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Shapes of the Face

What do the Shapes of the Face mean?…

In your growing interest and continuing observations, you’ll begin to realise that it’s extremely rare to find yourself or others falling simply into any of the “pure” categories as outlined above. It’s more common, in practice to come across structural and facial combinations. The following will guide you by way of three examples, in an even more practical way, as you seek out the meaning of character as revealed in the face.

A square – triangular face reveals that you’re a creative type of person who prefers to materialise your concepts and ideas rather than just talk about it. You consider yourself a student of life and will never tire of accumulating information on a variety of topics. You have a good grasp of practical and intellectual topics. You’re also strategic in the way you deal with others, priding yourself on being one step ahead of the rest.

A round – square face tells of your very active nature. You’re able to blend the physical and emotional traits of your being very nicely. You’re an exceedingly happy type who always radiates optimism, even if the going gets tough.

Because of the mixture of earth and water, business aptitude may be noted. A conflict between business an emotional interests indicates you will at times procrastinate in your path to success.

In possessing a round – triangular composite face you have an ideal combination of the intellectual and social temperaments. It means you exhibit an active nature, which expresses also your highly imaginative and interestingly, commercial instincts.

You’re seen to be full of self-confidence and warmth and will often liven up a party or gather with your quick wit. In some cases, where other features agree, there is a danger of falling prey to lethargy and lack of initiative. You must maintain consistency in your character to achieve your full potential.

The human face comes in so many varieties that it can be sometimes difficult to easily classify the many people you come across. The following additional face shapes will further ease those difficulties and give you a better grasp of gleaning character quickly and effectively.

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Your notably oblong shaped face shares the same qualities and is a close resemblance to the Earth structure. The Oriental practitioners refer to you as a “Tree face”. As such, if you’re the owner of this type of face, it gives an impression of strength and sturdiness – not unlike a tree.

Forbearance is considered one of your finest qualities as you have the capacity to withstand the many blows and obstacles that are likely to hinder your progress. As presented earlier, being of this class means you have an incredible capacity for work and your tenacity pulls you through the hardest of times – making you all the more resilient and wiser.

Though your work may drag you away from family, you have tremendous pride in kith and kin and protect and guide them at every possible opportunity. Unless you find your right professional niche, you may lack inner contentment and may even take out your frustration on your closest family members. Your family senses your loyalty is passionate but at the same time ruthlessly demanding.

You’re extremely independent. Your assertiveness and often egotistical and unyielding streak endows you with instinctive leadership qualities. You probably won’t have too much difficulty ascending the ladder of success – usually early in life. Your general happiness and success may be aided by a deeper sense of gratitude too.

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mountain faceYour inverted triangular face exhibits a solid base with a narrowing forehead so is called a Mountain Face by Oriental face readers. You’ll find that because your face shape has this resemblance, you do seem to be climbing mountains at times. 

Yours is a struggling, fighting nature. But this doesn’t scare you in the least. You have no fear of taking on tasks that others may shy away from and take great pride in surmounting any difficulties that are placed in your path.

You usually get what you set out to achieve but don’t hold your breath waiting for others to give you a hand up – it’s all up to you. Eventually, through hard work and perseverance, mountain shapes achieve what they set out to get.

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Having an earth shaped face means your face has considerable width to its overall dimension. You can attract success early in your life and due to your love of learning are able to combine knowledge and ambition quite well. 

Furthermore, you have a very resilient nature and are quick to adapt yourself to the changing conditions of life, but only on your own terms! Most other times you’re quite stubborn and don’t like to yield to others’ opinions or suggestions if they don’t suit you. Your sensitivity at times means you’re quickly offended but often overlook your own habit of putting others down.

Your life lesson may revolve around issues of gratitude where the help of others is concerned. Learn to appreciate the many small things that life has to offer you. If your face is of this solid muscular variety, you may be quite aggressive and will need to find suitable outlets to “vent your spleen” Henry the Eighth is a fine example of your face shape.

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The Bucket Shape, as yours is called by Oriental readers, is a rather enigmatic shape to understand. One of your principle traits is steadiness and cautiousness in most matters. That steadiness is really only the surface of a deep and turbulent inner life which you possess. You’re complex, to say the least. 

People know you as a cheerful, easygoing individual but your moods can swing dramatically when life doesn’t go your way. Having said that, you rarely fail to triumph, even under the most trying of circumstances.

In some ways, you develop and prosper under adverse conditions. During those difficult times of life you will struggle with your inner demons of self doubt, rejection and confusion. It’s at that point that your fine intelligence (which you’re not scared of showing off) will assist you in illuminating your true purpose.

One very important lesson you will learn is that charity begins at home. Your generous, caring displays are more often focused on strangers than your own family. You’ll therefore have to come to terms with ongoing stresses in your romantic life. 

It may take you some time to understand these lessons, but your in built desire to become a better human being will help solve these anomalies of character.

Your motivation is pure and kind and for this reason you’ll always attract admirers. Bruce Willis and Pablo Picasso are good examples of the bucket shaped face.

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Your diamond shaped face is one of the more delicately chiseled faces you will see. If you have this shape, otherwise known as the Jade Face, you’re indeed blessed with some of the more cultured aspects of a character. 

You love any form of art and beauty, even if you yourself are not an “artist”. You possess refinement and idealism and attempt to put a graceful stamp on anything you attempt.

The one problem you face, however, is that you’re completely misunderstood by others.

A large part of the problem is your own inability to clearly understand the motivation of others where romance and emotions are concerned. You misplace your affection only to wonder why you’re persistently on a roller coaster ride in the relationships department. 

Your affairs are therefore not exactly a piece of cake! Through a less impulsive attitude in friendship and social life, you can overcome these obstructions and be happy. One of your finest character traits is your survival instinct. Anne Heche and Antonio Banderas are Jade cousins of yours.

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Possessing a Wall Shaped Face means you’re the great survivor! You’re temperamental, impulsive and always prepared for the unexpected and sometimes even try to look for that X Factor in life just to make something unusual happen.

In social circles, you’re known as a person who doesn’t mind a good argument. That’s OK as long as you learn a little compromise in the process and try to listen at least as much as you opinionate. Yet problems don’t seem to bother you as much as they do most others. You’re therefore able to focus energy that would otherwise be wasted on problem-solving.

In matters of the heart, you need to learn to say sorry, as well as developing and maintaining a steadier approach to relationships. This is even more so the case if you’re a female. 

You’re able to walk away from a situation and do so in the most stubborn fashion at times. Develop a little compassion to break this habit.

Though you need to develop a more careful life plan, you’re able to withstand the harder more ruthless aspects of life. By being a step ahead of things, you can certainly succeed and surmount your difficulties. You have an extremely tenacious aspect to your character.

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The Irregular Face you possess is one that is easy to spot by its asymmetrical qualities. Your eyes are not level, one of your ears sits higher than the other and your nose and lips tilt or are a bit crooked.

Depending on your “grade” of evolution, if this is your face – you may become a saint or sinner – perhaps a bit of both. The asymmetrical or irregular face is often associated with a criminal mentality but not always.

There are some individuals with asymmetrical faces who are very inventive, progressive and want to produce something totally different for the world to see. Your work will be an important focus for this aspect of your character.

Part of you’re a loner and if you’re in a relationship you’ll need plenty of space to develop your genius. Your partner will need to develop an understanding of your very unusual attitude to people and life in general.

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Sharp, angular shaped faces such as yours depicts, are referred to as King Face. This facial designation itself confers power, authority and a certain reality upon you. It’s actually an attractive or magnetic structure to look at. Your cheekbones, forehead and jaw are very pronounced – which is why you see many leaders with this shape.

You’re very combative, tough and keen to take from life what you feel you deserve. Issues of power will be a great learning process for you. Power can also be a subtle, silent force that you may have overlooked. In any case, you will turn all adversity into success and may even subscribe to the formula that problems equal opportunities.

Your overconfident manner may seem heavy handed to the people you’re romantically connected to. Be less forceful in persuading others to accept your opinions. You can better channel that charm and persuasion in business rather than love. Yours is an exceedingly successful face.

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