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People will be people – you can’t control what others do – but you can work at controlling yourself. If you can even do that! Look at your mind from moment to moment – most of the time it’s a chattering sphere of white noise with thoughts, emotions, and hormones dominating your experience. If you can’t control THAT how can you ever hope to control others? People are like the weather changeable and completely out of control. What can you do other than understand the laws of power and, where you can sidestep malicious gossip and petty interference, do so! Ultimately, being fearless to move away from situations and people you don’t like may be a difficult but necessary lesson on your path but ultimately for your own good.

We all dream and strive to look for something beyond what we have, something that we can work towards, something after which we attain we can say “I did it”. But usually, these dreams are exactly that, simply imagination gone wild! Your dreams and ideals are shown by the planet Neptune. But this planet isn’t an easy one to deal with and also represents those areas within us that are veiled or hidden, and outside as well, those areas where we are likely to be deceived, let down and magically the ties into believing something or other which is not true. After all philosophical issue.

Neptune relates to the division, to that which doesn’t yet exist but to which you aspire, and feed with the desire of expectation, the hope of finding yourself in that dream someday and making it a reality. Some people are able to manifest the dream, but most can’t.

Are you someone who will eventually attain your dream, or like the vast majority will you simply keep dreaming the dream rather than making it a tangible reality, something you will experience as a reality.

Body Size Matters on Human Vocal Attractiveness

Attraction is usually associated with physical properties, like body shapes and curves, facial looks and features and sexual characteristics. Voice is said to be one of the secondary sexual characteristics that conveys attractiveness of a human.

What’s unclear is what is associated with an attractive voice? Morton’s theory of animal behaviour could explain the male-female vocal dimorphism, according to it animals uses vocal characteristics that indicate body size to signal their intentions.

Body Size Matters on Human Vocal Attractiveness Surprisingly, the same principle applies. The harsh or relatively low-frequency sound is likely to attack or threaten so as large animal can do. Thus, such an animal has a better chance of winning a physical confrontation. Whereas pure tone or high-frequency sounds, like small animals tends to be fearful or submissiveness, more liking bringing parental care to infants.

With this idea, female voice was correlated with smaller body sizes, and male is to larger ones. Attraction is, females preferred to hear low-pitched male voices with low pitch and narrow formant spacing associated with a large body size. And males preferred female voices with a high pitch and wide formant spacing associated with a smaller body.

Conclusions were made that despite the language complexity, human vocal interactions still relates on particular animal instincts. – From Hana King, our correspondent in Manila

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