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Incredible but True Case Studies

Truth is stranger than fiction.

In the case of being an astrologer, this is most certainly the case. In the course of my 30 years of consulting with the general public the most extraordinary cases have been presented to me and in the segment are like to share those remarkable stories with you. Some of the cases make reference to astrological principles and others are bizarre enough to simply relate the story of the character.

Human beings come in all grades and clients also exhibit a huge gamut of different problems ranging from the purely material and financial, professional and romantic to the spiritual, esoteric and dark cult as well. Some of the stories may even appear to be fabricated but let me assure you that they are not.

I have collected an amazing number of horoscopes for research purposes and I will slowly build up the case studies here is a curiosity for those who are simply interested and as technical studies for those of you who are interested in learning about how astrology can reveal these most fascinating life stories.

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I hope you enjoy these incredible but true case studies of an astrologer. Here are some extraordinary case studies of real-life stories which will fascinate you.

Boris - The Twice Cursed

It was some time in 1998 that Boris, a quiet and humble Slovakian visited me. Boris’s story is like many I will present in this book Incredible but True Case Studies and though it may be difficult for those reading this to believe these things happen, you’d be surprised just how often they do and now, these days as a consulting astrologer I am never surprised at what incredible story awaits me with each and every passing client.

Boris’ story goes back 25 or 30 years to when he was a young man in Croatia growing up in a small town with his family following the customs of the day.

In his early twenties, he was fortunate enough to meet a young lady whom he fell madly in love with. She too fell in love with Boris and although when he came to me he looked quite pale and unwell, I could imagine that in his heydey he cut quite a figure being tall and quite imposing. He would have been a handsome young man and I am sure the young ladies would have been enamoured by him.

As it turns out, however, Boris’ family took a dislike to his newfound love and made life quite hard for him. The girl, however, was quite the contrary and her family liked Boris very much.

As time went on Boris and his young girlfriend decided to marry and this completely outraged his family. They would do anything to stop him marrying into that girl’s family. Some of you may be aware that there is a strong tradition of selecting the bride and groom for one’s children in these European and Asian cultures and it was probably the same for Boris.

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Boris announced his desire to marry this girl and so a party was arranged to invite everyone to celebrate with them. But Boris’ mother and sister had other devious plans for him.

In the village was a notorious witch who had the ability to cast spells and bring about changes as desired by her clients. Such manipulation of the natural elements would in some cases, as with Boris and his girl, tear them apart so that the marriage would not be consummated.

Boris’ mother and sister visited the witch who gave them some instructions as to how to break this relationship. She told them to acquire a pig and to skin the pig alive and to bring her some of the flesh from the inner part of the skin. They did her bidding, killed the pig by skinning it alive and brought her some of the flesh upon which she did some incantations and then gave them the flesh telling them to slip it into the drink at the earliest possible time.

At the party unbeknownst to Boris or his girlfriend, the conniving mother and sister secretly slipped the pig meat in the drink and Boris drank it. Within a day or so he fell into a deep slumber and related to me how unusually from that time on sometimes slept 16 to 18 hours a day. He wasn’t able to concentrate and suffered bad headaches.

He lost all his zest for life and couldn’t quite figure out what was going on until Boris informed me that about a week later he had an incredible dream in which a bearded saint appeared before him. How did Boris know what had happened? How am I relating this story to you? According to him the bearded saint that appeared to him in this dream about a week later informed him what his mother and sister had done to him. He was shocked by the events but what was to ensue was even more shocking and unbelievable!

Needless to say, the curse that was put on Boris worked perfectly! He lost complete interest in his love and the marriage never went ahead. But that wasn’t the end of it. When the girl’s parents learned of the breakup they were completely outraged and proceeded to consult the same witch that Boris’ mother and sister had gone to.

The mother asked the witch to put a curse on Boris for destroying her daughter’s life and leaving her, not consummating the marriage. The family was deeply embarrassed and wanted revenge. Poor Boris! A double dose of witchcraft over which he had no control whatsoever.

On top of the sleeping curse that had already befallen Boris, this second curse must have intensified his suffering and apathy towards life. He never explained to me how he had come to marry his present wife but he didn’t seem all that enthusiastic about anything at all.

We discussed his horoscope and he explained to me that some 25 years later, just a month or so before he had come to see me, the bearded saint who had appeared to him a week after the first curse was put on him, had finally reappeared and encouragingly indicated that these curses would finally be lifted. Within a few days, Boris had heard about my work as a remedial astrologer and contacted me.

After studying Boris’ horoscope which you can see in the appendix in Part 2 I spoke to my mentor, a tantric astrologer in the south of India, who is well versed in methods of counteracting witchcraft, evil eye and other dubious or nefarious activities that are designed to harm humans and create the sort of problems we see in cases such as Boris.

My teacher embarked on a one month program of sacred fires in which herbs, incantations, prayers and other tantric rituals are performed. At the end of the ceremonies, a bag of approximately 1 kilo of sacred ash was sent back to me. I was requested by my teacher to ask Boris to eat several spoonfuls of this ash each day until the full amount was fully consumed. Boris, desperate to achieve some sort of resolution to this problem, was unflinching in his trust and appreciation of what we had endeavoured to do for him.

About a month later there was a knock at my door and who should be standing there but a bright and cheerful looking man whom I at first couldn’t believe was Boris. Hands folded, head slightly genuflected with a tear or two rolling down his cheek I was certain before he even uttered a word that the rituals by my teacher in India had worked and brought him to healing that he had prayed for so many years.

Boris was cured and from time to time thereafter kept contact with me and even sent me several clients from his community. In the last couple of years, I haven’t heard from him but I must say Boris is one of the most fascinating, incredible but true case studies I have dealt with in my professional career.

The Un-pregnant Korean Girl

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether or not to get involved in the personal affairs of your clients. On the one hand you want to help them but on the other you realize that taking sides or somehow trying to resolve situations will only complicate matters and that is precisely what happened in 2009 when a client of mine called me very distressed late one night, approximately 1 a.m. telling me she was being stalked by her boyfriend.

After calming her down it came to my attention that she had just recently broken up with this man because she had found out he was seeing his ex-girlfriend but he maintained that they were purely friends. She said he had been stalking her, calling her numerous times a day, sending SMS messages and generally coming around and harassing her.

I asked her if she would like me to call him and gently but firmly persuade him to back off until she felt comfortable enough to call him. She agreed.

I told her I would call him and so within a few minutes I was able to get the other half of the story which started to become more and more complex. As I was talking to him he told me that he had just discovered she was pregnant, a fact that she hadn’t informed me of. I was a little taken aback as I was about to read him the riot act.

He proceeded to tell me that the reason he was trying to contact her, apart from explaining the ex-girlfriend and their purely platonic association, the fact that he was on a very powerful medication for his psoriasis and that this had a history of causing birth defects. He asked me if I would convey this information to her and I agreed, but still impressed upon him the need to stay away from her until she was ready and willing to talk to him after which time they may be able to resolve the problem.

I immediately rang her back and no sooner had I commenced to tell her about my discussion with him and she tells me that she is in fact not pregnant at all. I was completely flabbergasted! What?” I yelled, “Are you kidding me?” This is one instance which I am a little embarrassed to speak about as an astrologer should never lose his cool and unfortunately,

I am human and I must admit that I did get a little angry at this very clear deception. She had told him she was pregnant to cause him to stay away from the ex-girlfriend. Ï told her it was best if she sorted this matter out for herself or to at least give me a little time to digest the confused state of affairs that I had now become embroiled in.

It was about 3 a.m. when I went to sleep but I didn’t get much sleep that night as I immediately received a call from her about 7.30a.m, again in desperation mode, telling me he had been harassing her, calling her and had even come around the previous night after we had asked him to not come around. In fact, during my discussion with him, I told him that if he persisted she or I would call the police to make good our demands for him to stay away. When she told me this I rang him back and was surprised to learn the other half of the story of which there is always another half.

Apparently what had happened was that he had decided to go and see her personally because she had text-messaged him and saw this as an opportunity to resolve this intense situation. He wasn’t aware of the fact that as he drove up to her house a burglary was taking place in the premises next door. Immediately after knocking on her door and not feeling welcome he went back outside only to find police cars being called to the scene of the burglary next door.

Assuming that his girlfriend and the astrologer had called the police to have him charged with stalking, he walked up to the police and told them that they must have been looking for him. Misunderstanding his intent the police assumed he was the man who had been breaking and entering into the premises and immediately proceeded to take him to the jailhouse whereby he was locked up overnight.

This incredible but true story indicates how to some extent an astrologer’s involvement in his client lives can sometimes complicate the issues. I guess this is all of the karmic processes which at times is unavoidable but which should act as a deterrent for astrologers wanting to help where actually help may not be of any use.

The Wife Murderer

George visited me sometime in the mid 90’s and what struck me first and foremost was his leathery well-worn face. Time had certainly carved its experiences into his face through the very visible lines.

Different clients often give you a different sense and with George, I had an initial uneasiness which I tried to cover and tried to mask, which of course is the professional thing to do. I didn’t want him to get wind of the fact that I felt rather uncomfortable in his presence. This discomfort I would still learn had a very accurate basis.

As soon as we settled down to the reading George immediately, without too many words, slid a small photograph across the table to me and curtly asked, “what can you see with this woman?” My response was swift “this woman is dead” I remarked. “She either died in an accident or through some operation or injury via metal” I added. “Very good!” jumped George with the only smile I would probably see during that reading lighting up his face. I knew I had hit a nerve and my intuitive assessment was correct.

I had also remarked that he must have been away for a long time out of the loop, away from society or simply not in that much contact with the world around him. He agreed but quickly again turned my attention to the photograph. “So tell me, how did she die?” he asked as if to test me and it became quite clear. I didn’t want to blurt it out by my sense was a foreboding one and just before I had a chance to utter the words “Did you kill her?” He blurted out Ï put three bullets in her head”.

A silence befell the room for just a few moments and it was at this point that George proceeded to tell me the whole story unadulterated. And this is where an astrologer should never judge too harshly as the story that unfolded seemed almost so unbelievable that it could be made into a movie.

George and his wife had a mixed business on a corner in the city of Sydney. Needless to say, they weren’t doing well, and they eked out a living selling the normal groceries people required such as milk, bread, eggs and the odd chocolate bar or soft drink.

George worked hard whilst his wife tended to the mixed business by day and of course, he would afterward assist her on returning home.

One day while George was at work a bunch of young gang members visited her shop, purchased some cigarettes and the like and left. A few days later they returned and began to make it a habit to drop in and pick up their necessities on their way. On one occasion they began talking to George’s wife and somehow they struck up a connection which became more and friendlier as time went on.

One day one of the gang members explained to George’s wife how they were involved in peddling drugs. Mary, George’s wife, was curious and when they started to tell her just how much money could be made through the trade, she became even more curious and so much so that the gang members offered her the opportunity to perhaps sell some of their goods under the table, so to speak. This frightened, but at the same time seemed a very alluring method of overcoming some of her and her husband’s debts. She secretly began dealing some of the drugs under the table and kept it a secret from George for some time.

This secret was not to remain a secret for very long when the cash started pouring in and George naturally questioned his wife to the source of the additional funds. The shop wasn’t doing that much better so there must have been something to explain how the additional cash was coming into her hands.

She made up some story to tell him that she was doing a little bit of extra work on the side and even though that made no sense George just let it slip, for a while anyhow. Eventually, it became too much for Mary and she spilled the beans panicking that she had befriended these gang members and was selling drugs under the table in the shop. George was shocked but didn’t quite know what to do about it.

When the gang members learned that George had been informed of this unsavoury alliance with his wife, Mary decided to take the side of the gang and they plotted to kill George firstly to protect themselves and their illegal business activities. Several attempts were made on George’s life and he quickly caught on to what was happening.

To cut a long story short, George realised that his wife was no longer on his side but a bitter enemy who was trying to take him out and move on by making a choice of the gang and the money.

The rest is history with George quietly murdering his wife and pleading self-defense. He did in fact, shoot her with three bullets to the head and received 8 years jail. This part of my reading wasn’t quite accurate when I mentioned that he had been out of the loop and away. The eight years he was out of circulation simply related to the fact that he was incarcerated for that period of time.

This too was one of the most bizarre but true case studies on my files. Unfortunately, I have looked everywhere for George’s horoscope and to this day cannot find it. I do recall seeing many typical astrological principles staring me in the face and for that reason what I have done is included a couple of serial killers in the back of the book so that those servants can see what principles are present in the horoscope of someone destined to kill another human being. This principle will be equally applicable to George’s horoscope.

How to Spot Serial Killer at the Office? Jeffrey Dahmer : An Astrological Study

Welcome everyone. I wanted to talk a little bit about the psychopath and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. Serial killers are an interesting study in the light of the ancient and modern principles of astrology. In this synopsis we look at Vedic astrology. The first thing that stands out here in the angles from the ascendant containing Mars, Saturn and the shadow of Saturn, Gulika.

This reflects perfectly the dictum that if all the angles are posited by malefic planets including the Moon which is very dark behind the Sun, the individual may have a demonic nature and be predisposed to deviant behavior.

The darkening Moon especially in proximity to Mars is the duplicate yogi, yes, but for the sign of Virgo it happens to be the ruler of the eighth house-considered the worst sector of the horoscope. So this is a pretty nasty conjunction in the seventh house of relationships and the public generally.

The fourth house has to do with one’s inner happiness and contentment shows a certain level of brooding here. Saturn is well is particularly devastating being the sixth and fifth ruler who predominantly rules the sixth and disposes of Ketu, the South node which acts as an agent of aggressive Mars. This eighth house – sixth house correlation is unpleasant. Here we see also the pretty tight square between Saturn and the Moon. These combinations are never good for the mental stability of an individual. Jupiter, incidentally, for the Virgo ascendant assumes a very negative role as well karmically.


The badhaka, when conjoined with the ruler of the 6th, 8th or 12th house creates a type of electromagnetic imbalance, a sort of the unsavoury residual karmic energy and, in the fourth house, which is one of the pillars of the horoscope. This represents the morality, peace of mind and in many cases the upbringing of the person although in his case, it seemed like he had reasonably decent parents but how can we know otherwise?

This is usually present when some horrible early life experiences occur. His father recollects the sheer pleasure Jeffrey had when he heard the sound of rattling rats bones in the garage while he father was sweeping up. Jeffrey later started bringing roadkill home and delighted in dissecting the animals, gloating over their bloaty innards. These are sorts of elements in a chart look that tell of a person’s good deeds or otherwise, upon which the fourth house is the edifice of good breeding or not.

Venus along with the ruling planet Mercury and Venus shows what we love and being in the eighth house of death gives a clear insight into the mentality of Dahmer and what he loved. He loved it so much he ate it. Yes, he was a cannibal too. The moral dilemma is because at such a young age he was drawn to the affairs of the eighth house can we say that this was nurtured or simply nature? Are genetic imprints of previous lives embedded in the karmic drama that unfolds from life to life for each individual? It seems so in Dahmer’s case who was preoccupied with these perverse subjects from as early as five or six years of age.

The fifth house should also be looked at also, as this is the mind of the person. Western astrologers take this third house which could be considered the superficial mind which is also blemished by Neptune, ruler of this karmically problematic second house being fully aspected by Mars. This clearly shows an angry temperament.

For Virgo rising it indicates someone who appears to have a rather soft exterior, almost bashful quality to their personality. But isn’t that we often hear of serial killers? Neighbours repeat that they would never have guessed these quiet boy-next-door-types could perpetrate the atrocities that Dahmer did.

If we look at the rulers of the stellar positions -not only the 12 signs, but this 27 stellar divisions we see subsectors and even sub subsector of up to 249 subsectors within the 360° circle. My purpose is to define what works for you.

Normally take the 12 signs, then 27 stars and also the quarter divisions of those stars. These stellar intervals are 13° 20 minutes and 27 of those complete the 360°. If we further divide the 13° 20 minutes into quarters you find minute intervals of 3° 20 minutes of which there are 108 sectors. Rahu over the Saturn, Jupiter, this karmically embedded conjunction that the white conjunction to that we still we still see some of the effects of that is that these a little bit of the astrological licence of course that involves your intuition.

I normally work with is harmonic chart here so we can see the distribution of ninth harmonic frequencies of these planets. This is called the navamsa chart and it’s a significant chart that’s rarely used if ever, by Western astrologers but it is, along with the rising sign, and lunar chart, what we call the ninth harmonic or navamsha chart. If the birth chart is considered the seed, the harmonic chart is considered the fruit or flower, and what can develop over time.

It’s interesting to see the Moon in the seventh house which again doesn’t escape’s position here seventh house and the ruling planet of this harmonic chart is the Sun in the eighth house of death. You start to see those patterns of depravity coming through with Venus and Rahu in the fifth house of the mind judging from the ascendant.
The harmonic position if overlaid on the fundamental displays the depraved Venus / Rahu conjunction over Saturn-Jupiter.

The stellar positions are important. If we take, as an example, the ruling planet Mercury, which is located in the Moon’s star, it gets a pretty negative effect by virtue of the fact that the Moon has become a malefic planet. Then we look at the star Lord of the Moon which is Mercury, meaning: these two planets exchange stellar positions. Mercury is in the Moon’s star and the Moon is in Mercury star. Vedic astrologers call this Nakshatra parivarthana yoga. This stellar exchange is extremely powerful and therefore reveals his desire nature tinged with an evil imagination.