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Face read your way to understanding others...

face readingCharacteristics like honesty, intelligence and reliability are major attributes that we all seek in ourselves and others. Face reading will immediately offer you valuable information about human beings. You can begin practicing face reading by observing friends, family members, and work colleagues.

This face reading gives you insights into your own and others’ characters through understanding what their facial features reveal. A segment on face reading explains how to make the best impression on those around you. And also how to understand the true character of others.

For example, cheeks when too pronounced and lacking in flesh indicate autocratic, and power-hungry individual. Especially so if ‘cats eyes’ are also present. Though people generally do not know it, there is a sense of power, control, and domination, when we meet someone with these features. An individual with such pronounced cheekbones would need to control his or her environment including a deal that’s going down!

A Face reading is very practical and useful in sales and business applications. It’s primarily what we will consider in today’s presentation.

Naturally, very few people fall into “pure” type categories, but more often than not, the predominant shape will be recognizable. Experiment with “the face” and see whether you recognize any of the character traits in yourself or others…

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The Development of Face Reading

Technology today is a slave of modern human arrogance and selfish cleverness. Medicine has yet to develop an “understanding vaccine”. That medicine, the cure, can only ever come through self-discipline and inner knowledge based on attention and discrimination. For thousands of years in many cultures, the search for the ultimate understanding has taken many forms. One of them is face reading.

Saying that Face Reading is as old as humanity itself but can recently trace its roots in many countries, their cultures. Greece, India and China had their brilliant exponents of whom some are still well known. Plato and Aristotle – Grecian philosophers held the study of the bumps and the shape of your head in high esteem as did they palm reading.

Varahamihira, the luminary of Hindu Vedic astrology divulged unique and somewhat novel techniques to gauge the character and future events of people. His great work, Brihat Samhita, though appearing odd in its presentation, offers valuable insights into such things as moles, lines and the face and the bodily ratios of limbs. There’s even a chapter dedicated to the analysis of pimples! The Brihat Samhita can be dated to around 505 AD.

In his classical masterpiece of psychology and spiritual discipline, Yoga Sutras, another great Indian philosopher, Patanjali, says that eight extraordinary powers may be acquired as a result of protracted self-discipline. Some of these extraordinary siddhis or powers include levitation, control of the natural elements, bodily rejuvenation and several forms of earthly and transcendental knowledge. He also makes reference to the technique of understanding human character and destiny through face reading.

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Samyama is the intense concentration or focuses on the characteristic markings and features of the face and body on face reading. He says it results in a profound understanding of human nature and of the future potential or destiny of a person. It’s a study of karma as revealed by the externalisation of the mind and its expression in the human countenance. Truly, a pathway to psychic and intuitive development.

For most of us leading busy city lives, the rigorous discipline advised in such works as the Yoga Sutras, isn’t exactly practical, given the recommended but time consuming meditative practices to develop powers. However, there are very simple techniques that may be utilised for the purpose of gaining an insight into the personality of others. It’s called the art of face reading or characterology and has a long and rich history.

It wasn’t until 1741 however, that the Swiss-German, Lavater developed some of the most important principles of western-style physiognomy and face reading. He was a talented individual who could paint, write poetry and teach. He was also a minister of the church.

His technique in face reading character stemmed from his ability to draw portraits and study the idiosyncrasies of his models. Physiognomy’s greatest work is a departure from the usual feature-by-feature analysis and requires an overall “intuitive” feel for the face in question.

More recently in the twentieth century, even as early as 1918, the Merton Institute for Vocational guidance was founded in the US in New York City. It was primarily concerned with the professional activities of people. And assisting businesses in employing the right types of staff for specific areas within their organisations. Even companies such as AT&T & The Bud company of Philadelphia utilised the Merton Institute for the employment of staff throughout that period.

The phrenological approach to the study of character was not to be a long-term popular activity within society and with the advent of psychology, unfortunately, took a back seat. Gradually, psychology has replaced the technique of face reading, characterology and phrenology in offering companies & educational institutions personality profiles for prospective employees and students.

Two other notable areas of character and health study are palmistry and iridology. Both are becoming increasingly popular and are noted for their use in detecting physical stresses and weaknesses. Just as palmistry and iridology can give us a detailed account of not only the constitutional weaknesses. But the character type. So too, can face reading – once firmly understood give us intimate knowledge of ourselves and others.


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The Face Unmasked 🃏

ACE-READING-HIGHRESfinaleIn introducing the general overview of the face, a couple more important points are noteworthy. They relate to the height and width of the head and face. A person with a developed back head is more emotional, family and socially orientated. The narrower the back head the less so. Height of the crown indicates the idealism but more so the authority of the person. When the crown is low the person lacks the confidence to the degree that the crown is underdeveloped.

Obviously, an overdeveloped crown produce a tyrannical, authoritarian nature. Next time you’re in the office you’ll be inspecting a few crowns on superiors heads I suspect! An ambitious nature is also revealed by a well-developed crown. Upper portion of the top of the head relates to imagination in proportion to its development and the dominance

Passivity can be detected by the width or narrowness of the head when viewed front on. The length of the head reveals foresight. A short head, when viewed side-on indicates a lack of forethought and a more live in the moment attitude.

Both science and the esoteric schools of knowledge have their own systems of categorising and describing people. Face reading simplifies the whole procedure by relating primarily to the facial shapes that are evident in everyday life. These simple geometric forms can be easily committed to memory and are a very useful key in forming your basic “snapshot” of character.

There are four basic temperaments which are aligned to the elements, planets, and signs of the zodiac. Each of these four character types is associated with a simple geometric shape. Broadly speaking, the mental or inverted triangular shaped face is ruled by Mercury. The circular or vital type by the Moon or Jupiter, the oblong or osseous type by Saturn and the muscular or square type by Mars. Each of these types has its own inherent physical, mental and emotional expression. So let’s look at these four elements in a little more detail and study your particular shaped face and what it means.

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Your hair is a measure of physical insulation, endurance, and overall strength. If your hair is fine, delicate and silky, you are sensitive and also likely to be fragile physically especially if you are of a slender build. Thick wiry hair is an indication of your physical prowess and your resilience in life. You have great recuperative powers and may like a challenge in life.


The Forehead can be broadly categorized as follows A wide forehead expresses your cleverness and practicality being someone capable of executing duty diligently. This gives you high idealism and a wealth of ideas. High rounded and deep forehead depicts your idealism, but with a focus on strong friendship. Narrow forehead is considered an obstacle to fulfillment, especially in social situations. Constraints in family life. Need to think things through.


Face UnmaskedMost importantly, look to the eyes. Prominent eyes with bright sparkle or glitter are preferable to small, squinty or shifty eyes which reveal an introverted and secretive nature. In fact the eyes are the most important feature in your close encounters of the business kind. In your search for that employee or partner, look for eyes that sit firmly whilst gazing steadily. 

This reflects a solid and persevering nature and a person of stability and forthright disposition. In contrast, a wandering or shifty eye portends a nature given to unsettled and inconsistent habits. Restlessness will be evident and other features supporting your observation and gut feeling. Tendency to dishonesty and unreliability will be marked in this type. In short, this is a person of meagre commitment.


Face UnmaskedThe eyebrow speaks of reputation, fame and temperament too. In many cases, I have found a developed brow line also shows a high degree of dexterity or ability with the hands (engineers, electronics, civil engineers, drafts persons and architects). Individuals who are observant and who have to combine refined measurements with dexterity will have the brow line well developed.

  • The highly arched or ideal brow often seen in the faces of film stars is described as a dramatic brow.
  • The low set brow reveals an impulsive temperament whilst a higher brow signals a more cautious attitude to decision making.
  • single thick brow over the nose bridge is a sign of intensity and possessive or jealous nature.
  • A straight brow is the sign of an aesthetic and sensitive temperament.


Face UnmaskedThe intensity of physical action is related to oxygen intake, and the external instruments of the body responsible for that function are the nose. A good sized nose is certainly an indication of wealth too and the capacity to earn money. It shows the attitude a person has to the issue of finances. Ideally, the nostrils should be well concealed for the best financial prospects. The ages of 40 to 50 are ruled by the nose.


The groove on the upper lip, below the nose is worth mentioning. It is called the philtrum. If it is clearly marked, deep and long, it augurs well for a strong and healthy energy levels and vitality. Flat, weak and unpronounced philtrums are a mark of reduced life force and drive.


The mouth is related to communication, speech and sensual appetites like eating and sex. The lips relate to our ability to nurture others in loving relationships. If the upper lip is considerably thinner than the lower lip, it reveals an inability to reciprocate in relationships. Conversely, a thinner lower lip indicates an overly giving nature.


Face Unmasked​This relates to the stamina of the individual and the stronger the jawline the greater the degree of stamina and endurance. People with very strong jawlines can sometimes be considered stubborn. If the jawline exceeds the balance of other features in the face, don’t be too hasty in your judgement. As this may simply mean a person who has strong convictions and who is not easily swayed by the opinions of others.

The chin should be rounded or square in shape with a gentle fullness. If this is the case, the latter part of life, during the 60’s and 70’s will be satisfying and lucky.

protruding chin displays a strongly independent, determined individual.

Weak or receding chin reveals a weaker willed personality.

Jawline extending beyond earline betokens an individual who doesn’t like losing and who may brook no opposition.


The ears fall in the midsection of the head but represent the early, formative years of life between birth and 15. As such, look to the ears to determine the foundation of life and the potential for achievement especially during the mid-life ages 40 – 50.

The ears should exhibit good, fleshy inner and outer helixes. Thin and poorly shaped outer helixes may reveal diminishing health.

Some other general types of ears are as follows:-

  • Set Close to Head: Plans ahead and is thrifty. Doesn’t like to leave too much to chance.
  • Protruding: An original thinker. Lonely. Non-conformist.
  • Ears with small lobes: Not easy to achieve sexual fulfilment. Dependent and may lack initiative.
  • Ears with large lobes: Independent, strong minded.
  • Large ears: Intellectual.
  • Longer than wider ears: Keen, impractical.
  • Small ears: Instinctive.
  • Ears with no lobes: Unresponsive and lacks purpose.


If status and position mean anything at all to you, you’ll begin paying a lot more attention to this part of your own and others’ faces. Cheeks tell the story of industriousness, power and authority in a person’s life. 

Although as westerners we have a preference for a prominent and bonier style of cheek, the eastern (especially Chinese face readers) have a different perception.


Face Shapes

To gain a quick snapshot of the person’s character you can do so simply by looking at the shape of the face. There are four basic shapes but many other combinations.

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The Earth Type is considered as part and parcel of the other three categories in the Ayurvedic discipline. You’ll recognize yourself as belonging to this category by the longer, more oblong-shaped face. You will also find yourself taller and possibly bonier than your squatter, ligamentous brother Meosmorphs mentioned above.

Practical Earth TypeAs an earth type, you are practical, methodical and deliberate but may tend to overwork. Probably you will find the lion’s share of workaholics in this category. You can be excessively concerned about material and financial security, so you push yourself to the limits in trying to acquire those things that remove this sense of worldly inadequacy.

In the process of your striving for success, you are severe on yourself and others. Hopefully, you are not of the lower type which is quite the opposite – tending to gross sensuality and emotional and dietary excess.

Some areas of physical weakness which may need to be watched include the skeletal and subcutaneous regions as well as your teeth and hair. The Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. As Taurus reflects the earthy Mesomorph, it regulates the throat and neck region so the thyroid and also lymphatic system is a constitution flashpoint.

Often the Virgoan (another earth sign) suffers a nervous condition affecting digestion. Vedic astrologers consider the sign of Virgo as the most sensitive in the Zodiac. The leaner Mesomorphs, especially those given to the 100-hour workweek, must learn to be less fastidious and worried about results and simply relax and sleep a little more.

Modern western society, in particular, has glorified the earthy Mesomorphic physique. The best looking actors and models, both male and female, tend to reflect the ideal mesomorphic shape. The danger of beauty lay in narcissism, which in the lower examples of Mesomorphy, is quite pronounced. This gives rise to numerous psychological issues creating obstacles in the area of relationships.

Many mesomorphs find it hard to transcend the body idea and find themselves relating to others on this body to body level. You will find meditation and spiritual contemplation a medicine for you if this experience happens to be part of your journey.

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You can easily recognize a “watery”, emotional human being as the short and stocky type. If your facial shape and body structure are distinctly rounded and tending to a somewhat fleshy look, you’ll fall into this category. Another designation for you is an endomorph.

Emotional Water Shape

Your body type means that you are predominantly emotional, sensitive and caring. Cancer is the Cardinal water sign of the zodiac and symbolizes motherhood and nurturing. This makes you extremely considerate and compassionate. 

You like to extend this facet of your nature into every area of activity, including your work. This is not to say you are a blob of maudlin sentimentality. However, you do seem to have a natural tendency to interact with others from an emotional base, making you “mother” to your peers.

And that is also the case if you are a male. Take an intense interest in your projects, desiring to nourish concepts from an inceptive stage, watering the idea at each and every step – much like a mother feeding her newborn infant. And just as a mother fearing the flight of her teenagers, at some point you also may have some lessons to learn about delegating tasks and letting go.

Generally, you are a conservative who is best suited to social situations and perform very well in professional arenas where a social and playful environment accommodates your naturally easy-going style. Also, you need and desire security and stability very much. You, therefore, have a natural affinity with money and finance and can do well in the home sciences, sales careers and socially interactive professions like catering and hospitality. The banking and real estate sectors would also be ideal for your innate talents.

Likewise, you may be prone to weight disorders and emotional difficulties if you slot into this category at the other end of the scale. It means that emotions are perhaps not dealt with or “digested” correctly in your experience. This “indigestion” has its counterpart in the alimentary tract of your body. It’s no coincidence that the medical fraternity refers to your type as an alimentative class of being. You do love food.

Similarly, you also tend to retain excess fluid in the body, have a large chest, large magnetic eyes and thick hair. With Endomorphs, the Moon or Jupiter is usually prominent at the time of birth and so, according to astrologers and other alternative practitioners, weight problems may become an issue for you.

The Water Signs are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. According to Hindu Ayurveda, the ruling water planets are Venus, Moon and Jupiter and hence Taurus, Libra and Sagittarius may be taken as water signs as well.

The Chinese face readers agree that you are a liquid and adaptable, sensitive and pliable individual. With other positive features, this is a good basis for success in midlife. It is more so if your neck is thick. The reverse holds true for thinner necked water types.

The Chinese readers also believe that being a full-faced endomorph means that you may feel family life imposes upon you and that your time is never fully capable of being devoted to your other social passions. Compromise will mark the evolved types while the less developed amongst your class will struggle and perhaps fail at reaching the golden mean, as Buddha called it.

Strong sexual fantasies also feature strongly for you. Coupled with your natural charm and demonstrative affection, you can provide very loving and satisfactory romantic alliances which last. Men of your nature prefer to stay in committed partnerships and function at their best when love and home are stable.

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Well built, muscular and energetic people are called Mesomorphs. If your physical structure is like this… read on. Your face and head have a squarish shape, as may even your ears. You have a solidly built frame, which indicates your ardent interest in physical activities, sports and outdoor movement in general.

Physical Fire Shape

As a fire type you are seen to be aggressive, ambitious and dominating. You may be irritable and quick to anger but usually cool off just as suddenly. Others are intimidated by the sheer force of your approach but they will always know where you and they stand.

Your mind is sharp and analytical and so you make a good practical worker, scientist, engineer or mechanic. Dexterity is one of your strengths. Others at first may not notice but your mind likes to look beneath the surface of things. So you’d make good researchers as well.

In health, you are prone to skin disorders, rashes and muscular strains and tears as a result of overexertion. In extreme cases, you may be accident prone through your impulsive streak. Your eyes too may also cause you problems at times. Fortunately, being endowed with strength and vitality, you are also blessed with strong recuperative powers.

You have a voracious appetite and love eating but unlike the endomorphic water type you tend to burn up calories rather quickly due to your continual activity. Furthermore, you have an excess of bile which may create a need for a careful dietary program to assist your digestion because of over acidity.

The Fire Signs include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Scorpio can also be taken as fire as its sub-ruler is Mars.

The eastern characterologies consider the square a sign of stability and earthiness. No wonder you are regarded as an earthy no-nonsense type of individual who shoots from the hip. The “Statesman’s” face – e.g. Winston Churchill possesses the square earthiness which you share and portrayed his serious demeanour, deliberate and decisive decision making.

It’s not usually evident but if you are a more refined type Mesomorph you also have good communication and understanding with your romantic/marriage partners. You are able to reflect on problems and are capable of affectionately demonstrating your love.

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A rational temperament is known more technically as ectomorph nature. If you fall into this category of humans, your head and face are easily recognized, as is your body type. You possess a slender wiry frame and your head is of an inverted triangular or pear shape. The high forehead indicates good intelligence, good high hairline, unblemished = good intelligence. You may make errors of judgement and choice in relationships & be suspicious, mistrusting and highly strung.

Mental Shape

Your veins are quite prominent with hair that is fine, soft or silky. Your type is usually very restless. You are one of those people always on the go – active, quick, versatile and talkative. Your voice may also seem somewhat high pitched.

Because the mental type is curious and investigative, all of the areas that allow free reign to your thirsty intellect will provide the best fulfillment for you. For the most part you are known as an active, athletic and energetic individual but may somehow lack stamina and burn out quickly. You must learn the art of pacing yourself to maximize energy reserves.

Astrologically speaking, the air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Even though Capricorn is an earth sign astrologically it is assigned the property of air in Ayurveda. The planets ruling air are Mercury, Dragons Head (Lunar North Node) and Saturn.

The Chinese Face readers refer to your face as a Fire Face and this results in you being bright, intelligent, sensitive, creative and very active. These traits do reflect a fiery nature, and so coupled with your fine thinking capacity, you possess positive traits of both elements – fire and air.

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The Face Regions

Further subdivisions will throw even more light on your subjects or your own life affairs and the probable outcome to many of your activities.

In determining the quality and possibilities inherent and likely to eventuate, each of these 12 regions of the face should be studied carefully under face reading.

If, for example, you wish to know whether or not it’s a good time to travel – look to the Region of journeys or danger. If the colour and sheen of the related area in question are good and pleasing to look at, then you can safely venture on your journey. This is a veritable personal almanac on your own face – a daily guide to your activities and the best possible timing for embarking on many day to day ventures, meetings and so forth.

Other people you encounter will also offer you an “open book” as far as their current situation is concerned. You can use this to your advantage in business ventures, speculation and personal and romantic decisions too.

Because some of the regions exhibit an identical region on the left and the right side of the face, there are actually 20 regions in all – the left and right regions have slightly differing meanings – some of which we will point out as the areas are described.

Generally, any blemish, discolouration or temporary reduction in the formation of the region is an omen to forego activities related to that region.

When you want to know about success in profession, look to this region of your forehead. Your achievement potential is well marked here. If you have a prominence in this region and it glows, then it’s a very good indicator of your professional futures. Sometimes you’ll notice that this area actually radiates energy – a glow of a pinkish colour. You’ll also notice that when this is the case, your success quotient is up and you’re likely to be riding a positive wave.

When you have to present yourself for meetings, interview or other important engagements, check the quality of your Region of Achievement to help you best time your movements and optimise the results. Of course, you can always apply these same principles to others and see how they are faring at any particular time.

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The Chinese believe that the Region of the Father is on the left, whereas the Region of the Mother is on the right. These regions are right next to the Achievement region. Again, any fine development of these regions augurs well for your parents, whilst any blemish or discolouration will throw light onto the difficulties or obstructions experience to or from either or both parents.

Any hereditary matters including early life can be studied from the Region of the Parents. Don’t forget the ears as an additional factor for studying the impact early life had upon you.

Education is also seen in this region and should be studied to understand your prospects in such matters as educational tests, or family matters. If the area is very red, this could indicate disputes or challenges with your parents.

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Friendships and siblings are to be read from this third region known as the Region of Siblings. Actually study the left region for friendships and the right for brothers and sisters. You can see how there are some subtle differences when practically trying to identify people in your life.

Extend your interpretations of this region to include social activities, games or amusements and any interaction dealing with brothers and sisters, keeping in mind the markings that determine success or failure at any given time.

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Just above from the temple area, and slightly inward from the edge of the hairline, are regions concerned with your physical movement and journeys. They are called the Regions of Transfer. Yet again, a subtle distinction should be drawn between things signified by the left or right areas.

The left Region relates to your own personal movement or anything you send away e.g. goods, postage etc., The left Region identifies visitors incoming mail etc., You can even gauge the success of vehicle purchases or the condition of those vehicles once acquired.

Some readers extend the meaning of the Region of Transfer to include philosophical or mental journeys. This has a strong relationship therefore to the success of your meditations and psyche and spiritual development.

In respect of your journeys or holidays, always check both points to be assured of a balanced reading.

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Just at the edge of your eyebrows lie the regions of luck and speculation. Many people are now becoming more and more involved with the stock market and investing their resources in stocks and shares as a sideline business.

Though seen as a commercial enterprise, the stock market is nevertheless a gamble and just like race horses or poker machine punting is to be regarded and studied from the Region of Fortune.

Study your temple region for markings of good fortune – bright attractive colour, fullness of the feature and balance with other surrounding features. This is lucky for you.

If these positive identifiers are not to be found, think twice before over committing to the gambling urge. Though a pinkish colour is auspicious, bright red lines are an index of addictions to gambling and reflect waste, especially when other features agree.

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Owning a house or property is becoming harder to achieve due to rising prices and inflation. To establish your chances of gaining a house or whether in fact any form of real estate transaction will benefit you, study the region of property. It’s found between the eyebrow and eye.

Two regions, left and right. The left side reflects the outer architectural structure, foundations and surrounds, whereas the right eye describes the interior quality of your residence/s. Again, the left describes paternal whereas the right maternal properties.

This part of your face should be free of lines, blemishes and discolouration and though it should be full and glowing, an overly full property region is an unlucky indicator where it involves your purchases of land and housing.

If your property regions are temporarily lacking attractiveness, hold off purchasing or even selling property till your ………signals give the green light.

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The seventh Region of Marriage and Romance is closely related to the eighth region – that of children – in that the traditional role of marriage in society is the foundation of family life of which childbirth is the culmination.

Studying both regions in concert is essential to fully comprehend the destiny of one’s family life after marriage. The outer, upper areas near the outer tips of the eyes, above the cheeks, refers to the region of marriage. The left region relates to marriage and the right region to affairs of the heart, both romantic and/or extramarital.

Though the Chinese face readers indicate numbers of marriages or lovers by the number of lines on those area, in practice it will be found to not necessarily correctly reflect this sort of information.

You will often find those with several lines happily married to one person all their life – whereas some without a trace of a line indulge in many sexual and romantic exploits and may often have more than one marriage.

When making these sorts of assessments, note most importantly, the age of your subject (or yourself if you’re game to scrutinise what are otherwise regarded as wrinkles and aging!!). Naturally younger subjects may not have developed these lines.

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The Eighth Region on the face is that of Children. Both of these areas under the eyes, refer to the issue of the number of children, quality of children will have and also because sexuality and procreation are linked to this issue of children, the degree of sexuality along with other features such as the lips, philtrum and eyes can be looked at to further enhance your judgement of the quality the person will possess.

In ancient Chinese culture where men were allowed more than one wife, the offspring of the principal wife would be seen from the lines visible at the outer tip of the left eye, whereas the area of the right eye and the lines located thereabouts, would refer to the concubines and the children of those concubines.

These days we would look to the area under the right eye as signifying the number of children that would be acquired through re-marriage, adoption, step-children and that sort of thing whereas the area under the left eye, as per the original tradition, would indicate children from the principal or first marriage. This area should be nicely glowing to give a positive reading for such things as intimacy, sexuality, and sexual vitality.

If this particular area under your eye is dark or sunken, it can be an indication of excessive sexual desire or excessive living habits too. Often you will note that people who haven’t had enough sleep have the dark rings visible under their eyes, so it signifies a general malaise or decline in the energy levels. If you do see in your own eyes this particular colouring, it means you should take some precautionary measures to improve your general health.

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The Ninth Region of the face is one of the most important. It’s called the Region of Life and Vitality. The Chinese face readers refer to it as the seal of approval or purple air. Life itself is the most vital of energies and it’s the expression of the supreme creative force so this Region of Life, which is situated between the eyes and directly above the nose bridge is considered the most important point on the face.

This is the fulcrum of which face reading centres around, along with the eyes. Naturally, if the area is flat, smooth and considerably wide i.e. 1.5 to 2 inches this indicates wealth, a fine generous nature, tolerant disposition with compassion and high spiritual characteristics such as forgiveness being very evident in you.

It’s not good if this region is bumpy, too narrow, poorly formed as this means that you have somewhat of a grudging nature and not particularly generous. Smoothness and flatness of this area contribute to your achieving wealth and financial independence. It’s also interesting to note that according to the Vedic Hindu tradition of philosophy, this point, the third eye, has great significance.

Not just in terms of physical life force and vitality but the higher implications of the spiritual nature of man. This third eye is representative of the inter-dimensional nature of man. It’s quite likely that the focus or study of this part of the forehead, this ninth region of the face known as the Region of Life and Vitality or the seal of approval, actually refers to the spiritual development, the intuitive faculties within you.

The famous contemporary mystic and Siddha master Swami Muktandanda was once said to refer to the development of meditation and the evolution of the consciousness to this third eye level as the passport office. He used to quip that once you achieve this state of spiritual enlightenment, the one-way ticket office is waiting for you here in the centre of the eyebrows.

In other words, once you reach this stage there is no coming back to the realms of matter to the cycle of reincarnation of birth and death, rebirth and death and it’s considered to be a particularly favourable part of the inner anatomy of man, the esoteric anatomy if we could call it that.

The glow, smoothness, pleasing colour of this ninth region is particularly important in determining the success and also spiritual fulfilment for you in this life and for others as well.

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The Tenth Region, has to do with a similar theme, being health because it’s very close to the region of the seal of approval, Region of Life and Vitality, directly below it in fact. This tells us, as do the jaws of human beings, the degree of stamina, how much energy flows through your physical being, how strong you’re.

It’s important to study this part of your body – for colour, radiance and energy. Study this point to see when you should do things of a physical nature if you have to hike, if you have to have any medical procedure, if you’re planning any new dietary or physical exercise regime, it’s very important to note whether your physical being can cope with the program you have planned. So always look at this part of your face to get a keen insight as to whether or not it will be favourable.

It’s important to maintain health if you want to achieve your goals, so in judging wealth and professional factors, it’s always a good idea to simultaneously observe the quality of the Region of Health, because if you’re not healthy you won’t have the drive and the initiative to begin and complete the tasks that are necessary in your life.

When this particular region, the Region of Health, exhibits any discolouration, pimples, blemishes or a fading in the radiance that may be found when you’re healthy, that could be an indicator of some impending health problem or some decline in energy. Act in accordance, using face reading to bring you fulfilment, not just in romantic and financial circumstances, but in terms of your own health as well.

Your complexion and other factors, such as the Region of Health and wellbeing will help you to determine and forearm yourself against those changing cycles of your physical being too.

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The Eleventh Region is known as the Region of Wealth. This encompasses the nose so study this segment alongside the chapter on the nose and you will gain more insight into the way money is used.

Generally, the ideal nose should be straight without bumps or blemishes, the bridge (i.e. the base of the nose) should be high and solid with a moderate width, not too narrow nor wide, opening and rising gently to a full-bodied fleshy tip with nostrils that are well concealed and slightly flared.

That being the case it indicates good financial success, a lot of money and earnings and that will be particularly so during the middle part of your life. Impulsiveness and extravagance in handling finances is seen when there is a flushed colour to the nose, sometimes too especially if little fine veins are evident, you may guess that the person quite enjoys his fair share of alcohol. Any discolouration tending to green or the grey colours are not good in terms of gambling in terms of speculation and you can suffer losses or theft if that is the case and you’re observing those colours in your nose.

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The region that regulates your domestic sphere is the Twelfth Region of the face. You look at this particular area to see what is happening in terms of your daily routine and home. It’s just at the outer tips below the tips of the mouth at the lower end of the cheek where you will find this particular region. Study it carefully to see the quality of domestic happiness you or another can have. When this part is nicely formed and again pleasing to look at, it’s a good omen and shows general happiness with respect to your home life.

You generally look at the Region of Household and domestics to get a handle on your day to day activities, the general routine of your life and it’s shown here in this area just outside the lower end of the lips. Study this, the colours and hues, and if the textures and radiance to be pleasing are a good indicator for your personal space and your home life. Quite the contrary if the colours are dark or there are pimples or blemishes to be found in this area.

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Facial Creases and Lines

Creases and Lines on Forehead

The knowledge of the lines on your face, and in particular your forehead, is known as mataposcopy. The early face reader Cardano, believed that up to seven lines may appear on your forehead and each of these seem to correlate to each of the seven planets of our solar system. In fact, when you begin to observe people you find that they possess maybe eight, ten or even more lines, though even five or six are considered inauspicious even if they are well formed.


The setting of lines on your forehead is an important determinant of character and if in your case as it appears, your lines are clear, then it means you are successful and peaceful by nature. Three lines with a vertically intercepting line indicate untoward events but this is very rare. If your three horizontal lines are wide set from top to bottom it reveals you are deeply religious and have a philosophical nature.

Having these three lines clearly and evenly curved around your forehead means you can expect great popularity which encompasses a wide circle of friends and social acquaintances.


Your double forehead lines which are of a horizontal marking are regarded as a sign of reasonably high intelligence and imagination. Because your two lines may be well formed, you can look forward to success through the hard work you put forward and the efficient ethics you adhere to. 
The less well formed these lines are the harder you will have to work for your success in life. Certain face readers predict a lifespan of between 40 and 60 years and this is seen to be the case in the Hindu works on face reading.


If the two vertical lines on your face harmonise well and add balance to the features, then this balance is also added and enhances your nature generally speaking. Having double vertical lines indicates you have a judicious nature and you are fair in your appraisal of situations, therefore being reliable and always able to give an unbiased opinion.

These lines are also good for your professional life and mean you will be successful, especially in government or big business sectors. You are essentially a thinking type and are capable of planning and administrative roles where if other features testify, you can expect a brilliant professional destiny. You are also interested in cultural and aesthetic pastimes and if your two vertical lines are present in almost perfect unison, this is an incredible testimony for a brilliant future.



You possess vertical lines that slope inward and this focuses your energy and makes you extremely self-absorbed and even egocentric. You at times fail to understand other people’s viewpoints and therefore attract troublesome relationships into your life. You must learn to step outside of your own self interest and develop more empathy so that your life and relationships can improve. If the same two lines bend outward it may give a diametrically opposed result and indicate that you are forever helping others.

Perhaps this is a form of subtly avoiding your own worthiness and that it’s okay to do something for yourself as well. The combination of both inward and outward slanting double vertical lines is rare, but is still observed at times. In this case it means you have a wavering mentality and will need to learn how to stabilise your efforts so that you don’t become distracted and unable to complete your plans. Develop your willpower and determination to fulfil your life’s purpose.



Consider yourself a lucky if you have three vertical lines on your forehead. It indicates success blossoming at an early age, from as early as your early twenties, and could possibly even crown you with public recognition in due course. Naturally, not everyone possessing these three lines will become world famous, but if you do have these markings you will at least have a smooth path in achieving your desired ambitions. Your anxious and tense state of mind needs to relax a little more to enjoy the fruits of your labour which will otherwise cause you to be selfish at times. If you have more than three vertical lines it is not considered particularly auspicious for you. This is a general indicator and must be checked against other features of your face. It is an obstacle to making good decisions, professional upliftment and financial prosperity.

Four vertical creases reveal your unsettled and wandering nature. You lack the required motivation to achieve a whole lot in life. Perhaps you don’t have a great deal of ambition – but if you want something more out of life, you’ll absolutely need to stop scattering your vital energies – especially where drinking, drugs and a fast lifestyle are concerned. These activities may naturally attract you and cause you to perform under par.



Where your forehead lines are both vertical and horizontal and crisscross each other, whether singly, doubly or in triplet, they signify obstacles and challenges to your achievements. Of course the depth and severity as well as the number of these transverse lines, ought to be a guide as to the extremity of those hurdles.

Nonetheless they are there and you will be challenged in life. Note that your mental nature may be subject to a high degree of tension and irritability. Attempting mediation and stress management techniques will definitely be of great benefit to you.



On occasion, the vertical lines on your forehead are broken and otherwise blemished and this appears to be the case with you. It simply means your attempts and efforts to achieve your goals in life will be frustrated, particularly up to your 30th year.

After that things will improve but if the earlier mentioned three vertical lines are broken or found to be inconsistent in their direction, it’s an indicator of some psychological aberration or even a criminal tendency that you must deal with in the strongest possible terms. Let this be one of the several markings which warn you of the difficulties that are to come.



Because you have two wavy or inconsistent lines on your forehead you’ll experience many ups and downs in your life –especially in your career. You will most definitely need to plan more efficiently for a successful outcome.

There is an important need for you to manage your business affairs with more focus – more attention to detail. Later life may present you with some danger to health or life through injury. Doing things hastily or with a sense that you have more confidence than you actually do is an underlying problem.



Hindu face readers declare that your lifespan is revealed by the number of forehead lines that appear. This is a matter for observation but often we do see many long livers exhibiting a considerable number of lines on their foreheads. In some cases the lines may be identified as sibling indicators. The left side of your forehead is feminine and the right masculine. This may give you some insight into the possible gender of those relatives.

Generally if your forehead lines are broken or ill formed, it indicates a difficult life, especially before the age of thirty. You will be all the more certain if the lines are deeply carved into your forehead.



Your single forehead line either sits high or low and seems to curve towards the end. You can take this the mean a marking of poor health. Vitality and other health factors need to be approached cautiously due to this marking. Because the age of your forehead represents the ages of 15 to 30 timing any illness or physically stressful period will be notably increased around these times of your life. If and when the single curved line crosses down towards the eye or touches brows or the eye itself, it is also an indicator of ill health. Should double lines diagonally cross each other, it is a very unfortunate sign and forewarns of a tragic or violent death. Usually these grave predictions should be considered with a very reserved attitude.

Often people with these markings don’t die as such, but in other systems such effects as “destined to be wounded in the head” or “a prisoner” or “not to be trusted” may give a less realistic and clear picture of what actually may be “headaches”, “poor diet” or an “unscrupulous salesman” respectively!



If that single line of yours sits high on your forehead then success is far more certain than if it is set low. In other words, you may use this as a dictum for determining how early or certain success is when only one line is found on the forehead. Soldiers and fighters are successful with this high set line.

Any competitive arena will suit you. Hindu and eastern face readers vary in their opinions of the single forehead crease. In some works a lifespan of 20 years is given. In others – 40 years. Whichever way you consider it, even forty years is not a particularly favourable marking for longevity it seems.



If that single line of yours sits low on your forehead and may appear too close to your eyes, or is set far too low on your forehead. You may use this as a dictum for determining early misfortunes or at least problems in your family life. Your early home life may have been troublesome or disjointed. Support from family members may have been lacking.

Hindu and eastern face readers vary in their opinions of the single forehead crease. In some works a lifespan of 20 years is given. In others – 40 years. Whichever way you consider it, even forty years is not a particularly favourable marking for longevity it seems.


Your one well-formed line on your forehead is a marking of nobility and success in all your enterprises. You exhibit a tremendous amount of enthusiasm so it comes as no surprise that you will find success. Because you have this one line, you will display initiative at an early age, and so possess an ambitious and daring spirit.

Hindu and eastern face readers vary in their opinions of the single forehead crease. In some works a lifespan of 20 years is given. In others – 40 years. Whichever way you consider it, even forty years is not a particularly favourable marking for longevity it seems.



Ordinarily, a single vertical crease, prominent on your forehead, is not a favourable omen. You can however always find exceptions to the rule, and, Rupert Murdoch, in this case, is a very good example. The Chinese call the single vertical line a suspending needle. The needle falls on the “third eye” of the forehead and is perhaps seen as interfering with the flow of the vital airs. It does however, as with the media mogul’s line, give success in business and other governmental circles, with other good facial features.

The needle, as you can see in Rupert Murdoch’s case, gives immense concentration, great focus on career and professional pursuits. If you have a single vertical needle, you are completely single-minded, domineering, certainly egotistical and may not be altogether satisfied in your personal and romantic relationships.

There is also a hint of personal danger or unnatural death with the needle. If your single vertical needle has a cross line or two then you are the type of person who sometimes creates a lot of the difficulties in life for yourself.

Often you harbour guilt, frustration and anger and may need to seriously look at positive healing methods for releasing these damaging emotions from your being. Creative writing would be an ideal pursuit for you. If you look at Stephen King’s face, he too displays the vertical needle. He has sold literally millions of horror and suspense books and used his creativity to redirect some of his “strange” energies into horror fiction.

It is indeed true that many fine writers have the marks of concentration on their foreheads – particularly the single needle. Some people with the single forehead needle have felt that their early lives were not supported by parents in terms of encouragement in their life. Generally, at some stage too, they have had to leave home and spend time in boarding college or travel abroad.



Good luck and fortune are your destiny if three well formed horizontal lines grace your forehead. Whereas one and two lines also show honour and success in varying degrees, your possession of three lines means that little if any major effort on your part are required for your inevitable success.

It may also be that success for you comes at an earlier age than most. Hindu Vedic face readers allot 70-80 years of life if the three lines are well formed, in balance and harmonising the other features of your face.


Creases on Cheek lines and Laugh lines

In Chinese face reading the cheek lines are called Fa Ling. The depth, clarity and evenness and symmetry of these lines say much about your level of vitality and the condition of your health and eventual longevity.


You have several additional lip creases running downwards from your lips and if your cheek lines combine with these and are fine in their development, they combine the best of your aesthetic and commercial talents.

You could do well in any commercial industry and have a talent for earning money. This combination also indicates you are able to quickly change your circumstances and adapt to those conditions in which you find yourself. As a consequence, you enjoy both aesthetics and money.



Your cheek lines seem to drop sharply from your nose to the outer lips of your mouth. Because your cheek lines appear like this it indicates you have to develop your integrity more fully. The idea of honour and trust seem at times to be on shaky ground due to your cheek lines taking this path.

You tend to antagonise others and attract trouble or legal problems through your manner of speaking. You should weigh your words carefully before saying anything to ensure that you don’t create enemies. In your own mind you feel as though you are being honest but others don’t see it that way.



But Don’t Touch Care must be taken with your health and the attitudes relating to your wellbeing. You have a long life if you take the right precautions, but unfortunately, your cheek lines ending at your outer lips indicate your tendency to a hermit like existence.

You unconsciously push people away and knowing this you use laughter, jokes and other trivial communication techniques to hide these insecurities that seem to plague through life. You may or may not marry but due to this tendency to be reclusive and will certainly need space with or without another person sharing your life path.



Because your cheek lines flare out from the bottom, this reveals the continual problems and setbacks you experience in finances and love. You need to reassess your life, especially in the middle years, as your health may come into question at that time and if you don’t have the financial or emotional support this could be a tough period for you.

You may have been neglected early in life and this has resulted in you feeling unloved or not worthy of the support that you desperately seek. Try developing your self-esteem a little more and you will attract the right circumstances to help overcome these problems.



Because both of your cheek lines proceed in different directions to each other you have an unstable nature and this means you are not given to a routine day to day existence. You want excitement, you want the thrill of life and at times you suddenly change course.

But eventually you will find that the excitement you look for is really being undermined by this sort of behaviour. This will happen on one day when you wake up and eventually wonder why you haven’t achieved all you could have with the talents you possess. Take stock of yourself and learn to enjoy the excitement of life within the context of a more solid routine.



There is a term for cheek lines that meet at the mouth, as in your case, and it is called “snake lines”. When your cheek lines curve well around and make contact with the outer edges of your lips the Chinese call it “snake entering the dragon”. It has some rather unsavoury connotations including personal danger and also dietary difficulties. You mustn’t take all of these renditions literally, but there are some not so pleasant effects associated with this marking that includes financial difficulties and most likely health issues later in life.

Generally health and vitality are adversely affected and it also shows us an untrustworthy aspect to your character, which is why people tend to stay away from you. Your energy may not be very comforting to others. If you do have snake lines then take more care with your diet and emotionally balance yourself to recreate the harmony within your life.



If other features are adverse on your face, the short cheek lines also indicate a reduced lifespan. This may be as a result of a lack of energy but certainly, a lack of drive, coupled with continual hurdles in your financial affairs, can create stress and undermine your wellbeing.

Try preparing yourself financially by looking into methods of security for your old age. You mustn’t take all of these renditions literally, but there are some not so pleasant effects associated with this marking that includes health issues later in life. If you do have these lines then take more care with your diet and emotionally balance yourself to recreate the harmony within your life.



Your curved cheek lines are a very positive marking indicating your specialised talents. There’s not a lot that you can’t do and will more than likely have talents in several diverse areas. Furthermore, you are quick to pick up things and should you so desire, can perfect your studies and interests.

You should be proud of yourself as many other high achievers and professionals who are innovative in their fields possess the double sets of lines.



Your laugh lines curve inwards and if they are also well formed you needn’t fear old age. This is a distinct mark of longevity and is therefore, to be considered a lucky omen as far as face reading is concerned. It is even better if your curved laugh lines are quite long as well. So what do your curved laugh lines mean practically? It shows you will lead an active life to the very end and enjoy that feeling of being alive.

It is true that laughter is the greatest medicine and can produce healing by creating relaxing hormones within your body. Unconsciously you’ve probably learned this through the way laughter has made you feel. Your curved laugh lines indicate your very upbeat energy levels and your love of humour.


Laugh-Lines-Curved-OutwardsYour distinct, well-carved laugh lines immediately promise long life, strong vitality and a resilient physical body. An active life is also revealed by your curved outward moving cheek lines. You’re very popular and seem to attract formidable amounts of luck throughout your life.

If the curve is quite sweeping in nature, it will give you abundance financially and also tremendous recuperative powers so that even when you are ill, you’re able to bounce back quite well. This feature indicates you tend to have a happy latter part of life as well. In fact, life should improve as you get older.



Your long and evenly formed laugh lines will bring an even greater smile to your face when you learn what a good luck marking they really are – especially in describing your physical constitution. Because yours are long and well formed, you have good longevity marked out for you. As far as your profession is concerned, it’s a very positive feature. Eventually, even if it takes you a while, you’ll get some sort of authority or professional advantage due to this feature, particularly if other facial features are in harmony with these long and evenly formed laugh lines of yours. If your long cheek lines reach to your chin, this indicates great luck but not necessarily a peaceful inner life. Strangely, when you achieve your goals there seems to be something missing. This inner conflict arises from an approach to life that places a great deal of focus on the outer achievements rather than an active pursuit of internal happiness.

It would make sense therefore if these lines are long, to re-evaluate your concept of security possession and achievement, by balancing the real inner knowledge of self. Anther benefit is your continued receipt of opportunity through relatives and friends. Chinese face readers say that such long laugh lines will see five generations of the family lineage, indicating a long life for you indeed.


100 Points Timing and Forecasting

100 points timing and forecasting

The face reading and timing are rarely if ever, related to each other except in terms of measuring or gauging one’s age. However, in face reading, timing apart from looking at the development of age in terms of wrinkles and so forth does relate and reveal destiny year by year. 

In fact, in the ancient Chinese system of face reading, there are no less than 100 points that can be seen on the face. Each of those specific points relates to our development mentally, physically, materially and spiritually year by year on each of those points.

Study the diagram below. Each point and correlating year are given so you can very quickly see at what point in your development you’re at. And as has been given earlier in the chapter, much reference has been made to the changing hues and colours and glow that will be seen in any region of the face.

Likewise, you should use your powers of observation to daily study, yearly study, the changing patterns of your own facial features and in this context special attention to those areas which relate to the current year.

As an example, you would study area 28 just before moving into your thirties to see how the 29th year would proceed and of course, if this area seemed clear, bright with the right consistency in its complexion and radiance, then you could safely say that the following year, if you’re 29 years old, would be a profitable and satisfying one.

If during that particular year you had planned some new business ventures. Of course, you would look to the region of wealth, the nose, along with that the ascertain whether as well as generally being fortuitous for you. The specific area of money, income, speculation and probability would also be an enhancement for you during the following 12 months. So it’s in this matter that studying the face and each of those points will give you a great hint as to the fortunes and destiny prior to those years occurring.

It’s probably the simplest way of forecasting and giving predictions to yourself and others without elaborately studying such things as astrology or palmistry, tarot, which of course can take years of practice as well as requiring fine intuitive skills.

Naturally, we need intuition in the art of face reading but here simply memorising these hundred points will give you the opportunity, at a glance, to see the way a person’s fortunes are faring at any given time.

A practical use of this would be a business proposition that is offered to you by an unknown person would require you to look carefully at the area on the face relating to the age of the person. And then quickly ascertaining whether that person’s fortunes are indeed as good as he or she may be making out. In this way, you can save yourself a lot of heartache by knowing beforehand the true state of affairs of anyone presenting themselves or their business ideas to you.

Another great technique on face reading for studying the minute detail of human nature and destiny is to perceive where moles may occur on the face. Our next chapter will look at that.

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Non-Verbal Communication

Face reading is certainly not restricted to a purely physical analysis of the features, look, size, shape and colour of your own or others’ faces. The subtle nuances as will be described in this book. There are other many other factors, not the least being body language or the gestural aspect, which has relevance to the true motive of a person, the real character, and personality of humans.

At any given moment the flower of the mind, as the human face, blossoms like a rose and reveals the deeper significance of those gestures or facial features. Though In Your Face is concerned primarily with a structural analysis of the face reading and its correlation to character and timing of certain events, gestural and intuitive points will be used for occasional reference. 

In the gestural sense, there are seven accepted non-verbal facets of communication. These following seven techniques are very useful areas of study which will offer you a much deeper and broader understanding of your subject. They are:

Non-Verbal Facets of Communication

When tone, the actual sound of your voice in communication, is used to express an idea this is called vocalics. You can note the way an effective speaker changed the tonality of his voice to emphasise or reiterate an idea which he is trying to express. Pay close attention to the varying shifts of tonality within communication.

There is a whole branch of vocalics which is better known as NLP and abbreviation of neuro-linguistic programming. In that system, the use of speech is even studied to get very clear insight into the personality and character of an individual the way tonality and even language and linguistics are phrased and are thought to reflect clearly and absolutely the evolutionary stage of a human being.

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Objects are often used in communication. This is called objectics. In trying to communicate an idea we often use symbols. We may pick up something to put forward a point. Colours, the use of jewellery and other emblems are a culturally acceptable means of expressing ourselves. Remain aware of the objects that are used in communication by people you come in contact with. This will reveal another dimension of a person.

Certain sub-culture artefacts, such as inverted crucifixes, the Star of David, some of the more occult symbols, would naturally give you a different view of an individual’s character to someone say wearing a traditional crucifix or a cameo or a brooch with some more traditional meaning. As you can see these objectics convey quite a different meaning to you, the observer, the one studying this particular person’s face. Look to these objects as a means to colouring your method of reading.

The body is also used in communication through its movements. Certain gesticular shifts of the shoulder, the neck, the head, can give you a clear insight into the real meaning behind words. A child rolls in its lips if it’s feeling guilty when confronted by an adult. A person may screw up the nose in response to a question that confuses them. The tongue is poked out to either make fun of another or in certain instances to indicate a cheeky but fun response.

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Kinesics are also used to assault, intimidate or even antagonise others. Gesticular movements of the fingers, the sneering contortion of a lip, the furrowing of the forehead and the eyebrows are examples of the way that kinesics, or body movements, can also be effectively used in communicating thoughts, ideas and intentions between two people. Study kinesics, the third form of non-verbal communication.

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Haptics is the use of touch in communication. Many southern European or Mediterranean cultures use kinesics as well as touch in communication but in our day to day life haptics are used quite unconsciously. The gentle stroking or parting of the hair of a mother to her child, caressing with the hand, the kiss, the hug, the shaking of hand in a business transaction are all forms of haptics where the touching of each other’s bodies can express how we feel and how we think about each other.

As in kinesics, touch can often be offensive as in the case of a fight where jostling, prodding and many other forms of touch including the most extreme form which is punching and physical violence also reflect this inner non-verbal type of communication.

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Oculesics refers to the use of our eyes or eye contact in communication. This is a very powerful, but often underestimated form of communication and in terms of face reading as mentioned in the chapter on the eyes, is an incredibly accurate way of understanding your subject.

In casinos in China, good face readers are acutely aware of the rapid changes in the retinal, particularly the pupil area of the eye. It’s also a well known fact and scientifically proven that the pupil responds to not only shifts in the amount of light being received by the eye but in emotional, physical and sexual excitement. When a competitor has a good hand, according to this biological phenomenon, the pupil will dilate ( as will a woman or man experiencing sexual excitation ). Even in a casual meeting with a member of the opposite sex reveal his or her intention through the changes in the size of the pupil. The dilation of the pupil is a good indicator of the feelings of another. Therefore oculesics or the use of eye contact in communication is very important. It’s one of those subtle areas of face reading.

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Another not so well known form of communication is known as chronemics. This is the use of time in the way we communicate with one another. Punctuation, pause, a technique is often used by sales people or orators to extract the maximum effect from a statement made.

For example, Mr. Client, I suppose to know all we need to do is to sign off the paperwork for the sale to go through. Would you agree?

The use of the pause or chronemics is a powerful technique and conversely, can be used to gain considerably more insight into the motivation of your subject’s expression or communications.

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There are four kinds of space in communication. Intimate, social, personal and public. The use of space in communication is known as Proxemics. Therefore, an open space engenders a feeling of free speech and natural communication, whereas an imposition on the space of another is in some places deemed to be a form of assault. So observe proxemics or space also in terms of the social and publicly accepted standards.

Through the use of these non-verbal techniques, you will be able to elaborate on your study of face reading and gain a deeper insight into your subject. You must practice all of these techniques through a refinement of your awareness, a refinement of your sensitivity to this day by day techniques that are often unconsciously used by you and others already.

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A picture paints a thousand words. So too do the faces! have a private consultation NOW!

Face Reading in Business and Personal Relationships

Our first experiences in life are that of our mothers in the cradle, preferably beginning with lots of nurturing care, love and attention. In that significant start to our life journey, eye contact and facial expressions become our essential means of gauging the world outside. 

As we further grow, a grimace or a smile is our gateway to understanding the complexities that life and human relationship are certain to bring us in life – and whether our actions and words are acceptable or not. The faces of others become a yardstick by which we measure our own psychological processes.

Irrespective of your station in life – whether you’re a homemaker, business executive, blue collar worker or student, dealing with people is an incontrovertible fact of life. And unless you acquire at least some basic skills in “reading” others, the chances are you’ll be going nowhere pretty quickly. 

Almost every aspect of life requires a human interrelationship. People are everywhere! Big ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny, black, white and yellow ones. What a remarkable array of human beings – all trying to make sense of each other!

Are you trying to get a handle on people? Genuinely attempting to understand what others are really like? This book may offer you, the explorer, a possible alternative to a lot of the guesswork that accompanies the “getting-to-know-others” game. At times it’s as if you need to strip away the 40 seasons of paint and wallpaper personality to get a glimpse of another man or woman. And then it’s usually a hit and miss affair. It can be a lot easier than that…and an enjoyable experience at the same time as well.

The technique of face reading is a simple and straightforward way of going beyond those glamorous and superfluous layers of human nature and exploring the hidden motivations and desires of others. Understanding is the primary focus in the art of face reading.

career and financeBusiness of late is changing. Corporate philosophy is becoming much more sophisticated. With the advent of sophisticated technologies and the new information revolution, the way we interact with each other and the way we conduct business is also becoming more sophisticated. 

All sorts of techniques and disciplines have been espoused over the last 50 years. The philosophy of the way we do business and what our clients, employees and business partners expect is also rapidly changing and constantly being modified in this changing game called business.

Now, a huge paradigm shift has occurred. The spiritual perspective has started to take its place as a bona fide technique to be used successfully in business strategy. It’s not a strategy that will replace existing methodologies but is an extension and additional tool that can enhance the current way you do business. Face reading is one of those techniques that we intuitively use but rarely stop to think about in a more detailed manner with respect to our interaction with others.

There are some very effective, though simple, techniques that can assist you in your belly to belly transactions. First study the different body shapes – the three grades of human beingness by getting an understanding of the body type you encounter and you’re halfway there. You’ll see how easy it’s to assess the grade by the body and facial shape.

Imagine you have a sales lead, you approach the company and enter the office of a man with a rather slender face, pointed chin, sharp downward turned nose and small introverted-looking eyes with bushy eyebrows. You’re greeted by you, a prospective client from whom you hope to receive a cheque after successfully selling your product.

Do you know whom you’re dealing with? What would you make of this individual? How would you handle the situation? What approach would you take? Which strategy in this sales scenario would give you an unfair advantage in the marketplace? 

How would you close the deal? Would you present facts and figures, would you ask open-ended questions or would you ask “Come on, let’s go and have a bite to eat and talk about business over a meal”?

Unless you understand whom you’re doing business with, one or other of these approaches may be completely wrong. But, knowing who your client provides you with an edge that we often overlook. In this instance, the slender faced, pointed chin of a person indicates a more rational approach, a fact-finding nature. (And someone who leads with their chin!). 

The tasselled upward turned eyebrows indicate a challenging, cantankerous person. You’ve immediately sized up the nature of your client. You may immediately start to tailor your strategy to the character and temperament of the person before you.

By approaching business, sales, public relations or marketing with this new paradigm – gaining insight into human character, you too can give yourself a distinct advantage by accommodating a person’s characteristic likes and dislikes.

In the example cited you would immediately offer your client facts and figures. The ectomorph or the slighter looking face that we have just mentioned belongs to a more inquisitive person. Feed them facts. Always drive their deductive, rational minds. 

Incidentally, the downward pointed nose would add an element of scrutiny and suspicion to nature. In all tough nut to crack. But at least you know upfront and can take greater control of the sale – without your client ever knowing!

The information in this can easily and fruitfully be applied to business circumstances like this. Some time ago the use of body language found its ascendency in corporate and business circles. For a while it became the flavour of the month and, to some extent, was usefully employed by many sales executives who were able to keenly observe the motivation behind the subject’s words. This was aided by body gestures which are very strong hints at the mind’s motivations.

As this particular technique became more widely used and understood amongst business transactors, it became less impactful. The subjects themselves seemed to have counter used the system to a large extent!

In the case of face reading, counteractive measures, unless of course, you have cosmetic surgery, are not that easily implemented. Face reading is generally a true measure of the mind of the person to whom it belongs and therefore in business and corporate life, is a superior form of character reading and insight into the motivations of the person you’re dealing with.

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Intuition and Meditation

Use your powers of observation to classify the types and mixtures (as it’s rare to find pure types in any of the categories mentioned) and observe groups of people. Note for example crews of bricklayers, groups of factory workers, and road workers. Perhaps you will begin to see just what the ancient Chinese were saying when they said that the workers face will be found in these types of people.

And what about white collar workers look out for the D.I.N.K.S. (double income no kids) brigade on Fridays, herding themselves out of the Stock Exchange to the local beer corral – Do they exhibit similarity or differences to the Council gang?

I love reading the newspapers but prefer to look at the pictures. (Everyone still thinks I’m a big kid). There’s a reason for this though. When you look into the eyes of a murderer or criminal you actually see something. Snapshots in the daily newspapers are a great way to note and categorise. 

Some of the traits prevalent amongst the different facial structures and types. I often take time out to observe the photos of political figures, criminals, fallen idols, stars, suicidal victims, murder victims. It’s fascinating to see that there are in fact many similar qualities in each category.

These are the types of exercises that hone skills in the art of face reading.

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The practice of Face Reading can truly be called characterology, the study of human beings and their true nature. It’s a pathway to understanding. It’s first and foremost requirement is the focus of attention.

If you were to ask any friend to give you a detailed description of the facial features, eye colour, markings and overall “mood” of the face they last encountered, they’d probably remember very little – if anything at all. In Face Reading, one of the first skills that you’ll need to develop is “attention to detail”. So many things escape our awareness.

Eventually, at some point intuition will play a large part in your practice of face reading. Further on we will look at some approaches to developing your latent intuitive faculties. It’s important to develop intuition and true empathy for others. 

It’s the attention, love and awareness of the face reader which gives him his deepest insights. Although technical information is essential it must be homogenised with this so-called ‘X’ factor for accurate results.

That attention, which results in intuitive knowledge, is in itself a tool – a clearing tool for removing our own bias, our own personal judgments of others, which is predominantly a conditioned reflex. That judgment is a great barrier to seeing clearly – clear vision or what is loosely and not always correctly coined as clairvoyance. The cultivation of attention and awareness to details of the face are your greatest asset in accurately evaluating another.

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