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Weekly Horoscopes

Getting Your Money Act Together


Week of July 5 to July 11 2020, 2020

This week is about Getting Your Money Act Together!

This week kicks off with a bang! Full Moon lunar eclipse in the earthy sign of Capricorn yells “Get your act together financially!” The Moon is an emotional planet yet finds itself larger-than-life in the most practical and structured sign of the Zodiac. We must step back; take an impartial view of our work and how we are remunerated. We must gain a deeper understanding of money and its use.


Money Act TogetherOn a personal level, we will be looking more carefully at scrutinising our connection to money. What’s the reason we earn money? What’s the reason we work? Is it purely to be remunerated financially? Is that all there is to it? These questions are being thrown up and must be answered.

For the most part, people are hooked into the get educated-snag a degree-join the industrial complex-work for money-become indebted for life to a bank-consume-die conditioning. This will eclipse prods you to deeply question your standards and values. To do this takes great courage. It means that things may have to change. The earth signs don’t always necessarily like change, especially Taurus.

The one saving grace is that Capricorn is that it’s a movable sign. This means it sees the benefit in changing, mixing things up and trying things that are a little different. It’s about moving past those habits which have held you back in the past. What with this eclipse and great things will present themselves to you.

Astrology, Planetary Cycles and Tips for Success

Ways of effectively planning for success


Here are the weekly horoscopes for all 12 signs of the Zodiac for the week ending July 11, 2020. Looking at your weekly star sign horoscope.

Your weekly STAR SIGN horoscope

12 zodiac signs weekly Star Sign Horoscope

ARIES WEEKLY HOROSCOPE July 5 to July 11 2020


This full Moon lunar eclipse is taking place near debilitated Jupiter. This intense combination is in your 10th house of career. What you’re doing workwise and your connection to professional activities is a big question now.

The Moon is ruling your 4th house of inner comfort and peace. The full Moon here shows a strong connection to these two parts of your life.

A recent solar eclipse took place in your 4th house of family, inner contentment and domestic affairs. Being sandwiched between these two eclipses is very telling. You’re swinging like a pendulum between emotional/family needs and also a yearning to achieve something significant in your work.

This is a creative period for you. It’s one in which you come to realise that it’s also loaded with serious choices. Those choices are significant. Whichever path you choose, require sacrifices. If you’re taking a big shot professionally, this will entail sacrifice on the home front and in your personal life generally.

With Mercury retrograde in your 4th house as well, it’s difficult to make any sort of long-term decision right now. You need to bide your time until all information is at your fingertips. Holding back on any decision relates primarily to domestic affairs, building, rentals and other fixed assets.

One of the key positive factors this week is the strengthening of your ruling planet Mars. It’s now transiting through your Sun sign. There’s a challenge between this planet and retrograde Mercury. Between the 9th and 11th, the Moon swings around and activates Mars in its square aspect to Mercury.

Try to broaden your knowledge of what you need to debate any issue. Focus on what really matters. You may come out swinging only to realise you haven’t got all the requisite details this week.

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TAURUS WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


Contracts and agreements continue to be an important part of your life now. This may not necessarily relate only to formal contracts. The transit of the Sun and retrograde Mercury in your third house is a dead giveaway.

The third house is your mind, thinking and the way you process ideas. Naturally, with Mercury retrograde, the natural ease with which you draw conclusions may not be quite as easy as usual this week.

 In the introduction, it was mentioned that Capricorn is about money and practical affairs. Capricorn is your ninth house has to do with higher ideals, spirituality and legal matters. It also relates to educational pursuits, particularly tertiary ones.

With Mercury ruling your finances you have to do an about-face on some decision. Hopefully, that decision hasn’t been set in cement yet. You’ll need a little fudge factor, some wiggle room, to any make some appropriate changes. Don’t be too hasty to assert monetary decisions now.

As for your relationships, Mars is transiting your 12th house. This area of your horoscope has a lot to do with secrets. What may undermine your happiness in the coming weeks is mistrust. Even if there’s no reason to question the fidelity of your relationships, you might be picking at the past. You’re trying to find a good reason to not trust your partner. It’s better to let sleeping dogs lie especially if these issues have already been visited in the past.

Venus, your ruler, is nicely placed in your 2nd house of finance. Any sort of aesthetic or artistic approach to work left your earning capacity at this time. You have a great deal of drive.

This is shown by the favourable sextile aspect from Mars. Be careful, however, as that twelfth house position of Mars accelerates your spending during this cycle. You may earn well, but might be tempted to spend it even more quickly than it’s coming in.


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Feelings On The Boil...

New Beginning, New Feelings, New Interactions with the stunning NEW MOON / SOLAR ECLIPSE in CANCER

GEMINI WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde. It’s also combust which means it’s in proximity to the Sun. The retrograde movement means it’s backing off. The Sun is the planet relating to your courage and endeavours. It’s also a planet of desire.

This astrological combination points to the fact that you’ve changed your mind about something. You thought it was desirable before but now it isn’t. As the 3rd house also relates to journeys, agreements and studies, you might do a complete about-face on something.

 A full lunar eclipse starts your week in Capricorn. For you, Zodiac sign of Capricorn relates to the money you share with others. It also relates to the money others are going to give you. This includes bank loans, insurances, inheritances and gifts as well. The full Moon opens your mind and heart to the potential available to you. Your belief systems about money will be dramatically impacted by this eclipse.

Later in the week when the Moon makes contact with Mars, you’ll be more passionate about earning money, making friends and extending your circle of influence. Mars is currently transiting your 11th house. This gives you the drive to achieve the things that were previously unavailable to you.

Mostly, Mars functions well and brings great benefits through your sphere of friends. The only problem is the square aspect forming over the coming days to retrograde Mercury. This indicates some level of deception or misunderstanding. Your intuition tells you that someone hasn’t been dealing with you in a straight manner. You want to get to the bottom of things. Retrograde Mercury causes you to question the motives of others, especially in matters of a financial nature.

Even if your principal relationship has been causing you some difficulty, Venus is now well placed to raise your confidence about this. Venus makes you more positive about your relationships generally. Sometime around the 8th, a few days after this full Moon eclipse, a breakthrough can be achieved in your most significant relationships.

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CANCER WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


The lunar eclipse is always of great significance for those born under the sign of Cancer. The reason for this is that the Moon is your ruler. As such, eclipses which always take place on the karmic axis bring important life issues to the surface. This lunar eclipse is no exception.

This eclipse takes place in your 7th house of relationships. Marriage, business partnerships and independent financial initiatives, and other important aspects of your life come into clear focus.

Capricorn is a material sign. Jupiter, your debt planet, is weak in this part of the horoscope. It takes place near the eclipse and shows you’ll be taking the initiative to clear your debts and clarify other financial obligations.

Concerns about money can, in fact, be the precursor to health issues. The sixth house shows you can’t avoid the inevitability of some of your financial karmic debts. You mustn’t dodge this but rather tackle it head-on and use your creativity to generate opportunities.

As well as paying off your loans and fulfilling financial obligations, you can improve your health at the same time. Don’t overwork is one of the main messages of this eclipse. These matters come to a head around the 9th.

Someone in your workplace may be envious of you and this could also be putting you on edge. Your 6th house and Jupiter relate to co-workers and your relationship with them. You need to discourage wrong actions by others beforehand. Send some sort of notification or signal to those you believe are trying to cause problems.

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LEO WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


This week’s full lunar eclipse in Capricorn falls fairly and squarely in your 6th house. The quality of your service will be an important area of focus for you. This is particularly true when you realise just how competitive the marketplace is becoming.

The question for you now is – how can you differentiate yourself and make your service or product better than those you’re competing with? It’s about perfecting your work and being the best you can be.

The Moon rules your 12th house of hidden activities. This negative part of the horoscope and the Moon’s association with the 6th house, another negative part of the horoscope, is actually an excellent astrological omen. It counteracts any negativity.

In other words, for argument’s sake, if you’ve had some poor health, this eclipse should start to see an improvement. Your energy levels will lift and you should feel much more confident about your efforts.

You’re bolder than normal thanks to Mars in your 9th house. Its power increases because it’s in a triangular aspect to your Sun sign of Leo. A fire planet in a fire sign casting its energy on your Sun sign is very energising. Throughout the coming weeks, it bolsters your drive, ambition and determination. This is most definitely a successful astrological omen.

Educational interests may be eagerly pursued as the 9th house of your horoscope relates to these things. You must be careful not to be too impulsive. Think through your plans more carefully. As Mars rules your property matters, you will have to make a decision.

Weigh up the pros and cons of your expenses on the home front against any educational or travel dreams. Balancing your bank account is spotlighted with this transit. The right angle aspect to retrograde Mercury and Mars also underpins this fact.

The Sun and Mercury continue pointing to the necessity of cleaning up your taxation and regulatory costs and fees. Something’s been swept under the rug and you’re not aware of it.

Talk to your accountant and don’t postpone these matters for too long. Relationships this week are a little confusing especially immediately after the eclipse and up until the 8th.

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VIRGO WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


With the full Moon eclipse in your 5th house of creativity, you’re set to start a new cycle now. Whatever lull you’ve been through in terms of your expression is turning for the better.

You’ll feel confident that what you have to offer is both creative and practically useful. The reason for this is that this full Moon occurs in the most practical sign of Capricorn.                                  

Your imagination is in overdrive. Enjoy this burst of intellectual energy. On the 5th and after this eclipse, take time to be with yourself. Allow yourself to feel your creative energies growing. Allow them to take you on your own unique journey. You’ll be participating in some interesting conversations connected to collaborative ventures.

The 5th house relates to your love affairs and amorous pursuits. This will also be showcased over the coming week. Love may be a careful balancing act at the moment. If you ‘seem’ completely content you won’t extract the best response from your partner.

If something’s on your mind share your thoughts. Your creativity is at a high point but you must determine how to properly direct those energies. You need to acknowledge your own independence before others do so.

With Mars in your 8th house, you could be obsessive about getting to the bottom of some financial problem. Something isn’t adding up. If you pose questions over this matter it will irritate others.

Try to coax them into sharing rather than holding a gun to their head. The default of Mars is to shoot first and ask questions later. That’s not going to be altogether constructive for you.

Being unique continues to be the theme for you. By doing so, you attract the attention of others. You need to step out of your normal way of seeing and doing things and explore new possibilities. It’s not advisable to loan money to others, even close friends or family members. This may cause disputes. An irrational fear forces you to see things differently.

In that sense, it’s probably not a bad thing. Don’t be too much of a daredevil with sports and other adventurous activities. Mars in this position makes you injury prone.

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Feelings On The Boil...

New Beginning, New Feelings, New Interactions with the stunning NEW MOON / SOLAR ECLIPSE in CANCER

LIBRA WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


There are big changes afoot in your domestic life. There’s so much energy building up in this area of your life. Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, three of the most potent planets of the solar system, continue to mould your life.

They do so in ways that are, for the most part, out of your control. Now, on top of that, a full Moon lunar eclipse takes place, just as this week commences.                                                                

It’s really time to make some firm decisions about the sort of people you want in your life. You can’t simply get rid of your family even if they haven’t exactly been your cup of tea. But, you can limit your interactions and reactions to their words and deeds. You may purposely put yourself out of action, removing yourself from circulation and be conspicuously unavailable.

Because Capricorn, the sign in which the eclipse takes place, is a practical one, you realise the value of making yourself scarce for a while. This is going to have a positive impact on your value. If people haven’t been respecting you, this is one sure-fire way of getting them to think twice about disparaging you.

Don’t allow your mind to become heavy as a result of your professional activities this week. You need to pull back from work matters, equally as much as your social life. It’s about getting back in touch with your inner self. The fourth house of your horoscope is where this eclipse takes place. It points to the need to find personal, inner satisfaction.

Continue to increase your wisdom, and add further successes to your resume. As a result of major transformations, you find yourself at the mercy of others over the coming days. For fear of irritating them, you’re not pushing hard enough. The planets indicate a very loving, heartfelt domestic sort of week but don’t be a pushover.

Retrograde Mercury and the Sun receive the hard square aspect from Mars from your marital sector. Your romantic relationships and business partnerships alike are at a flashpoint now. This week, especially around the 10th and 11th, try your best to make peace, not war.

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SCORPIO WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


This week’s full Moon lunar eclipse in your 3rd house brings back your self-determination. If you’ve felt controlled by others, unable to move in the direction you want, you have the thumbs up to do so now.

If you’ve been wandering around in a haze, it’s time to snap out of it. We all have periods when we don’t see clearly. This is your chance to do something about it. 

                                                                                      Perhaps you’ve been feeling vulnerable. There may have been some situation in which you’ve felt impotent. Be brave and flexible. Assert yourself. You’ll likely discover you have more courage than you actually believe. Your intuition can be on point right now. Your openness to others is great.

Remember to take some time out to protect your own energies, if necessary. You might be worried about the impact you may or may not make on others. Do what you believe is true and don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

With Mars, your co-ruler in the 6th house, you will achieve a great deal. This is a productive few days. Right now you’re winding up your energy. Retrograde Mercury and the Sun challenge this. This simply means second-guessing yourself doesn’t allow your intuition full scope.

Sometimes you just have to take a punt and go for it. On the work front, however, there may be combative elements. Someone is trying to obstruct you. This could be their ego trying to challenge you. Don’t buy into that game.

You’ve been concerned about your relationships as a result of Venus. The marital planet has been retrograde for some time. It’s now started to move forward. You can broach issues of intimacy again.

Go slowly as your partner may not yet be at the same level of openness as you. It’s a matter of dipping your toe in the water to see how cold or hot the water is. Don’t assume anything right now.

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SAGITTARIUS WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


This week you can’t afford to waver in your financial decisions. This could be a problem for you as the full Moon lunar eclipse takes place in your finance sector. It’s also adversely affected by retrograde Mercury in your 8th house of shared resources.

You’re coming to terms with the fact that your values are diverging from those of others. Those people, even your most intimate friends, seem to be at odds with your values now.

You can’t be everything, to all people, all the time. You don’t have to think the same as others and neither do they have to think like you. Because the Moon is such an emotional planet, this eclipse may cause you to make decisions reactively.

They will be based purely on feelings rather than reason. It may also cause you to judge others harshly against your own standards. Live and let live seems to be the motto for you this week.

Fortunately, the overall pattern of your horoscope this week is good in terms of your intimate love relationships. As Venus has now moved out of its retrograde motion, you start to get your love life back on track. It’s not a bad time to schedule some quality time for you and the one you love. On the 6th and 10th, get away and forget work. Connect your heart with your lover.

Become intimate again. Share those feelings that may have been swept aside due to business and other day-to-day affairs. You can reignite your love with this transit.

With Mars transiting your 5th house you’re intellectually and physically very competitive right now. But no one’s giving you enough of a challenge. You want to sink your teeth into something more stimulating.

This might cause you to seek greener pastures to satisfy your needs. Fully explore what’s available in your immediate environment before venturing elsewhere.

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CAPRICORN WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


This is a particularly important week with the full Moon lunar eclipse occurring in your Sun sign! The eclipse heralds important changes in your development and karma. This eclipse takes place in the 5th and opens you up to new possibilities within yourself.

This eclipse also follows the recent solar eclipse which took place in your marital sector. Naturally, when the perception of yourself changes, so too does the relationship you have with others.

This is a huge adjustment for you and those you’re in any sort of relationship with. The Moon is the ruler of your 7th house of love and marriage. Some of these changes also relate to what’s happening in that person’s life.

Relationships and spiritual standards collide at this time. If you thought marriage was made in heaven, wait!! There are a few issues of idealism to get right first. You could be experiencing both highs and lows because of this. You want your relationship to move forward on an even keel without any unnecessary drama.

You have to ask some serious questions now. You should, by all means, explore all possibilities, but if the basics aren’t solid, you’ll have a problem redefining your relationship. Some of the key dates related to this are the 5th, 7th and also the 10th. The 10th could be difficult because the Moon makes contact with Mars which is at the right angle to retrograde Mercury in your marital sector.

Retrograde Mercury means that there are miscommunications. Either you’re not hearing what’s being said correctly or someone is purposely pulling the wool over your eyes. In any case, you must read between the lines to fully understand the intent of what’s said. Listen more carefully and you’ll sidestep emotional complications this week.

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Feelings On The Boil...

New Beginning, New Feelings, New Interactions with the stunning NEW MOON / SOLAR ECLIPSE in CANCER

AQUARIUS WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


You realise that something important is happening at this time. That’s going to be amplified by the full Moon lunar eclipse which commences the week in the sign of Capricorn.

This eclipse in your 12th house indicates opportunities to recharge your worn-out batteries. You’re a little unstable – not necessarily in the ’emotionally volatile’ sense, but prone to changing your mind. You have different and potentially conflicting feelings on certain issues.                                        

This isn’t a good time to make decisions. You need to settle yourself, alone without the interference of others to make some crucial decisions. It’s important to give yourself time to regain a clear perspective. Your intuitive abilities expand.

It’s a great week to start such practices as meditation, prayer, or connecting more closely with your own spiritual beliefs. Under the eclipse, the power of meditation, prayer and self-affirmation are enhanced considerably.

The 12th house is notorious for high expenditure. This isn’t only limited to financial costs. Sometimes, the most valuable commodity you have is your time and love. This eclipse, points to the need to value your time and energy more.

You’ve been giving away too much of it and this, in turn, has reduced its value in the eyes of others. There’s perceived value and actual value. Make sure that the two are aligned correctly.

Don’t be too quick to believe the information you’re receiving, especially between the 5th and the 8th. The Moon makes a trine aspect to retrograde Mercury in your 6th house. This has to do with work-related information, scheduling and other day-to-day activities.

You could be misinformed. Take time to double-check everything you read or what’s offered to you. Some planning may need to be put on the back burner for a more appropriate time.

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PISCES WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Week of July 5 to July 11 2020


This full Moon eclipse is an excellent one for you, Pisces. It occurs in your 11th house of friendships. There’s a new energy emerging in your social circle. Either within the existing group of friends you’ve had a feeling that something exciting may happen.

The alternative is that you’ll create a completely new group of friends. You want to identify more fully with your ‘tribe ‘. Something hasn’t been sitting right with you socially. The eclipse brings all these feelings to the surface.

 On this matter, if blood is thicker than water, what’s thicker than blood? Spirit is. Don’t make the mistake of putting blood brothers and kin before your greater spiritual siblings and family. Karma dictates that you’re born into a lineage by blood. But that doesn’t mean your family should crush your spirit.

Move away from family complications that strangle true spiritual friendships. It’s only then that you start to thrive. You need time and space to recreate the peace of mind you may have once had. With Jupiter transiting your third house you’re interested in expanding your mind and heart. You will only do this on your own terms.

You’ll have to push harder for a financial deal this week. Retrograde Mercury squares Mars. Mars is in your finance sector. You’re working hard but you need to be paid in line with the efforts made.

If you don’t speak up, people will continue to take advantage of your willingness to work for less than you’re worth and deserve. Retrograde Mercury is notorious for confusion especially when it comes to contracts.

It also relates to things that happened in the past. You may have signed up for something only to realise that you made a big mistake. It may not be too late to ratify those agreements. This depends on how you approach the situation.

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