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Mercury Moves into Direct Motion in Aries


Here are the weekly horoscopes for all 12 signs of the Zodiac for the

Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

As Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, transits through Aries into its direct course, expect an infusion of energy and forward motion. Taking bold, assertive steps toward reaching our goals becomes easy when our thoughts, words and actions reflect this bold energy from this transit.

Mercury’s element, Aries, encourages you to act swiftly on impulses that arise and to seize opportunities without delay or hesitation, encouraging bold ideas and innovative solutions and fearlessly sharing our opinions with no fear or doubt in mind. We’re encouraged to trust our instincts and act quickly on impulses rather than let fear or doubt hold us back from taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

Mercury direct in Aries can bring great passion and zest into our personal lives, encouraging us to embrace individualism while actively pursuing desires with gusto. Now is an opportune time for standing up for what matters and asserting independence; whether that means embarking on new projects, setting personal goals or exploring relationships boldly, we are encouraged to embrace the thrill of uncertainty with open arms!

Sometimes, Aries can have an overly enthusiastic energy that must be reined in. While taking risks may yield great rewards, we must carefully weigh the potential consequences of our actions before acting without consideration for long-term implications and the effect they could have on others. Avoid making decisions without sufficient thought, and be conscious of any impactful remarks and deeds we take that could negatively impact someone else.

Mercury Direct in Aries empowers us professionally, giving us the confidence to assert ourselves in the workplace and pursue our ambitions easily. Now is an excellent opportunity to take charge, show off your abilities, and advocate for yourself in reaching career goals. Whether this means asking for a raise, pitching a new idea, or taking up leadership responsibilities, Mercury encourages us to embrace power with grace and assert our authority with ease and poise.

However, Aries can find their competitive energy overwhelming; therefore, they must balance assertiveness and collaboration. While we all want to stand out and excel in our careers, teamwork and cooperation must also be valued if we wish for lasting business success. Seek opportunities to collaborate by exchanging ideas or supporting colleagues towards attaining their goals.

Mercury direct in Aries can bring passion and intensity into our relationships. Now is an opportune moment to be bold and assertive when communicating our needs, wants, desires, or anything that truly fulfils us in relationships—initiating difficult dialogue, making romantic gestures or forging new connections. Mercury encourages us to act boldly when matters of the heart arise.

As Aries can bring fiery energy into relationships, we must remain mindful of temper and impulsivity. Before reacting impulsively or lashing out in anger, pause momentarily and consider the possible ramifications of what you said or did. Instead, practice patience, empathy and understanding. Strive towards open, honest communications to develop deeper bonds.

Mercury in Aries reminds us to tap into our inner fire, pursue our passions with courage and confidence and embrace life’s adventure with open arms. By harnessing Mercury’s energy in this sign, we can unlock our full potential and find our path toward success and fulfilment.


Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, moves into its direct motion in your first house this week, signalling clarity and forward momentum in your life. After experiencing weeks of retrograde miscommunication, you are poised to embark on an enhanced period of self-awareness and assertiveness.

Personal expression-wise, this cosmic change encourages you to speak your truth freely and unashamedly. Don’t hedge in or out when speaking out your opinions and assert your needs or desires; own them all instead! With Mercury now in your first house, you have more power to articulate thoughts and intentions precisely – making now an excellent opportunity to begin conversations or negotiate agreements that matter!

This transit also encourages you to take an aggressive stance towards self-improvement. From developing better communication skills or updating your image to taking advantage of emerging growth opportunities, now is an opportune moment to invest in yourself, set clear goals and develop an action plan to move forward.

On a social level, Mercury’s direct movement through your first house could prompt you to reconnect with old acquaintances or expand your circle of social contacts. Your natural charm and charisma could increase during this period, making meaningful interactions much simpler while leaving an indelible mark on others.

Be wary of coming off as overly self-centred or impatient when asserting yourself and working toward your goals, though. Keep listening as much as you speak, being open to different viewpoints.

Mercury direct in your first house can clarify your romantic relationship, especially if there has been a communication breakdown or mistrust with your partner. Are you single? Mercury’s transit could herald increased confidence and assertiveness when dating, allowing you to put yourself out more aggressively to find romance!

Mercury Direct in your first house gives you the tools for clear communication that builds assertiveness and self-expression. So, make the most of this cosmic energy to pursue opportunities for future expansion and self-expression!

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

Mercury’s direct transit into your 12th house promises intense introspection, subconscious exploration, and spiritual insight. Take this as an invitation to explore any hidden corners of your psyche that have not yet been addressed—any unresolved issues that need confronting, subconscious patterns that need addressing, etc.

Under Mercury’s influence in your twelfth house, your mind becomes sensitive to subtleties that might remain unseen. Now is an excellent opportunity for mindfulness practices like meditation, journaling or therapy, which allow access to innermost feelings and thoughts—trust your instinct and open yourself up to guidance from your higher self and universe!

Communication during this transit tends toward intuitive and introspective. You might find yourself drawn toward art, poetry or any form of creative expression that bypasses rational thought but taps directly into subconscious areas—an excellent opportunity for connecting on a deeper, soulful level with those around you.

This transit offers plenty of opportunities for spiritual expansion and awakening, too. Pay attention to any dreams, synchronicities or intuitive promptings from the universe, as these may hold clues to your path forward. Look for spiritual practices or teachings that resonate with your soul for guidance on your path of self-discovery.

Mercury direct in your twelfth house can bring healing and closure to your relationships, providing an opportunity to let go of old grudges or emotional baggage from past mistakes, forgive yourself and others, and embrace a chance to build compassion, empathy, and unconditional love with those you interact with daily.

Be wary, however, of becoming overrun by emotions or retreating into isolation during this Mercury direct phase. While introspection is essential, ensure a balanced approach between solitude and social connection—reach out for support if needed and remember you’re never alone on your journey!

As a result, Mercury’s direct position in your 12th house invites you to embrace the secrets of the subconscious mind, uncover the depths of your soul, and connect with the divine wisdom that lies deep within you. Take this cosmic energy as an opportunity to deep-dive into yourself, trust intuition over ego, and let life unfold around you without external resistance or force.

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

As Mercury moves direct in your eleventh house this week, it’s an auspicious time to focus on social connections, ambitions and community involvement. With Mercury now direct in this region of your chart, expect increased communication, collaboration and networking between like-minded individuals.

Under Mercury’s influence in the eleventh house, your social circle comes under scrutiny and takes centre stage. Now is an ideal opportunity to meet up with old and new acquaintances online and offline. Engage in meaningful discussions that bring out shared passions or collaborate on projects related to shared goals.

Networking becomes even more essential during this transit phase as you look to broaden both social and professional connections. Attend social events, join clubs or organisations, use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to establish meaningful interactions and find people who will support and inspire you along your journey.

Mercury’s influence in the eleventh house brings your dreams and ambitions for the future into focus, giving you time to consider ways they might become reality with help from others. Surround yourself with those who encourage you to reach for the stars!

This transit can also present opportunities for creativity and brainstorming, giving rise to innovative solutions to challenges in your mind and offering you ample inspiration to collaborate and explore different avenues. Welcome the spirit of cooperation while accepting different viewpoints into your thinking process.

Be wary of succumbing to groupthink or losing sight of who you are in pursuit of social acceptance. While connecting with others and working towards common goals are essential parts of life, avoid becoming too heavily influenced by groupthink and forget who you are to gain social acceptance.

Mercury’s direct transit in your eleventh house urges you to embrace community spirit through collective action and collaborative endeavour. Use this cosmic energy by nurturing relationships among your social circles, following through with personal goals with determination and contributing to society as part of a wider team effort.

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

Mercury’s direct entry into your tenth house signals an enhanced focus and productivity in professional matters. Take note: this transit represents increased clarity and productivity!

Under Mercury’s influence in your tenth house, your thoughts become sharp and focused on long-term goals and aspirations. Now is an opportune time to evaluate your career path, assess past accomplishments, and set ambitious future objectives – trust your instincts and take decisive actions that further your professional ambitions.

Communication within the workplace takes on increased significance during times of change and transition. From communicating with colleagues, clients or superiors to being clear, concise and professional in your interactions – being able to articulate ideas efficiently will play a huge role in your success!

This transit also brings chances for recognition and advancement within your career. If you have worked tirelessly and laid a solid foundation, now is the time to showcase your talents and take them further. Don’t shy away from opportunities that allow growth and advancement; go out there and boldly assert your ambitions!

Mercury’s return to direct motion in your tenth house encourages you to accept full responsibility for all actions and decisions in your professional life, own your successes while learning from mistakes made during this cycle, uphold integrity and professionalism, and do everything in your power to succeed in all you undertake.

Remember not to focus on status or external validation during this transit period. While career success is important, always put your well-being and happiness before all other considerations. Balance your ambition with self-care measures while nurturing both aspects of your personal life.

Mercury’s direct position in your tenth house encourages you to seize control of your career with confidence and persistence. Distinguish this cosmic energy by setting ambitious goals, communicating effectively, and taking decisive actions to realise your professional ambitions.

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

Mercury’s direct movement in your ninth house signals an exciting period of expansion, exploration, and intellectual growth. You’re bound to have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which results in what you realise after you take in travel plans, education courses, or philosophical study to broaden your horizons further than before.

Under Mercury’s influence in your ninth house, your mind is open to new experiences and perspectives that broaden its horizons. Now is an excellent opportunity to embark on physical or intellectual adventures that push beyond assumptions to deepen our understanding of the world around us – enrolling in courses, travelling overseas or engaging with an area of research that intrigues you might do just the trick!

Communication tends to take on a deeper philosophical edge during this transit. You could find yourself having philosophical discussions regarding religion, spirituality, ethics or any topic that explores the deeper meaning of life. Make the most of every opportunity by exchanging ideas and debating with people who share your thirst for knowledge and understanding.

Mercury’s presence in the ninth house highlights travel. Whether it is an extended road trip or an overnight train ride somewhere new, now is an opportune time to satisfy your wanderlust and expand your horizons! Be open-minded, as travel provides lessons and experiences.

Higher education and academia offer exciting intellectual expansion and advancement prospects during this transit. If you have been contemplating furthering your education or embarking upon a new area of research, now is the time to do it – trust your intuition and follow your passion as you embark upon this exciting discovery and knowledge acquisition!

Be wary of becoming too dogmatic in your beliefs. While retaining strong conviction is crucial, be open-minded enough to other points of view and willing to challenge assumptions you hold yourself as truths. Keep intellectual curiosity and humility close as you travel on this path of exploration and personal growth.

Mercury direct in your ninth house invites you to enjoy life, broaden your horizons, and seek knowledge wherever it leads you. Take this cosmic energy by engaging in new experiences or conversations – or open yourself up to all that lies ahead!

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

As Mercury moves direct in your eighth house, be prepared for an intense period of change, transformation and self-discovery. During this transit, you should experience intense mental focus as you become aware of hidden aspects in life that may have previously gone undetected.

Under Mercury’s influence in the eighth house, your mind may become drawn toward exploring the mysteries of human experience. Your curiosity could take you deeper than expected in search of answers to life’s deeper mysteries as you unravel hidden psyche secrets. Be open-minded when approaching this opportunity for self-exploration and inner growth through psychology, spirituality, or the occult.

Communication takes on a reflective tone during this transit, with discussions surrounding death, rebirth, transformation, and personal power at the top of the mind. You are drawn toward deeper and more meaningful connections with others as you uncover hidden corners of yourself while searching for friendships based on authenticity and vulnerability.

Mercury’s presence in the eighth house brings financial matters into focus. It presents an excellent opportunity to assess investments, debts and shared resources before adjusting for long-term stability and growth. Trust your instinct and look out for potential sources of growth and empowerment!

Mercury direct in your eighth house can add intensity and passion to your relationships, drawing you closer to individuals with magnetic personalities that captivate or challenge you in some way, such as someone evoking mystery and intrigue or pushing against your fears and insecurities. Take this chance for deep emotional intimacy or transformation within relationships while being aware of any power struggles or manipulative behaviour that arise.

Be wary, however, of becoming too focused on control or obsession during this transit. The eighth house energy can be intense and overwhelming, so balance reflection and action. Trust the process of transformation while surrendering yourself fully into life’s flow.

Mercury’s direct motion in your 8th house invites you to explore the depths of your mind, confront your fears, and embrace transformation as an exciting process. Harness this cosmic energy by uncovering hidden truths of life while making meaningful relationships and encouraging personal transformation through growth and change.

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

As Mercury enters your seventh house and direct motion begins, your focus shifts toward relationships and partnerships. With Mercury direct in transit as ruler of your seventh house, you will experience increased communication, negotiation, and collaboration in both professional and personal contexts.

Mercury will place you more in tune with the needs and perspectives of others, creating an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with your partner, colleagues or clients in search of common ground and mutual understanding.

Communication is highlighted during this transit, and your diplomatic skills will be tested at their pace. From resolving conflicts to negotiating agreements or simply connecting on a deeper level, strive to communicate openly, honestly, and tactfully. Understanding others while listening actively is the cornerstone of successful relationships!

Mercury direct in your seventh house could present new relationships or strengthen existing ones in matters of romance, so keep an open mind and welcome possible love entering your life. You can also use this time to strengthen current ones through honest conversations and shared experiences.

Professionally speaking, Mercury’s presence in the seventh house optimises partnerships and collaborations, creating opportunities for team projects, joint ventures and business negotiations to come to fruition easily. Approach your partnerships with an attitude of cooperation and compromise while being open to discovering fresh concepts.

Be wary, however, of becoming overly dependent upon others or losing sight of your needs and wants for harmony’s sake. Remember to prioritise yourself first while asserting boundaries when necessary.

Mercury’s direct transit in your seventh house encourages healthy relationships founded upon trust, communication and mutual respect. Take advantage of this cosmic energy by cultivating meaningful connections, working towards shared goals and aspirations with others or participating in collaborative ventures that help bring out your best!

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

As Mercury moves back into its direct transit through your sixth house, now is an opportune moment to tackle practical matters with increased productivity and attention to detail. This transit stresses practical concerns.

Mercury’s influence in the sixth house can help unleash your organisational skills to the maximum. Now is an excellent time to streamline routines, tackle your to-do list, and put life back together again. Use this cosmic energy to declutter workspaces, prioritise tasks, implement systems that improve effectiveness, and maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

At this transit, health and security are in focus. Take the opportunity to focus on self-care by adopting healthier eating habits, setting an exercise regime or including mindfulness practices into daily life; now is an opportune moment to invest in your overall well-being and vitality.

Mercury direct in your sixth house prompts professional growth by encouraging you to focus on career goals and professional advancement. Take the initiative at work, communicate clearly with colleagues and superiors, seek opportunities for advancement, and explore areas for further advancement. Your attention to detail and hard work ethic will make a first impression that may pave the way toward future success!

This transit also emphasizes the significance of service and contribution. Find ways to assist your community or volunteer your talents towards worthy causes; giving back will leave a positive mark on society and give you a feeling of contentment and purpose as you give back.

Keep a keen eye out for any tendencies to become overly critical or perfectionistic during this transit, even though attention to detail is necessary; don’t get distracted by minor flaws or setbacks; focus on progress rather than perfection and celebrate all achievements, no matter their scale!

Mercury moving direct in your sixth house invites you to adopt an ordered and direct approach to life, focusing on organisation, productivity and self-care to build a solid base of success and well-being in every aspect.

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

Mercury’s move direct into your fifth house signals an explosion of creativity, self-expression and playfulness—expect increased mental agility and an intensification of the playful spirit! This transit heralds increased mental agility and a greater sense of playfulness than before.

Mercury’s influence in your fifth house should allow creative energies to flow freely. This makes this an excellent time to pursue artistic endeavours or hobbies that please you, such as painting, writing, music making or crafting. Permit yourself to follow your creative impulses freely without restricting or reining in.

This transit can also increase social activities and events that spur your curiosity and broaden your intellectual horizons. Your social circle expands, and you are more drawn to conversing and meeting like-minded individuals with similar passions and interests.

Mercury in your fifth house could bring romance into the equation, heightening charm and charisma during this transit. Take every chance you get for flirtation, romance and playful banter; trust yourself and follow your heart while exploring love and romance!

Mercury direct in your fifth house encourages you to take calculated risks for personal growth and self-expression. Do not shy away from pushing outside your comfort zone to show the world your unique gifts and abilities.

Be wary of allowing yourself to become too distracted from long-term goals by indulging in spontaneous behaviour or giving in to impulses. Though spontaneity may feel exciting, remember to maintain balance by setting and meeting long-term objectives and priorities.

Trust in yourself and allow your imagination to run free regarding creativity and self-expression, engaging with life with curiosity and wonder as you approach it. Mercury direct in your fifth house encourages self-exploration through artistic mediums or passion projects and simply enjoying simple pleasures, allowing for an opportunity to experience joy through creative self-exploration and expression!

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

As Mercury moves direct through your fourth house, attention shifts toward matters related to home and family. This signals an opportunity for introspection, domestic harmony, and greater clarity within personal affairs.

With every holiday comes an increased desire to look back upon one’s roots and heritage, to take stock of one’s upbringing and ancestral connections. Take this time as an opportunity to delve into family histories, traditions, values and your individual history—learning more about how your roots shaped who you are today.

Mercury rules the fourth house and is associated with domestic matters, making Mercury an excellent choice for home improvement, family reunions, or simply spending quality time with loved ones. You will likely feel the urge to create an inviting and relaxing home environment—take the time now to cultivate warmth and security within your space to serve as a place for healing, rejuvenation and self-discovery!

Family communication is highlighted during this transit. An honest and open dialogue helps build deeper bonds within families; take this time to address any outstanding issues or misperceptions with care and empathy.

Feeling inspired? Take some time to review your long-term goals and aspirations, especially those related to personal well-being and emotional well-being. Inventory your hopes and aspirations while considering ways to achieve future development and contentment.

Emotionally, during this transit, you may discover greater stability and security. Trust your instincts and lean into intuition while exploring your inner world. Allow yourself to be vulnerable while taking comfort in knowing loved ones’ support as you delve deep into deeper emotional truths.

However, be wary of becoming too nostalgic or mired in the past. While honouring your roots is essential, avoid dwelling on past hurts or regrets by creating an optimistic future based on love, connection and authentic relationships.

Consequently, Mercury direct in your fourth house allows you to invest in yourself, strengthen family ties, and establish an atmosphere of comfort wherever you go. Take this cosmic energy by prioritising self-care practices such as nurturing emotional connections or cultivating belongingness within yourself or among your surroundings.

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

Prepare for a surge of mental clarity and communication prowess as Mercury moves direct in your third house. This transit emphasises clear thinking, effective dialogue, and increased social connections. It will increase mental energy for productive thinking and more meaningful social interactions.

Your mental faculties will be sharp during this period, enabling an ideal opportunity to learn, study and acquire new information. Your intellectual curiosity knows no boundaries as you explore new fields or projects—take advantage of this cosmic energy to expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons!

Mercury’s presence in your third house puts communication front and centre. Express yourself clearly and articulately, whether in written or spoken form. Now is an excellent time for presentations, speeches or important conversations; your words carry greater weight and impact!

Social interactions will also become prominent during this transit. You could become increasingly engaged with conversations among your friends, neighbours and coworkers as you exchange ideas and offer insights. Networking opportunities abound, so don’t hesitate to meet new people or reconnect with old acquaintances!

Mercury in the third house encourages short trips and local travel for work or leisure, whether for pleasure or business purposes. You might find yourself on the move more frequently. Be flexible with your plans to leave open any unexpected adventures that arise closer to home.

Avoid overstimulation or scattered energy; Mercury in the third house creates the potential to overextend yourself or take on too many projects that you cannot handle effectively, leading to unnecessary stress or overextension. Prioritise tasks and focus on what matters the most for an easy transition without burnout or feeling overwhelmed.

Mercury’s direct motion in the third house creates an ideal environment for open and honest relationship dialogue. It encourages you to express your thoughts and emotions openly and honestly, taking the initiative for communication by speaking your truth openly with another individual or by solving conflicts and deepening connections through meaningful conversation that creates deeper bonds of friendship or mutual respect.

Mercury direct in your third house can stimulate both intellectually and verbally. Please take advantage of its energy by engaging in stimulating discussions, seeking educational opportunities, and staying involved with your community.

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Week of April 22 2024, to April 28, 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

Mercury’s direct transit in your second house increases clarity and productivity regarding finances, possessions and values. This celestial event signals a period of clarity in money management and material possessions.

Take an open and honest approach to your finances during this direct transit of Mercury. Assess your budget, review spending habits and identify areas for reduction or improvements. Set achievable financial goals along with an action plan for meeting them.

Mercury’s direct motion in the second house highlights the significance of aligning your actions with your core values. Evaluate what matters to you most and ensure that your financial decisions reflect those values—investments for retirement savings or supporting causes close to you. Regardless, make sure your money reflects who you truly are!

This transit may also present opportunities to increase income or financial gains. Keep an eye out for new job openings, potential business ventures or unexpected windfalls; be proactive about seeking opportunities but be careful not to take unnecessary risks.

Practically, this transit encourages us to assess and clear away material possessions that clutter our living spaces, creating peace and order in our daily lives and allowing abundance to enter them.

Mercury’s direct movement through the second house could spark conversations about shared finances or joint investments with partners, family members, or business associates. Be sure that any money-related discussions are open and honest to avoid miscommunication, misinterpretations, or disputes over money matters.

Mercury direct in your second house can bring renewed focus to financial security, material abundance, and values alignment. Take steps now to maximise financial well-being while staying true to your core beliefs! Embark upon an adventure!

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