difference between spiritual growth and escapism. It is through this house that you transcend through the definitions of reality that confine you, creating a desire to move through and beyond what is causing pain within your life. Planets in the 12th house have a subtle, rather than a strong, influence, with the house working on a subconscious level of your mind.

The 12th house represents how you build your own inner strength to overcome limitations, fears and sorrows – allowing for you to adapt to the collective. Within this house you are able to come to terms with any self-undoing by working out why you are not completely free, where you stand in your own way and who you desire to become. Karma, betrayal, sacrifice, secrets and limitations play a strong role in the Twelfth house. It reflects your subconscious and emotionally based feelings of responsibility, describing the extent you feel guilt for problems within the larger world. The house is most commonly associated with psychic sensitivity, spirituality, hidden understandings and awareness, omens, the need for time alone, the subconscious, karma and traits existent but unknown to one’s self.

Here’s the offer:

Think about it and if you need to talk a little more to get a better handle on what’s on offer, email me at [email protected]

The cost of the 12-month program is $ 1,800.00

This includes twelve, one hour consultations with me via Skype. That’s a one hour consultation monthly. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions, interact with me in a one-on-one scenario and address any of the issues that you feel have been holding you back in your quest for success.

Monthly typed transit reports to help support live consultations.

Monthly personalized real-time updates which will include peak transits and astrological factors which will be most affecting you are provided.


$ 2,840.00 VALUE FOR $ 1,800.00

Would you like help in identifying those areas in your personal horoscope which can catapult you into a whole new arena of living and self-satisfaction?

This very special and unique program which allows you to work with me as your astrologer and life coach will guide you by identifying your talents, eliminating those negativities which are holding you back and strategically putting together a plan with an understanding of when and where your transits are and how you can best negotiate them. This is Destiny Engineering.

This year, make your resolutions count, by not only choosing what it is you want to change in your life but working with me to help you make that a reality. As an astrologer with 32 years of experience, numerous clients in every echelon of society and many countries, I have the experience to help you win at life on your own terms.

If you’re interested to receive more information I’d be more than happy to speak with your brief Skype call to chat with you about it. Or you can email me here how you can sign up for your own personalized destiny engineering program. This will involve a no charge 10 minute consultation to assess suitability and needs.


I look forward to speaking with you and working on your success throughout 2018 and beyond.

For any inquiries or questions,  email us at [email protected]